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Idea Village Finishing Touch Diamond

Idea Village Finishing Touch Diamond

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Wasnt what I was hoping

I googled reviews about this shaver and 90% of people said it was excellent so I was sold. Used it today and I wasnt impressed. My eyebrows are about a medium thickness and the Finishing Touch gave me only two options on just one hair that needed plucking. Firstly it just cut it off and left a very noticeable black stub, i pushed a bit harder and it just pulled hard on the stub....it doesnt cut down low like it says it will. Then I tried it on my furry mustache which is light. It cut it well but took a few going over's. End result left stubs again. Razor does a much better job. Seems to work better on thin hairs.

Also seemed like it needed more power, like the battery was half dead. I replaced the battery three times and it was the same.
Cheap, great size, elegant looking, easy to clean
Doesnt cut low, pulls on the skin on some hairs, Blade teeth were scratchy on tender skin areas

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