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InfaSecure Grandeur Treo

InfaSecure Grandeur Treo

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Comfortable and safe

Seat is very comfortable, easy to get in and out of the car, straps are easy to adjust and it’s suitable for 0-8 years which is so worth the extra $$$ you pay for it. My son is happy and relaxed in this seat and it gives us peace of mind that he’s safe when we are on the road.

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Hi JKD! Thanks for leaving a review! We're so glad to hear that you and your son are both loving the Grandeur Treo! I'm sure you'll both continue to love it for years to come!

Actually love this car seat!

I love this car seat, it’s safe and can be used till 8 years old, it is very roomy and easy to use. A very easy car seat to assemble and to wash the seat cover was not hard at all! Love love love this car seat. Set up between rearward facing and forward facing was a very easy change. It is a little bit bulkier so could be abit big in a smaller car but well worth it

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Hi Sammy! Thanks for leaving a review! We're so happy to hear that you're loving the Grandeur Treo!

Hate it

Got this seat for our 3 year old and every time he falls asleep his head flops forward and he complains of a sore neck. It is horrible. We use it in two different cars and never had this trouble with the old car seat (Babylove Ezy Switch EP). I took it back to Red Cross Car Seats and the lady took out some padding and said there isn't much you can do. The straps are super difficult to tighten, and so he can get his arms out without much effort. Also wish I bought a darker colour other than the green as it is filthy now and I don't have time to clean it. :( Can't wait to buy a good car seat, it makes me angry every trip!!!

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Hi Georgina, Thanks for your feedback. We’re sorry to hear that you’re having some trouble with your Grandeur. If you get in touch with our customer care team on 1300 92 4632, they’ll be able to assist you further. Thanks!

Best car seat I have ever purchased

Bought a Grandeur Vera for my eldest daughter and loved it so when we needed a seat to ensure my youngest could be harnessed until 8 there was no doubt what I would buy. Another Grandeur. She is obsessed with all things purple so I found the Grandeur Treo in purple. Super easy to install, beautiful design, looks super safe and super comfortable. My daughter is still obsessed with it and likes to check every day if it is still installed in the car haha!

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Hi Dani, Thanks for leaving a review! We're so happy to hear that you and your daughter are loving the Grandeur Treo (and Grandeur Vera!). If you ever need any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Totally worth the price..

We purchased this seat for two reasons.. We had an accident and insurance required us to get another seat which I have a 7 year old son and at the time had just had twins so Knowing my son will be out of the seat soon and needing another seat for the twins I chose this in mind and I could always purchase the other for the other Bub.. So that’s what we did.. Even when we lost one of the twins I am still happy with the purchase the seat fits well not only in a kia cerato but also in the Rio.. my 7 year old still uses it.. as Bubs still hasn’t come out of the capsule (7 months old) so it’s been quite a good buy.. given my 7 year old will be out of it by the time the little Bub needs it..
Great options of recline, comes with the red clip for extra secure fitting, easy to install and adjust the heights as your child grows and an extra win it goes from birth to 8 years! Perfect considering my scenario.. Very happy with our purchase... completely worth the price..

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Hi Venussoprano! Thanks for leaving such a detailed review! We’re so happy to hear that you’re loving the Grandeur Treo. If you ever need any assistance in the future, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Overpriced. Beautiful but not great.

Bought this for my son when he was 1 as it was recommended to me by the sales rep in store... Pros, it grows with your child up to 8 years of age, has the secure air cocoon to protect baby's head in case of accident, and cover is machine washable. CONS: baby can get arms out of the seatbelts very easily, seatbelts constantly get tangled and aren't easy to put on, when adjusting the position or slope of the carseat it requires both arms and a bit of force. very inconvenient and was disappointed.

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Hi Melina, Thanks for the feedback! We’re sorry to hear that you’re having some trouble with your Grandeur. If you get in touch with our customer care team on 1300 92 4632, they’ll be able to assist you further. Thanks!

Great car seat

This car seat is great! It is so easy to install so taking it out of the car and using it in other cars is no problem. My children hop in them straight away and don’t complain on long car rides! The buckles don’t get twisted which is a bonus.

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Hi Lil S! Thanks for leaving a review. We’re so happy to hear that you and your kids are loving the Grandeur Treo, and that we can make those long car trips just a little bit easier! If you ever need any assistance in the future, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

AMAZING car seat!

Absolutely love this car seat! It’s SO much more snug around the child (so a LOT safer, & less chance of injury in an accident). The BEST feature is how you can rearward face till 30 months old (height permitting) - 500% safer this way! :) Installation & cleaning are straight forward, instruction book is very detailed for first time users. Highly recommend.

Good to know Baby is safe and safe for 7 yrs

How much more could you ask for when purchasing such an essential. 0 - 7 yrs in one seat. Thats a hell of a saving. they might be more expensive than other seats but to know they will be there till the end is a relief. Only issue is no more hand me downs

The Best Baby To Kid Car Seat!

We bought two of these for our kids at age 1 yrs and 4 yrs and have owned for a few years now. So easy to take all apart and wash in the machine. Super comfortable for road trips and easy to adjust as they grow. Not as bulky as our last car seats. Love the aqua colour too. Highly recommend.

Perfect! Never need another seat again!

We were fortunate to win our first grandeur treo, a seat I had wanted but was a little out of our budget. We loved it as it allowed our 2yr old to remain rearfacing (until we were required to turn him at 4). So we afterpayed another one for our 1yr old.
Easy to install both rearfacing and forward facing. We are abke to fit 2 grandeur treos plus another booster across our cars (90 series prados) and in a nissan pathfinder (hire car). The easy twist adjust for the straps makes it easy to change seatbelt height with no fuss when another child uses the seat. Love that easy snap clips enable the cover to be removed without uninstalling the entire seat, great for toilet training/vomiting/or general cleaning. The infant inserts means it is a snug but safe seat from newborn up. My long torso'd 10 yr old still fit below the exit markers. All the kids love it and find it comfortable. Had a minor accident beginning of this year (2018) and my still rfing 2.5yr old slept through it and my then 4.5 yr old was ffing and although he knocked his head on the sides he said it didnt hurt. Love them so much we replaced with two of the same :)
Overall amazing seat and i feel definitely worth the price as it will last them until they exit so cuts out the cost of buying another seat later on.

Love the colours

This car seat is super easy to install of u only have the one and have to change to another car I have 2 now 1 for my 5 year old and 1 for the 2 year old both fit perfectly in there seats and with the twist and lift feature make life so simple

Best decision I have made on a car seat

This seat is so roomy for my child who is taller and larger than most babies.When the kids fall asleep in this seat, their head barely ever rolls forward. The head rest can be adjusted without undoing anything, which is so convenient. I wish I purchased this seat for my first child too! I loved it so much I also purchased one for a good friend.

Great choice

Easy install with the provided safety clip. Extended rearfacing until at least 2 years. My son is comfortable and I'm at peace of mind knowing he is very safe. Easy to adjust headrest and straps don't need to be unthreaded to adjust which maked it so convenient. The colour is also great andbhas an easy clean material. Comes with a few padding insert options also.

The car seat is amazing.

I brought the pram about 1 yr ago and my son adores it before we got the carseat it was a everyday struggle to get him in the car and go for a drive now he will just jump in the car with no worries and love going for drives.


Installation I still have trouble with, but I have trouble in general with any car seat, I love that it leans all the way back when it’s forward facing so my baby can sleep lying properly not with his neck bent, I also love the colour, I’ve got the dark blue one and it’s such a beautiful colour, it always stays clean, and my son loves it and so do I

Awesome Carseat

Chose this seat as it looks great, has great safety features and it is convertible from birth to 8yrs. I love that it is extended rear facing as I feel this is safest for bub.
Bub looks really cosy in the seat. I am so happy with this purchase. Great choice of colours aswell!

Excellent Seat! Worth every penny.

We purchased this seat for my second son as we wanted to rearface for longer this time. He is now 9 months and we love the seat!
Great options of recline, comes with the red clip for extra secure fitting, easy to install and adjust the heights as your child grows and an extra win it goes from birth to 8 years! Your childs only seat needed!
Very happy with our purchase.

Perfect seat

Installation was a breeze, fitment is perfect in my toyota camry.
My little girl loves the new seat, fits snug, nice bolsters and material
Would highly recommend this to any new parents in the market looking for a safe secure baby seat for their little loved ones.
Awesome seat guys

Great seat

My daughter loves this seat. She is happily still rear facing at 2 years old with plenty of space.It is a big seat and I couldn't imagine trying to fit it into a compact car but works perfectly for our xtrail.

Only thing I would have liked to see is a longer tether strap, we ended up just adding an extender but given that our tether point is right behind the seat I imagine that it would be too short for a lot of cars.

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Questions & Answers

Hi I'm looking for information on the Infasecure Emerge Treo 6 Months To 8 Years but I can't find this one..... any help with finding out safety rating or reviews for this model? Thanks
1 answer
Hi Tanya, The Emerge Treo has been discontinued and replaced with the Emerge Astra. You can find it on our website here: https://infasecure.com.au/products/emerge-astra/ If you’ve got any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 92 4632. Thanks!

What is your best baby seat suitable for 0 to 8 year old and why?
No answers

Hi does this car seat fit all cars I have a porch Macan?
2 answers
I highly recommend finding a local baby shop that stocks one and try it out in your car! I would imagine it would as the Porsche are spacious in the back seat. I fit 2 in a Golf hatchbackHi Michele! Most good baby shops will allow you to take the seat out to your car to try it out! If you're still unsure, feel free to contact our customer care team on 1300 92 4632! Thanks!


Grandeur Treo
Price (RRP)$689.99
Age Range6-48+months
ISOFIX CompatibleNo

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