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InfaSecure Maxi

InfaSecure Maxi

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Yeah but no

Before buying a baby bath ask yourself how you're going to empty it. The stand on this is great for your back, however the drain is just a small hole at one end with a little black plug. The bath is rather large (good for baby) but that makes us too heavy to lift and empty. You need to buy some tubing to empty it into something with a drain, however that always gets mouldy and is very difficult to get over the drain without getting water everywhere. Plus baby was not so convinced about having all these lumps and bumps in her floating space. Also the shelf at the bottom constantly gets splashed with water either from emptying it or by the baby splashing and it doesn't have any way to run off.

Having said that, it is good for your back, it is commodious, and the baby has learned to live with the moulded parts and I have a system (though not great) for emptying it now so I can live with it.

Cheaply made and impossible to put together

Ok so I am NOT bad at putting things together.... generally speaking quite the opposite. This however, was incredibly frustrating and rather difficult. The instructions don't make sense, which is ok considering there's 4 legs and a bottom 'shelf' with 8 screws, but seriously.... first of all, all 4 legs are the same. Which sounds fine, but the screw holes for the bottom shelf indicate this shouldn't be the case. Then getting the screws in required screwing into the top and bottom holes while disammbled to try and get a straight line and make holes big enough for the screws to go into. Fine. Except we still have one leg where we CANNOT get the screw to go in properly. Hardly seems safe to hold and infant AND water. We will try and use a drill tomorrow to make the hole bigger, but seriously.... this should've been a 5 min job and shouldn't require anything other than a screwdriver. Wouldn't recommend unless the shop puts it together for you...

Great product, easy to assemble, would recommend

We bought the stand and matching deluxe bath. I found the cost to be quite affordable. The instructions were pretty straight forward. It took me around 30 mins from unboxing to set it up, which was reasonable.

The product is the perfect height, even for short mothers (my partner is 5'1) and it's easy on our backs.

We love the towel rack on the side and the material shelf underneath is handing for storing products.

I highly recommend this product.

A Rather Frustrating Product

We bought the stand to save our backs, but the product isn't made well enough to assemble. Holes don't line up so screws can't go in and the wheels don't lock in - you have to balance it in place. Not due if it's faulty or poorly designed! Definitely not safe enough to put a baby in!

Good idea, but........

First the disclaimer, our little boy is not yet born so we can't really comment on its actual use.
We've gone the full nine yards and purchased the Maxi bath and Stand. We liked the size of the bath and relative compactness of the stand etc. However after getting it home we've discovered that the product falls down on the details.
The stand: I'm pretty good at constructing stuff, but this took me a good 20 minutes after a couple of false starts. The instructions are hopeless and I can see safety issues with the different ways you could screw it up. I can tell you the demo model in the shop ain't right.
The Bath: It didn't snugly fit in the stand without the weight of the water. The drain hole is in a very poor location.
It's a good idea, the bigger bath with the built-in seat looks like it will serve us well.
Poor instructions with possible safetly implications, Choice would fail this product if they reviewed it based solely on the documentation.


I love this bath. I borrowed a bath and change table in one initially from a friend but as my baby got older he used to hit his head in it while kicking, so I purchased this one. I highly recommend it, my baby is now 8 mths and sits up comfertably in it with no head hitting and enjoys playing with his toys in it. Suitable from newborn to 12mths+
LArge bath so you can use it till your baby is 12 mths or more. Middle plastic dome and recline is great for newborns to lie snyg and for older babies to sit with a little support. Has lots of colours beige, white, blue, aqua and pink I think. Has a draining hose with it. Large and a wide bath which allows baby to enjoy playing with toys around
A little big and bulky but I guess it lasts longer as the baby gets bigger.

Questions & Answers

How are you guys getting the wheels to stay on? Mine don't snap in place and there's no screw or retaining pin. The wheels are just falling off right now.
1 answer
Yeah, while I still love the product, the wheels are its worst feature... after 4-5 months of solid use, two of our wheels started falling off. We just had to jam them in there and be gentle with it. Not ideal. I gave the product 5 stars before this happened, had I know, I would have dropped the rating to 3 stars.


InfaSecure Maxi
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