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Definitely not worth the money!!

Purchased from baby bunting & have used the iCandy for approx 10 months now. Purchased the additional Bassinet, and my daughter has outgrown the size of the bassinet at the age of 4 months. (Sized too small).

In regards to folding, it's terribly too large, barely fits in your car'a boot!! I don't know what people on product review are talking about when they mention it folds perfectly??
First of all, it folds into 2 bulky pieces!! Second of all, it's too heavy!! Not joking... forget about catching public transport to fold it.

Not worth half the retail price!! Better of buying from BIG W or KMart ect...
Save your money and spend it else where. Don't buy this cheap pram that is made in china.

Conversion kitYes

i peach twin pram.

Wasn't sure what pram to buy for 2 kids we bought the i peach double best pram ever so easy to manoeuvre & put together I think it's a classy pram much better than the rest I love it , love going for walks with the babes , it's a 5 star plus pram I candy peach .

Conversion kitYes

Elegant pram

I like the looking of this pram the first time I see it. The design of this pram is perfect. It is easy to maneuver. Easy to fold and not heavy to carry.
I am not sure whether this pram was made Australia but the quality is very good. The only thing bother me is the accessories are quite expensive.

Conversion kitNo

Peach original

So happy with this pram it’s worth every cent. So easy to fold and unfold and maneuver. All my mumma friends have a peach icandy way better then bugaboo. Best best best best best best best best best pram evwe made. When I have two kids I will definitely be purchasing the double.

Conversion kitYes

Amazing pram

Absolutely amazing pram. So easy to push and steer one handed. Narrow and zippy, can easily fit through doorways and aisles. Can easily convert to a double pram ( provided you buy a second seat and adapter).
Couple of small negatives the basket could be bigger. the seat needs to be completely removed before folding and putting in boot

Conversion kitYes


It is easier than my previous one to maneuver. It is so smooth to push. It does not need too much power to control it. It is two parts. It is easy to fold but it will takes more space to storage. And it is a little bit heavy. It means you will use more energy to carry it.

Conversion kitYes

The best pram i have ever purchased

I am so happy I have purchased this product. I love how it is so easy to fold up. It comes in 2 pieces and a little bit heavy but that does not bother me. The sunshade is perfect however the feet part could extend abit more as my 2 and a half year old does not fit in it anymore.

Conversion kitYes

Easy to use pram

I bought this to replace my jogger pram and am so happy I did. Accessories are easy to find and fit. Folds easily, feels sturdy yet is light and can be pushed with one hand. My very tall 3 year old still fits in it. Storage basket is adequate, it could be bigger. Quite large when folded, it takes up a lot of room in the boot. Sometimes when unfolding the pram, one of the wheels gets caught in the basket, which is a pain.

Conversion kitNo

A bit above average pram

Great maneuverability. Can steer well with one hand and is not too wide. Easy to fold and unfold though a little heavy which also makes carrying a bit difficult. Collapses in 2 pieces which means it takes up a fair bit of boot space. Quality is great but sunshade is not long enough to provide adequate shade. Sturdy pram and doesnt feel flimsy at all.

Conversion kitYes

Great pram

My new icandy peach pram is excellent it is so easy to push and manoeuvre around, it is great to use on the footpath to the dirt or grass. It is easy to fold up and fit into my car boot and is light enough for me too pick up with easy. Great pram, but a little bit pricey.

Conversion kitNo

Good Pram, but possibly better options available now

We have had this pram for five years. It has been a good pram but is starting to show its age.

The pram is expensive (especially when bought with bassinette), but has been reliable.

The pram is a good width that allows a balance of stability - but also manuverability through shops and checkouts.

Conversion kitYes

Icandy Peach Royal.. Don't waste your time or moneyI

I have just replaced my $1700 Icandy for a $99 BigW pram that I like SO much more!
Honestly don't waste your money, you're much better off going and buying those $1500 shoes you will probably only wear once because they hurt your feet... thats how impractical the Icandy is.
I have had to return mine and they fixed it just have it break again and when I say break.. it was an issue with the wheels... they kept going wobbly,
Also it doesn't fold away nicely. its 2 separate pc which is very inconvenient getting in and out of the car, not to mention you will need a big car boot for it. It doesn't seem like good quality really. the seat is not very padded. and also the sun vizier doesn't go far enough to actually block out the sun,

#icandy #sucks

Conversion kitNo

LOVE this pram!

I bought this pram a month after having my second baby. I originally had the City Select and found it incredibly heavy and hard to steer in double mode and also found it really long. I saw this pram set up in Baby Bunting and gave it a wheel and fell in love with it! It’s so so so easy to maneuver. I can steer it with one hand if I decide to use it in single mode so I can hold on to my 2.5 year old at the shops or on a walk. It’s really easy to fold and I don’t find it heavy compared to the Select. Both my 12 week old and 2.5 year old seem really comfy in it.
Cons: the basket is hard to access in double mode. The bars on the seat and carry cot are annoying but easy to remove. The hoods could extend down a little more for better sun coverage on walks. The carrycot could be longer too. My 12 week old has nearly outgrown it (but he is quite long).

Conversion kitYes

Poor build quality

The Icandy we purchased did do the job as advertised however we found the build quality was terrible. After unboxing we found 2 of the three inner tubes were faulty around the valve and we had to purchase new tubes. I’m not sure if we brought a lemon but it also pulled to the left when pushing which gets irritating. The other thing we found annoying was the shear number of adaptors required. Some to raise the seat, some for the maxi cosi capsule. I had a mecano set as a kid with less parts. It is also heavy and having two parts takes up more space than a single collapsibl unit.

Conversion kitYes


This pram is very easy to use and convenient. The child is safe and well supported. It's quite pricey but it's worth every penny. Folding the pram to put in the car is also easy, only in two steps and your done, the pram also has a handle where you can easily carry on your shoulder. It also comes with various attachments to put a second child seat.

Conversion kitYes

Great pram, worth the high price!

Easy to use, put together and take apart the only negative is that it can't fold down as 1 piece. It needs to be taken apart.
Stylish look, seems comfortable for both my toddler and newborn. Bassinet can also be used as an alternative to buying a normal bassi for inside the house use

Conversion kitNo

Excellent pram, has lasted well.

The moment I lay eyes on this pram I wanted it. I didn't have kids at that point, but as soon as I found out I was pregnant I was trying to get my hands on one of these.
We've had it since 2012, and mostly it hasn't disappointed.

The frame is incredibly thick and sturdy and doesn't flex whilst pushing as much as some other prams I've tried. This does make it a little heavier, but the two-piece fold is compact and I've been able to fit it in the back of a Toyota Yaris (in stroller mode, not with the carrycot) and a Honda Jazz with no trouble.
I was worried most about the wheels. I do a lot of walking on poorly maintained footpaths and they scuffed up very quickly. Initially i thought I'd be lucky if they lasted a year, but they're still going strong, even if the tires are very pitted and worn.

The carrycot was wonderful when the kids were tiny, though it could be a little more spacious.
The seat unit is fabulous. Both my 2 year old and 5 year old can still fit in it. The fabrics have also held up well. One thing, though, is that it would be better if there was a fold down flap in the hood for shielding bub from the sun when reclined. I bought the palm shade in the hope that it would serve a similar function with the hood part attached, but it didn't.
Changing the height of the straps is my least favourite thing about this pram. Trying to contort my hand and get it up the limited space in back of the seat and then push the straps (and hard plastic clips) through the slots in the hard plastic backing isn't something I found easy or pleasant.

Overall, though, it's sturdy, convenient and reliable, and I'm glad we spent the extra money to get it.

Conversion kitNo

Loved it !

I have had so many prams and this is my first icandy and I loved it. I bought as I need a double pram and I was keen on the side by side.
Is easy to push and maneuver. The only thing I find a bit annoying is to fold it away besides that is perfect.

Purchased in June 2017.

best pram ever.

wheels are easy to damage,and price is high, it is so easy to push around although the metal frame didnt feel very strong it is still a great pram,only concern is the weight, it is a bit heavy for lifting in and out of the boot of the car but other than than have had no issues and it comes with warranty so no worries

Conversion kitYes


i had this with my child it was quit expensive, but is a good pram, the amount you pay for is not worth it, the folding down the pram was confusing at first but after getting use to it was fine. the metal frame didnt feel very strong to me but all together its a alright pram

Conversion kitNo

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Questions & Answers

Hi my name is Wendy Grandma of the peach icandy I got for my daughter newborn this year. I would just like to no what age from pram to the semi sitting up pushchair does a baby have to be before you change them? I await on your reply many thanks
No answers

Can we use it for a newborn twins?
No answers

Can I use the peach 3 adapters with the original or peach 2?
1 answer
I'm not sure on that maybe check with baby bunting to be sure.


Peach 3Peach 2Peach Original
Price (RRP)$1299$1299$1299
Product Weight8.4kg
Folded Height28.5cm
Folded Width60cm
Folded Length70cm
Release dateJun 2014Jan 2013
Replaced byiCandy Peach 3iCandy Peach 2

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