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Over all I'm thinking of buying a 2013 turbo are they any good?
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So I’ve been told the car is gutless, I’m looking at buying a 2015 turbo auto my16 FS II Veloster A Would love to know your thoughts?
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I only have a base model Veloster and have to agree that it doesn't have a lot of power. However, I don't need or want a powerful car. I'm sure the turbo model would be better. It's a great little car overall.the non turbo is average but the turbo is very good. However go for the veloster N or i30 NMine is a non turbo yep it's gutless. Friends call it the sewing machine. I wanted a small economical car and that's what it is no more no less. After having it a year now, my disappointments are that it has no sat nav, I find the ride very hard due to the low profile tyres and it's very noisy in the cabin compared to our other family car. Plenty of room in the back from passengers under 5'2 - others will be very cramped.

Nav won't change it's start point. Just keeps showing an address that we are no where near. Any ideas?
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Hi Mick I am also having problems with my sat. nav. as well as the AM radio. I am unable to offer a solution Kind regards Horse (Graham)Get the sofware update and do it before three years when the warranty expires for the radio and satnav.

Thinking of buying a 2012 Veloster + with 60,000km's, hearing mixed reviews on reliability however I've seen some with km's over 150,000. Does anyone have any opinions of the Veloster reliability?
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I am selling my car it's pearl white with 41,000 kms 2012 model Turbo Good condition price negotiable $25.0000 OnoWell ive got two one auto 7speed black turbo and one red manual six speed both have only just on 3000kms so too early to say much but the media screen is a bit touchy and screen goes blank at times in the red one i started running it on v power fuel and it seems to be adjusting i think it appears not as responsive on this fuel i guess i thought it may run good on higher octane heard mixed comments on this will have to see but remember these cars a year ago for the top model with all the gear was every bit of$ 40.000 so i guess now only two variations a non or a turbo model and for features looks 150kw and under 7 second 0 too 100 if this car stays reliable then i guess its fair to say ok value remember your not paying 50.000 for this i guess if you really want a performance car then thats ehat you may pay reasonable car hope this makes sense lol

Any problems with new 2015/2016 models?
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With mine these no problem i have gone over concrete edge ay mc donalds a few month ago accodently and it still drives smoothly, its the best car and if any t1hingCool thanks. :)We purchased a 2016 Hyundai Veloster for our son and in less than 2 months this car left our son stranded. Had the car towed to the dealership and it took them around a week to get no diagnosis. The Hyundai help line that the mechanics call had them checking every little thing on the car. They decided at that point to replace the engine. We were without his car for almost a whole month for the repair. Now less than 1 year of the new motor it is back in the shop and is said to need another motor. This is very frustrating you buy a car that is near new and you don't expect to be displaced from it for things like this. Purchased the car 1/2017, car went to the dealer for repair 03/2017 got our of the shop end of 04/2012 and now 02/2018 back in the shop for another new engine. i honestly think the car is a lemon and they should buy it back for what we paid or at least compensate us for the issues we have had to deal with and being displaced.

My Hyundai 2012 Veloster Turbo Automatic has driven 39,000 kilometres and the motor has blown up . It's still under warranty and the service advisor has said they have to order bottom end from Korea which after 5 weeks it's still not here . Anyone else had problems with there motor?
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I havent had a problem with the motor as yet although my car has only done 7,000km. I am currently awaiting a visit from the technical guy after I finally (after a long battle) got someone from Hyundai to call me back.no its doesn't have any problems and shouldn't have problems if you service it on time, did they give you a loan car while your waiting.Serviced every 10,000 kilometres Never missed a service and due to my car being a 2012 model couldn't even get a replacement motor . Parts have now finally arrived from Korea . It was the con rod had completely bent due to injector failing . Fingers crossed all will be repaired soon .

Why has my veloster powerless? I should of taken it for a longer test drive, it's dangerous to join a highway.
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Now that you mention that !! I noticed a slightly less power when the car was new and then a week after I took it to the highway and couple of runs after was more powerful I just kind of guess that the turbo was getting warm also for no reason put petrol on 7 eleven stations I don't know why that petrol does not work properly on turbo engines !!

Has anybody had any problems with there veloster 2012 leather seats especially the drivers one. The leather appears to be rubbing off.
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No no problems with mine

Will my 190cm frame fit comfortably in the driver's seat of the Veloster and will 95 or 98 octane fuel provide better performance?
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I am 188cm and fit in the car nicely. I found the model with the sunroof caused issues as the roof height is lower. I haven't used the higher octane fuel in mine as I am really happy with the performance

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