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Koalaboy · Tucson TL Active X 2WD, 2.0L Petrol, Automatic (2015-2024)

Hi When going around a roundabout and touching the brake the accelerator suddenly starts and instead of turning right I had to go straight because of the sudden accelerator. Its called SUA or Sudden Unintended Acceleration. 8 people have been killed in the USA and lot more injured. We bought the 2015 HT a year ago. It happened to my wife yesterday almost hitting a Prado on a roundabout. My wife is not happy. I cannot get into the local Hyundai for 2 weeks. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Belinda R.
Belinda R. · Tucson

Looking at A 2023 hyundai tucson highlander n line 2.0 diesel. Any known issues in these models?

Belinda R.
Belinda R. · Tucson

Looking at the 2023 Hyundai tucson highlander n line 2.0 diesel. Any reported issues?


There’s been a few issues, however Hyundai Care does nothing to help and basically tells you tough luck you’re on your own.
Hyundai Care and the dealership buck passes until you give up.
If I could have my time again, I would never have bought a Hyundai.

Asimo · Tucson NX4 1.6L Petrol AWD Elite (2020-2024)

I have an Elite N Line and have just come back from weekend night driving. I must say that the high beams are pathetic at best. How can I upgrade the LEDs?

greg n.
greg n. · Tucson NX4 2.0L Diesel AWD Elite (2020-2024)

I have an Elite N Line and have just come back from weekend night driving. I must say that the high beams are pathetic at best. How can I upgrade the LEDs?

stewart f.
stewart f. · Tucson NX4 2.0L Petrol 2WD Highlander (2020-2024)

What due you receive in value for a promo pack 3 for 4,000.

bhim m.
bhim m. · Tucson NX4 2.0L Petrol 2WD Highlander (2020-2024)

Hi! This is bhim and i just bought a brand new hundai tucson highlander N line 2.0 mpi module, the problem i am facing right now is lack of power and low response even though giving acceleration in normal mode or eco mode. it stuck sometime made me get horned by following cars. any suggestions please.

Gordo · Tucson

How do you do a review of a car from a company that doesn’t look after their customers. Australian Hyundai engine failures have over 400 members. Many of the cars are dead because of their absolute rubbish engines that are seizing and burning all over the world. Do you get a kickback from Hyundai to help them sell their cars? Do some fact finding and then review them, instead of giving false hope for a car that started having major issues in 2011 and is still having major issues.

Wazza D.
Wazza D.  

Are you asking a genuine question or is this a rhetorical keyboard rant?


A bit of both. Going on about how good Hyundai is when they are getting fined millions upon millions of dollars and still have no duty of care for the faulty cars. The customers are not relevant to them. In the last week or so Hyundai America is caught up in underage children working in a steel pressing factory. A police car burst into flames in Sydney. Cars seizing with no warning while driving. Even their financial system is under investigation. Pack of criminals that needs to be sorted and all the people that have paid for a car that is dead and have to pay their loans.

Wazza D.
Wazza D.  

My one works fine and after owning/using several other Hyundai's without any issue, my experiences of Hyundai, and its Sister Kia, are all positive and I will continue to include/consider them in my future car purchases.
I have seen several recalls publicised for Hyundai's (and many other manufacturers too), this is an inevitable outcome for mass production goods and the issue's are, comparatively, reasonably low ratios.
This isn't to say that supplying faulty or poor quality goods is acceptable, it isn't, but, just making a lot of noise and metaphorically shouting about a comparatively few problems doesn't make the issues bigger than they really are.
As I said in my original post, based on my test drives of many makes and models, this version of the Tuscon would be one to include in 'your' comparisons- noting, I never stated nor recommended you buy one, as that would be your choice.

P.s. I also find your inference to the possibility of a "kickback" , that you insinuate that I blindly chose this car without researching, and that you believe my post was designed to deceive others into buying one by giving false hope, somewhat abhorrent, but hey, that is your opinion and you're welcome to it.

Did you have a poor experience with your own Hyundai and was it resolved?


Have you heard anything from overseas? They have been issued the largest fines in America. This isn’t a few upset people. People have been dying and we’ve had fires in homes not just the cars . The fact you’ve had several means you don’t keep them very long. Before 2010 they were reliable and were good. 2011 started a multitude of cars failing I have 2 in the group that are on the third motor since 2017. Just last week a police car burst into flames and nobody was in it. I would have loved Hyundai still but my daughter was almost one of the many that had their car seize while driving. Luckily I told her to take it to Hyundai with a tow truck and it seized when they moved it into the workshop

Lilian J.
Lilian J. · Tucson TL (2015-2020)

My Hyundai Tucson's driver's window can't open.What could be the cause and what is the solution?

Naveen P.
Naveen P. · Tucson TL Highlander AWD, 1.6L Petrol, Automatic (2015-2024)

hello all, among all the 2016-2017 hyundai tucson dct owners, did anyone have had to replace their dct as of in 2022?
The hesitation is a common issue everyone has but is it much more serious than that??

Amber S.
Amber S.  

i am in the process of having my 2nd transmission replaced. Once in 2020 and now 2022.

Naveen P.
Naveen P.  

Hey Amber, Thanks for the info.

Do you drive much in stop and go traffic?

How much did it cost you to replace it? I guess the first one was done under warranty.


Kathy B.
Kathy B. · Tucson

Purchased a Tucson Active X in October, 2020, within 6 months the door rubbers had worn, Hyundai won't cover it, they say it's wear and tear. We had a Toyota Aurion for 10 years ad the rubber never even looked like wearing or perishing. Has anyone else had this problem?

Renae D.
Renae D. · Tucson TL Active X (2015-2024)

Has anyone had window motors blow and wheel sensor issues?


Unheard of for your problem. We bought our Tucson 2020 & the drivers side front window auto retracts intermittantly on closing. Hyundai Servicing couldn't find fault except to say " it was working fine we adjusted the rubber seal "Beware the Hyundai servicing!!

Renae D.
Renae D.  

Hyandai charged me $200 to diagnose that I needed a window motor and regulator and quoted an additional $1600 to fix. Took it to a mechanic and he said it’s only the motor $600 part. The wheel sensor also broke and that was another $300 and I’ve only done 60,000 km

Arijit · Tucson

Hi there,
I came across this post and wanted to share something about my new car. Any advise would be appreciated.
In June 2021, I bought the Hyundai Tucson Highlander 2021 model - 1.6L Turbo petrol engine with dual clutch transmission.

Last week while I just started my car, I suddenly realised the car was not taking the EVEN gears, ie from D1 when I accelerate it struggles and then goes to D3 instead of D2 (making a wierd noise in the process). The same happens from D3 to D5 and then from D5 to D7. I immediately realised something was wrong. Thankfully was in the area where I purchased the car from so decided to take it to their service centre (Castle Hill, NSW). While trying to reverse park the car, what I realised that the reverse gear wasn't working too !! Did some googling and found the EVEN and the reverse gears are on the same shaft (and hence they all failed).

Has anyone in this forum come across this issue before ?? Castle Hill Hyundai servicing said they haven't diagnosed the actual problem yet.
I was super happy with my car until last week. Now I have serious questions about the reliability of this car given I have just driven less than 5k kms owing to covid (lockdowns, etc).


Haven't heard of this happening, But you stated that they haven't diagnosed the problem, which indicates to me that they are trying to go through Hyundai for possible outcome depending on what Hyundai say. There lies the problem.
If you didn't buy the car from castle Hill You may have issues. Each dealer has their own servicing & Warranty & will deal with each problem accordingly. I believe each dealer is independantly owned. As i stated in my post this is how you are treated. Buy from us Great Fantastic! Buy From Hyundai But not us, Great but not so good. Hence the service you get & the reason why our problems arn't resolved to this date. This is why i say get it log booked serviced once or twice then go elsewhere. Being that (unfortunately) your vehicle problem seems major,I cannot offer anything else to help. You can call Hyundai or Email directly as we did , but that didn't work for us either.Hopefully in your case it will be resolved under warranty at no cost to you.
Regards Glenn

Mark · Tucson

2019 model. How do I check to see what high and low beam bulbs are fitted to my car and is there a ‘how to’ video on changing both please?

Geoff B
Geoff B · Tucson

what weight and length caravan can be towed easily by a 2018 hyundai active x 4 cylinder auto tucson


Tow a caravan with a 2 litre Tuscon???
Maybe going downhill be ok but going up some of the hills around Eden etc you be going backwards.
Tuscon is a great car but it's towing capabilities
are very limited. Maybe jet skis, a small trailer or the kids cubby house be ok, but even a small caravan will kill your car.


Hi geoff i have a 2017 Hyundai activ x petrol 4 cilinder i have just recently towed my brand new jayco starcraft caravan 13ft with a total weight of around 1300 kg up NW western Australia from perth a total of 4000 klm round trip , my car towed fine up hill down hill what ever the only down side was used quite a bit of fuel averaging out about 14-15 ltrs/100 klms .

The car towed beautifully at times i forgot there was a caravan behind me , if loaded properly no worry about sway , at times i got up to 115-120 klm to overtake road trains no problem just make sure you give yourself plenty of time and space .
I had a wonderful holiday so go for it and enjoy yourself .

Cheers Swany

Brian H.
Brian H. · Tucson

I have 2017 2WD petrol have used it to tow my caravan 1470kg have found the ball weight of van 140kg exceeds the cars capacity. Is this factual, if so is there a kit available. Brian


Hi Brian yes you are over the towing towball weight capacity which im pretty sure on that vehicle is 120 kg ball weight , sorry i cant help you with your original question however i was wondering how well your tucson tows your caravan up hills as I'm about to purchase a caravan myself and did not want to change my vehicle, any feedback would be appreciated.
Cheers swany

Brian H.
Brian H.  

Petrol engine 4cyl very underpowered I wish I'd gone for the larger Hyundai 6cyl. Thanks for your ball weight info. Brian

Jody · Tucson

Do Hyundai active x have timing belts


According to many reports on Google, As of 2013, all Hyundai engine models have a chain. ... Unlike a timing belt that needs to be replaced after a certain amount of travel due to wear, the chain doesn't require special maintenance or replacement at a certain interval

Lana · Tucson

Can a 2019 tow a caravan with TARE 2145 GTM 2415

Jenny B.
Jenny B. · Tucson

I have a 2009 Hyundai tuscon city automatic and it is stuck in 3rd gear how do we fix this please. We have replaced a part on top of the auto box but its stuck in that gear.

DavidN · Tucson

I am a little at lost with Lane Keeping Assist. What is the difference between LKA, LFA and LKAS? I hear LKA is the ping-pong lane keep assist that tends to be over-zealous and doesn't keep car in the middle of the lane. Lane Follow Assist (LFA) on the other hand, keep car in the middle of the lane. Is it true? What does Tucson come with? Does Tucson's system keep the vehicle in the middle of the lane?

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