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IAG Appliances
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3 Appliances all needing replacement

We purchased a Dishwasher, Oven and Microwave, all from kitchen design team recommendations. After 2 years we had to replace the microwave, after 3.5 years the dishwasher which was repaired several times in this space and now the over is falling to bits and we have to pay for spare parts. Never again would we buy this brand.

Absolute rubbish

I have renovated ten houses and usually put in westinghouse or chef products but my last reno the kitchen company installed this iag oven. Worst oven i have ever had. Impossible to clean and internal grill causes huge smoke in oven. Any moisture in oven drips out at the bottom of door onto floor. Today it started making a noisy racket in the oven so i will be happy to throw it out and not repair. Off to get a westinghouse oven.

No to IAG cooking appliances

We bought a house with an Iag cooktop and oven. Cooktop decides what heat range it wants to be on. Ie: I turn knob to low setting and it boils? Impossible to cook with as you can not gauge heat levels. Oven turns itself off? When finance permits I will be ripping out both and replacing with superior brands.

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Hi, sorry to hear this has been your experience. Clearly this is not normal operation. Have you got in touch with our customer care team so that they can troubleshoot the issues or schedule a technicians visit? Thank you.

Not a long lasting product

We got a 90cm oven and 5 burner gas stove fitted in our home by the builder and they used iag products. The oven started turning its self off when it got too hot after 2.5 years off use. We called them up and it was going to cost $300 to fix. So we had to save up for it. 1 year later we could afford to get them out. They came out took the oven apart put one tiny chip in it put it back together said it was fixed. I turned it on to make a roast and 45mins later it turns its self off again. I call them up they get him out again. He does not have the part to fix it and is on holidays for 3 weeks now. They get a sub contractor to come out. They now need 3 parts and have to order them. I call up 2 weeks later to find out what is going on. Parts are on back order not in until end of August... not happy having to wait 2 months for them to fix it now. On top of that the gas stove top no longer works correctly either and we now have to manually light it. Crap products.

Hi Nicky, so sorry this has been your experience. Can you please provide us your contact information so we can get in touch with you to discuss in more detail? Thank you.Hi my number is 0431298188Thank you, we will be in touch.

Poor quality. Worse service.

Oven 18 months old. The door has dropped. It is burning surrounding wood. Serviceman agreed a month ago that new hinges were needed. We called today to be told that they could not say where parts are and when they would be available as it is an old oven. Also told we should not be using oven. person in food was rude and dismissive. Not her department or her problem.

May 16th 2017 Update: never buy an IAG product

The quality is poor. The service is worse. They do not return calls. They say they want to fix the problem but don't. It doesn't get worse than that. First a dishwasher that required several service calls before being replaced. Now an oven without a working door that I am told not to use with no idea when I will have a working oven.

Hi Neil, This does not sound like a great customer experience. We would like to discuss your concerns asap and get them resolved for you. Can you please send us a private message with your contact information?Thank you. NeilAs usual, no call from your person who my wife talked to yesterday. And, I sent your service company contact details today - hapl - including this message. No reply. How would you like me to make contact? Where would you like me to leave the oven?

Happy customer

I purchased a pack of IAG appliances from In Kitchens 6 months ago, after the designer recommended this brand and asked me to wait until my design was finished before making my final selections. I am very happy I chose to let him handle my whole kitchen renovation and very happy with my appliance's performance.

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Hey Rozzie, Thanks for taking the time to leave your comments! Happy customer, happy IAG! :)

IAG 5 fuction, ceramic cooktop, Integrated rangehood

I needed to keep my costs for my new kitchen really reasonable. These products are great. I've had smeg before and enjoyed these products however to be honest these cheaper IAG products do exactly the same job if not better! When I first tested the rangehood I was stunned that it held a subway tile 10mm thick under the exhaust on full.

Recommend to anyone especially if you can get past BRAND names, they can be such a rip-off.

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G'day Max, Thanks for the taking the time to write a review!!

Microwave Oven

Nobby kitchen installed my kitchen and they provided me a microwave oven with an unfamiliar brand.
I asked the project manager to change the microwave and install a good brand but he refused and said that's one of the best. Now I have problem with that (like burst internal globe light). Nobby kitchen said I have to call them while it's their responsibility. I called IAG Appliances, waiting on the phone for half an hour listening to the options and terrible musics, as soon as the find I need product service, they say they cannot hear me or cut the line like it happens accidentally. Both are terrible, Nobby Kitchen and IGA. I am going to call Fair Trading. That's what they want.

Hi Reza, Its unfortunate to hear of your experience. We are unsure when you have contacted us but our maximum wait times do not reflect what you have stated. Can you please confirm the phone number you have used to call us? What we can confirm is that we do not hang up or disconnect from customers intentionally. If you can please provide us your contact information so that we can get in touch with you, we will be happy to assist you. Thank you.Thanks for your prompt. if you provide me an email, I will be happy to give you my contact number. Thanks again. Reza

Bad choice for home

I installed my kitchen through Nobby's Kitchen in 2011. I didn't research well and went with IAG. From start appliances were a trouble. Within 4 years, I've replaced microwave thrice and now dish water stopped working. The customer service representative on the phone are very unfriendly

My IAG cooktop

My IAG cooktop was installed in mid 2014. It stopped working in October this year (2015). I contacted Home Appliances Pty Ltd for warranty repair on around 26 October and got a job number (163807). A repair technician sent by IAG came to my house on around 28 October and found that the control module of the cooktop was dead and needed to be replaced. He told me that he would have IAG order the required part. I started chasing up for the repair at the end of November. Every time I called Home Appliances the answer I got was that the part was on order but no one knows when the part would be available. On 6 December, after 40 days of frustrating waiting and in fear of having not a cooktop in the coming Christmas and new year, I sought help from my kitchen installer who has business contact with Home Appliances Ptd Ltd. I also wrote a review on Product Review and to their credit they contacted Home Appliances for me to pursue on the case. I eventually opted for private negotiation with Home Appliances without publishing that review to avoid further complication in the case. After several phone calls to Home Appliances in the last week and after more than 50 days of no working cooktop in my kitchen, I finally got a replacement cooktop on 22 December 2015. After all the inconvenience of no cooking in the kitchen for the last 50+ days, the numerous phone calls and emails for chasing up and all the money that I spent on eating out I think I deserve some sort of gratitude from Home Appliances.

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Hi Jim, We certainly apologise for any inconvenience caused to you due to the concerns you have experienced with your appliance. One of our Customer Care Officers has now been in touch with you in relation to your review and trust the resolution offered is acceptable. Thank you. Home Appliances Aftersales Support

I honestly love the oven, but if anything goes wrong service is so bad

The previous owners of our home installed an IAG kitchen, all appliances are about 4 years old. When the appliances are working they are awesome. I love my oven. However, the dishwasher just stops working if it is not cleaned regularly. When something went wrong with the oven I called their customer service- right on opening time mind you- and the first time I was on hold for 35 minutes and they couldn't send someone for nearly a week. The second time I called I was on hold for 14 minutes. It's just not acceptible.

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Hello Shanmelb. I apologise for your past service experience with our company. In recent times we have made positive changes to our service structure eliminating long waits on hold , long response times. If you do require our services please don't hesitate to contact our service team or lodge an enquiry to service@hapl.com.au kind regards HAPL service

IAG Oven....... Total Rubbish

Service............ There is none!!!!!!!!!! been waiting since 5th of May 2014 [now 13th March 2015] for the front panel on our oven to be replaced ...again [the 3rd time]... the numbers wipe off .... When the electrician put the oven in the light blew [not covered by warranty] The microwave light blew the first week [no warranty] ........ Have sent emails emails and cannot even get a reply ............Do not buy they are of poor quality. We purchased as a package from a Kitchen Company Beware of the also as they are overpriced and poorly installed, service is almost impossible get done also........ 20k of misery!!!!!!

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Hello Stuart and Ann, I apologise for your recent experience with our service/customer care department. I can assure you we have made positive changes and service levels have improved dramatically. If you still require assistance please don't hesitate to contact us : service@hapl.com.au listing you details and the customer care team will contact you back. Kind regards HAPL service

Absolute Rubbish - fixtures and services

We also bought appliances as part of a kitchen package. Our oven had a faulty element - replaced after a week or so. Our oven has a fault digital display - 6 months we have been waiting for a part and we have chased up. Even the kitchen installer is apologising for the substandard oven and non-existent service. I'll give a little while and then really hit then for six. They should NOT be in busines and the Fair Trading Commission should revoke their licence to trade.

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Hello Nick, I apologise that your recent service experience was not pleasant. We have made a lot of changes in the service department improving the service delivery to all our customers. If you still require our services please don't hesitate to contact the service team service@hapl.com.au . kind regards HAPL service

Pay the extra. Quality only hurts once !!

Like other reviewers we were convinced to purchase our 'Italian' IAG appliance package as part of a kitchen renovation. They appear to sell this way through third parties because they're cheap and the kitchen companies can apply a healthy margin. Just upside the warranty period the integrated dishwasher gave up the ghost and the repair man suggested replacing rather than repairing - "not worth the bother" he said. The internal oven rack broke within a month and the fake stainless steel facade has de-laminated. We now have a gas cooktop which is arcing continuously as I write this warning !! Stay clear, do not be tempted by the price. Pay a little extra and go with tried and tested quality brands. I wish I did.

Totally Dissatisfied with Service

Purchased range hood. Totally impressed at first use. Then would not work after 4th use around xmas except now & again. Worked in the middle of the night for about a minute when it was left on when it did not work.Rang for service,left message to call. 2days later they rang back & it was working. they told us to go back to the kitchen company to check it out. That company rang them and left message for service. 2 days later they made appointment for 3 days hence. Technician from Magiils called and took electrical mother board for replacement to be ordered. It is now 11 working days later. Rang them Monday, tuesday & thursday this week. Each time "will look into it and get back to you" .Never happened! Stil lwaiting.

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Hi Ray Can you email your address details to service@hapl.com.au and we can look in to your job further.

IAG stainless steel oven

I purchased this item as part of package and I have had 3 service calls in 5 years to repair same/similar fault.
Last service call they said it was outside warranty period (3 month warranty) on third repair. I have contacted IAG service department to complain and have not had call back. Approached sales department who said they would advise service department to contact me (no call back)

IAG Appliances - great advice and service

Excellent staff who know their products. The choice was easy when someone helps you with all the options for the ovens as I was starting to get confused between self cleaning or not and all mod cons? i am very happy cooking up a storm for the family - great service and advice thanks!
Great helpful staff

Don't bother - Dishwasher unreliable, stove knobs fragile and customer service apathetic.

We bought a package of IAG products when our kitchen was installed. The dishwasher didn't work properly, the water wasn't heating upso it was washing in cold water, and the after sales service people weren't interested. One week after the expiry date of the warranty expired, it packed up all together, after which we were told that it was no longer covered. The stove knobs broke and we couldn't replace them.
In addition, when it was sold to us, it was sold as an Italian product, when they really meant "Itallian styled" made in China.

Dishwasher unreliable and not worth considering.

Apalling after-sales service

We purchased appliances through IAG Home Appliances as a package through our kitchen company.
The correct sink was sent according to the package but the package contained the reverse sink.
Home Appliances/IAG will not switch the sink out for the correct one as, firstly, they don't believe that the sink was packaged incorrectly, and, secondly, although we dealt with them directly with payment and delivery they tell us they can't do anything about it, we have to go through our kitchen company.
condescending customer service
own a kitchen sink that we can't use in our benchtop (due to incorrect packaging) that the company won't switch

Questions & Answers

High IAG! The Fan inside our electric oven has stopped working. Trying to ascertain replacement cost including labour versus buying a new unit. I have been unable to locate an installer here in Adelaide. Your assistance would be most appreciated. We have had the unit 8 years & are also curious about what else could possibly go wrong at this age, before we fix this unit. As far as I can see it's the only moving part and not much else can fail? Model No: IOF6SE2
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Hey Peter, sorry this has happened. Given the age, we would suggest it will likely be a cheaper option to replace; it is also unlikely the part is still available. However, please call us on 1800 444 357, select option 2 and we can check the part and price for you. Thanks.What a load of junk. I had a kitchen full of it. Stove, microwave, "intelligent" hotplates. (By intelligent I mean it mad its own decisions.

Do you know of an IAG repairer in Canberra? Our integrated dishwasher needs to be fixed.
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Good morning, Please give our Aftersales Support team a call and they can assist you by referring you to an Authorised Service Partner! 1800 444 357 Thanks!Waste of time

I rang today and asked where I could buy the integrated dishwasher as it will fit the cavity left by the old one. I was told Harvey Norman ,Bing lee and Winning appliances. None of these places have them. Where are they? Can't you look up where they were shipped to.?
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Hi, The company we purchased our appliances from has since gone bankrupt. I can only suggest contacting IAG directly on 1800 805 300 or 02 9958 3111.Thanks Mike. It was IAG that I rang. Very unhelpful.I only bought IAG hotplates & exhaust fan. These were purchased through the business that built and installed our new kitchen. I noted that a number of kitchen manufacturers sold IAG and Baumatic appliances. I kept my existing Bosch dishwasher and had it installed in the new kitchen. I believe dishwashers are a standard size and so any make should fit the standard cavity. I cannot reccommend Bosch too highly. It is an excellent Dishwasher.