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Infacol Wind Drops

Infacol Wind Drops

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  • 3 reviews

Wouldn't recommend - baby projectile vomiting


Got infacol for LO (little one) to help with excess wind after swapping from breastfeeding to formula, after adding the recommended dosage of infacol to each feed over a few days LO began projectile vomiting. Today we stopped using infacol and have noticed a major improvement, no more projectile vomiting.
Wouldn't recommend using this product, it's very distressing to watch your baby be so sick.

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Didn't work for my baby


He vomited quite a bit when ever I gave him this. He hated the taste and was always a battle. His wind only ever came up with vomit. I've used other products that have worked very well, just not for my little man unfortunately. Every baby is different and might work better for another

S. Carter
S. CarterBrisbane
  • 2 reviews

Not for my baby bad reaction


After using the advised amount on my 4 week old baby she cried so bad like it was cause her so much pain, my baby isn't a cryer and this was so distressing for her and for me because I couldn't help her. Not planning on using this again as it just didn't work the way I had hoped, persisting to try and find another product that will get rid of wind.

  • 3 reviews

Didn't work at all!


Tried Infacol in desperation with LO having extreme gas after and during breastfeeding in the hopes that it would work after being recommended by my midwife as a last resort..it didn't work at all! My mother suggested Gripe Water and that worked instantly for us. I feel better about that too as it isn't so medicated.

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  • 2 reviews

Can make matters worse


Tried my LO on infacol at 4 wks, she was suffering from chronic gas (fart gas) only needed to use it once to know it was not the solution. After sleeping for about an hour, she was up, tensing and screaming in agony worse then I had EVER seen her before, this screaming went on for hours into the night, to the point of me taking her to the ED. may work for some babies, didn't gel well with mine, I will deal with her gas the natural way from now on, as that is much easier then trying to recover her after using infacol. Devastating effect.


Epic fail


have tried this with both my babies and found although it did work slightly at helping bring up wind it also made them both extremely unsettled for the next 24 hours or so. Am not sure if it was the size of the bottom end wind bubbles that made them uncomfortablek? i did wind them for a decent amount of time after feeding tho but they still fussed for the next day. Learnt my lesson, wont be using this again
cheap, did help slightly with burping
unsettled for the next day

Questions & Answers


Can infacol be given to a one week old baby who is struggling with her wind.Her mum is breastfeeding but she is struggling to get babies wind up?

1 answer

Yes, visit coliccare.com.au

Amna D
Amna Dasked

Can infacol be given after every hour or two before feed to a 3 week old ?

No answers

So we have a a 3 month and 1 week old daughter how do we use the Infacol wind drop correctly and can we use it if she has bronchitis?

No answers
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