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Perseverance, secret of all triumphs...

I could not think of a better way to meet the ideal person if you are serious about finding someone special. I am a professional in my early 50s who wanted to meet a genuine, fun lady who was truly suited to me. I had tried online dating years earlier but it was fraught with many difficulties. I wouldn’t have been the first to discover that!
After a great deal of research and many phone conversations with a number of agencies, I came to the conclusion that Ideal Introductions was the way forward for me. Before joining, I had an in-depth, face-to-face discussion about the type of lady I was looking for. I wanted to be confident that Ideal could help me. After I made the commitment, I approached all my dates with a sense of fun, perseverance and energy in order to achieve my goal. There was certainly no shortage of ladies to meet. At times I did find the journey frustrating, but took on board the feedback I was given and kept a long-term outlook. I took my time and even had breaks from dating to stay on track. I learned a lot about what I truly wanted (as well as myself), and realised by listening, being patient and tenacious, I would achieve success.
Keeping a positive and open mind is so important in the dating game. I could not fault the great ladies at Ideal who helped me enormously. Linda and Sara in particular were so supportive - they always listened to my concerns and feedback – which was very reassuring. Through Ideal, after many months of perseverance and keeping the communication going, I have met a fun, caring, warm-hearted lady who is an excellent match for me! I certainly have no regrets and enjoyed every step.

Ideal Introductions has changed my life!

I'm in my female in my 20's and can't stand the thought of spending a Friday, Saturday night out clubbing or sitting in a pub looking for potential partners. So when I heard about Ideal Introductions I jumped at the chance. Yes I was slightly apprehensive about putting my love life in someone else's hands but I thought what have I got to lose and I'm so glad I went ahead and signed up. The team at Ideal have been nothing but supportive and helpful. They introduced me to a number of different men but even though the dates went really well we just didn't click. That was until two months ago when they introduced me to a wonderful gentleman who is everything that I could have hoped for. We have been on many dates and unlike he other men I can see him being part of my life. I know I would never have met him without the help of Ideal and I will be forever thankful to them. Ideal Introductions have definitely changed my life.

Good service

Although things didn't work out eventually, my first introduction was definitely the calibre of person I was seeking and I felt they did a good job.

Patience, Persistence and Open Communication/Feedback

I had separated from a long term marriage and as a busy executive could never find the time to meet someone to ask out on a date. I tried a few dating sites for a short time but they were either fakes, scams or just too artificial corresponding online. Face to face is the only way to go for genuine, satisfying dates. I researched and contacted several introduction agencies and Ideal by far came up the best.

Through Ideal there was no lack of opportunity to meet lovely ladies. At one stage I asked them to slow down! But it gave me a chance to get plenty of practice back in the dating scene, after such a long time! However I just never really hit it off with anyone, got very disillusioned after so many dates, my self-confidence hit a low, and I told Ideal I just wanted to quit as it was not working for me.

The best thing I did was to raise my issues and concerns with my consultant who actively listened, cared and understood. I also spoke personally with Linda who was so very helpful and gave me wonderful support, guidance and encouragement and acted on my concerns.
Finally, just 5 weeks ago I was introduced to the most amazing lady who is an excellent match for me - unlike any of the previous dates, I knew it the moment I met her and as we chatted over that first dinner. There was chemistry, conversation flowed so easily and it was hard to leave each other that night!

It is a real partnership with Ideal - for me the keys to a successful outcome have been patience, persistence and open two-way communication/feedback on dates with my consultant. I recommend people don't sign up unless they are prepared to put in the required effort themselves in these 3 areas - it is definitely worth it in the end!

Ideal match finally found

As a busy professional woman in my mid forties with a small child I knew I didn't have the time to trawl through profiles on dating sites night after night, hour after hour, dating a lot of different guys who weren't interested in the same thing as I was - a happy and committed relationship which recognised the importance of family, juggling a busy work life and romance! So, I began my journey with Ideal.

Ideal and I had our ups and downs though. Balancing what I needed from a relationship to my wish list wasn't always an easy fit. Searching for your soulmate and finding a life partner aren't necessarily the same thing. You need to really sit down and think about your wish list for a partner and see if that list actually fulfills your needs for a lasting relationship. My first consultant and I didn't up working out as I knew what qualities I needed to find in a man so that I could be in a happy long term relationship. My consultant wanted to match me with someone older, more career focused, who wanted to wine and dine me (nice sure but those guys quite rightly didn't want the commitment of dating a woman who had a busy career and a small child).

I was disappointed that it didn't find the relationship I was looking during my first contract with ideal but I stuck it out as I knew that finding a life partner was going to be one effort that was worth the wait, effort and expense. So when Linda contacted me and asked me to consider entering into another contract I barely hesitated. I haven't regretted my decision. The very first match was ideal :) It's early days in our relationship but so far this relationship has been worth the money and the wait.

It's a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll!

Relationships can either be easy or hard. Some of us find love down the local pub pretty easy and hook up with the love of their life whilst out with their mates, don't you just hate those types? How dare they mock my eternal search for the holy grail of females!! I've been searching for my Miss Right for so long, I don't have a list of items she needs to qualify to pass, but rather I know what I don't want. I started this journey some years back with Linda, I've been on some wonderful dates and I've battled the odd dragon or two. I can tell you, if your heart is true don't let the tough times beat you. There's a good reason for the dragons we encounter in our lives, it makes us appreciate the Princesses. I'm an extrovert type of person and enjoy talking out the bad dates, trying to improve myself - trying to better understand myself on this search. That's what Linda provides, she's a great sounding board. The Ideal Introduction experience can at times seem a bit wayward, I found myself after these dragon dates screaming out in horror. There are some real nasty women out there who think men should do everything for them and in return do absolutely nothing and treat you like crap for buying them dinner!!
I was very honest with Linda throughout my membership and wanted a change in the type of girl I was being matched with, my suggestion is if you don't communicate it no one is going to read your mind and you'll keep on going around in circles.
Cost wise - it does seem a bit expensive on the surface, I opted for the full package but at the same time I knew what I was getting myself into and I knew I needed a lot of support if I was going to find the right girl.
I've never worried about the cost of the service, nor the awkwardness of blind dates. Put these thoughts far from your mind or you'll never get over yourself and you'll put your potential Princess off!! Pretend you meet at the pub!

My Princess did come along and it did take a long time but it was worth the wait. I'd do again a thousand times to meet her!!


How Ideal helped me.

I had given up on online dating sites and I looked at giving a matchmaker a go.

I googled matchmaking and found Ideal, I checked reviews everywhere I could find them and I saw a few bad reviews, but also many more good reviews, so I decided to give them a shot, I hope my review helps someone decide to go see them.

At first the price was a little intimidating, but with work I never have time to meet anyone. I was really lucky, my first match turned out to be a great girl and we've been dating for over 6 months now, we're both busy people and I could not see any way we would have met each other without Ideal.

The first meeting with Ideal set the tone for how the whole process was, I was interviewed and they distilled all the things I look for in a partner down to a few key points, I really felt like they really understood what I was looking for, after that it was like having a friend involved, they gave me some first date ideas, some guidance on how to talk to my date, many things seemed obvious but having that information really helped make it easier.

If you're sick of online dating or looking for someone to help with the process, I completely recommend giving Ideal Introductions a shot.

Waste of Money

Expensive service that I found a complete waste of money - in my case it seemed like little or no effort was put into matching after money changed hands. I am 5 ft 9 and specified my match needed to be 5ft 10 and above - 3 out of 4 matches were 5 ft 9 or less and I don't care what they said on their form!
Staff can be rude and unprofessional at times and I can honestly say I would have more luck selecting a potential partner on an online dating site as at least you can match yourself more accurately on height etc. I felt that a "matchmaking stranger" convinced me and assured me that they knew what I was looking in a partner but when it came to the crunch they couldn't even get the height match right 3 out of 4 times. This was relayed to the agency after each and every date but only the last match out of 4 met the height requirement!

As per previous postI am currently communicating with the reviewer and organising a meeting so we can discuss her complaint in person. Linda Prescott. Director Ideal Introductions.Our member has now decided to meet with me and is advising of convenient time this week or next so we can move forward. Please find email sent prior to her agreeing to meet with me. Hi 'M', If you don't wish to come back in I do understand and will respect your wishes but if I was to give you another introduction which I was planning on, with me doing it personally, I would need to meet you so I can get to know you rather than just reading your profile. The other thing I wanted to show you was on your profile in your writing you have stated the men need to be 175+ not 178+ as you said in the review. I do believe you when you say three out of four men were shorter than you after researching their files.... but that was with your high heels on. I love heels myself so i remembered when "S" mentioned in his feedback you wore lovely bright red high heels. Unfortunately the average man in Australia is 175cm tall and only 10% of men are 6ft or over. You being so lovely and tall I know it must be frustrating for you. The men you met were 177, 178, 180 and 186cm's... Legislation requires us to check everyone's license and record on the back of their files just as we did with you. When we check the Men's it is compulsory for all consultants to check their license height matches their profile height and if it doesn't we change accordingly. We have been caught out in the past many years ago on several occasions so now we just do it every time. I am in the office tmrw if you would like to call me to discuss further or if you would like to meet up please let me know when can suit you. Kindest regards and hope you had a relaxing Australia Day. Linda

If you are looking for a long term relationship Ideal Introductions is a great place to start

I heard about Ideal Introductions through their advertising on the radio. As I am a cautious person I did a little research via the internet and liked the reviews other people had written. I sent an email away and I received a phone call from a lovely lady called Dori, we had a brief 20 minute chat about my circumstances and I made an appointment to meet Dori in person at Ideal Introductions Office to find out a little more about each other.

I was very impressed with the Companies policy and the truthful transparency about how things work with no crazy guarantees made. Dori was very easy to talk to and in no time she had my profile worked out for what type of man would be compatible with me. There was no pressure for me to sign up or make any decisions that I wasn’t comfortable with. I was informed of the costs upfront and given time alone to make my choice.

I have had one introduction so far and probably won’t need any more as Dori was spot on with her match making and I am getting to know a wonderful man who is extremely compatible and we are having a great time together.

If you are looking for a serious long term relationship Ideal Introductions is a great place to start.

My experience with Ideal

I can’t thank Linda and the ladies at Ideal enough for matching me to the most amazing woman I have ever met.

At first I was a little hesitant about using the service but after trying Internet dating for a while I decided to give Ideal a try. I am certainly glad I did. From the moment I contacted Ideal they were nothing but professional and understanding. But most of all their guidance in the ‘dating’ world was excellent. Having come out of a long term relationship, and having never been too comfortable on the dating scene, their help, advice, and recommendations were invaluable.

When I first went to Ideal they provided me the options available and not once did I feel pressured into purchasing a higher package. I was able to take my time, weigh up the options, and decide on the one that best suited me. I ended up selecting the package with a makeover and stylist and glad I did. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had and the tips I received I’m very grateful for.

The ladies at Ideal know their dating and matchmaking. It took a number of introductions before I found that special someone. All of the introductions I had were lovely ladies and by keeping an open mind I could see after meeting them why Ideal had selected them as a match. I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience with Ideal and will be forever grateful to them.

I would definitely recommend Ideal to anyone

I am very happy to have met with the girls from Ideal to help find my future partner. There were a few issues initially however we managed to work through them to achieve a great result. At times it was hard but if you don't give up you will find what you're looking for. I am now in a serious relationship with a wonderful man and have Ideal to thank. I would definitely recommend Ideal to anyone who is serious about finding that special someone. Thank you Ideal.

Buyer beware!

I took out the most expensive type of service offered and paid for many inclusions. The inclusions stopped after a while with no explanation. As well as this, the introductions were seriously mismatched. My experience was that even basic information on potential matches was frequently incorrect and I found ideal a very confusing company to deal with.
It was an absolute waste of my time, money and effort.
My suggestion is to try somewhere else, don't waste your money.

Unfortunately we didn't find you a husband Anna, which was our ultimate goal. You joined Ideal 4 times over a 12 year period, were in three relationships through us and made several solid friendships over the time. Our database tripled through that period and our processes were constantly reviewed and streamlined in order to improve and maintain good customer service. After two heated discussions with you Anna it was very apparent to me you were not prepared to work within our current guidelines at Ideal and it was no longer beneficial for us to continue working together. I do sincerely hope you find what you are looking for. Linda Prescott. Director Ideal Introductions.Dear Linda What you have stated is patently untrue...seriously ? 4 contracts ? I have never been in a relationship with any of your matches . A few dates was as far as it went . You force me to go 'on hold ' If I went on a second date . I took out a lifetime contract and you then voided the options I paid for in good faith , without my consent or any discussion. You have refused a refund . You should be shut down . Your business practices are completely unethical .Andrew B 2007, Peter M 2009, Peter D 2010

It took a while but finally we got there.

Ideal introductions have been wonderful. The girls are very professional, accessible and easy to talk to. I have always felt very comfortable in all of my conversations with the girls from Ideal. My ideal match has taken a while and I was very close to giving up but perseverance on all fronts have produced a wonderful match for me with Simon. I couldn't be happier with my new direction in life.

Ageism at its best

It all depends on your age on whether they will even take you on, I made an inquiry only to be told that at the ripe old age of 51 they don't deal with people in my demographic and they won't be taking on people in my demographic in the future.

Don't bother dealing with these people if you are over 50 as they are an ageist and discriminatory, their customer service and emailing is insulting and unfriendly. I have attached the email I received below. If they only cater to a specific age range state up front don't waste my time and insult me into the bargain.
So my introduction to this company was cold and very poor customer service.

Please accept my apology if you feel that we have wronged you. Please understand we actually do have your best interests at heart by declining an interview with you at this point in time. We are definitely not ageish. We actually had great success earlier this year with a lovely couple in their 80's who are now getting married. If we offended you for not contacting you personally it was purely because we receive about 10 new enquiries a day who we know from the information provided we cannot assist so hence the automatic email they receive. The email has been carefully drafted in the most polite way ensuring potential members understand our situation. Every member who has joined Ideal has been joined because we fully believe we can provide the highest level of quality service. We have made a commitment to them and in order for us to do this we have to keep the database compatibly matched with ratios of men to women. Each member has been guaranteed by contract a set number of introductions over a set period of time with an approximate timeframe between introductions. If we were to join every person who enquires out set service levels would not be able to be upheld. So you understand more clearly. In your age range of 50's there are 37% more single women actively looking for relationships compared to men. If was to join every woman who enquires our ratio of men to women would probably be 80/20. That would mean very unhappy members and compromised service for everyone. When we close off enrolments to certain demographics it is usually temporary. We will tweak our advertising to attract the demographic we require and when the numbers are more even again we open the enrolments. It is not only your demographic that is a constant juggling act for us. It is always changing. We would hope potential members would appreciate our honesty and trust our judgement as all our decisions are always made for the well being or our existing members. Unfortunately we can't have success for everyone. Please find below the email which was received by this reviewer. Dear L, Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and registering your details. We appreciate that sometimes contacting Ideal may be a big step. Unfortunately right at this time we cannot assist you as we just don't have enough clients within your corresponding age demographic. We are not enrolling any new clients within your demographic to ensure the database stays workable for our current active members. Ideally, introducing everyone who enquires is our ultimate goal but when we know we cannot provide optimal service our hands are unfortunately tied. Our database is however constantly changing, so just because we cannot help you today doesn't mean we can't in the future. Kindest regards and thanks for your understanding. I really don't know how we can do things differently. Sincerely, Linda Prescott. Director Ideal Introductions.If you don't understand you never will.

Hard nut to crack! ;)

I met with Linda more than a few years ago when I was freshly separated and intrigued. My oldest son was the pusher however confidence and finances did not convince me to sign up then! Just over a year ago I decided that I just had to take the plunge and see...
Linda was just as lovely in person as she was on the phone those few years earlier. I knew regardless of the outcome I would be in caring hands, and I have been.
I feel I am a tricky client - I was matched a few times, appreciating the time given to me by those gentlemen, one for 6 months. Unfortunately, as those in my situation know, it takes and extraordinary match to tick the majority of those imaginary boxes!
I'm sure my tricky file will be a challenge the Team at Ideal will work hard on reassessing, so fingers crossed... :)

Perfect partner

Ideal Introductions were fantastic - we found Linda and the team great to deal with. We found our perfect match in life and we are both really happy and grateful to Ideal. Thanks to them for all the happiness we now share.

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Can't wait to see the Wedding pics :)

Ideal Introductions - A Paragon of Service

Forget the Internet! Ideals' raison d'être is to introduce you to someone to start a whole new life adventure with. With high quality personal service Ideal Introductions match you to potential partners who best suit the profile of you provide. Ideal supply you with top level advice on how best to sell yourself to your date and feedback from the date as to how great you are or how you might improve your techniques. Ideal staff support and encourage you along every step of the way. They want what you want, for you to be happy. I know I am. Thank you Ideal Introductions.

My Soulmate!

My success with a real relationship was minimal until I discovered Ideal Introduction. The team were wonderful and made me feel special. The customer service was great and the website was easy to use. After a few dates I had great success finding the love of my life with help from the Ideal team. Almost 4 years today we met, we have a beautiful 16 month old little girl and recently we became engaged. We are also hoping we will be extending our family soon. I am very thankful to Ideal for making my dreams come true!

That's me above. We just got married, 26.11.16!Aww... so exciting for you both xxx

Perfect match

As a fifo worker finding that special someone had become a real challenge. Ideal introductions had a high success rate of making matches & I signed up with an open mind & nothing to loose & everything to gain.
Fast forward several months & I'm in a relationship with my special girl , thanks to the friendly staff at Ideal who were always there to support & give advice. They understand the nerves & anxiety & genuinely want to help you succeed.
They have changed my life & for that I'm truly greatful

And so we found LOVE

I was a little be unsure about using Ideal Introductions at first. I had tried internet dating and found it really wasn't for me. I then heard about Ideal through friends and on the radio and thought about giving it a shot. I met with Ideal staff who were so encouraging and really lovely which made it so much more easier. Within a month of joining I met an amazing man. We hit it off immediately. We are a perfect match. Ideal Intro really do match you with a compatible person going from the details you provide them for your profile. My match and I have so much in common and also uncommon. We learn so much new things about each other every day. We have found a wonderful love and connection. I truly encourage anyone who is still seeking their love to join Ideal. I did and I am so very grateful with Ideal and their support and services. I am so pleased with my decision to join Ideal. It was so easy and exciting. My match and I have been happily together for just over 1 year and are looking forward to an amazing future together. We recently travelled over to his homeland Ireland and truly enjoyed ourselves (soooooo romantic). Our love grew much more stronger.
Love Love Love.
Thank you Ideal Introductions for connecting us. xxxxxx

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Questions & Answers

What is involved signing up with your service ?
1 answer
Hello, Please phone our office 32200171 and we can have a 10 minute call with you and explain briefly our process. Kindest regards, Linda Prescott.

Hi there, can you recommend an agency in Sydney who provides the great professional service you do? Wonderful reviews.
1 answer
Hi, We had a gentleman from Sydney inquire a while back who asked the same question as yourself. At the time I phoned a few different agencies and the stand out was “Rose” at “Your Perfect Partner” (https://www.yourperfectpartner.com.au/) I asked her some key questions and she seemed genuine and she truly cares for her clients. I hope this helps you. All the best! Linda Prescott. Director Ideal Introductions.

How much are your fees fir women to join?
1 answer
Hi Sandra, Thanks for your question. Our fees vary depending on several different aspects. You are best to phone us directly, have a quick 10 minute call so we can understand your personal situation and give you a more accurate indication. To give you a bit of idea right now, the following plays a big role in the Level of Service that will be best suited to yourself. Criteria - How easy you are to introduce to our current database and what type of person you are looking to meet or is best suited to yourself. For example the stricter you are with criteria or if you are in a demographic where there are more women than men, or you have certain criteria that makes you a little harder to match that will play a big part in what service is going to work better for you. IE the more selective you are, the more matching time required as the Dating Pool is smaller, so generally higher level or Personalised services are required. Support - Are you going to prefer to have a Personal Consultant, working one on one with you. They will give you Feedback and Evaluation prior and after your introductions to ensure you are really comfortable and knowledgable in the Dating process and putting your best foot forward... Perhaps you have that aspect completely covered, and simply want to be put in contact with like-minded people. Some clients are happy to work with a Team of Matchmakers as their criteria is broad and quite flexible, relying on our suggestions. Time Frames - The length of Membership and time frames between introductions differ from each service. Hope this helps somewhat. Kindest regards, Linda Prescott. Director Ideal Introductions.

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