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Shane K.
Shane K. · Kona OS 2WD 2.0L Petrol

Why doesn't Kona 2018 have 12volt battery display

Xan · OS Kona Electric

How does it go on rough roads durability wise?

Kim N.
Kim N. · Kona OS AWD 1.6L Petrol Active (2017-2021)

Which is the best battery for my car? Replacing for the 1st time since new.

BDM · Kona (2017-2024)

Does the Kona suffer from the catastrophic engine failure like other Hyundai from this era ? I see a class action against Hyundai atm and it seems like its not just one model that is blowing up ? Do these share the same engine across the a Hyundai range or its just a Hyundai thing ? Looking at the Kona N line for the wife


Mine is an EV BDM, so I can't help with your Q. But I haven't heard of this problem with engines 'blowing up'. I have heard of batties exploding, but apparently they've got that under control. Good luck.

clive b.
clive b. · Kona (2017-2024)

Hi I would like to know how to remove reverse light cover on a 2022 hyundai kona active

Jure D.
Jure D. · Kona (2017-2024)

Can a Hyundai kona 2018 carry FRONT RUNER roof tent? Or any other roof tent in general?

Max P.
Max P. · Kona OS

What is the recall for

danny L.
danny L. · Kona (2017-2024)

Hi everybody I don’t know Hyundai kona Active 2.0 petrol 2023 good or no good to buy? I saw 70% some people say no good can you help me the idea please thank you so much


Please…. Don’t buy Kona.


Well 5 years warranty will give you the peace of mind that everything is cover in case something happens and the service is cheap … go for it !! Personally I’ll go for the n-line !


I would never buy a Kona again . Bad gearbox. Cruise control can be set at 110 and get up to 122. Have complained about it since first 1000k service and no one listened. I’m going back to Toyota for my next car. A dud of a car is my Kona 2018 active .

Doola N.
Doola N. · Kona (2017-2024)

Getting tyre pressure warning on left back tyre have put in air & still showing low pressure how do I fix this.


Take it to a Hyundai dealer and ask them to check the tyre pressure sensor. It should be replaced under warranty.

Paul n.
Paul n. · Kona OS 2WD 2.0L Petrol Go

Does the Hyundai Kona go 2019 a good car and reliable?

Joe M.
Joe M. · Kona (2017-2024)

Have just traded 2017 Highlander on 2022 Elite-ok to use 91 unleaded petrol in Elite as in Highlander?-book says should be 95 preferably


We have used 91 unleaded petrol in our Kona highlander and have not experienced any problems and it is very economical .

rob H.
rob H. · Kona (2017-2024)

see front seats

neville · Kona (2017-2024)

dose 2021 kona active have sat nav installed

The Meerkat
The Meerkat  

Yes, see website.

Salhi K.
Salhi K. · Kona (2017-2024)

I am having problems about sensor. It is 2021 new kona and installed rear and front sensor. While I driving, some times BEEEE sound came out. Dealer said its normal. You can turning off when you drive, when you need turn on the sensor button.
Can any one same happens with me?


I have the 2021 Kona. I worked out that all the beeps I hear make sense. Sometimes they can be strange - an example is - if you are turning right in a right turning lane, and there are tram tracks to your right, then an approaching tram will set off the beep - it thinks you are about to turn right into the tram. I don't mind the beeps - they are there to keep you alert and aware.

Tracey L
Tracey L · Kona OS 2WD 2.0L Petrol Highlander

How do I stop my Kona talking to me all the time? eg Warning Children Crossing Ahead, Warning Narrow Road Ahead, etc... Its driving me crazy!!!

Frederick · Kona (2017-2024)

Has anybody had an issue with a steering wheel noise (like no power steering fluid) and then like a creaking noise when turning the steering wheel or coming to a stop? This is a 2018 model OS Kona Active with safety Has anybody had any steering issues of any type??

Jayne S.
Jayne S.  

Hi yes i have had the same, they replaced a part in the steering column which when i got it back was worse and now been told it needs a new steering column. got told its happening to a lot of Konas, and have been waiting since December 2020 for a replacement.
I now have another problem with the engine using all the oil in between services and no warning light coming on. seems a bad choice in buying this car. i have only done 40,000km and model is 2019.

tina s.
tina s. · Kona (2017-2024)

my Kona Elec just powers off like dead on a full charge then have to get racv to check it out .
dealers ship says nothing wrong with it


Can I check a couple of possibilities -
does this happen when you use the remote e.g. precooling (or heating) the car.
Have you done the Battery management update (the recall).
When you say full charge - do you mean you charge to 100%.
Did the RACV comment on the 12 V battery charge level - e.g. did they recharge it - they'd use jumper cables for that.
How old is the vehicle?

tina s.
tina s.  

no not using any remote
yes done recall done had this issue 4 times since recall and the bracking system recall done .
yes 100% charged Racv has checked the 12V battery first 2 times they could not find anything the last guy was helpful took his time and said needs a 12v battery but the battery guy said no it dose not so who do u believe need it to be towed to Hyundai dealership the next day as it did not start again know waiting for out come


The on road cost nudging $70K (for a small suv) for the ev version shows the take up of ev's will be slow in Australia for many years. Batteries prices, put forward as the major reason seem to be stubbornly high.

tina s.
tina s.  

replacement for 12 volt battery was only 260 not bad when it cost 380 for ford ranger

Ozzesty t.
Ozzesty t. · Kona (2017-2024)

How reliable is the kona 2 litre and 6 speed auto. Any issues ?

Christine stoffels
Christine stoffels · Kona (2017-2024)

What price please


There are 5 models, 4 having the option of two different drive trains (9 models total). Price ranges from $27K to $44K on the road. If you value function over form I strongly recommend the 1.6 Turbo AWD option. This car is a joy to drive and fastest in the small SUV class. Price for the Turbo starts at $31K for a white GO.

Ellen B.
Ellen B. · Kona (2017-2024)

Can someone please tell me where to find what speed the cruise is set to on the cluster? I cant see it anywhere and I feel like Im missing something obvious! Thanks

Ellen B.
Ellen B.  

Its a 2019 MY20 Go model


Top right corner of cluster.

Ellen B.
Ellen B.  

Thanks for getting back to me. Mine is not showing up for some reason. Weird! Dealer said to let them know at my first month service so they can have a look


No worries. You may need to toggle through the menus using the button on the steering wheel. I see it there when I am looking at the trip info screen and have activated Cruise Control. Good luck !

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