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InfaSecure Jumping Joey with Collapsible Stand

InfaSecure Jumping Joey with Collapsible Stand

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dont buy this so unsafe!


Theirs no way these should be aloud to be sold in stores ! Theyre so dangerous my baby nearly fell out as soon as i put him in it and hes only 3 months old! Discusting and annoyed i wasted my money! They need to be recalled! Not safe at all.



My 7 month old son loved this product until the top of the spring snapped and he fell to the ground hitting his head. The tripod isn't that sturdy either. He only weighs 7.5 kg so definitely in the weight range. This product needs to be reviewed. Certainly not happy.



My 4-month-old almost fell out of this contraption. Don't waste your money. Looks like some sort of torture device as well, difficult to fix to the doorway and strap extremely tight even though my son is well under the maximum of 15 kilos. Don't buy it.


LisaCentral Highlands and Goldfields, VIC

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Not perfect but very good


My daughter absolutely loves this jumping joey. The harness runs on the small side and it seems to adjust more to length than width. It can be hard to lock the harness into the clip with the baby strapped in but once she's in she has a ball.
Sturdy footing and the feet don't scratch our wood floors.
Overall very happy but it's definitely not perfect.

Disappointed to say the least


At 7.6kg my 4 month old son can not use this product. We only purchased it at Christmas and he was able to get just a few weeks out of it before no longer fitting in the seat even though it's rated to 15kg. So so so very unhappy we wasted all this money. Should have invested in the real jolly jumper

Think Twice Before Purchasing This Product.


The Velcro strap is not large enough. The spring has no bounce. The chest height of the seat is too low so my baby nearly fell out. I'd like to get this product recalled. The chain is difficult to attach to the clamp and very heavy. Don't buy it. Don't buy it.

A little disappointed.


I bought my son a jumping Joey last week and he Absolutely loves it
But I am a little disappointed. he is 5 months old, he isn't over weight though he is a big boy and the Velcro only just fits around him. We'd be lucky if he gets another 2 weeks in it as he grows so quickly (as baby's do). It breaks my heart because he adores it and has so much fun in it but won't be able to use it for too much longer. I bought this product for $140 and will only get a couple weeks use out of it.
It would be a perfect product if the Velcro was bigger.



Velcro straps not big enough.


I bought this when my child was 4 months old he was average weight and it was very snug fitting then. He is now 7 months old and the Velcro doesn't do up at all. I'm so disappointed because he clearly loves it but is to dangerous to use. I also bought the stand and now I feel it was the biggest waste of time and money.


FelicityGold Coast

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My 6 Month Old Daughter Loves Jumping Joey


We've had no problems with Jumping Joey & our Daughter has a wonderful time bouncing/playing on it. And of course you need to supervise your child (at all times)! We only play in Jumping Joey in 10/15mins intervals a couple of times a day as friends have advised to be cautious of pelvic/hip issues with overuse. Like everything... in moderation.
Easy to essemble & store



Just received a second hand one in excellent condition that barely fits around my 6month olds waist. She is slightly above avarge in growth but I wouldn't dear leave her in it as the velcro straps hardly fit together. the design of it props her forward on an angle and not straight up and down. If I brought it new I would ask for a refund

Bad design and dangerous for larger babies.


Screw came out & all springs &harness fell on his head.


Bought jolly jumper at expo, Bub loved it, our straps seem very secure, velco v strong.. I was sitting right in front of him & everything gave way- frame was ok but the metal chains, springs, black plastic bar all came away &fell on his head leaving a nasty bruise & fell to floor. Lucky I had put a dense pillow under him that helped to cushion his fall, &lucky he wasnt jumping at the time he was just standing there... I think what had happened was bub learnt to turn in circles, &seems he unscrewed the screw at the top.
Fun for bub. Gave me a break with a very active bub.
Should have a warning to check the screw at top before each use.



Harness way to tight!


I found that the harness was way to tight around my sons girth! I stopped using it because I found it was so tight it was digging into him and probley cutting circulation off! The Jolly jumper looks much more comfortable! Has anyone compared the two for comfort? Has anyone else had this problem or is the jolly jumper tight fitting aswell?
the sturdy frame.
Too tight fitting around girth.



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Needs to be banned!


I have 5 1/2 month old twins and for the first few times my baby was great in it, this morning I turned for a second and heard a great smack, the velcro had given way on the side & he fell out sideways to smack his head face first into the floor. I have never heard him scream so loud & have been distraut ever since. These should be banned and not used. They should be tested just like carseats. How can something made for a baby be so unsafe. I am going to do something about it am try & get these banned, I never want any other mother to have to go thru what I did.


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oh my! thats absolutely terrible and saddening :( i hope he is ok?? poor thing. that is appalling how they can have such an unsafe product on the market, especially when it is made for babies! hope your little boy is ok.

Spring snapped and my daughter fell


My daughter was jumping and the spring broke and she fell. Thank god I always put padding so she didn't hurt her feet while jumping.
Company refused ti speak with me so I called the news stations who did a story on this last night.
Am still waiting for an apology from the manufacturer
My daughter loved it



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Great for keeping my little one busy while I catch up on the housework.




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We bought the Jumping Joey last night for our 5 month old son. He is a big lad at 10kg so we were really conscious of the frame/seat taking the weight of 10kg. We tried him in the 'Jolly Jumper' and he was fine so we thought the Jumping Joey would be just as suitable.

We followed the instructions and lay our son down to harness him in, and attached him to the stand. Unfortunately the velcro of the harness failed around his girth, and because of the strap between his legs he fell out sideways, head first and bumped his head on the floor.

I would not recommend buying this equipment.
Inexpensive, easy instructions.
The j-hook appeared to be to short for the fixture.

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hi, i cant put mine together... I appears my J hook is too short also... how did you finally get it together? T.I.A...

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