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Hi my name is Wendy Grandma of the peach icandy I got for my daughter newborn this year. I would just like to no what age from pram to the semi sitting up pushchair does a baby have to be before you change them? I await on your reply many thanks
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Can we use it for a newborn twins?
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Can I use the peach 3 adapters with the original or peach 2?
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I'm not sure on that maybe check with baby bunting to be sure.

Hi I'm wondering if the icandy peach tandem recline? I'm going to need the pram for a newborn and 14month old
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Hailie, yes they both definitely do. I purchased it for my 16 month old and newborn. I did however use a capsule for my newborn for 6 months then moved her into the second seat.

Hi there...please help...are the Chicco Keyfit Plus or Nuna Pipa capsules compatible with the iCandy latest model...could be the generation 3 or 4...Thanks all... Kind regards Trich : )
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maxi cosi will fitThank you... : )

My wife and I are keen to get the Peach 3, but we want to fit the Britax Safe and Sound Unity Isofix capsule to it. Can anyone point me to the correct adapter for that?
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Hi, you wont be disappointed with the iCandy. to check compatibility i suggest getting in contact with Tobil they are the Australian distributors. they are really accommodating to questions info@tobil.com.au

I am about to buy a used iCandy Peach(original). My only concern is that is it easy to add another seat in the future? As there are already two newer versions released(peach 2 and 3), should I be able to find attachments and adapters in at least 2 years from now?? Thanks
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As far as i know you would be able to. If you contact iCandy Australia they are always able to help. There is a Facebook page iCandy buy swap sell. You should check it out.

Can my older baby sit in the front / top seat? There is no way she will sit at the back. I currently have the pram & don't know if I should buy the 2nd adaptor!
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Yep they actually recommend the older child in the top seat and the younger child in the second seat

Hi, I've just purchased the Peach 3 with the seat only, can I get away with not buying the bassinet? Is the seat suitable/safe/comfortable for a newborn?
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Hi there- I purchased our peach for our toddler so I'm afraid I'm not sure about the bassinett. I have read on Icandy forums that although the seat doesn't fully recline Mums have been happy to use the main seat with their new borns, but afraid I can't speak from experience. Congrats on ur new or soon to be new baby!! Enjoy!!I would say try it and see what you think - you can always go out and buy the bassinet after the baby arrives if you need to. Tip for the future - only the small bassinet (twin one) fits with the seat if you have a second child but then that small bassinet is only good for 3-4 months before the baby grows out of it.I bought the bassinet for my son (the twin bassinet) and he was born 9 lbs so very big in it from the beginning and by 3 months he was getting a bit big and wanting to look around a lot so I switched to the seat. The seat does say 6 months plus but I found it fine and if I could go back in time I probably wouldn't have wasted the money on the bassinet for such a short time. I would however suggest getting the icandy main seat liner though as its very padded and without it the seats quite hard for a baby. My seat does fully recline also so I never had an issue with him sleeping.

So we have the limited edition peach. . and I love my pram . but we going to have another bub . . so we'll have a 14 month and a newborn. . .i'm concerned with the converter to accommodate two. . .has anyone got this yet?? i have been told that you have to take the older one out before taking the younger one. . which is just not feasable for me. . . and i've also been told that they can tip when there's 2? I'm concerned and confused . . .should i get another pram?
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Sorry I'm probably a bit late to help you but perhaps my response might help others. I have been using the Peach in double mode now for about 9 months. It has fared better than expected! I don't need to take the top seat off to get the lower child in and out of the back - there is plenty of room. Also I haven't had any problems with stability - it steers really well and seems sturdy even on slightly rough ground. The main drawbacks of double mode are: 1) There are so many separate pieces to bring (chassis, 2 seats, 2 adaptors, plus any accessories) and it therefore takes a long time to fold it up and down. This can be a real drag when you just want to pop into the shops. 2) The lower child's seat and feet take up pretty much the whole basket space. Which is annoying because with two kids you have twice as much stuff to bring. But those are the only issues and overall I'm very happy with my choice. It's functioning really well even after 2.5 years and still looks practically new.Do not buy this pram - we have spent a fortune on the icandy peach blossum which broke after we bought the $400 conversion kit. Icandy are refusing to fix it as they have said that we caused it by not closing it correctly - right as if we didnt know how to close it after owning it for 2 years with our first child.

Hhozay, how do u put the drink holder on inside of side handle? Can't figure it out. I don't want it to bash into doorways nor do I want drink holder on top handle as I hang my bag off hooks there.
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Hi Gael, are you having trouble finding a spot for it on the side handle? If so, I'm not sure about the solution as I only have the iCandy Peach (mistakenly posted under Peach Blossom). Also I've just realised that if the seat is facing frontwards (once baby is older) you might run out of space again. However, if you do have the space, I just fit the drink holder the same way as when it's on the outside - you just have to re-angle the cup holder so it's not tilting over. I hope that helps in some way...

Hi, we have an Icandy peach and have been very impressed with it to date. We're now expecting no 2 and are looking at purchasing the blossom converter kit - is this worth the money? It looks fairly small and I'm wondering how long it will last size wise? Thanks. KS
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Hi Karen, I'm really sorry I think I should have put review under the iCandy Peach as we currently only have one child so I can't attest to the performance of the attachment and second seat. Perhaps one of the other reviewers can help? Good luck!

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