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Competition entry leads to spam

I entered a 'competition' review IGA for your chance to win a gift card. I had just recently got a new email to use for this type of thing. This was the only time I gave my full name and other details using this email. in three weeks I have received 36 junk emails quoting my personal details. From fake woolies, coles , kmart and such gift cards, thousands in alleged bit coins, unclaimed money owing, bank errors and the usual i am looking for a date. all originating from overseas. If this is who they share (sell) your information with its a bit dodgy.

Iga won't honour free $10 gift card offer

Promo leaflet says free $10 card when you spend $40 in 1 transaction. I made 2 transactions, one for $42 and one for $55. they refused to give me 2 cards saying the promo was per customer. i showed then the leaflet that clearly says per transaction NOT per customer. Manager [name removed] I think said even if i came back later in day they would not honour it. this is breaching the consumer rights and accc. i will report to them, and fair trading.

Shop here often

I shop no where else than IGA reason being is because it has a easy Isles to find what you're looking for. Everytime I shop at IGA the employees are always nice and pleasant

Total rip off! Tobacco

Bought a carton of ciggies which turned out to have been stored for god knows how long (from Turramurra IGA) went back to the cashier half an hour later only to be told that they are not allowed by law to return tobacco!! they claimed the store manager was not in, and when I called in during the same day, one of the cashiers pretended to be the manager (it was so obvious), and told me to contact their supplier! completely frustrating to be sold a bad product and not be able to return it,, I am $240 out of pocket! the carton and receipt are still with me and I am definitely taking this to Fair Trade

The attendants are rude and impolite.

All the time that I go to buy something at IGA from South Brisbane the attendants are rude and impolite.

IGA Pascoevale south

8 registers and only ever 1 person serving. Manager more concerned with stocking shelves with chips and soft drinks out of date items on shelves.

Spoiled milk

Twice I have bought a 2L bottle of milk from this IGA (Wahroonga, Sydney) and while the expiry date is at least a week away, the milk has tasted and smelled sour. Either they are handling the stock incorrectly - perhaps leaving them out in the sun for extended periods - or the fridges have lost power for a period of time and they have not bothered to replace the perishable goods.
They also use far too many plastic bags and don't encourage customers to bring reusable ones. Startling for a store in a wealthy area.


Over the used by date pre-packed salads still on the shelf and then discounted! Thats illegal.
Not going back.

Plus your cashiers seem to think that correctly packing groceries means packing hot cooked chickens with cold items in the same bag. This is a food safety hazard and its no wonder woolworths are way above iga as woolworths actually rotate their fresh produce and they are trained in how to pack a bag.
They dont leave it sitting there to expire then reduce the price. That is disgusting.

Iga Coldstream

They are very very helpful and if they don't have the product you want, they will hunt it down for you, with no problem!

Scotch fillet was tasteless

Meat was tasteless and not nice at all. Cost $37.99 per kilo I expected better, would not recommend to buy this product.

IGA Tobacco Products

I bought a pouch of Drum tobacco from IGA store in MCDowall. When I opened the packet the tobacco was so dry. I smoked it and coughed my lungs out. This is not the first time. The tobacco is stale, dry and horrible.

Helpful staff and Super selection of groceries

I've recently returned to this store as I use to live near it....I'd forgotten how pleasant & helpful all the staff are and the range of products available is fantastic. Well done!

What a disgrace

Tried to support this company but this is hard to do when service is appalling, the fruit and vegetables are digusiting and 50% of the products on the shelfs are out of date. This should not be happening and when speaking to the manager they simply said that if you don't like what they are selling go next door to Woolworths. Unbelievable!

IGA Kingswood Park NSW

Honestly the worst customer service when there are more then a handful of customers. Plenty of workers but only one person ever at checkout. Have bought mouldy garlic bread, bad eggs and ALWAYS and I mean always bad fruit and vegetables in this place. Absolutely horrid. Pick your act up, it's shameful!!

Senior Checkout Chick Past Her Use-by Date

IGA would be a much more pleasant place to shop if the senior check-out chick (she knows who she is) would have at least greeted me with a friendly smile & used some manners when talking to me. I went through her checkout at my local IGA the other day & she treated me as though I was a piece of s**t & couldn't care less.

I'm unsure about what sort of responses she gives other customers who go through her checkout, she may treat them differently. I felt as though I was treated like I didn't matter. If she was having a bad day, she should have left that negative attitude at home, instead of bringing it along to work & taking it out on customers.

My husband also happened to notice the nasty-looking scowl on her face & the dull way she treated him one time he unfortunately had to use her checkout because the queues were too long on all the others. He only had 1 item.

A simple "hello, how are you going today?" combined with a big smile & eye contact with me instead of a quick glance, a grunt which may have been a "hello" & a handful of loose change & receipt slapped into the palm of my hand would have been a much better response than what I unexpectedly received. How would she like it if I did that to her? Not at all I'll bet!

If she's unhappy in her job, then maybe it's time for her to retire (the sooner the better!)
Her behaviour is contrary to the sign outside the entrance to the store.

My husband will deliberately go through her checkout again one day & if she repeats that behaviour that she displayed the first time, he will go straight to the manager & report her as we have both encountered a rude & unfriendly staff member at our local IGA.

Not very fresh

I shop here nearly every day in Paynesville VIC, I find the fruit and veg is often old and doesn't last long once its home. Also the meat sizes are honestly ridiculous! 300gm and 700gm for mince and chicken etc. as nearly all recipes ask for 500gm that leaves me only one option, buy the 700gm and freeze some. drives me mad!

Oyster not fresh

Yesterday I have purchased two dozen of "fresh oyster" at 2.55pm. My wife and I consumed at 4pm. We found half of them turned rotten. Two hours after eating oysters, I felt discomfort on my tummy. I wrote an email to IGA contact.
There was no response. Can anyone tell me which organisation I should complain about IGA food standard?


Drove 80k as I do to shop iga ballina I have not shopped in wools coles for over 3 years never stepped foot in one I am a aga shopper I have 60 ppl to feed and hoping to buy 8 kg of pork at 600 dollars a kg in the cataloge went to iga evens head yesterday 60 k no pork ballina today no pork 60k even the butcher known nothing about the pork debacle so I got some manderin 3 out of 6 were off went to aldi mince 699 kg lasanga for all good buy iga not comming back aldi and farmer charlies will get all my shopping from now on not the first time this has happened was forgiven 3 times before but asking the butcher and getting that answer done me check your cams squatted down seeking to butcher about 10 is you will see done me goodbye

Mean spirited wastefullness is a bad look for a business

I used to shop at my local Ferndale IGA, even despite its being way more expensive than other IGA's. It's close and their staff is exceptional.

However, I haven't returned since the management changed its policy on customers' access surplus lettuce leaves etc to feed, chickens, grand-kids hamsters, or their nursery-school rabbit. They cited a ridiculous bit of non-existent "Occupational Health and Safety" gobbledygook for this piece of mean-spiritedness and unspeakable wastefulness.

Three other IGAs's in my area, Coles, Woolies and several independent greengrocers are more generous, so I now go to them - my 2 chickens are happy. *Of course, I could buy a lettuce for Rosie and Sally* (I am, after all one of those over-indulged pensioners we keep hearing about) That Is Not the Point. There's a principle here; I detest meanness. Wastefulness is a crime given the state of the world!!

Shocking response after they keep selling expired product

I bought a cadbury chocolate at IGA Mascot and I realised that it was expired almost a month ago after I have eaten half of it.
I was very upset as they keep seeling expired product.

I decided to make a complaint and their response made me shock. I was very disappointed. Never come back to IGA.

Here is their response :
Thank you for your feedback regarding the Cadbury bar that was past its best before date you purchased from Mascot IGA. Please be assured that there is no risk to your health as stock that has passed its best before date, can be sold for another 90 days – though stores need to make sure this is clearly communicated to their customers. As I gather from your feedback, this was not clearly marked, so if you please send myself a postal address, I will enclose a $10 gift card to cover your spoilt product and time.


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Questions & Answers

Can iGA serve hot cooked counter style meals on a plate? I can’t see any type of food service certificate in the store.
1 answer
Sounds like a question that should be direct at IGA.

I was just wondering what the policy is on IGA supermarket stacking their shelves during the day? Local IGA does it during the day and make it virtually impossible to get down aisles. If I had a pram, trolley or wheelchair it would be impossible. Also it would be very easy for someone to trip over the boxes taking up so much space.
1 answer
This would be up to the business owner or manager as IGA's are independently operated. There would be no policy from IGA (or Metcash - owners of the IGA brand in Australia), and if there was a policy , there would be no way to police it. Based on the reviews, any policies, guidelines or standards that do exist from IGA/Metcash are not enforced.

I purchased a leg of pork on the 20th of July 2017. It was out of date reading use by the 16th. Today is the 22nd of July and I was ready to cook it but noticed it was off after checking the dates I took it back. What is IGAs policy for this situation?
4 answers
They should refund you and also give you a free replacementHello A full refund plus a word to the manager about selling meat in this condition.Yeah they have a 200% guarantee on fresh depts I'm sure. Money back plus replacement.


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