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And so we found LOVE

I was a little be unsure about using Ideal Introductions at first. I had tried internet dating and found it really wasn't for me. I then heard about Ideal through friends and on the radio and thought about giving it a shot. I met with Ideal staff who were so encouraging and really lovely which made it so much more easier. Within a month of joining I met an amazing man. We hit it off immediately. We are a perfect match. Ideal Intro really do match you with a compatible person going from the details you provide them for your profile. My match and I have so much in common and also uncommon. We learn so much new things about each other every day. We have found a wonderful love and connection. I truly encourage anyone who is still seeking their love to join Ideal. I did and I am so very grateful with Ideal and their support and services. I am so pleased with my decision to join Ideal. It was so easy and exciting. My match and I have been happily together for just over 1 year and are looking forward to an amazing future together. We recently travelled over to his homeland Ireland and truly enjoyed ourselves (soooooo romantic). Our love grew much more stronger.
Love Love Love.
Thank you Ideal Introductions for connecting us. xxxxxx

Met the Man of My Dreams!

I joined Ideal Introductions as I was over internet dating. As a mother to a 4 year old I was very protective of who I introduced to him and I didn't want to waste my time with the wrong person. I believed that if someone was willing to pay for a personal match-making service, he would genuinely be looking for a relationship, as I was. I was matched within the first 3 weeks however I chose not to have a second date with this particular gentleman. There were a further 4 dates. They were all great guys but not the one. I was then introduced to the man of my dreams. It was literally love at first sight for both of us! We are so compatible in every way. We have been together for over 18 months, living together for 12 months and planning to get married next year. I would highly recommend Ideal Introductions if you are looking for a long-lasting relationship.

Disappointed only want your money!!!!!!

I joined ideal introductions with high hopes and was sold a very nice lie. Unfortunately as soon as I signed up it was almost a month and several phone calls before I got a date. When I met the date I was very shocked as he he was a nice person but in no way was what I had specified or was in no way like he was described to me. When I tried to explain to them that I was unhappy with the service the responses I got was rude and inappropriate rather than apologising and talking things though with me they threw back in my face how much work they had done on my case already and recited back my feedback to me which I was led to believe was for the person you went on a date with to read. I am not a nasty person and I don't think it was his fault that we were set up. Anyway the date wasn't really the problem it was the lack of service and when I tried to explain I was unhappy I wasn't listened too. Unfortunately I could only afford the lowest package and unfortunately here that $800+ adds up to nothing. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE they only want your money. When I tried again to email them I have received no response. I am now considering the office of fair trading. I hope no one else gets used by this service they really don't care about their customers at all.

Dear Reviewer, Please contact me personally so we can rectify this situation and move forward in a positive way. Please accept my apology if your service has taken a different turn than expected. We can and will fix this for you. Sincerely, Linda Prescott. Director of Ideal Introductions.After a little detective work we've determined the above reviewer. A complaint was received via email in relation to a conversation which occurred with our Relationship Manager. She was simply following procedure and was being stern with what needed to occur from our client for her membership to proceed as stipulated. I had responded personally to her email but was yet to receive a reply. After contacting her again today we now have a scheduled meeting for next Friday so we can get on the same page and start the search again. Sincerely, Linda Prescott. Director of Ideal Introductions.We met and the meeting went well. We came up with a plan action moving forward and she has been on another date, still no success but we are moving forward and working towards that goal. Linda Prescott.

Matched within 1 month!

After countless failed internet dates and hearing the famous "single, single & sick of it" radio add, I decided to give Ideal Introductions a go and couldn't be happier I did! I selected the personal match maker package and after a very detailed conversation with my match maker, I had every faith I'd be suitably matched.

I joined Ideal Introductions in mid December 2011 and despite the Christmas period, I was matched 4 times!!! While each match acted like a true gentleman and did something fun and interesting with me, the 4th was very special and I'm happy to report we are still together after 3.5 years. My partner and I complement each other very well not only with our common interests but also with our strengths and weaknesses.

I believe so strongly in the service Ideal provides that I've referred my mother. She's being personally looked after Linda who's doing an amazing job! If you're sitting on the fence about joining Ideal, I say go for it! Your life partner could be just a month away like mine was....

Forget internet dating - these guys are the real deal !!

After trying other internet dating sites, I was almost out of options and getting frustrated with the caliber of men I was meeting. I didn’t know if it was me or if I just didn’t have my radar properly tuned.

I vented my frustration to a close friend of mine and she suggested I try out Ideal Introductions. I thought about it and …well..what did I have to loose.. so I bit the bullet and gave them a call. I spoke with Sara who was so understanding and knew exactly how I was feeling, she made me feel so at ease and after our conversation a meeting was made. So I ventured up from the GC to big Brisbane city and met with the lovely Sara. She asked me what I wanted in a man and I just said a Hugh Jackman look-a-like and a real man’s man…(she actually wrote this down!) and asked me other questions and was so attentive to what I was looking for. I left the interview with high hopes of finding a man that would be better suited to me than the other idiots I had met. Oh and trust me gals when I say this.. the guys at ideal genuinely want to meet someone too and… eek, dare I say it, are ready to commit.

Ok so I went for a few dates (2 in fact) and both weren’t for me…However I didn’t give up ..It was then that Kimberly (another amazing ideal introductions staff member) called me and said she has this guy lined up for me, I agreed to the call and he called. I know for the first call you are supposed to keep it short and sweet but this guy and I instantly clicked we talked for 3 hours !! He and I talked every night for the next week ! I was like I knew him all my life, I couldn’t believe that such a man existed.

So the time came and we went on our first date, it was so wonderful this guy knew how to make me laugh and he actually did look a little bit like Hugh Jackman ! (how freaky is that). We kept seeing each other and it was like it was meant to be we just “got” each other…now without sounding tooo soppy... One day he turned up to my door with a dozen red roses, chocolates, wine and a teddy and went down on one knee and asked me if I would be his girl (haahaa I almost died I thought he was proposing !!). And now after 3 months we have moved in together and couldn’t be happier, I have met the love of my life, I couldn’t imagine my life without him in it. And it all started with taking a chance and thinking outside the box and talking with Sara and Kimberly from Ideal. I am so glad I did, because I’m in love and soo soo happy and it was all because I trusted in Sara and Kimberly to find me someone amazing …it didn’t happen in an instant but the important thing is.. it did happen.

Personal and Professional

From the moment, I first spoke to the staff and the conversations since, I cannot fault the professionalism of this organisation. As a personalised service, I realise that they provide the ability to bring couples together, what happens after that is up to you and who you are lucky to be matched with. I haven't been part of this scene for over 15 years, so I was a tad nervous, but that was quickly turned around by their staff. They have supported me, provided me with useful references to get back into "dating again" and have rang after dates to see how things have gone. If you are looking to get back into dating and not into the bar scene, not into other websites or new to Brisbane and don't have the social network readily available to meet people to develop friendships and relationships, then I recommend Ideal.

Extremely dedicated to their job

For me, the experience with Ideal, although not yet successful in finding me a lifetime partner has been above all my expectations.
I have even had phone calls from my consultant and also Linda, the owner at odd times of day, being after hours and on a weekend at one stage.
Their dedication to the task at hand, finding clients a suitable match is second to none I am certain.
Online dating is faceless and not worth the effort and time whereas the service offered by Linda and her team at Ideal is the ultimate way to find the love you are searching for.

I would not hesitate to recommend Ideal to anyone who asked me for advice.

Very happy with Ideal !!

I have been with Ideal for approx 6 mths, very impressed with the professionalism right from the getgo.
They have made me feel extremely comfortable throughout the whole process enabling me to be very open about what type of person I was looking for.
Have been on several dates and all girls have been very nice, not one match was I disappointed in and I credit this to the Ideal staff listening to what sort of person best suited me.
I am now dating a girl I met from Ideal and we are getting on wonderfully.
My comment to anyone signing up with Ideal is to be open with your thoughts and wishes as they are very good listeners and can use your comments to help you find your match.

Do not waste your money

I invested with Ideal to help me meet someone special. I was excited, albeit nervous, to start with. I thought it would be an amazing way to meet someone. Wrong!! My first date was so diabolical I thought it might have been a set up to make me stronger so I could at least say "no date could be worse than that!". Not only did they not listen to any of the feedback I gave them (which incidentally is supposedly very important for them to find you the right partner) but practically bulldozed me into dates with men who were just not in anyway shape or form right for me. I was so angry after every date I went on. When I had first visited their office to meet with one of the "matchmakers", I felt so horrible about myself. She made me feel so awful with her comments. Do not use this service. They take a lot of money from you and will not deliver. Online dating can be hit or miss, but at least you are not out of pocket thousands of dollars.

Dear reviewer, Reading this review actually horrifies me. We do have a Relationship Manager who deals with feedback on a daily basis and our clients always have the choice of declining an introduction if they don't wish to meet. If there was a complaint on this level I would deal with it personally and either take over their file or organise a refund if I felt the service was sub-standard. Reading the comment ''I felt so horrible about myself'' makes me wonder why would someone join with us if this is the way we made them feel. This whole reviews just makes so sense to me at all and if this has occurred I need to fix this. Please contact me personally to discuss further.. Kindest regards, Linda Prescott. Ideal Introductions.I have determined which client wrote the above review and have left a message with her to discuss the situation further. I am awaiting a returned call.My call has not been returned so I feel I need to state my version of events. I actually contacted this client two days prior to this review being posted, offering to look after her personally as she was not happy with her service. She politely declined so it was discussed that at our next board meeting I would put forward a request for a pro-rata refund. That will be finalised next week as promised. The reasoning behind my decision for the refund was her service was very slow and I now felt what she was asking for I was having trouble delivering. I really did want to have a discussion with her privately because the feedback she provided to us about her service is quite different to what she has written in her review. We require all clients to complete a Feedback form after each introduction they receive. It enables us to keep track with how compatible their introductions are and as feedback works both ways, it also informs us how they are coming across on their dates. This information needs to be correct to ensure successful dates for our clients. In her review she states her first introduction as 'diabolical, no date could be worse and was it a set up'...... The feedback we were provided from her states... 'A' organised to meet at the Reef at Gas works. It was a great venue. He was intelligent, honest, articulate with excellent presentation. Conversation was slow to start and never really flowed. No constructive feedback - he is a very nice, well dressed man. He paid for the date - nice gesture. There was no mental or physical attraction for me but he will be a great partner for someone else. We took this feedback on board and re-matched her. 2nd introduction took place. The feedback she provided was... 'G' organised the date to meet at Port side Hamilton. We had a drink then dinner at one of my favourite restaurants Gusto da Gianni. He was intelligent, charming, witty with excellent presentation. Conversation was quite easy from both sides. No constructive feedback. They went on to have three or four dates. The third and fourth introductions whilst on paper were compatible in person they did not work out. Responding to her comment 'the Matchmaker made me feel horrible about myself'. This client re-visited our office 6 months after her initial meeting and this is a delicate topic, but... her personal appearance had changed somewhat. Her consultant advised her if she still wanted to meet the same style of man she needed to get back to where she was prior and offered some advice in doing so. This was done in a kind way with no malice intended. As Matchmakers we are required to be honest and upfront and give tough love where needed to ensure we can deliver what our clients are requiring. Even though we did not know at the time these comments hurt her feelings I have personally apologised since. Her refund will be finalised next week and we wish her every happiness for the future. Sincerely, Linda Prescott. Director Ideal Introductions.

Not what I was sold on.

Have been meaning to write a review of my experiences for some time now.

Firstly the lady that I spoke to [name removed] at the Brisbane office was awesome. Really made me feel at ease with the questions and trying to get a feel for what I was after. Unfortunately we had a miscommunication about one issue which didn't help.

My biggest problem was the time frame and lack of communication. Took about 4 to 5? weeks after paying the first part of my fee to go on my first date. Unfortunately because of the miscommunication we were not ideally matched and my date said right from the get go I was totally outside her age bracket.

Then i waited for two months without communication from Ideal, other than a phone call to get the second half of my fee.

I rang up to find out what was going on and they told me it was difficult to match me because I don't want children.

While I understand that, If I had been told of this originally instead of being told to expect 1 or possibly 2 dates a month I wouldn't have signed up.

Long story short, Great people to deal with, but for me unable to deliver on their promises ,and when they have your money, they have your money with no hope of refund.



I have left a message for Adam to phone me directly to discuss his situation. I am waiting for a reply. Sincerely, Linda Prescott. Director Ideal Introductions.Whilst Adam did receive service, we have now processed a refund in good faith as we felt looking at his updated criteria it was extremely hard for him to have service of the standard we like to provide to our members. Kindest regards, Linda Prescott. Director Ideal Introductions.

Early days, but very happy

I had been separated a year after a 20 year marriage when I spoke to Ideal Introductions.
I'm a successful professional and was happy to pay more to give myself the best chance of finding a life partner.
After researching all the different dating options I decided that Ideal had best approach and track record. I liked their face to face profiling system, ongoing dating guidance and feedback.
So I joined up. It was a very thorough interview and they pushed me outside my comfort zone, but I could immediately sense their experience and desire to get results.
And they were very friendly and helpful, knowing it was a quite a while since I had dated. They gave me lots of advice and information, focussed on my personality, strengths and weaknesses.
Linda told me a bit about my first date she had chosen, guided me on the phone call and places to go.
Well I messed a few things up. But we got on pretty well and I liked her. So we had another date and another. We started to really want to be around each other. Since then it just keeps getting better.
Ideal encourages me to talk to them for any on-going advice.

Thanks Ideal

A much better option for me than internet dating sites

As a time poor professional man, Ideal provided the perfect solution to my dating aspirations.
My most recent introduction has resulted in a relationship and could not have hoped for more.
I thought the whole experience was pleasant - the approach probably increases the chances of finding someone special in comparison to other technology options out there
Maybe I'm just old school but i prefer interacting and meeting people face to face right from the start.
Ideal staff were friendly and professional and made me feel comfortable with whole thing right from the start
So thanks, life is great at the moment !

A genuine alternative to internet dating

I joined ideal approximately a year after leaving a 10 year relationship. As a single mother, that year was focussed on my child, my work and getting to know myself again. But I rapidly realised that the structure of my life at the time meant I simply just could not meet anyone new. My friends were all married. They either didnt have any single friends, or there was a reason why their single friends were still single! So after no dates in a whole year, I dabbled in internet dating, but it rapidly reminded why I didn't go back there. I'd met my first partner that way (1st warning), and the people I met either wanted a quick fling or were just not right for me. False impressions given off everywhere.
One day I was talking to a coworker about how difficult it is to meet new people. She suggested looking into alternatives like speed dating or meeting agencies. I'd heard the Ideal ads on the radio and never really paid attention. As I drove home that day, the ad came on again, and this time I paid attention. I looked up the website and googled the reviews (as you are doing right now). I read positive and negative. But I also looked at that knowing that some people are simply more picky than others, so may have different expectations based on their own opinions. I just wanted to get out there and meet people, so the positive reviews were in my favour.
I was very nervous sending the information form on the website. Wondering what kind of people really sign up to these things. But the whole process was so smooth and I felt very comfortable. Yes, it is a bit pricey. But I took that as a positive - that the people you would meet would be genuine.
I was initially worried about how many matches I would get and whether I would get my "money's worth", so to say. However, my first (and only) match has been fantastic. There was instant connection and chemistry. Things are just so comfortable and natural. And despite what I paid, I would never have met this person had I not gone to Ideal.
If you are not sure, just give it a go. The whole team is so approachable. They respond to every question and concern I have, without judgement. Definitely worth it.

The best decision I have made

After dating online which I really didn't feel was for me and had some not so good experiences. I heard the add on the radio for Ideal Introductions.
I phoned them and spoke to them about what they offered they made me feel very comfortable and interested in Ideal, so I made an appointment to see them .At our meeting I knew that this was something I wanted to do and felt totally at ease with talking about what I wanted and didn't want in a partner . I choose the package to have a personal Matchmaker.
Within a couple of days she called me with my first match.
I went on my first date feeling very nervous but excited too. She got it right as I had a awesome night and have met a wonderful man who I am still seeing. It was the best decision I have made. I would recommend Ideal Introductions as they delivered exactly what they promised.
Thank you Ideal Introductions

Expensive and disappointing

I am finding the process demeaning, the communication lacking. I spoke with one of the ladies last week who told me I need to be more realistic, then came up with a match who was 9 (!!) years my senior. I was told that men in my age group were really looking to date a woman a decade less.
I have now spoken with others that have had a very similar experience. This is not a rout that I would recommend!

I have contacted this client personally, briefly chatted over the phone in reference to her first date concerns within the agency. We have a scheduled appointment for next week for a face to face meeting so we can discuss criteria, re-profile and come up with a plan of action moving forward. Linda Prescott. Director Ideal Introductions.Well our meeting happened as planned which is great. After speaking in depth I discovered the following feedback from her first introduction. A nice date spending 2 1/2 hours together having dinner at a riverfront South Bank restaurant followed by an evening stroll. The evening was organised and paid for by her date. She said he had a lovely personality, was a gentleman, was good at putting you at ease, he was attentive, the conversation flowed easily and he had good presentation. The problem was she found him too old for her at 56years and therefore was not attracted to him in a romantic way. This client is 47years and prefers to meet gentlemen 40-50 years. As per her comments in her review our Relationship Manager explained to her that a 40 year old man prefers to meet ladies in their 30's. My conclusion after our meeting is this client is being true to herself as she feels she relates better to men in that age range. I have identified a man in his 50's is just not something she is comfortable with. For our Matchmakers at Ideal it does mean the search is harder as the 'dating pool' is considerably smaller. I respect her honesty, have taken this feedback on board, fine-tuned her profile accordingly and the search has commenced for her next introduction. Over the next month I am going to look personally to see if we can deliver what she is looking for. If I can't I will organise a full refund of her membership. Sincerely, Linda Prescott. Director Ideal Introductions.

Ideal took the time to find out what I was looking for and it payed off.

Although I was nervous to start with the team at ideal put me at ease as soon as I walked in the door. Professional and thorough ideal took all the guess work out of meeting someone new and although I have been informed it doesn't usually happen on the first date it did for me. This service is perfect for time poor professionals that are ready to take that next step.

It was meant to be

I was 29 and dreading turning 30 and still being single. After a being single for a few years I was ready to give up. I thought I would give Ideal a try thinking it was my last chance.
After 2 so so dates I went into the 3rd date thinking of maybe this isnt for me, but Ill give it one more chance. Fast forward 3 years and I am counting down the days till I marry my best friend and to top it off we have a beautiful 1 year old together. I

Seize the day!

I am 34 years old, working full time - includes night shift work, living in a regional area outside of Brisbane, and studying toward a postgraduate diploma. My excuse for being single for years was my career. But when I seriously considered the people around me, I noticed that my colleagues (of varying levels of attractiveness, in my opinion) were doing similar jobs, also studying, but are either dating, married, juggling sick elderly family, kids, hobbies etc.

Don't come up with excuses, think about what you really want in life and just go for it. Being too busy for love is a myth! Think about all the hours you spend watching TV, replying to emails, waiting in traffic, supermarket lines, looking for a car park. Delegate! Hire people to do your cleaning, laundry, order groceries online and have it delivered! Emails can wait! Plan ahead, prioritize and make time!

I started with internet dating websites, it took me months to meet a couple of men and it was time consuming to look through copious number of profiles and waiting for a reply, then screening out the unsuitable candidates, or worse - getting no replies. I needed some one to do all the hard work for me, so I can just concentrate on working, studying, and enjoy the dating experience on my rare days off shift work. Ideal did just that. I paid for the full matchmaker package, the make over, the photo shoot, etc. Ideal did exactly as promised. I meet four very good looking, successful, driven, and interesting men. My fourth match and I are still dating and getting along fine.

I highly recommend ditching the websites and choose Ideal!

Thanks Ideal

I had been single for 5 years after the death of my husband, and I felt that I was ready to start dating again. I had been married for 26 years, and the dating scene was very different back then. I did not want to use online dating, so I contacted Ideal. The professional, friendly staff at Ideal gave me the confidence to give it a go.
I have now been going out with M for over 3 months, and I can't tell you what a change it has made to my life. M was my second match, and we hit it off from our very first meeting. I now have so much to look forward to in life, especially weekends, and enjoy M's company immensely. Thank you so much Ideal.

Spot on first time!

Finding myself single, I was astounded by how much dating had changed after 10 years! So, being a single Mum this time and not having much time to spare, I thought I'd 'get my brave on' and face the online dating game. Wow, what an experience!!! But, NOT the type I was after!!! I needed to find someone genuine with old fashioned values and the fact that people are pre-screened and personally matched was a big reason I chose Ideal Introductions as my next plan.

The day I joined, I was matched!!! AND, with someone who turns out to be amazing!!! I still can't believe that is even possible!!! I know I am on cloud nine as it's still early days, but Ideal certainly got it right for me. I'd recommend them to anyone who wants a more personal and credible experience than online dating.

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Questions & Answers

What is involved signing up with your service ?
1 answer
Hello, Please phone our office 32200171 and we can have a 10 minute call with you and explain briefly our process. Kindest regards, Linda Prescott.

Hi there, can you recommend an agency in Sydney who provides the great professional service you do? Wonderful reviews.
1 answer
Hi, We had a gentleman from Sydney inquire a while back who asked the same question as yourself. At the time I phoned a few different agencies and the stand out was “Rose” at “Your Perfect Partner” (https://www.yourperfectpartner.com.au/) I asked her some key questions and she seemed genuine and she truly cares for her clients. I hope this helps you. All the best! Linda Prescott. Director Ideal Introductions.

How much are your fees fir women to join?
1 answer
Hi Sandra, Thanks for your question. Our fees vary depending on several different aspects. You are best to phone us directly, have a quick 10 minute call so we can understand your personal situation and give you a more accurate indication. To give you a bit of idea right now, the following plays a big role in the Level of Service that will be best suited to yourself. Criteria - How easy you are to introduce to our current database and what type of person you are looking to meet or is best suited to yourself. For example the stricter you are with criteria or if you are in a demographic where there are more women than men, or you have certain criteria that makes you a little harder to match that will play a big part in what service is going to work better for you. IE the more selective you are, the more matching time required as the Dating Pool is smaller, so generally higher level or Personalised services are required. Support - Are you going to prefer to have a Personal Consultant, working one on one with you. They will give you Feedback and Evaluation prior and after your introductions to ensure you are really comfortable and knowledgable in the Dating process and putting your best foot forward... Perhaps you have that aspect completely covered, and simply want to be put in contact with like-minded people. Some clients are happy to work with a Team of Matchmakers as their criteria is broad and quite flexible, relying on our suggestions. Time Frames - The length of Membership and time frames between introductions differ from each service. Hope this helps somewhat. Kindest regards, Linda Prescott. Director Ideal Introductions.

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