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Ikea Kalas Bowl

Ikea Kalas Bowl

4.7 from 26 reviews

Cute and Convenient

Convenient for quick snacks and small meals.
Bright colours, but a tip to not have curries in them as they stain the plastic if not washed straight away.
No damage done minus a few scratches here and there from cutlery.
The similar cutlery and drinking cups are also convenient and easy to wash.

great bowls

such an improvement to the last design, more stable so as not to be easily tipped over
Great bright colours, the kids love them
Reasonably priced
another great Ikea product
the Kalas bowls also have plates, cups and cutlery to match
I personally hand wash rather than put into the dishwasher, just to help prolong their life


Ikea childrens kitchen plastics are perfect.
easy to wash and durable for washing machine, bright colourful and attractive.
been using for a while now. hasnt snapped or broken even fun toplay with.

perfect for the price!!

if you have some extra change you can purchase good quality kitchen plastics for your little ones, just need $6 ofr cups plates and bowls!! price is fantastic!!!

No Good!

These bowls scratch! Can anyone tell me what comes off the bowl when scratched and what they're made of. Very poor quality!

Great bowls

As everyone has already said, these are great bowls - perfect size for kids' snacks and baby meals. My fussy toddler loves choosing which colour to use (favourites are pink and purple). There are 6 in a set which means they can get a workout all day with breakfast, snacks etc and can then be tossed in the dishwasher.
I agree, the bowls can scratch easily if using metal cutlery and can also get a little white marks from going in the dishwasher. However, they are very affordable, great quality and perfectly sized for so many things. They are lightweight, stack well and take up very little space.
We also own the plates and cups which are equally terrific. We don't own the cutlery as it seems like too much to fit into our cutlery drawer.
Inexpensive, bright & fun colours, perfect size
Nothing really

New and Improved

Loving the new designs of the whole IKEA kalas set. The bowls actually look like bowls, not just little snack bowls. The colours are much more appealing now too. The groves are now horizontal too, not vertical like the old design. Much easier for the young one to hold now.
Colours. Wash well in the dishwasher. Better shape with the updated style. Still the same great low price.

Great for the price

I really love IKEAs range of kids products. These bowls are a fun colour, easy to clean and durable. Really great for use with baby and then toddler. A great size and lightweight. Handle washing and microwaving well. The price is the best part and can be use for all the babies meals,
Colour and price

Great cheap bowls for baby

Fantastic price, nice and colourful, easy to clean, easy to store, great size for feeding bubs. He loves playing with the bowl after he's finished. I hand wash because not keen on plastic going in the dishwasher but they clean up really well.

They do scratch but cheap to replace if needed

fabulous bowls

these bowls are the best for both toddler and baby - great size , microwaveable and easy to clean - best buy from ikea
inexpensive and practical - use all the time

Perfect quality & great price!

Love these colourful bowls as they have no sharp edges, so my baby can play or chew on them without hurting their gum/teeth. They are cheap, and can be easily cleaned/used. Very convenient & light-weight. Love them!
Cheap, colourful, easy to use & clean, microwave & dishwasher safe, no shart edges.


I have just started feeding my son solids and I use these bowls for his food as they are the perfect size. They come in wonderful bright colours. They are easy to wash and store as they stack on top of each other. They are very cheap and surprisingly sturdy.
Cheap, easy to clean, easy to store.


I like this product and use them regularly for both feeding a baby and also for a toddler. They are pretty hardy and also come in fun bright colours. They can scratch which makes them not look as nice but for the price you pay, they are very easy to replace. Definitely worth having when you have young children in the house. Always in stock.
Very easy to clean and come in a great variety of bright and different colours.
These do tend to scratch quite easily and after repeated use can start to look not as nice as when new.


These a great product at a fantastic price. Bright colourful which are a great size for snacks or icecream. The kids loves being able to choose their own colour. They wash up really well in the dishwasher and can take knocks and bumps. They stack up compactly in a drawer and take up hardly any space. They can also be used in the microwave for warming meals. All our friends with young kids have these in their kitchen cupboards.
Great colours
Dishwasher safe
Great size for little snacks
Fanastic price
Stack inside one another
Microwave safe
Nothing I can think of


I love these bowls. They are the perfect size for baby food and snacks for toddlers/children. I use them myself at times so that I only have a small amount of icecream/ potato chips and feel like I am getting a bowl full. They stack neatly in the cupboard and being different colours kids can remember which is theirs when there are more than one being used at a time. No bad things to say about these bowls but I do get sick of drying them off when they come out of the dishwasher. I guess I can't really blame the bowls for that.
Bright colours. Dishwasher safe. Great size for kids.
Because they are plastic I have to dry them with a tea towel when they come out of the dishwasher.


We love this ikea range of kids stuff. We also have the plates, cups and cutlery and they are all equally awesome. We bought them initially because they are microwaveable and this is important because most things our baby eats in a bowel need to be slightly heated. They colours are so funky and the size was always good for our less than 1 year old. You do need to be mindful to cut the food before it goes in the bowel or to use the plastic utensils in them because they do get scratched. But hey, for something like 30c/bowel, a few scratches won't hurt.
So cheap! Great colours, good size, microwavable
They do get scratched easily


Bought on a whim, as I'm a hopeless impulse shopper in Ikea, but we use these every day for our 14 month old. The price is great, they are sturdy, and their microwave and dishwasher friendliness makes them extra practical. They are also popular as a toy to put things in and out of, carry around house etc
Fantastic price. Can go in microwave and dishwasher. Sturdy, stackable and don't take up much room in cupboard. Great colours.
Nothing in particular


I was very pleased with these-i got them for my baby but now am using them for almost anything.When i first gave these cups to my baby she loved them straight away and it became her favorite toy-she would reach for the cups no matter where i keep them.It also helped my LO to self feed so was very happy i made the purchase.Also they can be matched with plates and spoons.I gave away 10 sets as gifts in a kids party overseas and they all loved it.
not heavy-comes in bright colors which attract babies-dishwasher safe and stacks easy
Nothing in particular


I love these bowls and have had them for a long time, i use them for just about everything I feed the kids snack wise, sultanas, fruit, chips, they are fantastic, highly recommended
Great size, beautiful colours, and the price is amazing for how many you get


Good size, exelent for babies heating up small amounts of food, has like a grippy textured lines on the outside of the bowl. Fits nicely in adults palm of hand when feeding babies never lost a bowls grip yet! dishwashers well! I love the simple look and colours. There not heavy or flimsy tho there cheap, there not cheap in functionality or style. there are must have. They would be great at kids partys! they hold alot tho there are smaller bowl. I never seen anything compared to it on the market, tho have seen copy's in cheap shops.
These bowls are awesome I use them for every thing! and Price you can't beat it on price!!!


Great value for money, great quality, looks great and my children love them. Also Ikea has recently reduced the price, so you can't lose!
1. Great colours
2. Great size - just the right size for a toddler's meal, or a great size for an adult desert.
3. Dishwasher safe
4. Very inexpensive

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Questions & Answers

Can the Ikea Kalas bowl and plates be steam sterilized?
1 answer
Here is answer from Ikea : "the maximum temperature the KALAS bowl can take is up to 100C and 70C for dishwashing. As the bowl is made of polypropylene plastic, we would not advise steam sterilizing due to the end-effect and nature of the temperature range which is between 120C - 130C."