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Impressions the Home Builder

Impressions the Home Builder

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A fantastic experience with Impressions

Impressions did a fantastic job developing my 3 units in Girrawheen from start to finish. Impressions were very competitive against other builders however my decision to go with them was mainly through service experience a friend of mine had when constructing his units. And I was not disappointed. My work takes me away from Perth around half of my working year, however Gail Woolsey made it feel like that didn't even matter. She kept everything on point, kept me informed on where things were at and what needed to be done next and as challenges unfolded offered choices and recommendations to go forward. I couldn't have been any luckier with another sales manager. Once handed over to other members of the team, the great service experience continued. Jasmine & Liz kept me informed at all times and Bruno the site supervisor was outstanding and I could clearly see he prided himself on quality construction. The units were built on time and of very high standards. I could move into one of them myself!
I once again I want the thank Impressions and Gail in particular for developing these great units and making things so easy for me. I will definitely be strongly recommending friends and family to Impressions and Gail, and hopefully look forward to further future development opportunities together.

Customer Service
Site Admin
Structural Integrity
Plumbing & Waterproofing
Electrical & Lighting
Build StagePost-Construction
Construction End DateMarch 2019
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Hi Jay, Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with Impressions. Your feedback is much appreciated and has been passed on to the team members who worked on bringing your project to life. Hopefully we can help you achieve the same in the future. Kind regards, Impressions the Home Builder

Impressions Builder of Choice

Given my experience building this home with Impressions and the quality so far. I would have no hesitation in recommending Impressions to anyone as a preferred builder for quality and good value..

From my first dealings with Gail Woolsley (Sales Consultant) through to Jessica Armstrong (Pre Start) & Jasmine Riches (Client Liason) so far I can not fault my journey with Impressions.

The construction management by the building supervisor, (Phil Carder) was exceptional with seamless transition between trades, achieving little or no delays between the stages in construction so far. I also must commend the brickie team I had who were clean and the quality outstanding.

I would have no hesitation in building with Impressions again and thank you to my broker Terry Moore for introducing me to Gail. I am sure I will love living in my new home once completed.

Customer Service
Site Admin
Structural Integrity
Build StageMid-Construction
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Hi Roselyn, Thank you for sharing your experience with Impressions. We are very pleased to learn that you are enjoying your experience with us so far and look forward to handing you the keys to your new Impressions home in the near future! Kind regards, Impressions the Home Builder

nice until they have your money

Not all that bad and attention to detail is good but had some areas with problems that I'm sure could be better delt with. The basin doesn't drain. Had the plumber here. He said it's a air bubble. So I sit with a basin full of water and waiting seconds to drain. And I had to pay for the plumber! Fly screens are difficult to remove to wash windows. Windows were scratched. cheap electric plug covers, brake if you look at them. The elec company they use we had WAY too much problems with them. They guy scratched my wall. our power went on and off and didn't trip... sure that means there is something wrong. Don't even want to start with the cabinet maker. The supervisor were great and understandable. Painter is excellent.

Customer Service
Site Admin
Structural Integrity
Plumbing & Waterproofing
Electrical & Lighting
Build StagePost-Construction
Construction End DateMay 2018
Hi Cindy, Thank you for providing your feedback. We are sorry to hear you have experienced some issues. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at sales@impressions.net.au should there be any outstanding concerns. Kind regards, Impressions the Home BuilderThank you for coming out and repairing my probleme. I appreciate the customer service I gotHi Cindy, We are happy our team was able to assist. Thank you for sharing and all the best, Impresions the Home Builder

Very Satisfactory Building Experience with Impressions Builders

Having built several homes with various builders, our daughter asked assistance to build her first home.

We went around various display villages and identified the things she liked, but no one home was perfect!

Consequently, we started discussions with several builders about a custom-built home, finding John Howell from Impressions to be very helpful and responsive.

The budget costing from Impressions for the proposed construction was cost competitive and given the pleasant/better experience in dealing with Impressions, compared to other builders we had commenced discussions with about a custom-built home.

We selected Impressions as the preferred supplier and the final construction design and costings were progressed to achieve a final known cost for completed construction. In this part of the process too - Impressions were again responsive and we were able to achieve fair, mutually agreeable outcomes.

The property construction commenced in a timely manner once contracts were finalised and signed.

The construction management by the building supervisor, (Lindsay Morrison), was exceptional with seamless transition between trades, achieving little or no delays between the stages in construction and completing the construction as soon as possible.

Our daughter is now very happy with her new home.

Given our experience with building this home with Impressions and the final construction quality. I would have no hesitation in recommending Impressions to anyone as a preferred builder for quality and good value homes.

Neil Chamberlain

Customer Service
Site Admin
Structural Integrity
Plumbing & Waterproofing
Electrical & Lighting
Build StagePost-Construction
Construction End DateJanuary 2019
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Hi Neil, Thank you for sharing your experience with Impressions. Your comments have been passed on to our team. We are delighted that your daughter is very happy with her new home and wish her many wonderful years enjoying it. Kind regards, Impressions the Home Builder

Impressed by Impressions

We started looking for plans and taking our budget, four bedrooms and outside area into account, we were specific in what we wanted, and all builders tried to sell their plans to us, without listening to what we want.
Nilay Shah from Impressions was different, he listened to what we wanted, and actually developed a customised plan for the lot (rear-ended) that we were looking at. The entire process with Nilay was smooth, he offered to come to our house to finalise plans and how we wanted finishes. Nilay ensured that our contracts were completed and signed within a timeframe so that we get an extra discount. He did not only meet the deadlines, but got them through 2 weeks earlier than what the deadline was. Even now, I can call him or just drive there, and he would give me advice. He is like a friend that you can trust.

Rachel Burges was our contract administrator; she was always helpful and sorted our queries immediately. she also did the pre-start. She was amazing – she advised us on various things and had our best interest at heart. Evonna Host did the electrical; she also did an amazing job. Rachel and Evona left us very satisfied.

Jasmine Riches is our client liaison – we only started dealing with her a week or so ago, and she already impressed us. We had questions on landscaping and sprinkler systems, and she immediately sorted our problem, I know this is going to be a smooth process.
Phil Carder is our site supervisor, did not have contact with him yet, but am confident that he would also exceed our expectations.

I will write another review after we move in.

Construction End DateJun 2019
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Hi Erich, thank you for sharing your experience with our team so far. We are delighted to be taking you on the Impressions Journey and we look forward to handing to you the keys to your dream home in 2019! Kind Regards, Impressions the Home Builder

The darkside of Impressions Homes

Our initial relationship with Impressions was really good and without knowing we were becoming victims with their false promises. Being first home builders, we were inexperienced and we believed in the senior sales agent as he was a 'Yes' person to every statement (which was acknowledged by the Sales manager). We quickly forged a strong relationship and trusted him. However with time, the illusions started to manifest...we realised that we were being mislead with costs & inclusions, our time was being wasted (6 months), the agent showed lack of responsibility but more importantly Impressions Sales manager and Operations manager showed minimum compassion and they tried to sell us a brick veneer construction. We felt we were mislead again as they provided us with a designer spec that advertises for 2 face brick construction...so basically breaching what they advertised. Obviously, we decided to cancel with Impressions!

From the beginning, we were promised and provided a lot of discounts and inclusions. The sales agent was a yes person to most of our requests. We felt we were given a deal that was within our budget so we stayed and worked with Impressions. After some time, we noticed that the price of items on quotes were changing at different times as they were repriced by management! Items that were 'included' in previous quotes started to have a dollar value next to them in the latest quotes. Items were also removed from the list without our knowledge. We felt there was a lack of clarity in that space.

Time wasting:
The sales agent had family issues and wanted to spend time with his father. We were very empathetic about the situation. We acknowledged the situation and suggested whether someone else could take over until he's fit for work again...he wanted to keep the deal which means we were stuck there, the project did not advance and our requests to complete the design was not put through in time! The sales agent had countless meetings re-scheduled with us for around 2 months...his reasons were either he was sick or had family issues (which is understandable to this limit) or he simply doesn't turn up or he was not prepared to meet us (very unprofessional).

Sales manager and Operations manager
We were paying for a vacant land and we required things to move quicker. So we decided to escalate this to the Operational manager. We had a meeting with her and the Sales manager as well. I explained the whole situation and they agreed to pass our file to an admin person. The admin person did well and we requested to complete the changes that we initially requested so that we start the next process. After two weeks, out of nowhere I received a call from the Sales manager who wanted to cancel our project. The reason was because he noted a discrepancy of $76,000 missing in the quote! ! I asked to review the case and to seek where the issue was as we have neither written the quotes nor provided discounts and inclusions. We asked to fix the issue.
The Sales manager acknowledged again there was a major discrepancy internally and he was going to fix the issue. Three weeks later, I met with the Sales manager and the Operational manager again. I was presented with a quote that was outside of our budget. During the conversation, the operation manager was providing me with every excuse to remove items from the quote. They also wanted to cut corners by trying to sell me a brick veneer construction which was outside of the designer specs that was provided to us...breaching a marketing material that they advertised. When I asked the Sales manager to re-cap in writing when he previously mentioned in the last conversation, he stayed quiet and did not write back. His statement was false and misleading. They simply had no compassion, no ownership of Impressions blunder. So we cancelled with Impressions.

Part of the deposit was refunded and I requested to lodged a complaint as I wanted to claim for compensation for time wasting and misleading us for 6 months. The Operation manager refused to lodge our complaint and refused to grant compensation as they felt we had lengthy changes to our plan. During the preliminary process, a customer has the right to make changes and work with the builder to achieve the desired outcome. If we knew the cost would have been outside of our budget, we would not have signed a preliminary quotation with Impressions in the first place. We were mislead for 6 months.

We're sorry to hear about your experience with Impressions the Home Builder. Please send an email to sales@impressions.net.au with your name and contact number so that we can assist you further. Kind Regards, Impressions the Home BuilderIt’s been nearly 1 month and I haven’t heard from Impressions. Not impressed at all!Thank you for providing your details. After looking into this further it is our understanding that our team has already been in contact with you prior to this review regarding your feedback. Regards, Impressions the Home Builder

Excellence & Quality at its best

This was our second home again being built by Impressions after being fully satisfied with the first built by same builder ,and on both occasions we had the same sales consultant Nilay. Nilay was excellent , spot on and delivered on time what was agreed without any hesitation or issues.
We had been referred to Nilay by our friends who had already built with impressions during our first build, truly Nilay is an asset for the company and we would not hesitate to recommend him and the builder to anyone . The Team at Impressions are the back bone of the company and truly customer satisfaction is their number one priority, they attended to our queries promptly and nothing was a problem for them.
Our sincere thanks to the following team of impressions who made our building journey very much easier and memorable:-

Sales Consultant - Nilay (extremely knowledgeable and any changes in design/layouts never an issue , best sales consultant we have dealt with)

Prestart Consultant- Rachel Burgess ( very friendly and customer orientated , during prestart we needed extra things and she suggested alternatives, which would look better and trendy, very knowledgeable)

Client Liaison - Jasmine Riches ( Very Prompt to respond to queries/feedback whether on phone or email and sorting them out virtually in no time , Customer Focus and Satisfaction a priority for her)

Supervisor: Darran Hutchinson -Truly a superb supervisor who keenly listens to the clients requests and ensures any issues /rectifications are resolved within the time frames , Darran come to site whenever we requested him to and attentively listened to our concerns and ensured they were addressed to our satisfaction. )

Construction End DateNov 2018
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Hi Harminder, thank you for your kind words. We're delighted to hear that you've enjoyed another experience with our team. We wish you many happy years in your new Impressions home. Kind Regards, Impressions the Home Builder

Lack of care for customer and build quality.

Our biggest issue began a couple of months after handover when we had water dripping from the exhaust fan in our ensuite. We notified Impressions and they sent out a person to have a look. We were told that everything was fine up in the roof and it was just condensation.

One year after handover we had noticed mould on our clothing in our wardrobe. We notified Impressions again and they sent out another person to have a look.
We were told that we just need to open our window when we shower.
We had to move everything from our wardrobe to be cleaned and some to be thrown out. We still have not used the wardrobe since.

Two years after handover we find more mould, but this time on our bed frame, bedside drawers and large drawers.
We got an inspector from another building company out this time so we get a real honest answer.
All ducting that was installed was too long and very poorly positioned, with U-shaped bends, and large dips. This caused moisture to build up so much that the ducting was holding large amounts of water, making the exhaust fan ineffective. One exhaust fan didn't even have the ducting installed at all.

We informed Impressions again and they sent out another person.
This time they agreed that the ducting was poorly installed and would have caused the exhaust fan to be ineffective, also causing excess mould to occur from the steam and humid environment. Then straight after said the damage in the bedroom is our fault. Then straight after that said not to try take things further because they'll just blame us too.
When we showed him the mould on the bed he said its just surface mould and turned around and walked off. We explained about the mould being in the wooden slats of the bed and they showed no interest and didn't say anything.
We were told it was our job to keep the room clean.
We clean the bedroom and whole house extremely often and to a high standard, especially after the first mould discovery, so we found this extremely disrespectful.
How often does anybody remove their mattress, remove the slats from underneath, then clean the bed frame under all that? So far when I have asked that question, 100% of the answers I have received was never.

We then received a report of the inspection which now says that he did not see any mould on the bed. So now they have lied in the report.

We have had to move out of our master bedroom and stop using our ensuite,
We have had to buy a new mattress, new chests of drawers and still need to buy a new bed.
We will need to pay to get the carpet cleaned and the shower re-sealed.

2 Years after handover and our bedroom isn't even safe to live in, we have lost our entire bedroom suite and some of our clothing and Impressions admits that the problem was caused by their poor quality work, but refuses to take responsibility for the damages they have caused and are trying to blame us.
They are going so far to avoid taking responsibility as to lie in their reporting.
The customer care is pretty much non-existent, and the customer service we received was quite disrespectful and a very poor effort.
The customer service is a joke.

If you want;
- a low quality build,
- inspectors who will let anything pass,
- issues that won't get resolved properly,
- a builder who cares more about saving a bit of money than they do about customer health and satisfaction,
- to replace your entire bedroom every year or two while risking your health,
- to waste your time and money on other peoples poor quality work and lack of care and responsibility,

Then I'd highly recommend building with Impressions,
if this all sounds like a nightmare, then i'd recommend going somewhere else,
Don't make the same mistake I did.

Construction End DateApr 2016
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Hi Mitchell, We have just sent you a private message in regards to your concerns. We await your response to our private message so that we can investigate this further. Alternatively, you can email us at sales@impressions.net.au with your details. Kind Regards, Impressions the Home Builder

Could not be happier

We met with several builders before choosing to build with Impressions, but what ultimately led us to choose Impressions over their competitors was a combination of factors, such as the excellent, transparent service we received, the willingness of Impressions to make endless alterations to the design of our house (instead of pushing us down a certain design path as the other builders tried to do) and of course their exceptionally competitive pricing (which is mainly due to Impressions being part of the BGC group who manufacture a lot of the building materials such as bricks and roof tiles).

The service we received at every stage of the build was outstanding, the whole team is approachable and easy to reach whenever we had any questions. In particular Vinzi, Chantelle and Peter were all fantastic, they all made an enormous difference to our experience.

The build was extremely well managed, everything happened on time or even ahead of schedule and the site supervisor Peter was always providing regular updates and keeping us in the loop with what was going on. Whenever we visited the site, the space was always clean and tidy (no rubbish left strewn around), and any trades that we bumped into while we there were happy to chat to us about what they were working on and they all seemed very passionate about what they do. All of this combined gave us a really good reassurance that we had made a good choice with Impressions, we had no reason to worry at any point throughout the build.

We've been in the house now for over three months, and so far we have identified only the tiniest little issues - that's to say the quality of the build appears to be exceptional. We have not even noticed a single settlement crack so far. Since getting the keys we've had a lot of visitors to the house including friends, family and trades, and so many of them have remarked at the quality of the workmanship. In particular we have had several compliments on the quality of the external render, the tiling to the bathrooms, and our painter commented that the plastering on the internal walls was probably the best he'd ever seen in the 5 years he's been in Perth, so it's clear to me that Impressions only use the best tradies.

We know a lot of other people who have built new homes with other builders in the last couple of years, including some who have built with the more "premium" builders, and the general consensus among them all has been that their experiences with their builders have been no where near as positive as ours has been with Impressions. We would not hesitate to build with Impressions again, although we love this house so much that I don't imagine we will want to leave here any time soon. Huge thanks to everyone at Impressions who helped build our dream house!

Construction End DateMar 2018
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Hi Ellie, thank you for taking the time to leave a detailed review. We're happy to hear that our team made your Impressions journey an enjoyable and memorable one. We wish you many happy years in your new home!

Excellent builder

Workmanship is very good and any issues is dealt with accordingly nothing major after the inspection and also manage to clean up the front lawn. They also accommodate some minor changes during the build, although i have one request they forgot to put on the contract but thats only minor. The liason officer gives updates regularly. And good customer service. Highly recommended.

Construction End DateJun 2018
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Thank you for your review Dross, we're delighted to hear you'd recommend us! Your comments will be shared with the team and we hope you enjoy many happy years in your new Impressions Home.

Can’t ask for more – Amazing !

We were looking to build an investment property for a year or so. Finally, found a land that we wanted to build and it was located next to a busy road at a slope. We met with five different builders, who gave different costing for site works and to build. Out of all these initial consultations, meeting Roger Stoch from Impressions was a remarkable start. Within the first ten minutes of talking, we knew we will be definitely building with Impressions. Roger clearly explained us all about site works, traffic management, council regulations and possible design options which are adequate for our budget. He went through every little detail of the house, from costing to restrictions and was always accessible when advice is needed from building to handover. Most importantly, Roger knew what he was talking about. During our Impressions journey, we see him as a very honest, responsive, easy going and willing to help person.

From land settlement, PQS, building settlement and pre-start, things moved on efficiently. We of course had queries and miscommunication during the process; then again these were achieved with answers and solutions from Impressions very efficiently.

Construction commenced within a reasonable time. Construction manager, Alan visited the site few times whenever we needed assistance and always he had solutions. The main supervisor, Phil always kept us informed and was always open to talk, helpful and very knowledgeable. Jake the site supervisor, simply amazing person! He was an early starter which perfectly worked with us with our work commitments. He had the entire site under control. It was a difficult site to access while building. Still, Jake planned everything in a way that we did not have a single complaint from neighbours. Retaining walls, filling, clearing, traffic management all went smoothly. Girls from admin and accounts kept us informed on every stage and could not ask for more. Jasmine was brilliant and she always replied to our queries within a reasonable time. The team was brilliant!

We knew this will not be a smooth build, yet Impressions managed to deliver it on time with a quality outcome. We did not have any issues during PCI. During PCI, Jake looked into the concerns we highlighted and Jasmine organised a smooth and professional handover of the house. Soon as the house was handed over, we experienced a small issue with the electric hotplate. This was fixed by Impressions within a reasonable time.

Recently, the six months maintenance check was due; did not have any major issues at all. Had a phone call from Impressions Maintenance Team, followed by a supervisor visiting the house and provided an action plan for the issues we raised. Hopefully these will be fixed soon. Unable to comment further on this yet; once this is completed during next couple of weeks will update the comment.

The land was settled in end of 2016, then build process started and the house was ready by October 2017. Considering the amount of work involved, we cannot complain.

To summarise our journey with Impressions; we chose a land on a busy road. This was of course challenging to start with. Yet, Impressions delivered the end product for the agreed budget as we needed. At the end, we received generous amount of credit from Impressions from the provisional sums.

We are very happy with our investment build and already working with Roger Stock on building a family home for us. Hope we will continue to have a similar experience with that too.

A big shout out to Roger, Alan, Phil, Jake Jasmine and the Impressions team! Thank you.

Construction End DateOct 2017
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Hi Nu and Wo, we truly appreciate the time you have taken to leave such a detailed review of your experience. Your kind words will be passed on to our team members. We hope you're enjoying your investment experience! Kind Regards, Impressions the Home Builder

Impressions Truly Impressed!!

We almost signed the dotted line with another builder but we knew something did not feel right. We decided to have one last visit to the display homes and we met Romano Fernandes at the Impressions Display in Dayton. What impressed us the most was the fact that Romano was willing to listen to what we wanted in our home and tailor a plan to suit our needs. Romano provided some of the best customer service we have ever received and was very patient throughout the whole process. We couldn't have asked for a better start with impressions and Romano is truly passionate in his role and outstanding at what he does.

After we signed the contracts the pre-start was a breeze but once again impressions took it to the next level by providing us with constant correspondence on the build and updates on each stage. We did not have to chase them at any stage. Jasmine Riches who was the Client Liason officer was always responding to our emails and phone calls whenever needed. Jasmine went above and beyond to assist us whenever needed which is very rare these days.

We moved into our property in November and we couldn't be happier. The build quality has exceeded our expectations and the workman ship outstanding. We have had no complaints whatsoever and we cant thank impressions enough.

It was wonderful working with people who are passionate about their roles and that made the big difference! Thank you again Romano and Jasmine!

Construction End DateNov 2017
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Dear Angelo, we hope you enjoyed spending your first festive season in your new Impressions home. We're delighted to read your kind review and will be sure to pass on your comments to our team. All the best for 2018!


Currently in the process of building my first home. Brickwork has started and every component of the process thus far has been pleasant and straight forward.

I hope that the rest of the build and the home completed are just as pleasant and I have every confidence that they will be.

Great work so far by Peter and Judy Dorizzi. Thanks a lot.


Construction End DateMar 2018
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Hi Sam, thank you for choosing to build your new home with Impressions. We are excited to be sharing this building journey with you and we will continue to do our very best as we build your dream home!

Friendly, hassle free, efficient

We are currently building with impressions and are nearing our PCI/ final completion. We signed up with Peter and Judy Dorizzi back in march and they were amazing from the first moment we walked into the display home in Byford, they listened to what we were after, our needs and budget then gave us many options. Nothing was to much trouble for them, like our constant change of mind or extra items! Like most other sales reps they never pushed us into upgrades just suggested what was best for our block, resale and the overall value for money. After we signed up we had our pr- start, everyone we have liaised with at Impressions has been very helpful and polite. Our slab was poured on the 14th of July and now at the end of November we are at PCI !! They have been so efficient with the build but have never compromised on quality. We are so excited to move in to our new home !!! Thank you to everyone at Impressions you are amazing !! Special thank you to Peter and Judy for taking so much time and effort getting our home exactly how we wanted it at the early stages, you guys rock !!

Construction End DateDec 2017
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Dear Katie B, we're excited to be close to handing you the keys to your new Impressions home! Your review will be shared with our team and we hope you create many new memories in your new home. All the best, Impressions the Home Builder

Almost ready to move in

We are very happy with the the workmanship on our new home from concreters to brickies plasterers tilers and cabinet makers. Our supervisors have been great responding promptly to our calls and queries. The customer service has been good overall ourbuild has been stress free from the day we walked into the display home and met Peter Dorizzi and his wife who were fantastic. Thanks everyone
John and Sheree

Construction End DateOct 2017
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Hi John and Sheree, thank you for your kind feedback! We have passed on your comments to the team and we wish you all the best in your new Impressions home. Regards, Impressions the Home Builder

Better than most builder out there.

Sign up was easy and attractive. Excellent customer service by Mark Harman, our home design consultant(baldivis edge estate). Very knowledgeable person, always available to answer the queries we had. Excellent home design, took our considerations and brought it into the plan. Few surprises after the sign up but nothing that was not sorted out. He was a great help and advisor considering we were first home buyers and knowledge about building industry was only partial or half baked.

Prestart process has a lot of room to improve. Felt like we were rushed through it. Request for a meeting with prestart consultant again was turned down on few occasions(reason unknown). She would only take request through emails.Had to wait a week at times to get reply to your email inquiries. But it would be unfair to say she was not helpful.

Construction started three months later than expected. Council had a few issues with the plan. Had to amend the plan accordingly. Construction is closer to lock up stage at the moment, so finally beginning to see the build quality which seems great(not a expert though). Client liaison officer jasmine is an excellent person to deal with. Prompt replies to the emails. Site supervisor Darren is also very helpful in addressing issues.

In a nutshell five star if improved on its prestart process. Already referred one friend to impressions through Mark Harman. Go and see him and you won't be disappointed. Cheers

Construction End DateSep 2017
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Dear Pawan, we appreciate you taking the time to write this review and will be sure to share your feedback with our team. Thank you for choosing to build your new home with Impressions!

Quick and Efficient Builder

Based on my experience, I have no hesitation in recommending Impressions. We had an unusual block (diamond shape) so took a while to find the right plan to suit block and a builder with a good reputation who came in on budget. Finally signed with Impressions and we followed this build at every stage from pad down to handover which is next week sometimes attending on a daily basis things moved that fast. Every stage has been efficient and quickly followed by the next. Workmanship has been excellent and all trades tidied up after themselves. The site was always maintained. Responses to questions (and I had a few) were answered promptly and updates were provided at every stage. Any problems (which were fairly minimal) were readily fixed with no dramas. Looking forward to final inspection and key handover next week.

Construction End DateJul 2017
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Hi Karen, Thank you for your kind words. It is wonderful to hear that you’ve had such a great experience building with us. We look forward to handing you the keys to your new home! From the team at Impressions

My Perfect Dream Home

I am really happy that I choose impression the work is been with in the time frame. I am glad I had roger Stoch who designed my dream house and I am also thankful to my building supervisor peter . I was happy with administration and manager natali who always assured everything will be done in time. I am really happy that I finally going to move in my dream house.#perfecto

Construction End DateJun 2017
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Dear Tapan, thank you for taking the time to complete this review. Your kind words will be passed onto our team and we wish you all the best moving into your dream Impressions home! Regards, Impressions the Home Builder

Very Efficient!

We had a very speedy start thanks to our consultant Vinzi. We were very thankful for his help in beginning our new home. Any small concerns were quickly rectified very efficiently. Our building is coming along very quickly with good communication and updates along the way from Chantelle. Our home is still in construction but so far so good! Looking forward to moving in!

Construction End DateAug 2017
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Hi Taha and Margaret, we're delighted to hear that you are enjoying your Impressions journey so far. Thank you for choosing to build your new home with Impressions the Home Builder - we're excited to be handing you the keys in the next couple of months! Regards, the team at Impressions

Great Experience! Best People in the Industry

It was 15/03/17 when we signed for a block of land, immediately after that we went straight to Impressions' display home in Piara Waters and we met Nilay Shah the design consultant and after we discussed the design we decided not to consider other builder coz we already feel that what Nilay gave us was really what we wanted. It usually take 4 months for the documentation to finish but in our case it only took us 2 months. Nilay is the one who recommended the broker and settlement agent and both of them are fantastic as well. He also gave us a lot of useful suggestions with the design. Pre-start went smoothly, the contract administrator Gemma Davis was really helpful and very accommodating to our request. And today 07/06/17 slab was already down and the client liason Chantelle provides us with all the updates that we need. WE are expecting our home beginning of next year but looking at the update we might have it before the end of the year. I love dealing with these people, very professional while being friendly at the same time.

Construction End DateNov 2017
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Hi Joanne, thank you for sharing your experience with Impressions. We are delighted you are enjoying your journey with us so far and look forward to completing your new home. Regards from the team at Impressions

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Questions & Answers

We are currently building with impressions and I’d be keen to know who is responsible for providing updates and who should we be contacting with any questions? Since a recent reassigning of our liaison and supervisor we have had to chase on multiple occasions to even get any update, not happy with recent interactions to say the least.
1 answer
Hi Alouise, The Client Liaison is your main point of contact during the construction phase of your journey. Please send us an email at sales@impressions.net.au with your job number and our team will attend to any queries you have. Kind regards, Impressions the Home Builder

ideas for a custom home office design?
1 answer
Hi GG55, Thanks for your question. Our team can help with home designs featuring a home office or work with you on a custom design. Please get in touch at sales@impressions.net.au if you would like to speak to one of our New Home Consultants.

If a question is asked about cost of site works can impressions give you break down of site works costs that you provided?
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Hi Sam k, our team would be more than happy to go through the breakdown of siteworks with you. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Regards, Impressions the Home Builder.


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