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Indesit DFP58M94A/ANX

Great machine . Super quiet

I bought this machine new and have had it for a few months. It is super quiet. Quieter than a high end Bosch at only 42 decibels. And a fraction of the price plus has full stainless interior. ( some Bosch have partial plastic) And the clean is fantastic
highly recommend .I hope it lasts a long time .

Purchased in November 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Meets expectations

I bought this machine a year ago and love it.I like this unit. There is a separate drawer, you only need to insert tableware is very convenient. They're always dry, so if you put them in, one knife and another spoon, you can empty it in five seconds. This is a wonderful idea. I am surprised that few other models have it. It's so quiet that we can't hear it when we go to bed. If there is no intermediate vertical basket, it is easy to stack large plates and so on. Everything is clean and tidy. We only circulate in the warm middle period, so it is cheaper to get good results.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Quiet and efficient

It is quieter than we expected. We had to check if it was really on the first time we used it. It has great features. Lots of cycle options. Low water use. Looks great in our kitchen under the bench. Has sound alert to tell you when the cycle is completed.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Fantastic and sooooo quiet

Have had for about a week and it's fantastic. Cleans well, looks pretty good but it's best feature aside from good water consumption is just how quiet it is. Have an open living/kitchen/dining so wanted something that could operate while doing other things and it has surpassed my expectations in this regard. Highly recommended.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

For the price its a steal

I have owned this dishwasher for almost 1 month and am very happy with it.
Firstly the machine is practical and easy to use, which was what we were after. It doesn't look like a high end styled dishwasher such as miele or a bosch however if you are after a machine you can use daily for a family for a reasonable price then this is worthwhile.
The top rack can be lifted higher for large plates or you can remove it completely as well.
We find it cleans perfectly and dries ok too (unless you are drying plastic cups etc then you will need to do a quick towel dry, but this was the same with my bosch I would towel dry plastic items).
When in operation its quiet and I sometimes have to put my ear next to the machine to check its actually operating!

We have used the longer cycles which dries but cant be bother waiting around for hours so
We mostly use the 30min wash that operates a 50degrees and then leave the door open for evaporation drying (similar to if you would allow your dishes to drip dry on the sink) and then towel dry there after. the 30min wash is great considering the short cycle.
2 year warranty includes parts and labour. These days most white good machines only includes parts for the warranty which leave you to have to pay for the labour, and the labour rates are through the roof.. so parts and labour is a bonus.

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please give me a price?
2 answers
Very good product I had one for 20 years and it was very goodI think about $600 from memory


DFP58M94A (White)DFP58M94ANX (Stainless Steel)
Water Rating5.5stars5.5stars
Energy Rating3.5stars3.5stars
Price (RRP) $949$999

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