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InfaSecure Quattro Treo

InfaSecure Quattro Treo

4.7 from 32 reviews

Great extended rear facing carseat!

This seat is so comfortable for my daughters and easy to use for me. The extra padding for when they are little is so easy to remove as they grow and the height adjusting ability from inside the seat has meant we never needed to remove the seat to adjust. My 3.5 year old is a little short for her age so she is still very comfortable sitting in the rear facing position and is still well below the line for when she needs to turn around. The fabric is really easy to clean and there's never been any complaints that it's too hot in the carseat. When I had my second baby I made sure to get the same seat again and they both have their own colour, the seats must be comfy as they often fall asleep in them. I highly recommend these seats and love that I have the peace of mind that extended rear facing gives.

Purchased in October 2017 at Babyco for $429.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Ease of Installation
Ease of Height Adjustment

Great car seat!

Great car seat, we've had our daughter in since birth, she fits well as the seat has been easily changed to suit her growing.
It's also a compact seat to fit rear facing in my Mitsubishi ASX which doesn't have a huge back seat.

Purchased in March 2018 at Baby & Toddler Town for $389.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Ease of Height Adjustment
Car ModelMitsubishi ASX

Great car seat!

We’ve used this since our baby was a newborn and we’ve found it to be excellent. It is easy to adjust and comes with extra padding for when the babies are small. Easy to clip the baby in, and fits nice and snug. We’ve been on long road trips and our baby has always been comfortable. Only draw back is it is not isofix.

Comfy Safe and nice colours

Brought this for miss 1 to use from birth. even when she was a new born this seat was perfect with the extra padding. she is nice and comfy and snug. the choice of the bright colours was a nice option instead of just having grey or black or pink and blue. will use infasecure for the next baby!

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Hi Danni! Thanks for leaving a review! We’re so happy to hear that you’re loving the Quattro Treo! If you ever need any assistance in the future, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Be careful

We bought 2 of these for our twin boys. They were fantastic and stylish until the boys worked out how to reach under the padding and release the shoulder straps. I contacted Infasrcure asking about how to fix the problem and they said that some children are naturally curious and I needed to learn how to distract my twins so they would not loosen the straps. All very well and good but I’m trying to drive to work in the mornings with my 18 month old twins in the back seat only secured by the lap belt. I am not in any mood to distract the boys as I was trying to navigate five lanes of traffic on the Monash freeway! I bought these seats to last 6 years and paid a hefty price only to become unusable after 6 months. Don’t waste your money. Go to Big W. Really really dissatisfied. These seats are dangerous.


this car seat is very easy to install and has a great recline for rear facing, extended rear facing means my baby is safe for a longer time. very sturdy and reliable, i have had for 8 months since new born and would buy a InfaSecure Car seat for when my Child is older. Great colour choices and padding is good quality. Great price for great quality

Great design and comfy for the little one

This is the second InfaSecure seat we’ve bought and we’re really happy with the product. Our child is really snug and comfortable in this seat and the dimensions means there is enough room for 2 car seats and still use the 3rd seat for another passenger, which is great when the mother in law wants to come. The straps are wide and comfortable but I have noticed our escape artist child was getting her arms free if she wiggled her way out. Installation was quick and easy and changing from rearward facing to forward was pretty straight forward.

Good for extended rear facing.

I really loved this car seat it was so comfortable for my baby and plenty of room for growth. However in forward facing mode it's very hard to tighten the harness and you need to stick hand behind seat to tighten. I also found that elder it has a snug fit in RF mode I could not say the the door FF mode. It wabbles too much.

Great car seat!

We purchased this car seat for out then 2.5 year old DS when my DD was born 9 months ago. Turned him around rear facing again as it is much safer, and only just turned him forward facing recently again several months after he'd turned 3 because he grew and his legs were too long and his feet were falling asleep. He's quite tall on the charts, so a smaller child would fit rearward for longer. Very happy, as rearward facing is the safest way to go. When DD outgrows her current car seat we'll swap her into this one and get DS a bigger one.

Very easy to install, and to adjust the headrest. Had to wash the seat after DS got car sick and machine washed great and dried really fast on the washing line. Very happy with this car seat, if I could have bought 2 I would have!!!

I love it

Easy to install and use, my newborn is quite long so at 6 weeks have already had to use the twist and lift, I feel like my baby is very safe in this seat and I like it’s stylish looks (I have the grey) I am yet to have any nappy accidents in the seat but I don’t feel like it will be a problem.

Perfect for our needs

This seat installs great, the covers come up like new after every wash. I have 2 of the seats and 2 babies rear facing in them and I have even fit them rear facing in a tiny Kia Rio. 10/10 would buy again. I've had these seats in and out of the car multiple times and no troubles getting a firm install each time

Will take the good with the bad

Well padded seat, easy to install. Narrow, maximizing space for other car seats if you have more than one child. Minimal impact on leg room for front seat driver / passenger which is great for families with tall adults. 0-4 years seat, we used from birth and bub has been comfortable, height and straps adjust with a button so no need to unthread and rethread straps as bub grows. Because of the narrow design there is less room to get your hands in around bub to lift in and out. We have family in the country and thus do frequent long car trips including unsealed roads, bub has been comfortable and secure in this car seat. We do wonder if the narrow design will prove difficult as bub grows and becomes a toddler though.

Safe and comfortable seat

Firstly, am I the ONLY person that found installation a nightmare? The instruction manual was too confusing for me and I really regretted not paying for professional help. Actually I didn't know that it is even available! In the end I figured it out but wasted a lot of time. Having said that, my baby loves sleeping in this! Took him to Busselton at 2 months old which is a 150km+ drive and baby did not fuss at all due to discomfort. We took out the seatbelt covers to make it more comfortable for baby as the covers rubbed against his face. Small complaint being its size. The seat is currently rear facing in the back of our Honda Civic sedan, it's bulky size leaves little room for me to bend down to place the baby in. I always feel that I'm about to drop the baby just because I can't see what I am doing! I am hoping that this will improve once we convert to forward facing when baby is old enough.

Very pleased

We had it installed so can’t speak about that. very happy with purchase. It was the car seat that had the longest rear facing age in our price point. Our toddler is 14 months and quite tall for his age and he will still be rear facing for a while yet. It has slot more padding then other seats I’ve seen. And he falls asleep in it nearly every car trip so it must be comfortable haha.

Safety was our number one Priority

The carseat was purchased for our daughter who quickly outgrew her capsule. Installation instructions could possibly have been a bit easier to understand however a quick You tube search assisted in a newbie installer of a car seat.

The car seat takes up a lot less space than the previously installed capsule, which is very nice, and if we had to we would be able to fit two people in the back of the car (albeit a tight fit) in a Mazda 3.

Our daughter fits into the car seat snuggly but has enough room to be comfortable and reach for her toys.

If anyone is looking for a seat that is very good for the safety of your child, have a really good look at this one.

Perfect seat

Easy to install, great head protection and our 8 month old seems very comfortable in it. The harness is also easy to tighten and loosen. A bit expensive but worth it. I haven't tried cleaning the seat as yet but it seems easy. Definitely recommended...

Great seat

We love our infasecure seat great value for money too We got this seat professionally installed but the guy that done it had no problem putting it in we have since moved it to another car and we had no drama either.... very easy to clean and maintain very comfy quiet padded and great support nice colours and fabric

Perfect for our growing family

Absolutely love Infasecure, and in particular the Quattro Treo. Covers all the necessary safety features, comfort and more. Super easy install no matter what the car, and love the twist and lift option for adjustment when bub has grown. The number feature I like best is that it is one of the most narrowest on the market. Making it suitable for 3 car seats to fit across the back seat.

Its ok.

Its a big bulky seat, easy to install but takes up alot of room. A bit fiddly to pull apart and clean. Cushioned head pillow doesnt stay in place. It's meant to be n easy recline seat but I dont find it ike that at all. There are smaller and easier seats to use on the market.


This seat is super easy to install and super comfy for my child. The fabric helps keep my daughter cool in the warmer weather and is hardwearing against general mess that kids make. The covers are easy to clean and come up looking brand new every single time. Love this seat.

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Just wondering how this car seat reviews for very small/premmie babies? I am expecting twins that are likely to be smaller than your average newborn.
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Quattro Treo
Price (RRP)$599.99
Age Range6-48+months
ISOFIX CompatibleNo

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