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5 Year Warranty = Lies !

Coming home to find your new car flashing it's indicators on the nature strip is not ok.
Then when you go to get in to turn something... Anything off and it doesn't open even worse. Turns out a internal short in the ECU nearly burnt the car to the ground.
Two weeks after Hyundai Frankston had the car, the service manager accusing us 4 times of putting a battery in backwards they found the problem. There was no apology for the accusations and most importantly no reimbursement for the $190 battery we bought from Marshall to try and open the car.
I have contacted Hyundai Australia and there response was "Even though the battery was less than 1 year old and we know the ECU caused the problem we can't reimburse you because you should have brought the car straight to us". So if you buy a Hyundai make sure you call them at 1.30 am Sunday morning to come and put a battery in so you can get into your car.

Will never buy another Hyundai as they are as disposable as there warranty. $190 I hope it costs them $190,000.

Snappy HatchBack

Had an Audi 2007 very difficult to replace due to its quality so after doing my homework and a extensive research and a chat with my pockets I went for the Veloster turbo early 2015 because: 5 year warranty, 10 years road assistance, Lifetime Capped Price Servicing ($250), 3 years’ Free Map Update Plan.
Plus 150kw power is snappy when you step on it very cheap on petrol and the quality of the interior, the leather, the controls really amaze me, 40k quiet affordable for all the toys it has inside and out compared to similar sport cars and last but no least the 3rd door for the kids is a catch !!!!! very happy !!

BadgeSR Turbo


First thing I love the LOOK of this car.

Ongoing problems:
* Speedo out by 9km - Think you're doing 100km your doing 91km! (Wouldn't rectify this as technically they can be out by 10km, which is a JOKE! That is unsafe!)

* Change of navigation unit 4 times! - First was the blue tooth not working, then 3 faults in the head unit itself, let along the navigation system stuck on accept.
The repair guys tried to update system with USB on two occasions then kept replacing unit (TIME WASTED) as it was again fixed in December 2013 and now FEB 2014 its up to its faulty tricks again

* Speaker BLOWN - After they did a service on my car I heard vibrating in the speakers - All the speakers in the car had blown and it took them 9 weeks to order new ones!
Now... the one they didn't change has blown... so another 9 weeks to wait!!

* Rims on the car - I have knocked them a few times- Its a design fault of the car, most cars have it so the tyre will get rubbed not the rims

* SUNROOF - I havent had the cracks in mine yet, but since its such a Lemon of a car that I paid $38k for, no doubt this will happen at some stage.

It was the complete package, I bought it over the Toyota 86. It had sat nav, bluetooth, leather seats, and extra boot space which I require. If I knew that there was going to be problems with the speedo and head unit I wouldn't have bought it.

Very disappointed and not customer service to either apologies. I just get told I purchased the car so deal with it. I won't be buying from Hyundai again.

- My advice, do a little more research on the cars problems. Maybe the 2015 will have all of these resolved.
Everything was and is wrong with it. I need them to replace the car!

We paid 38 for ours too thinking that we were getting a quality motor car,,,wrong, we have had a few small issues the latest being the leather on the drivers seat is failing after only 6 months and customer service dont want a bar of it saying it is wear and tear.. Not happy :-(It's the cars fault your hit the kerb and scratched the wheels? Oh please...In Australia, it is law and has been for a very long time that speedos have to read under, not technically, legally. Saves you from radars anyway.

Love my car

I have had no major problems with my Veloster. I love it. Have no regrets in purchasing it. I don't think I would like another type of car at this stage.
Customer service I have received has been ok. Car has run with out any issues. Happy customer.
Sun roof, the style, colour

Great little car

I love it. Great little car and goes like a rocket. My previous Hyundai Excel went for 18 years. I am glad I bought Hyundai again. The Veloster is an excellent little car and the fuel consumption is amazing. All the bells and whistles as well. I would recommend this car for sure.
Reliable, excellent fuel consumption. Quality finish.
The only thing I would say is a negative why, if they can put the third side door very craftily concealed, didn't they put another door on the other side?

Will Never Buy From Hyundai

My unfortunate experience came after a lengthy wait for the car we wanted (and we settled for auto as it would arrive 'sooner'). Finally it arrived and customer care virtually stopped there.
During the first 2 months of owning the car the battery died, we called NRMA and Hyundai customer service to come out, the only answer we got after it happening 3 times in 3 days was that there seemed to be a broken fuse.
We both checked it out yet couldn't find anything. We then called the centre we bought it from, yet they told us "It's not their problem and we are really busy at that point in time so it would have to wait at least 2 weeks before its seen".
This was a disgrace considering the car couldn't be driven, we then went to our local dealer who searched through everything, tore the car apart, during this time i called hyundai myself and after 4 (1 hour long) conversations over the course of a week, Finally they put someone to my case. This person was as rude as the rest. I then insisted on speaking to the manager '[name removed]' i believe his name was. This man reduced me to tears, twice.
My car had been off the road for a month. A Month! with no answers, the only light behind the clouds was the man working in the local hyundai dealership who was insistant on finding the problem. He even told us he would Never accept this car back and advised us to go to consumer affairs to get a new one as hyundai refused to so much as humour the idea of replacing ours.

Finally after 7 weeks of it being in the centre they realised the problem was similar to what the original person told us, the fuse box wasn't reading our passenger side door being closed.
They compensated us with one service free and a boot liner, that was all... oh and the countless hours i spent chasing them wondering what was happening and where was our car?!

I will never buy from hyundai again. I also discovered upon its next service that 4 other cars had been brought in with the same problem in that dealer alone! yet no recall. 1 year later we received a letter saying to get the sunroof checked immediately as it has been Shattering in park And whilst driving.
IF they perfected it before production, it would have been great!
customer service, fuse box, sunroof.

I have had nothing but issue and complete static that rums though out my 2013 veloster. The interior actually shows burn marks. I have had it into Hyundai twice. They cannot find a issue. I have now filed for the Lemon Law in Florida.Battery carries 2 years 40,000km warranty (I think) so the dealer needs to replace free of charge.

Second Rate Satellite Navigation System

If it was just the car I would have given 5 stars, but lack of customer care and a navigation system that does not perform I can only give one, it has been two months now and the dealer has given up on me and left it to Hyundai to call me, that was a couple of weeks ago and I don't expect them to call, I have sent an email to Carsguide.com and will wait for his reply, if the speedo on my car was not 7kph out and the sat nav showed speed instead of altitude at least I would know accurately what speed I was travelling, the other issues involve applications that just don't work, but the owners manual says the opposite.
The car itself is all it should be
Customer Care Sat Nav

Nice to drive, shame about the media player

We bought this car a few months ago now and have done almost 10,000km in it.
There is no faulting the drive, the seats and the layout of the car, even the back is quite roomy and the boot is a good size.
It was never going to be a fast car, at a 1.6 engine we didn't think otherwise, but for those wanting something faster it might be worth giving the new Turbo version a look. t drives lovely though, it responsive without being twitchy and feels safe. I'm 5ft and my OH is over 6ft and we can both drive the car with no real issues.

We've had nothing but interest from other people when we're out in the car and it seems to appeal to people in a variety of age groups, probably because despite its sporty appearance it doesn't give up the ability to be practical.

My one real gripe with this car is the media/phone system. There is nothing handsfree about the handsfree call system, if you really wanted to use this whilst driving (and I don't now as it's so bad) you continuously have to take your eyes off the road to scroll through contacts or type a name in. A far cry from the superb system in my previous Fiat 500. (Although the call quality is great)
Additionally the shuffle button (on USB) always shuffles in the same order, which drives me mental, so you can only listen to your abum/music in two orders - the original or the shuffle version. It works better with an iPod (not an iPhone though!) so it might be worth investing in a nano if you don't already have one
Great to drive, great looking, comfy, practical, sporty, good fuel economy, 5 year warranty
Awkward Media System, Poor Handsfree, Obstructive view at roundabouts with wing mirrors


Veloster + FS2

Had this car for a week now. Overall very happy with it. For the price the level of equipment is great. I bought this car for a long commute (one side of BNE to the other and return every day). The sat-nav helps me avoid traffic congestion, comfortable seats, and great fuel economy.

For an idea first run with 13km's on the odo was achieving fuel economy of low 8 litres per 100 km's. Now with 850 on the clock and have been achieving 6.3 litres / 100 kms. This is a mix of suburbs at 60km's and highway driving.

Seen a heap of reviews that the car lacks power. I chose the manual and actually like to change gears - if you know how to use the gears then the car is quick off the mark and easily keep up with, or move through, the traffic.
Distinctive looks, great handling with minimal body roll. Sat - nav to route around traffic. Comfortable seats, great sound system.
Need to know how to use your gears. If you want to accelerate change down a gear, or 2.

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So does this Hyundai vacuum cleaner have better suction than a Dyson? I was thinking about purchasing this Hyundai turbo charged vacuum cleaner to clean my carpets.

Hyundai, you are perfect

Bought this car about two weeks ago. What a great vehicle. Comfortable, stylish, feature packed, fun to drive, brilliant handling, room in the back for an adult to sit comfortably, plenty of boot space. It is such a pleasure to drive and brings a smile to my face very time I get in.

Hyundai as really come of age and you can see why other manufacturers are running scared.
Styling, Standard Features, Comfort, Stereo, Driving Manners
No Exhaust Note

99% happy +1% if I don't have buy navigation

This car is different from anything else Hyundai has to offer. I bought Hyundai Veloster 1 week ago and so far I'm very very happy with the amazingly packed functions: BlueTooth, reverse camera, reverse sensor, steering wheel control, climate control, large touch screen and so many other features. Alloy wheel comes free with purchase and it's a deal you hardly find elsewhere. As the title stated, I'm 99% happy with my purchase.

The only 1% left out is the fact I have to purchase an additional in-dash navigation system with it. I went to many installers since I just hate to stick something on my windscreen, especially this one, the only choice I've got is an aftermarket in-dash navigation system called NaviPlus and it cost me $1699 for supply and fit. It runs well and I only need to press my 'setup' key on the dashboard to enter the Navigation menu.

So, all in all, it's a good purchase and I'm a happy driver. Well, $1600 isn't cheap but at least there's one for me to pick up. However, you could always put up a portable navigation and stick it somewhere. It's just me I guess.
Technology Package, inexpensive, energy efficient, FREE 18' Ally Wheel, high safety standard
No built-in navigation

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Hi, Where did you get your navigation system put in ? I have the same problem.

Not quite there....

I took a Veloster out for a test drive & was very disappointed in the lack of get up n go it had (maybe once the turbo is released will be better), I was comparing it to the Holden Cruze SRI-V turbo which is amazing to drive & comes with all the fruit. I guess if I just wanted a car for the "look at me" aspect then maybe I would consider the Veloster. Personally I think it's aimed at the younger market who cant afford a real sports car or a mid-life crisis car. While I am 6foot tall there was not enough head room & the cabin felt very cramped...ok for driving around on your own if you don't mind crouching in your seat. For the price of the + model I would expect satnav as standard, which it is not.
Boot space not bad
No power, very ordinary 1.6lt, cabin too small also not enough head room.

Yeah but you missed one very important think that Hyundai has going for it over a Holden. Reliability! I had a Holden and it was the biggest mistake I had ever make. Hyundai's reliability is well renowned. I also heard the cruze has gearbox problems.Hyundai, reliable in the same sentence LOL! I suggest you check your facts before making silly comments nikoGoogle "Car brand reliablity" and you will see Hyundai and Kia always being in the Top 5 along with the Japanese. Sadly, most European and Australian brands are not to be found until way down the bottom of the list. So before you accuse have you done any research??

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Questions & Answers

Over all I'm thinking of buying a 2013 turbo are they any good?
No answers

So I’ve been told the car is gutless, I’m looking at buying a 2015 turbo auto my16 FS II Veloster A Would love to know your thoughts?
3 answers
I only have a base model Veloster and have to agree that it doesn't have a lot of power. However, I don't need or want a powerful car. I'm sure the turbo model would be better. It's a great little car overall.the non turbo is average but the turbo is very good. However go for the veloster N or i30 NMine is a non turbo yep it's gutless. Friends call it the sewing machine. I wanted a small economical car and that's what it is no more no less. After having it a year now, my disappointments are that it has no sat nav, I find the ride very hard due to the low profile tyres and it's very noisy in the cabin compared to our other family car. Plenty of room in the back from passengers under 5'2 - others will be very cramped.

Nav won't change it's start point. Just keeps showing an address that we are no where near. Any ideas?
2 answers
Hi Mick I am also having problems with my sat. nav. as well as the AM radio. I am unable to offer a solution Kind regards Horse (Graham)Get the sofware update and do it before three years when the warranty expires for the radio and satnav.


Veloster FS
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Discontinuation dateDec 2017
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