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One Very Happy Customer

I was skeptical at first, but once we really looked at all the pros and cons the benefits of buying through Import Appliances far outweighed the negatives. They were professional, punctual and our 2 ovens and cooktop were delivered in perfect condition. The models we chose were unavailable in Australia and we saved so much money. It’s now 4 years later and we haven’t had a problem. I would recommend this company and would definitely do it again.

Cheap, but is it worth it?

The prices are definitely cheap, but there is a reason, you have no customer protection. Make sure you pay with a credit card so if something goes wrong you can get a charge back.

We received our items later than they were scheduled, fortunately we weren't time critical.

Despite having a .com.au address, this company is not Australian, and they don't even have a real office in Australia. It is actually a Belgian company, so if something goes wrong and the company doesn't want to help, you have no consumer protection whatsoever.

Most of the models aren't available here so there is a lengthy wait time for parts. You also don't get an Australian warranty so if something major goes wrong and you need to return the entire unit to Europe, you are literally up for $1k for shipping. Also, a lot of the models are obsolete stock which is why they are so cheap. You can check this on the European supplier website.

There is no after sales support. We don't even have manuals available in English for either of the 2 ovens we purchased. There is nothing available on the Import Appliances website either, not even an equivalent model. You would expect that after spending over $3k for an oven, a PDF of the manual would automatically be sent once payment is made.

Hi Johhny, I'm sorry to hear you're not happy with our service. It's correct we're a Belgian company that helps customer Import Appliances from Europe to their home anywhere in the world. All models we sell are the newest models and not 'obsolete stock', old or seconds. Kitchen appliances are just way cheaper in Europe compared to your local store here in Australia. We also sell more models and have more colours and styles available as the range in Europe is newer and bigger than in most local stores hence the - sometimes - different model number. Please note that we offer a full refund if an item can't get delivered within the promised time frame. We also offer free-of-charge storage if you only need your appliances at a later date. We're a webshop only, so we don't have a physical shop. But we do have a local support here in Australia (Myself - Micha@ImportAppliances.com.au). So if you have any questions or concerns, before, during or after you've purchased your appliances, it's possible to email me or call me. For example, if you didn't receive an English manual for your product, please just contact me and I'll be able to help you out. As we sell only high-quality products, there are almost no warranty issues. In the very unlikely event something would go wrong, we're here to assist all our customers. Most of the time your local service agent is able to fix the issue quickly - we've never had a customer who had to send an appliance or even a part back to Europe. If you have any further questions about warranty, please have a look at our website: www.importappliances.com.au/warranty Or feel free to contact me (Micha@ImportAppliances.com). Kind regards Micha Customer Support ImportAppliances.com.auHi Micha Thanks for the response. As I said in my comments, and you haven't refuted, there is no consumer protection on the product if ImportAppliances decides to wash it's hands of an issue. If the government increases import duties on grey imports, or the distributors are successful in banning grey imports, your business model could well be destroyed. If you close up shop, where do customers go with their warranty claims or service problems? In terms of manuals, I spent over an hour tracking down manuals in English for the equivalent or the same appliances as we received. These were not on the .au website. Providing manuals with a product is the minimum standard expected and you should send these via email for all customers when the purchase is finalised. Don't get me wrong, I think your business provides a good service, but people shouldn't underestimate the value of a good local warranty and companies that support local jobs. Given my delivery experience and service staff not being available during office hours to resolve urgent issues, I can't do better than 3 stars. Regards JohnnyHi Johnny, I'm located in Australia, so it's not a problem at all to contact us during business hours (and even after hours) via the chat function on our website, email or phone. Please email me your order or invoice number so I can look into this and email you a copy of the English manuals. No need to look for hours ;-) We're happy to help all our customers out even after you've paid for your order! I would also love to have a chat with you about our warranty conditions. We offer local warranty and all our products come with manufactures warranty as indicated on our website. We're not only assisting a lot of customers with importing their appliances here in Australia but all over the world so we won't just disappear ;-) Please email me your order or invoice number. I already had a look but can't find your order in our database... Kind regards Micha

Excellent site!

My recent purchase from ImportAppliances was their appliances maintenance kit. This was my third purchase from them and like my previous transactions, everything went smoothly. My order arrived on time with no damages to the items or packaging.

Excellent service, great value and bigger range

Like many others, I was concerned about whether this service was genuine and whether I would actually receive the correct goods I ordered, or have installation issues, etc,. and if it was worth taking the risk given how expensive these products are to purchase in Australia compared to ImportAppliances prices. However, trusted the reviews I read here and thought it was worth taking the risk, knowing that you weren't getting Australian warranty on these products. Having now installed our two Neff Ovens and a Neff Induction cooktop approx 3 months ago, they are all performing well, installation was fine and no power conversion issues (given the products were hard wired in anyway) and the whole family is enjoying using them. The website was easy to use and staff helpful and prompt to respond to queries and the overall service was excellent. They were happy to store the product until we required it and the product arrived boxed and packaged to an excellent standard (3 layers of protection on the induction cooktop to ensure it arrived in good condition). What also drew me to use this service was the larger product range than we get through the Australian distributors, so we sourced an induction cooktop model that catered for large pasta pots, a model that wasn't offered in Australia. We also found with ovens that we would only have been able to purchase a base model oven in Australia as each additional feature (lighting, pyrolitic, etc.) that might have cost $500 in Australia was more like $200 via ImportAppliances, so we were able to trade up and get a higher model with more features that we would otherwise have settled for. So, recommend the service and have done so to many friends and definitely worth the risk of not receiving the Australian warranty, but given that is only 2 years and I'm expecting these appliances to last for 20 years, for the potential cost savings it is well worth it. And it goes to prove how Australian consumers get taken and ripped-off by the Australian distributors when ImportAppliances can offer this service by sourcing directly from Europe.


In October 2017, I had a problem with our existing Induction Cooktop and was advise by technician that the item can be repaired, but recommended to purchase a new cooktop. I was fortunate enough in my search for a new a new induction cooktop that I come across internet address of Import Appliances. The Company were very helpful in my detailed search for a new cooktop that would suit my wife, and finally with the price and conditions offered the decision was made.
It is now 7 month since the cooktop was received and installed and all I can say that I and my wife,(who says she is using only small part of the cooktop capacity), are completely satisfied with the service obtained from Import Appliances and of course the cooktop.


A straightforward and genuine service. Our cooktop arrived when it was scheduled to arrive, it's been installed and been used for over 1 year now with no issues whatsoever. I highly recommend import appliances.

Helpful staff, superb product

Procured ceramic cooktop and oven from the shop. Staff has been very helpful and the two items are superb. They are easy to use, exceptionally good looking, and effectively performed what we expected.

The items were not well protected in the first shipment. Some sound of broken pieces was heard from the package. After liaising with customer service, brand new items were re-sent to us in no time.

Now we are very happy with the items.

Great Service and Delivery - Siemens Ovens

Like other people ahead of me, was quite concerned about purchasing overseas and was a little anxious how the transaction would occur. My first delivery took place as scheduled and I received the steam oven /oven on time well packaged and in excellent condition . I was able to track the item on every stage of its journey. My bank (NAB) did initially charge a international currency fee, upon calling them this fee was reversed without any hesitation. After receiving my first oven I then purchased a second oven, this also went without incident, again NAB reversed its international currency fee. These two items have been purchased for a new build and have not yet been installed, but have been advised upon receiving written notification from the electrician the warranity will be validated from date of installation.

Received Nef oven with much gratitude

Like most people here, I decided to purchase my Nef steam oven after reading the reviews here. It arrived promptly and without any mishap. Now looking forward to having it installed and keeping fingers crossed that it works perfectly.

Thank you Import Appliances for making this purchase possible, simply because it is half the price of what I had to pay at Winnings Appliances.

This was so easy and fast

I was no different to all first time customers to this site and had great anxiety about sending my money overseas to Import Appliances. I finally hit the button on my purchases after reading all the good reviews and I must say they are all correct. My packages arrived 2 days before the 3 weeks stated and all in one piece. I am yet to install them but have been advised that the 2 month warranty will start when I can show them an invoice for the installation.
Contact was always prompt and very helpful. In fact the day after ordering these items I went to Harvey Norman for my other appliances not available from Import and I am still waiting for these.
would not hesitate to recommend this way of buying appliances. I saved $ 3,200.
After installation I felt there was an issue with the twist knob on my induction cooktop. I contacted them and have been very happy with the warranty service I received from Import Appliances. I paid for the service call and a part and it was reimbursed very quickly. I still would be very happy to recommend purchasing from Import Appliances

Excellent product and service

Efficient service and prompt communication made my dealings with Import Appliances a pleasant experience. Even better was the substantial saving on my Bosch induction cooktop. I would use this company again without hesitation and I am already recommending it to others.

Very quick and without any issues

Ordered a Siemens 60cm multi function oven and had no issues ordering, receiving delivery and had all the paperwork.
Only thing was my sparky complaining about changing the socket heads.

we recieved everything on time

This company what can I saw trouble free all the way saved over $7000 on our purchase we are still smiling

Easy, well informed, got what I wanted without any issues

I was a bit apprehensive about buying online and a glass cook-top from overseas but all went to plan. Well packaged and saved about $800. I would use this site again and also recommend to family and friends.

Excellent service and communication

Nothing but good to say about Import Appliances, right from the intial inquiry through to delivery of a Bosch induciton cooktop for our new kitchen. The original cooktop we'd chosen was superseded and no longer available and Import Appliances came right back with the new version as an alternative along with exact dates for when it would be available from Bosch and when it would be shipped to NZ. Payment by credit card was painless and includes all costs including import tax and charges, nothing extra to pay whatsoever The cooktop arrived very well packaged in a wooden crate.
A slight hiccup with shipping meant that it took 3 days to ship to NZ but 5 days to get from the Fedex depot to our house which is ironic given we live 10 minutes from the Fedex depot. It turns out Fedex hand over to a local carrier for final delivery and it disappeared off Fedex's tracking site. Import Appliances noticed this and made contact with us to find out if everything was ok and if there was anything they could do! Too good.
Highly recommended!

Went Without a Hitch

Great purchase. I ordered a Neff oven and a Neff 90cm Induction cooktop. The prices absolutely blitzed any local supplier, though this isn't necessarily the case with all brands (some are fixed price worldwide). The stuff turned on time and packaged in strong wooden boxes. Very impressed! I already recommend them to friends.

Good Price, Great Service but beware of International Bank Fee's

Bought a Siemens oven, arrived perfect and as told. Invoice said $2702, happen to be checking my reno costs and realised that the CC debit was $2783. $80 in international transfer without this being noted except for small print t&c. Even tho the site presents to be Australian and priced in Australian dollars transactions are complete in foreign currency.

Might not be a big deal, but think it should be disclosed. Still a good deal compared to walking down to Winnings, just make sure u budget for it when comparing.

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I'm very sorry to hear that some banks charge an extra fee for your purchase on our website :-(. All payments on our Australian website are in AUD but unfortunately some Aussie banks still charge an extra fee for overseas transactions, even when the payment is in AUD... Please note that we also have a bank account with Commonwealth Australia such that Australian customers can pay via bank transfer to guarantee a fee-free transaction. Please feel free to contact me if you would still like to pay via bank transfer then we can refund the original credit card transaction (your bank should then also refund the transaction fee they charged). Glad to hear you're happy with your Siemens oven, its price and our service :-). Kind regards, Micha - micha@importappliances.com.au

Excellent price, communication and service

We purchased a Miele DG6805 combo steam oven, Miele 6860 Pyrolytic oven and a 90cm Siemens Induction cooktop from Import appliances and I could not fault the transaction. Excellent communication, I asked them many questions which they replied to, a day later, tracking was excellent and delivery was astounding, about a week to Sydney. If you want to save some money, use this company, highly recommended we will use again.

Superb Service and price

I'm originally from Europe and so know what the prices of European products are. Found this website and bought two Siemens ovens and a cooktop. Half the price of Australian stores. Were delivered within 10 days to my front door in Tassie. Don't worry about the shorter warranty. The price difference makes it a totally pointless argument. You get a lemon you are still no worse off than if you bought over here. Wife and myself love the appliances and would definitely recommend Import and [Name removed] (Aus/NZ) rep to our friends. In fact one friend has already used them to get the same cooktop and is also very happy.


Easy transaction, very good price item, I highly recommend this company, will certainly look here first next time I am looking for an item.

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Questions & Answers

Hi I am come from Hong Kong, I want to check how long does u take to deliver to Hong Kong if I buy your products?Is everything same when I compare the products buy in HK and Europe ?
4 answers
Mine arrived within the three weeks as stated. However, it took awhile for a friend (which I recommended, recently) to receive hers. Perhaps, six to eight weeks. It appears that they have difficulty sourcing the model. Best if you get in touch with supplier.Yes you need to contact import appliances. Mine came 3 weeksHi there, Most of the time it takes between 1 - 4 weeks to source products from the manufacturer. Once they arrive in stock at our warehouse in Belgium we prepare them for shipping and express shipping to Hong Kong only takes a few days (3-4). The products for sale on our website are the same or very similar to the models you'll find in your local stores. But please don't hesitate to contact me (Micha@ImportAppliances.com) if you would like more info or have any further questions on specific models. Kind regards, Micha Customer support

Hi there, how can I guarantee getting the same product here in Melbourne and is there any manufacturer warranty please.? Fabian Secatore
1 answer
Hi Fabian, Thank you for your question. All models sold on our website are genuine Bosch, Siemens, Miele, Neff appliances. For more information on Australian warranty, please check our website: http://www.importappliances.com.au/warranty Kind regards, Micha

Are there any interest free term available for purchases?.
1 answer
At this point in time, we do not offer any finance plans. We do, however, offer payment via credit card (Visa or Mastercard) which might let you pay off your appliances over a longer period of time. Please contact your credit card provider for more information. Kind regards, Micha

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