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InfaSecure Tak-A-Too

InfaSecure Tak-A-Too

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Infa-not-secure booster cushion Disappoints

Bought this for our 18month old toddler for it's portability as we like to dine out as a family. We tried using at home and found our toddler was getting out very easily. As with other reviews, the strap at the back does not fit our high back chairs. Upon inspection, we found the plastic buckles on the waist straps were releasing with very little effort. Took back to the store (Baby-co Springvale) and was told by a sales clerk they would replace it . When other units were checked, including the display model, the problem appeared to be defective buckles. I asked for a refund but the sales clerk insisted this was not a manufacturers' defect (obviously a purchases' defect!!) and would have to contact Infa-secure regarding the matter since I had forgotten the receipt at home. It is a shame, because I do have the receipt and will be getting a refund and will not trust BAbyco or Infasecure products again.
Light and portable.
Plastic buckles release easily and do not hold infants securely so fails on safety. The straps to secure the back do not securely tighten on an average chair.

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Further to my returning the faulty unit back to BabyCo Springvale, I was given a replacement which I didn't want. I returned 2 days later with the original receipt and the replacement unit. The store assistant manager inspected it and said this item had been used!! I had not even opened the box, and can only deduce the store is re-cycling purchases returns at full price!! Even more reason for my fury and disappointment with the purchase. I was refused a refund and was given a store card to the value of the item. I did notice to my horror the faulty unit I originally returned, the failed replacement and the faulty display unit were all on the shelf. The weekend staff had obviously not reacted to the faulty strap buckles. I have lost faith in BabyCo Springvale and their arrogant staff who could not acknowledge a problem and act appropriately and politely.

Money down the drain

A good, lightweight portable seat which doesn't take up much room to store or in the car. Black in colour so doesn't mark, not that it's had much use. Definately less bulky than the plastic designs and a lot lighter to carry. Was able to try in store to make sure our son would fit.
That being said, read below the cons and you will see how disappointed we are.
Lightweight, compact
Although our son fits in it, after 5 minutes he takes down the straps as they are positioned too low at the back and so slide off really easily. Then as a result of this, because the front padding does not go up very high he pulls forward so cannot be left alone as he would probably pull the chair over. The back strap fits fine, however the strap that goes underneath the chair has not yet fit one chair I have tried it on (after lots of christmas travelling) and when had the chance to use it on a high backed chair, the strap does not pull tight enough on at least the two chairs that we tried. Thus we cannot use the seat (even at home for guests as it does not fit our chairs) and now have to go and purchase a new one. I always keep receipts but lost this one with christmas mayhem, so after visiting the site have found that I cannot return it despite it's poor design quality and now I need to shell out for a new seat. $50 wasted.


I really like this design and it is so portable! I can throw it in the back of the car, in the pram etc. and off we go! i initially bought a portable dining seat made of plastic, but found it was too heavy and bulky to carry. Overall, really happy with it.
Light, compact and portable and can use on any chair surface without causing damage, even leather! I also like that it extends at the top for longer chairs. Good padded groin piece. Baby actually doesn't wriggle in it as much of another similar one I tried.
The groin piece is nice and padded but cuts into baby's thighs a little. Shoulder straps clip on rather than buckles on, which can be a little fiddly.

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