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Ikea Hemnes Day-bed Frame with 3 Drawers

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Good as a single bed, for single person, needing storage in small room

I bought this when I was a student, and it worked well for 5 years. I bought it used from someone who had started putting it together for his child and given up (because the instructions are a bit vague and the construction will take an entire afternoon). You will need to buy many extra little screws and attachment hardware pieces so that the bed will actually feel stable when you use it. It is stable enough left as a single bed with the 3 large storage drawers underneath, but I do NOT recommend pulling it out to use a King bed with your partner. The slats will break. If you intend to keep it extended as a king bed, you will need to cut a custom made board to place over the slats to make it stable. The 3 storage drawers will hold a great deal of clothing.

Be aware takes a long time to construct!

Took two competent diyers 7 hours to construct. Involved having to lie on the floor to screw parts together from underneath! Instructions do not include a parts list and could be clearer in places. Ensure you have an electric screwdriver. Be aware of poor workmanship with some drilled holes being in the wrong place. Involves some rotating of heavy parts. Not for the faint hearted furniture assembler. We have yet to fall asleep on it as now imbibing champagne!

lovely bed but rubbish trundle

Can't pull it out on carpet, bit rubbish for ikea really! Should be at least an inch off the floor. I'll either have to put wheels on the bed and raise the pull out bed somehow or put a piece of ply under the wheels of the pull out bed so it will slide easily. I duno!

A Hemnes triumph!

We bought the bed frame with two Malfors foam mattresses. It has worked perfectly for us. The thing to watch out for is to avoid using mattresses that are too thick or too big and beddings that are not a good fit.

Very clever. We are about to buy a 3rd one!

The concept is very clever. We bought our first one about 6 years ago. Whilst the stats can break when the bed is pulled out to be king size, we got around this by putting a piece of ply under the mattress. Ikea also replaced all slats that had broken, at no cost. The ability to turn a single bed into a king bed has been fantastic when the kids are sick and you need to be near them at night, when guests come to stay and when the kids have friends for sleep overs. The storage is also fantastic. The bed is a bit hard to pull out on carpet, but I just get one of the kids to give me a hand. With a person on each end, it is not too hard. When the toddler comes out of his cot, he too will have a Hemnes day bed. You are paying for the design....not the quality.


I regret buying this. Got a couple months ago and it keeps breaking. The boards aren't even close to strong enough. Very disappointed in this. Not worth the money.

Broke after 6 months.

When i first assembled the bed it took 8 hours! I have purchased and assembled many ikea items and this one took forever, not just that but when you pull out the drawers to make the bed into a queen its very flimsy! When just a twin the bed works as a bed just fine, a little tight even for one but it can work. When you make the bed bigger thats when problems start, because too much weight is put on the metal frame part of the bed it bends down. I literally had a night when i ended up on the floor because of this. I would not recommend this bed, it is beautiful and pretty cost efficient but in the long run NOT worth it at ALL!!

We liked it so much, we bought a second one!

We bought one of these beds for my daughter because her room was rather small. With the 3 huge drawers, we did not need to put a chest of drawers in the room, which would have been crowded. Plus, there was just enough room in there to open the bed up whenever we had a friend or two sleep over.

We have two mattresses that we bought from Ikea. When it's a daybed, the mattresses stack one upon the other, and a single, standard twin sheet fits over both of them perfectly (as I understand, we do not have the thinnest mattress, but I don't know if we have the thickest one, or a medium sized one). When it is pulled out, we lay the mattresses side by side, in the same direction as the daybed. We use two standard twin sheets to cover them because length-wise they are perfect, but they are a little baggy on the single width mattresses, which are thinner than regular matresses, so we just tuck the baggy parts under and it has never been a problem so far. My daughter loves the bed and it's very comfortable to sleep on.

In fact, I have 3 girls. At some point, the younger two decided to room together. We put them in a slightly bigger secondary bedroom, got rid of the long dresser, and purchased another one of these beds. Since they sit against the wall, we were able to put the beds on two consecutive walls, with just enough distance between them so that both can be pulled out at the same time. It is fantastic! We've had sleepovers with 5-6 children and everyone was comfortable. The multi functionality of this bed is amazing.

In fact, one of my parents recently moved in with us and took my oldest daughter's bedroom, which is next to the bathroom. She has been sharing a room with her 2 sisters for a few weeks, but that front bedroom is still empty, so we are planning on buying a 3rd one of these to put back in that small room for her. I haven't encoutered any downside yet, except that sleeping side by side, one person is "locked in" next to the wall. The kids have slept in both directions when the bed is open. I've never gotten any complaints from them about the ridge, but I haven't ever tried it as a full- sized adult.

Great as a single, but we have issues with trundle.

We bought this for our 12 year old daughter who has a small bedroom. We love the storage and the fact that it can be pulled out to make a large bed for when friends sleep over.

The bed is very nice looking, however we have carpet and the trundle is almost impossible to pull out. It is so hard that I'm afraid to do it very often because I don't want joints to loosen. We haven't figured out how to modify so that it is more user friendly!

Anyone had similar problems? Please share any solutions

Stylish, comfy and clever use of space but......

Just love this bed! Great as a sofa and comfy single but found the mattress hangs over the edge of the bed - it is a good 2inches wider. Trying to get hold of IKEA but no success so far to query mattresses. Sadly there is a chemical smell from the mattresses which lingers for months despite having Fabrese sprayed over regularly.

Smart bed!

Such smart engineering. I get a huge size bed and still have lots of storage space below! The Hemnes daybed is perfect for my daughter! It is super comfortable and looks beautiful in her room. When she is sick I open it up and I sleep with her. It turns into a bed that is bigger than a King size and very comfortable. We purchased 2 twin foam mattresses from IKEA (the thicker ones). The beds fit together so tightley that I do not have the problem described by another reviewer, we do not feel that ridge gap at all because they are tightly together.
Beautiful, Comfortable, bigger than a King size bed and lots of storage space.

Thanks for your comment - do you stack the mattresses one on top of the other when you use it as a "couch" - does that work? Otherwise, there's the issue of where to store the other twin mattress when not in use. THANKSHi do you have to buy two mattresses for this bed or just one? Asking as I was about to purchase it for my daughter?! Lol x

Great as a single, doesn't work so well as a double.

We bought this to use in our guest room/study. As a sofa and occasionally used single bed it is fine. The three drawers are handy for storing bedding. It does need lots of big cushions to make it comfortable as a sofa because of the hard sides and back but when it is padded it is roomy and comfortable.

It doesn't work as well when it is set up as a double bed as it is not a standard size. It doesn't take a double or queen mattress. It is designed to have two single mattresses laid across the bed. This is not comfortable because the point where the two mattresses join creates a ridge and this is right under your hip. We tried putting the two mattresses laid from the head to the foot of the bed but they were too long and stuck up and out at the end of the bed. There was also a bigger gap between them.

IKEA weren't very helpful when we tried to get mattresses to fit, their floor staff didn't know which mattress it was designed to take when it is extended. Bedding was also a problem as fitted sheets can't be used.

We bought this because we thought it would be versatile but it is not an ideal guest bed and I now wish we had bought a good quality sofa bed instead.
Looks smart, storage
Lack of information, poor design

The mattress is not the problem, you are lying on it incorrectly. You're supposed to lay at the length of the mattress, so it's really like having two single beds side by side...Also meaning that it's probably best to use bedding for a single bed. The only drawback of this is that yes, there is a space between the two mattresses making it uncomfortable for your guests to spoon....No space between mattresses if you use two twin foam mattresses, they fit tightly together. Use a fitted twin bed sheet on each mattress

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