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iCandy Peach Original

iCandy Peach Original

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Peach original

So happy with this pram it’s worth every cent. So easy to fold and unfold and maneuver. All my mumma friends have a peach icandy way better then bugaboo. Best best best best best best best best best pram evwe made. When I have two kids I will definitely be purchasing the double.

Conversion kitYes

The best pram i have ever purchased

I am so happy I have purchased this product. I love how it is so easy to fold up. It comes in 2 pieces and a little bit heavy but that does not bother me. The sunshade is perfect however the feet part could extend abit more as my 2 and a half year old does not fit in it anymore.

Conversion kitYes

Good Pram, but possibly better options available now

We have had this pram for five years. It has been a good pram but is starting to show its age.

The pram is expensive (especially when bought with bassinette), but has been reliable.

The pram is a good width that allows a balance of stability - but also manuverability through shops and checkouts.

Conversion kitYes


This pram is very easy to use and convenient. The child is safe and well supported. It's quite pricey but it's worth every penny. Folding the pram to put in the car is also easy, only in two steps and your done, the pram also has a handle where you can easily carry on your shoulder. It also comes with various attachments to put a second child seat.

Conversion kitYes


i had this with my child it was quit expensive, but is a good pram, the amount you pay for is not worth it, the folding down the pram was confusing at first but after getting use to it was fine. the metal frame didnt feel very strong to me but all together its a alright pram

Conversion kitNo

love this pram

Got this pram when I was pregnant with my first because I wanted a pram that could convert to a double in case we had two children close together. I didn't truly fall in love with this pram until 2 years later when I had two under two. That is when I came to truly appreciate how flexible and maneuverable it is. It didn't matter if I had baby or toddler or both in a few seconds I could convert it to suit my needs. Unlike so many parents I know who, after the arrival of number two felt uncomfortable leaving the house without someone to help them, I was able to go out whenever I felt like it, knowing both my children where safely and comfortably restrained. My eldest is now 4 and I still use both seats if I'm going to be out for a while, so he doesn't have to walk the whole time, and if he is misbehaving he knows he will have to go in the pram. I often get comments about how well behaved my children are and I'm sure this is why because they certainly aren't at home.

Conversion kitYes

Love it - very happy with it

I did lots of research as I wanted the option of 2 seats. The icandy peach is easy to fold up and put together which was important for me. The chasis is pretty light and easy to lift into the car. It has great steering - the only downside with 4 wheels is it sometimes catches on the uneven bit between 2 sections of ground e.g. where bitumen meets concrete when crossing the road.
I bought the bassinet as well and it has been awesome. My baby is nearly 10 months and still able to sleep in it when we are out. Has been great for holidays as we didn't need to bring a portacot.
The space underneath the pram is not bad but with the basinette the space is reduced.
I have only used the double pram a couple of times to take my baby and 2 year old niece. It worked fine.
I got a red pram and I love how it looks. I often get comments about how it looks. But it is also practical.

Conversion kitNo


IT'S almost 2016, 3 years later and now expecting my third child soon.
We purchased the Icandy peach pram (sweet pea) at the end of 2012 for $1150 from baby kingdom (usually $1350), this pram is perfect if you know or are thinking of having the next kid close in age. if your only planning on having one child or a bigger gap in age before trying for the second - then yes there are cheaper, lighter and more convenient options in prams to choose from, however if thats not the case and you wanting a pram that can grow with your growing family and not spend $500-$700 on the first pram only to have to go buy a double for another $700-$1000+, then this is the perfect pram.
easy to maneuver, easy to fold, unfold and carry and allows you to add on as you require. I do agree for the price it would be nice if the seat liners came with it as i think these are a must - extra cushioning and easy to take off and wash - if you do need to wash the main seat - a bit a jif on a sponge or a wonder soap bar and bit of water does the trick (put it in the sun to dry).
We purchased the second seat in early 2014 for $360 (usually $399) for the arrival of our second child and it has been perfect - you can buy the carrycot, but really the first month you don't go anywhere and you can put the seats in a flat position - so for an extra $340 the carrycot isn't really needed for the handful of times that you might use it before before bub gets to 3.5months and wants to sit up slightly, you can make do without it.
I have used this pram almost everyday and still to this date have not changed a thing on it - compared to bugaboo prams which for me was so hard to assemble/ disassemble and cost more with no second seat option to add on without buying a whole new pram, the Icandy for me was the way to go. And also unlike other double prams - its not wide allowing to get in and around when shopping and the seats sit higher so you don't feel or look like your kid is almost touching the floor.

Conversion kitYes

Worth every cent.

The quality of the icandy peach is amazing. I've had ours for 2 years now and we use it daily and have not yet found anything we don't love about it. its great to push sturdy construction yet not a heavy tank like some other prams. Even in double mode it's a nice smooth ride and it folds smaller then the bugaboo buffalo even in double!

The icandy peach is worth the money you spend as it will last.
Lots of people by prams and a few months later change and change again cause they can't find that one pram that is everything they want and need- the icandy is that pram perfect pram they are looking for but haven't realised yet. So buy the icandy first and you will be saving yourself the trouble and wasted money on lesser prams.

Conversion kitYes

Terrrible customer service - POOR WORKANSHIP

Do not buy this pram - we have spent a fortune on the icandy peach blossom which broke after we bought the $400 conversion kit. Icandy are refusing to fix it without charging us $150 as they have said that we caused it by not closing it correctly - right as if we didnt know how to close it after owning it for 2 years with our first child.

We should have gone with a buggaboo

Conversion kitYes

No others compare!

I have had my peach for over 9 months now and I think it was the best money I have ever spent. The comments I get from people about how good it looks combined with the Amazing ease of use is just superb. The way the seat switches is so easy. The way you put it away is so easy. Turning, pushing and steering is so easy. Whoever designed this pram should get an award. Worth Every Dollar.
Easy to steer, easy to assemble/disassemble, looks great, big basket, easy to clean.

Conversion kitNo

I'm still in love with my Peach!

I went out to purchase a Bugaboo and walked into Baby Train who did not stock them, but showed me an iCandy Peach. It was meant to be because I fell in love! I then went to Baby Bunting to check out the Bugaboo but it did not compare!!
I went back to Baby Train and purchased the Peach in the Sweet Pea. I use my pram everyday, I've had it for a year, and I still love it. It is just wonderful to push, one handed is a breeze, and it turns on a dime. The Peach is so easy to use - recline, turn around, fold up - all quick and simple. It is a top quality pram, strong and sturdy and not 'plasticky' like others. It just feels fabulous.
The Peach looks amazing too. I can't count the amount of comments I've had about it. People love it. I've started to see many more around too which is great. Us mums just smile in a knowing appreciation as we pass each other "nice pram".
My son loves being in it too. I can imagine it's a smooth ride, he falls asleep in it all the time.
The only tiny negatives I have is that the hood is a little noisy to put up and down, and the chrome does scratch easily. But these are very minor things.
The iCandy Peach is a fabulous pram. I'm so glad I bought it and not the Bugaboo. After 12 months I would still have nothing else. Highly Recommended!!
Everything! Looks amazing, well built, drives like a dream!
Noisy hood, chrome can scratch

Conversion kitNo

Love my iCandy so much I bought two!

I have the iCandy Peach with option to turn into a blossom and use the travel system with a car capsule. I love just how easy it is to use. I can manoeuvre it with one hand so opening doors and turning corners are a breeze. It folds open/shut so easily and the basket on the bottom is more then big enough for us. It certainly gets looks while we are out, I've been asked many times about it and its just a shame you cant buy them online and the stores that sell them are quite selected. My only other gripe is that spare parts (wheels etc.) aren't easy to find. It is a little on the expensive side but I am happy to pay for something that is of great quality. The travel system is great for us, I don't have to wake bubs up just click in and out of the car and into the pram. The front wheels can work independently or be locked into position, the iCandy seat reclines enough for bub to have nap (if I'm not using the car capsule) and its not a big bulky pram. Ive used other prams and found them really hard to fold up and they are no where near as nice to use as this one. I even bought the 3 wheel jogger I love it so much!
SImple and easy to use, seat is reversible, really sturdy & looks great
quite expensive, replacement parts not easy to find

Conversion kitNo

Dream Pram

I am so glad we came across the icandy! We were so close to purchasing the bugaboo but then when I started researching the different strollers the icandy really caught my eye- not just the way it looks but also the versatility of it compared to the bugaboo. I love the fact that later on down the track I can convert it to a double. With it being a double too, the seats are in front and behind each other rather than side to side unlike the bugaboo donkey (which I have always seen parents struggle with at the shops due to the width). Yes it is quite a bit bulkier than other prams (but still quite narrow) but you would want it to be since it can hold 2 seats. When looking at other prams I just couldn't really see where my money was going- other prams that were in a similar price range just look so flimsy and I felt like I was just paying for a "name". I ended up purchasing the black jack colour, which to be honest I wasn't a fan of when seeing it online for the first time. When I saw it in the store for the first time I absolutely loved it (it looks so much better in real life). I love the recline positions- the seat goes all the way flat if you have it facing you which is perfect if bubs wants a nap. I was a bit worried when reading other reviews before purchasing the pram as everyone seemed to comment on how much of a pain it is to fold. Now that I have it I really don't understand why people would say that. I find it super easy to fold and although a little heavier than other prams, it really doesn't take up much space in the boot at all. This really is my dream pram. I am so over the moon with it!!! And there is one thing I have really learnt with prams- you absolutely get what you pay for. If you can fork out that bit extra then it is defiantly worth it in the long run.

Seat seems a bit on the smaller side compared to others.

Conversion kitNo

I love it!

When I was researching prams, I was looking for something: light, easy to maneuver, forward/backward facing options, able to accommodate two children, height adjustable handles, able to add bassinet. The icandy peach blossom ticked all those boxes. The drink holder, which is sold separately, can be placed so that it is inside the handles, relieving the problem of it bashing into doorways! I love this pram, we walk for hours a day with this and it still feels very sturdy.
The many useful options it provides, built very well, drives like a dream!
Quite expensive

Conversion kitYes
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I still haven't been able to get cup holder to work on peach blossom on inside - I don't think it does to be honest because it will only attach on the thicker part of the pram rail which then means your cup bangs into the pram seat - you couldn't recline it etc. A design flaw like this is pretty annoying for an expensive pram & means i'll end up buying some sort of other cup holder. Other than that, I do love this pram so far.

I love it despite its flaws.

This is a great double push chair in many ways. Its easy to push (I can push it one handed even with 2 children, a full basket and a scooter on it!), great turning circle and manoeuvrability, good sized and easily accessible basket even with 2 seats, narrow and compact so fits through all doors, shopping checkouts and easy to use on public transport, it is a true single pushchair as well as a double and it looks great. There is no need to buy a bassinet as the seat lies very flat.

There are some negatives however. With 2 seats on the pushchair you have to have both seats forward facing (but in single mode the seat can be reversed). And when using both seats the front seat cannot recline fully. It is a little awkward to lift baby in and out of the rear seat due to the position of the handle. The pushchair has to be completely dismantled to fold. The fabrics of the seats are not removable so difficult to clean (need to use seat liners). The hoods make a loud clicking noise when putting them up and down, which is just a bit annoying rather than a problem. The optional cup holder sticks out a lot and is always getting bashed on door frames! The shiny frame scratches easily.

having said all that I love it! So easy to use, good storage, compact and stylish.
great manoeuvrability, good storage, compact, stylish, quality.
frame scratches easily, rear seat a bit difficult to access, seat fabrics are not removable.

Conversion kitYes
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What scooter do you have that fits the icandy peach blossom?

Best purchase for baby

Researched a lot of prams and was lucky enough that my mother in law came to a baby expo and bought this pram for me. She was very impressed with the amazing turning circle and how neatly it packs into the car. It is quite expensive but I have used it nearly every day (bub is now 9 months) and will use it for future babies. It is so easy to push.

Originally I didn't buy the bassinet as the main seat goes back into a lying down position, however a friend said how useful the bassinet on her bugaboo was so we purchased it. The bassinet was great for the first few months. I could go out walking and if bub was asleep when I got home it's comfortable enough to leave them in it. It's also great for staying with people as bub can sleep in it during the night.

One of the main reasons I bought it was because its very easy to fold down (although it took a little bit of practice originally) and put in the car.
The wheels- they are solid so there is no problems with flat tyres and they are sturdy enough for pushing over grass.
The cup holder isn't the best so was a waste of money.

Conversion kitNo
hi how much did you get the pram for at the expo?It think it was about $1200I wanted to update that bub is now nearly 17 months and I still love my pram. I have heard lots of people say how many prams they go through. I cant imagine wanting any other pram. Its very hard before you have a baby knowing what you will use it for but I am so satisfied with this. I look forward to being able to turn it into a two baby pram when (if) a second baby comes along.

lemon one

unfortunately I had very bad experience with this pram (we gave it back to the store last week) The following things were bad:
- buttons often did not work
- it fail to stay in one (sitting) position
- difficult to "close" and heavy to curry
- colapsed 2 with the child inside...!!
I had so great expectation, now I would never buy the expensive pram, ICandy is not worth the price...

difficult to use, buttons do not work, chair do not stay in sitting position

Conversion kitNo

Hidden Gem

May I point out that bubs hasn't arrived yet, so this review is purely based on months of research and decision making. I bought the iCandy Peach in blackjack. It took a long time to arrive as it was on backorder due to its popularity. Super easy to fold, looks great, its not very wide (big sale point, skinnier than all other prams, especially when you want a tandem pram). When made into a double/tandem it isn't very long, there is plenty of room for bottom child, though you do lose a bit of basket space.
It is very easy to fold, but you need to remove the seat/s / carrycot to fold up. It boasts that it is super lightweight but I find it somewhat heavier than iCandy states, though haven't acutally weighed it myself, I am quite weak.
Australia has, what they call, the iCandy 2 but is not marketed as this as we never got the first version. So when you read iCandy 2 thats what we have just not in the colours that the English are being offered.
One HUGE tip, if you want to purchase the carrycot, DO NOT buy the standard one unless you plan on only having one child. If you plan to use this pram as a double you need to purchase the 'twin' carrycot as it has tapered ends to fit underneath. The 'standard' carrycot does not fit underneath when it is used as a double. Huge potenital to waste alot of money. ALSO if you want to use a capsule you need to purchase adaptors (at this stage the pram only takes the Safe 'n' Sound Unity and the Maxi Cosi) The Unity adaptor can be used for single and double use, but the Maxi Cosi needs 2 adaptors. One for single use and then another set for when you wish to use as a double pram. Another saving there.
I compared this pram with the following prams: Emmaljunga Nitro, Bugaboo Chameleon, Phil & Teds Promenade, City Elite? (the double one) and Steelcraft Strider Plus.
Super easy to fold, seat can be forward or rearward facing, no need to pump up tyres, easy to assemble
Clicky hood is a bit annoying, quite expensive but I guess you get what you pay for.

Conversion kitNo
my one was unfortunatley very diffcult to fold, my inlaws could not do at all,ad we had to pump up tyres, moreover seat does not stay in one position on its own..- these are my experiences with I Candy..Perhaps you are referring to the Apple? The Peach has solid tyres and does not have the part to allow for pumping up.

Flexibility, lightweight and funky colour and style - what more could a new mum want?

I am a firm believer in "buy once, buy right".

Our criteria was flexibility (accommodate baby from birth through to age 4), ability to transport two children (eventually), be lightweight (it only weighs about 7.5 kg), easy to fold and style and colour were the last factors.

After a ton of research (which we do for every main purchase and holiday!) we recently purchased the iCandy Peach Blossom in "tomato" (red) prior to our baby's arrival. We bought the Peach Blossom as we wanted something that could accommodate two children (ok so we're hopeful for a second). The iCandy will take two bassinets or a bassinet and a seat or two seats. The seats can be fitted forward facing or rear facing. The seats recline and tilt in several positions (rear or forward facing). This feature is invaluable - I went into the city recently to have lunch with dad and we tilted the seat from horizontal to more vertical so our 12 week old could see what was going on at the table.

I have a heavy nappy bag (I like to cater for all occasions) and the pram is so stable even with a very heavy bag across the handles. I love the one foot brake mechanism (won't damage expensive shoes).

It folds easily and is incredibly lightweight and was very easy to lift and carry after having an emergency c-section. We have a 4WD and the boot is quite high up (I'm only 5ft 2") and I can manoeuvre it very easily.

The basket below accommodates lots of baby gear/shopping and can be easily accessed no matter which seat is attached.

Great on uneven and muddy terrain (often take it to the park with the dog) and spins on a dime (easy to turnaround in lifts and on the train). My mother-in-law (who has other grandchildren around the same age) commented on how easy it is to steer compared to the others she has used.

We purchased ours from Baby Kingdom and tried out most of the main brands. Not sure why more new mums haven't bought this incredible pram.

I have had sooo many compliments about how nice the pram is and baby loves it and sleeps very easily in it.

If you opt for another pram, all I can say is that you are mad!!!

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With 2 seats on you cannot have them rear facing - they only face forward.

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I am about to buy a used iCandy Peach(original). My only concern is that is it easy to add another seat in the future? As there are already two newer versions released(peach 2 and 3), should I be able to find attachments and adapters in at least 2 years from now?? Thanks
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As far as i know you would be able to. If you contact iCandy Australia they are always able to help. There is a Facebook page iCandy buy swap sell. You should check it out.


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