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Clutch Problems with 75000km

75000km and the clutch is gone, have been told by Hyundai this is wear & tear cost $7050.00 big and lots of room but never again I am going to have an Hyundai. Reading the forums it looks like it is hit and miss if you purchase a Hyundai. Do your homework.


Exceeded Expectations

I was dreading having to make the transition to a people mover until I found the Imax. It powers up the hills and handles the corners with ease. Turns on a dime and tows without a whimper. Tyres are expensive to replace. Loving the full sized seats throughout. All it.


Very Good Choice would buy another

I bought my I-Max 2.5 turbo diesel auto new from Trinity Hyundai Cairns two and a half years and 50,000 km ago, I am a retired private owner and wanted a large reliable vehicle for travelling long distances with space for heaps of luggage and to pull over and take a break in the back in reasonable comfort, after much consideration and research, I talked to I-Max and I-Load owners before making the decision, one local contractor had done over 200,000 kms with his I-Load turbo diesel auto with no with no trouble (he now has another two and his original has done over 300,000)
The I-Max is no luxury vehicle or family sedan but for it's size and weight it handles and drives well, make sure the tyre pressures are right and not too hard or the ride becomes harsh, the high driving position is a real benefit in traffic, I don't find it particularly noisy (with my hearing aids out) but it's not as quiet as my old Mazda 3 and previous Magna, the interior is functional and quite basic, to front and rear air conditioning is very good, rear passenger seat space is huge with the seats pushed fully back, it's easy to enter or exit the rear seats through the right or left sliding door, there is a large space between the two front seats, I have a small esky in that space, I have a child seat in the centre at the back for my young grandson, he likes the clear view through the front window from this position and two adults can sit either side of him, the centre position is reccomended for safety by the seat manufacturer.
I had cruise control and a reversing camera fitted from new, the cruise control looks neat like it came with the vehicle, it was fitted by the Hyundai dealer here in Cairns.
The vehicle was thirsty when new but after about 3,000-4,000 km it improved, fuel consumption is about 10 to 10.5 litres per 100k on short trips around town and better than 9 litres per 100 km on longer trips using cruise control, it will cruise happily at the speed limit all day, I don't drive any faster than the speed limit but one crazy owner told me that they will do 180 kph wouldn't want to try it myself!!
Fixed servicing costs seem a bit high but with 15,000 km service intervals for normal use the cost is not too bad.
I have removed the back row of seats temporarily and can refit them easily if required they just bolt in place, this is legal in Queensland on a temporary basis, ( Queensland Government regulation VSIL50Permanentandtemporaryremovalofseatsfromlightmotorvehicles) this gives me a massive amount of floor space in the back up to nearly 1.9 metres if you don't have passengers in the back seats probably 1.7 metres with 5 occupants.
The I-Max has given me no trouble except a stereo switch problem and a fogged reversing camera lens, both fixed quickly under warranty by the Hyundai dealer.
If you accept the I-Max for what it is and don't crave a status symbol vehicle or sporty performance and handling it could be right for you, if you can hire one or request a long test drive from your dealer it may help your decision either way but for me it was the right choice.
One annoying thing is the ignition key, with just one push button on the side it's easy to lock/unlock the vehicle accidentally if the key is in your pocket jostling with other pocket contents.


Was...The Best Family Vehicle

I reviewed the iMax on May 27 2012 "The Best Family Vehiccle" and have now had the iMax for nearly 4 years. Last week (at 150,000 ks) the turbo died which caused the engine to 'run away', redlining hard on the stop for approx. 1-2 minutes, after which, (with a huge amount of smoke and several people running from their businesses to see what the problem was), the engine died. I serviced the van at the regular interval at a licenced mechanic and Hyundai have asked for all the service invoices, outlining the oils used, their viscosity and if they are full synth, semi or not, all filters used and brand, parts and coolant...

I questioned why when my log book is stamped, signed and dated correctly and I was told by the service manager, "to see if I had caused the turbo to die" and "I could get a stamp and stamp the book, how do we know you had it serviced?" I also had to fill out a declaration stating the van wasn't used for commercial purposes - ignoring the 3 child seats across the middle seat and no tow bar, roof racks, rear cage fitted..

When I asked about a courtesy vehicle (for work, school etc) I was told I had to book two weeks in advance....

I heard from Hyundai customer care today and was informed that they may or may not honour the 5 year/unlimited k warranty, even though the van is 4 years old...

My advice - keep every receipt for this vehicle. It appears blown turbos are common for the 2.5l diesel. Local mechanics and a man from a well know roadside assist/windscreen repair company (fixing a windscreen on my other vehicle) stated that after about 100,000ks the turbo lets go...

Will keep you posted

Light globe regularly blow, blown turbo, engine destroyed...

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Following on from the blown turbo saga, Hyundai eventually honoured the warranty and all was good. Due to the "service receipt" debacle, I decided to book the van in for a its 160,000k service with Hyundai. A week prior to the service, less than 10,000k's after the new turbo, then engine ceased... Having the vehicle towed to Hyundai, with documents sent to Korea for adjudication and after waiting 8 weeks, a new engine and turbo was installed. Out of curiosity I asked " if this was not covered under warranty, how much would this have cost me?" I was told "$25k..." That same week I traded the van in, with the $25k engine and turbo, for $14k on a Holden SS Wagon...

Unreliable but roomy

The Imax is ok when it does actually start and can carry 8 people with luggage easily. The problems have however has left us with an overall dissapointing vehicle. Firstly on pickup from dealership when new we noticed the drivers door was out of line with body and steel was rubbing on chassis of car, after a week of twisting the door and respraying the body it now sticks out and causes wind noise for the driver. Then the car has trouble starting, will not fire the engine after continual cranking, we have a diesel and wait for the glow plugs to go off and have tried to start numerous times, even when its hot or been driving for some time it wont fire- sometimes up to 5 minutes which is extremely frustrating. We also had an issue at 17000 klm when the oil went through the radiator and coolant from the radiator went into the engine and dumped black oil all over our garage floor; the car went on the back of the truck back to hyundai again for two weeks; when we got it back we had no air conditioner working. When you look at the car from above the doors do not line up and hang out of body not quite square. We have now done 31000 klm and has had all its services done on time but found this car to be the most unreliable we have ever owned and will never buy another Hyundai again.

We are looking for cruise control included and have not looked at this van because it does not consider driver comforts.We hired one for a day from Airlie Beach and it was great for us, so much so that I was considering buying one.

exceeded expectations

Purchased MY2010 iMax used from pickles auctions, 124,000 kms on the odo.
I was previously looking at getting a Multivan, but given up due to the realibility and cost concerns.
The iMax turned out the be a great all-rounder. Many pleasant surprised including:
* very nice streeing feel/feedback, enjoyable to drive, does not roll much in corners, nice ride at the same time.
* quiet enough at cruising, not much tyre noise on standard tyres.
* moved 400kg of pebble bags in the boot, plus 4 passengers, with no issues.
* nice, creak-free, interior.
* feels strong and tight.
nice streering, good handling, good ride. quiet crusing.
fuel economy just OK, not great. can feel slow until pressed on. no walk-thru to 3rd row without disturbing the 2nd row. vibrates a bit at idle (but not as much as a Tdi multivan)..

If you take out the back seats, would it be big enough to fit a single mattress in the back?I'm looking at buying one (If I can talk the accountant into letting me) my question is can that last row be lifted up or removed altogether... making way for a bigger luggage area. If anyone has the answers, pls email me at wearymarty@yahoo.com. Cheers..

Perfect Car!

Reliable Car with no huge mechanical problems. It's abit sluggish going up hills as we have the petrol version. Would be better in diesel. Lots of space. Huge boot. The seats don't fold up flat and only 3 anchor points. No rear air bags either. It cost around $100 to fill up the tank.
I love the space, the aircon can be set differently for the passengers at the back. So many compartments to store things, in the doors. Beautiful Car.
It was abit expensive, it only came with 3 anchor points for car seats. so we have to install a crab bar for the last row of seats and the last row of seats don't fold completely down or move.

Date PurchasedMar 2011

Imax work and play

Having driven Kia, Mitsubishi and chrysler Voyageur, I am extremely happy with the IMAX, Plenty of room. Told to buy the diesel by the dealer, better performance, no problem on the highway hills, does not miss a beat. Great family vehicle

Only faults in my book, barely hear the indicator, and told that the way it is, no Cruise control, would have liked the 9th bench seat in front, and an inbuilt navman would be good

Other than that absolutely fabulous, most practicle vehicle I have owned, and 2 of my other cars are mercs
Reliabilty, room and performnce, lots of space for luggage behind the back seat to accomodate many more suitcases than my voyaguer
lack of cruise, navman and extra quiet indicator

We have a 2008 Diesel Imax and we do love the vehicle. We are most impressed with its 5 year unlimited km warranty as we have had to use it often. We have recently had it in again for having and injector pop out the top of the engine, this is the second time in less than 11 months with no reasoning for the problem. Very concerning. We have had the head lights replaced the door sliders, door actuators (door lock), interior light, all the front end constantly pulls to the left. Amazingly we would buy another and pray we did not have the same problems.We have an IMAX and we love it. We went from a more expensive Japanese people mover and our diesel IMAX just as good and in some aspects better, especially interior room and storage. The only downsides, the cruise control seems like an afterthought and there is no outside temperature reading. No cruise no buy - not even a test drive for me

Its a weapon

We have had our iMax for about 1 year now and it is brilliant. First trip it carried 8 people to the snow, with food and skiis! It is amazing how much stuff you can get in the boot - unlike many other 8 seaters which take a pram and that is about all. The turbo diesel engine pulls well and carries you effortlessly down the freeway at the speed limit quietly. When pushed it will even climb the snowy mountains with ease. It also pulls our caravan up steep hills (not fast but it gets there).

My only niggle is that the little plastic bits fall off - you know those bits that cover screws etc. It does not have too many bells and whistles. It is a big vehicle that carries heaps and plenty of go!
Overall build quality and powerful engine

Our IMax now 4 years 102000k it is rubbish motor shot .chew out tyres would not rec to buy.You must have the petrol version. My diesel has 222k in 18 months (commercial airport transfer use) and "touch wood", just oil and filters. 1st set of Hankooks RA08 went 98k, 2nd set with Ni lasted 124k. Back 2 tyres still going with about 3mm tread still above guide. My suggestion - buy the diesel and get a wheel alignment Mine is a diesel also - 18 months on (now over 5 yrs old) and still going strong. So smooth and car like compared to the Ford Transit minibus I drove recently!


We had one of these cars as a taxi we had high hopes for it however at 60000klms we had heaps of trouble with injectors turbo and general motor probs. We had another taxi owner ring us and he had the same kind of problems. We had to take it off the road after 1 year it was costing too much in repairs.
Heaps of luggage space and people space
too expensive

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Was it not covered by warranty? because it was a taxi? also what did you end up using instead? how is that going.

I'm using this 2009 van around town and sometimes on the highways. Diesel & auto just under 9L/100km

Bought this new in 2009 and have done 72000km so far. Not one problem! No wonder they give you 5 years warranty. Probably the best car/van I ever owned.Very responsive engine and good 5 speed auto.
Would recommend this car to anyone that needs the space but still with a fantastic economi!

Best value for money people mover

We have the diesel auto iMax and love it. It has much more space than any other people mover on the market, has as much (if not more) get-up-and-go than the others, and is amongst the most fuel efficient. Our plan is to keep it until the children have grown up, and then convert it into a camper van :)
Plenty of space, good power especially at low revs, fuel economy (11.5L/100km around town and 8.5L/100km in the country), reasonable servicing costs, good turning circle (better than our previous car, a 1999 Magna), overall value for money
The rear row of seats don't move forward or backwards and don't fold down flat, top edge of windscreen comes down too low and blocks vision (might have something to do with my 1.94m height), doors sound a bit "tinny" and don't have a real solid feel to them, gearbox doesn't seem to be suited to the diesel engine as it waits too long before changing gears when you put the pedal to the metal.

Great family vehicle

I love driving the vehicle, great visibility, children can see out windows as the are sitting up high on child restraint seats, easily seats eight quite comfortably and still able to have a two seater pram in the vehicle. The vehicle has a solid well built feel to it and handles quite well considering its design. I live on the south coast and travel to Sydney regularly with the Imax and travelling around the Kiama bends in the Imax compared to my other vehicle a Ford Falcon the Imax is definately at the limits of its handling ability if pushed to the speed limit of 80km/ph around the bends which are sign posted as 65km/ph where the Falcon doesn't feel that way but considering its size and design and driven to its limits it is really is a good vehicle.
Easy to drive


Fantastic for the large family

We love our new Imax, we have an auto diesel, still has plenty of power and accomodates our family perfectly. Plenty of interior room and exceptional boot space. Very comfortable to drive and we added a 10" DVD, cruise control, tinted windows and a tow bar to make it more like our previous people mover.
Love the space, fuel economy, design, everything about it. Even my hubby loves it - which is great. Would highly recommend this vehicle to large families.
Haven't found anything we aren't happy with.

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Questions & Answers

How do I remove the second and third row seats fro an imax?
2 answers
Ooooh an easy one for me, I do it all the time :) Firstly remove the bolt covers from the feet of the seats (grey plastic) with a smallish flathead screwdriver and a hammer Secondly undo the 14mm bolts with a heavy duty socket set with an arm extension, they come out the factory very tight!), if you don't have this ask a friendly local mechanic just to loosen them for you with a rattle gun) Thirdly, use healthy adults to lift the seats out, they're heavy That's it - there are no wires cable seat belt tensioners or anything else to do, you can take the 2nd row runners out with an Allen Key, but I don't bother I just put a bit of carpet over them. I've driven at as a 2 seater van (with aircon for the load, we're inn the wine trade so this good) 3 seater and combination thereofThank you. I noticed the plastic covers you mentioned. Once again, thanks

We will be renting a peoplemover and may end up with an imax and we intend to sleep in it (possible years are 2011 to 2014). Can the seats in the second and third row fold forward flat such that we could lay a piece of plywood down and sleep on top? This would be our back up option in case we dont get the carnival.
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What year model was turbo issue rectified? Looking at a 2010 model but have been reading some bad reviews regarding turbo failure.
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I understand it was 2012 onwards. But it seems to be a common thread that servicing is the issue. Hyundai recommend oil change every 15,000 km but most experts think this is too long. It makes sense as dirty, diluted or contaminated oil may prevent the turbo from being lubricated properly.


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