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Ideal Introductions & Match Makers

Ideal Introductions & Match Makers

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Be persistent

I signed up several years ago to meet someone. I am a FIFO worker who due to my work struggled to be at home enough to meet someone who understood my lifestyle and was willing to give me a chance. It took a while to find a suitable match and refine my selection of what i was truly wanting and at one point I gave up for a while but persistence is the key and after i'd say 10 matches over 12+ months with different women who were lovely enough but didn't have enough in common to continue pursuing a relationship, I was introduced to a lovely lady who understands me and now we are in a happy relationship

Trust the process!

Linda was professional and thorough when I met with her to discuss my desires for this process. I felt as though she took an invested interest in me, my likes and dislikes, and was genuine when expressing that she would find the perfect partner for me. I was apprehensive at first, as my experience with previous matchmakers was not a positive one, however I was encouraged to trust the process and let Linda work her magic.... and work her magic she did! Linda matched me with the man of my dreams and I could not have asked for a better partner.

Professional experience

I signed up with Ideal having never dated before. The service is not cheap, but for someone like myself who didn't even know where to begin it was very much worth the price. The matches that Ideal have provided so far have all been at the very least in the ballpark of what I was looking for, and though nothing has worked out yet I don't regard that as a negative reflection on Ideal at all. To their credit they have been entirely honest and professional in all our interactions, and are very willing to provide as much or guidance and advice as required.

My Ideal experience

I joined Ideal in 2016 after being single for a few years after separating in my mid-forties. I chose Ideal as I did not wish to do internet dating as I am a professional that works long hours and with two teenage children, and I felt internet dating was too time consuming and impersonal. I preferred the idea of someone listening to my preferences and finding people that would suit me. My experience with Ideal started slowly but at all times I found the staff friendly and helpful. I am pleased that I was matched with a lovely lady through Ideal, and we are enjoying spending time together. Thank you Ideal for your advice and introducing me to a very special person.

Pleasant experience!!

I used to hear the Ideal Introductions advertisement on the radio every morning on my way to work. Initially I was not really keen to approach Ideal. In the meanwhile I tried online dating, that didn't work well. Finally made an appointment with one of the staff members at Ideal, she gathered lot of information about what I was looking for and who I was. I received some good tips from Linda and her team. Staff members are good at responding back to text messages and provide feedback. I met few nice men through Ideal, sometimes team took long time to introduce perspective match, however they have always introduced me to professional gentlemen. I am happy with the service I have received through Ideal. From the last 7 months I am dating a nice guy introduced by Ideal.

Perfect Chemistry!!

I have been with Ideal for a little while now and have found the whole process enjoyable, smooth and fun. The girls there are great and easy to talk to. I have finally found the right person for me. We have chemistry and so much in common, it makes it all just perfect. I recommend Ideal Introductions to all my single girlfriends.

Enjoyable Experience

I first learnt about Ideal Introductions through an advertisement in a magazine. I had tried on-line dating once with no success and found the process time consuming and unpleasant. With Ideal Introductions, from my first point of contact with them, all interactions with staff were enjoyable. I also really enjoyed the process of meeting up with a date. I did not have to do anything apart from answer the phone when Kimberley phoned with some details of a prospective date. I paid for the agency to do the hard work, and they did. Even during and after a date, there never had to be any awkward moments because both parties knew that there was feedback given to the Agency and the Agency gave the respective feedback to us. The whole process was very enjoyable. After a year of going on different dates, all pleasant, I was introduced to a man who I now live with. We are both very happy.

It Works!

To be honest initially I was sceptical using an introduction agency to meet someone as no one else I knew had ever done this or had the need to use it. However I am shy by nature and had difficulty approaching women on my own and didn't really know what I was doing. Having someone help organise the first meeting appealed to me. From the very first interview with Linda, I learned so much in terms from Ideal what I was doing wrong and what I could do better. While it took me a while and with Ideal's help, I now find myself in a relationship with the most wonderful girl I could hope to find.

Thank you Linda and Ideal!

Patience, Persistence and Open Communication/Feedback

I had separated from a long term marriage and as a busy executive could never find the time to meet someone to ask out on a date. I tried a few dating sites for a short time but they were either fakes, scams or just too artificial corresponding online. Face to face is the only way to go for genuine, satisfying dates. I researched and contacted several introduction agencies and Ideal by far came up the best.

Through Ideal there was no lack of opportunity to meet lovely ladies. At one stage I asked them to slow down! But it gave me a chance to get plenty of practice back in the dating scene, after such a long time! However I just never really hit it off with anyone, got very disillusioned after so many dates, my self-confidence hit a low, and I told Ideal I just wanted to quit as it was not working for me.

The best thing I did was to raise my issues and concerns with my consultant who actively listened, cared and understood. I also spoke personally with Linda who was so very helpful and gave me wonderful support, guidance and encouragement and acted on my concerns.
Finally, just 5 weeks ago I was introduced to the most amazing lady who is an excellent match for me - unlike any of the previous dates, I knew it the moment I met her and as we chatted over that first dinner. There was chemistry, conversation flowed so easily and it was hard to leave each other that night!

It is a real partnership with Ideal - for me the keys to a successful outcome have been patience, persistence and open two-way communication/feedback on dates with my consultant. I recommend people don't sign up unless they are prepared to put in the required effort themselves in these 3 areas - it is definitely worth it in the end!

Ideal match finally found

As a busy professional woman in my mid forties with a small child I knew I didn't have the time to trawl through profiles on dating sites night after night, hour after hour, dating a lot of different guys who weren't interested in the same thing as I was - a happy and committed relationship which recognised the importance of family, juggling a busy work life and romance! So, I began my journey with Ideal.

Ideal and I had our ups and downs though. Balancing what I needed from a relationship to my wish list wasn't always an easy fit. Searching for your soulmate and finding a life partner aren't necessarily the same thing. You need to really sit down and think about your wish list for a partner and see if that list actually fulfills your needs for a lasting relationship. My first consultant and I didn't up working out as I knew what qualities I needed to find in a man so that I could be in a happy long term relationship. My consultant wanted to match me with someone older, more career focused, who wanted to wine and dine me (nice sure but those guys quite rightly didn't want the commitment of dating a woman who had a busy career and a small child).

I was disappointed that it didn't find the relationship I was looking during my first contract with ideal but I stuck it out as I knew that finding a life partner was going to be one effort that was worth the wait, effort and expense. So when Linda contacted me and asked me to consider entering into another contract I barely hesitated. I haven't regretted my decision. The very first match was ideal :) It's early days in our relationship but so far this relationship has been worth the money and the wait.

It took a while but finally we got there.

Ideal introductions have been wonderful. The girls are very professional, accessible and easy to talk to. I have always felt very comfortable in all of my conversations with the girls from Ideal. My ideal match has taken a while and I was very close to giving up but perseverance on all fronts have produced a wonderful match for me with Simon. I couldn't be happier with my new direction in life.

Met the Man of My Dreams!

I joined Ideal Introductions as I was over internet dating. As a mother to a 4 year old I was very protective of who I introduced to him and I didn't want to waste my time with the wrong person. I believed that if someone was willing to pay for a personal match-making service, he would genuinely be looking for a relationship, as I was. I was matched within the first 3 weeks however I chose not to have a second date with this particular gentleman. There were a further 4 dates. They were all great guys but not the one. I was then introduced to the man of my dreams. It was literally love at first sight for both of us! We are so compatible in every way. We have been together for over 18 months, living together for 12 months and planning to get married next year. I would highly recommend Ideal Introductions if you are looking for a long-lasting relationship.

Personal and Professional

From the moment, I first spoke to the staff and the conversations since, I cannot fault the professionalism of this organisation. As a personalised service, I realise that they provide the ability to bring couples together, what happens after that is up to you and who you are lucky to be matched with. I haven't been part of this scene for over 15 years, so I was a tad nervous, but that was quickly turned around by their staff. They have supported me, provided me with useful references to get back into "dating again" and have rang after dates to see how things have gone. If you are looking to get back into dating and not into the bar scene, not into other websites or new to Brisbane and don't have the social network readily available to meet people to develop friendships and relationships, then I recommend Ideal.

Ideal took the time to find out what I was looking for and it payed off.

Although I was nervous to start with the team at ideal put me at ease as soon as I walked in the door. Professional and thorough ideal took all the guess work out of meeting someone new and although I have been informed it doesn't usually happen on the first date it did for me. This service is perfect for time poor professionals that are ready to take that next step.

It was meant to be

I was 29 and dreading turning 30 and still being single. After a being single for a few years I was ready to give up. I thought I would give Ideal a try thinking it was my last chance.
After 2 so so dates I went into the 3rd date thinking of maybe this isnt for me, but Ill give it one more chance. Fast forward 3 years and I am counting down the days till I marry my best friend and to top it off we have a beautiful 1 year old together. I

It Can Happen!

Going in to Ideal Introductions neither of us were sure what to expect. The staff were very professional and helpful in arranging matches and really tried to understand what you were after. The guidelines really helped, going on a date you knew from the get go that you were after the same thing so you could just relax and be yourself and let the connection happen. We both had a few matches before they set the two of us up on a date, however i am so glad they did. It was the best first date i had ever had and the connection was there from the very beginning. Ideal got the match so right i really couldn't believe it. Two years later we are very happy, in love and are getting married next year. Cannnot thank you enough Ideal.

Worth it

I was very unsure when I first signed up for Ideal but the interview was very friendly and this was the main reason I chose Ideal. My first date didn't go so well but they helped me out with some advice for next time and the next date went really well and we are continuing to see each other. Hopefully it will continue for a while to come.
The interview, you know you are meeting a genuine person because they have been through the same process, they can't make a fake profile like on internet dating

Worth the wait!!

I went on quite a few dates organised by Ideal and I did start to get a bit unsure but I never lost hope or faith that there was someone special out there for me. Cheryl was so excited when she rang me about my last date and she was so right - he is such a gentleman and definitely very special. It is still early days but I feel very blessed and I definitely would not have met him without Ideal so thank you. Cheryl is amazing - so upbeat and positive and really 'got' me and what I was looking for. Good job!

Love is All You Need

We were not registered with Ideal for very long. Had a couple of dates that knew would not progress any further. We were both ready to give up and cancell our registration. Then Pete and I met, sparks and a connection were there from the beginning. We have been inseperable ever since. So much so that we are now engaged to be married Sept 2015 yay thanks x
reliable, gave handy date hints
expensive, couple of dates the guys were not my type

Very Happy

I have been with ideal since March 2011. And Kirsty has been a member since October 2011.. I was reluctant to sign up considering the up front cost. I was hopeful of finding someone after talking with Linda and finding out what they offered. We have both always found the staff at Ideal very helpful and friendly.. It wasn't easy in the beginining. I'd been on a number of dates with some nice girls... And they didn't hit the mark.. I'd been a member for 10 months approx and was starting to loose hope.. In April 2012 Linda put me in touch with Kirsty and we match perfectly. Its now been 12 months and I couldn't be happier.. We'd like to thanks all the staff at Ideal but especially Linda

Questions & Answers

What is involved signing up with your service ?
1 answer
Hello, Please phone our office 32200171 and we can have a 10 minute call with you and explain briefly our process. Kindest regards, Linda Prescott.

Hi there, can you recommend an agency in Sydney who provides the great professional service you do? Wonderful reviews.
1 answer
Hi, We had a gentleman from Sydney inquire a while back who asked the same question as yourself. At the time I phoned a few different agencies and the stand out was “Rose” at “Your Perfect Partner” (https://www.yourperfectpartner.com.au/) I asked her some key questions and she seemed genuine and she truly cares for her clients. I hope this helps you. All the best! Linda Prescott. Director Ideal Introductions.

How much are your fees fir women to join?
1 answer
Hi Sandra, Thanks for your question. Our fees vary depending on several different aspects. You are best to phone us directly, have a quick 10 minute call so we can understand your personal situation and give you a more accurate indication. To give you a bit of idea right now, the following plays a big role in the Level of Service that will be best suited to yourself. Criteria - How easy you are to introduce to our current database and what type of person you are looking to meet or is best suited to yourself. For example the stricter you are with criteria or if you are in a demographic where there are more women than men, or you have certain criteria that makes you a little harder to match that will play a big part in what service is going to work better for you. IE the more selective you are, the more matching time required as the Dating Pool is smaller, so generally higher level or Personalised services are required. Support - Are you going to prefer to have a Personal Consultant, working one on one with you. They will give you Feedback and Evaluation prior and after your introductions to ensure you are really comfortable and knowledgable in the Dating process and putting your best foot forward... Perhaps you have that aspect completely covered, and simply want to be put in contact with like-minded people. Some clients are happy to work with a Team of Matchmakers as their criteria is broad and quite flexible, relying on our suggestions. Time Frames - The length of Membership and time frames between introductions differ from each service. Hope this helps somewhat. Kindest regards, Linda Prescott. Director Ideal Introductions.

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