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Infasecure Quinta Quantum

Infasecure Quinta Quantum

5.0 from 3 reviews

Very easy to install, good value

I got this seat when my son was a toddler as we needed a second seat once we started daycare drop-offs; we went straight into forward-facing mode. It was SO EASY to install! I read through the instructions and was thoroughly prepared to wrangle with it for half an hour but it took me literally 5 minutes using the 3 ISOFIX attachments - click, click, click and pull to tighten. It took me longer to open the box and readjust the shoulder straps! Love the option to recline the seat, which I did, and hopefully the little guy falls asleep in it much easier & will be more comfortable compared to sitting straight upright in our other seat (Mother's Choice).

The fabric buttons on and appears easy to remove to wash. There are also a few extra padded bits which you can adjust depending on how much padding your baby requires - I kept the head and body but got rid of the straps and crotch as the little man looked like he was drowning in padding and getting sweaty!

It's nice and narrow, but also tall around the back, it will definitely outlast my other seat even though they are both meant to last until the age of 4.

I got it at Baby Bunting for $350 which is very reasonable for an ISOFIX-compatible seat, I think. Very happy with my purchase.

Excellent product!

We managed to install this by ourselves using the instruction given in the manual. I love the colour and the premium look. The car seat looks really tough as well and is of good size for my toddler . I highly recommend this brand and this particular type. Worth every dollar!

Great value for ISOFIX carseat

I purchased this seat after much deliberation on an ISOFIX compatible car seat. It is a Baby Bunting exclusive, but with $9 flat rate shipping Australia wide I was happy to purchase. I did read the instructions first, (some would argue this makes a big difference) and therefore found the installation extremely simple. The ISOFIX straps can be tucked back into the base of the seat if you do not have ISOFIX in your car and the seat be used in the traditional manner of feeding the car seat belt through the middle section. What is more, in comparison to other car seats I have used with the seat belt being fed through, and clipped in, the ISOFIX securing into the tether anchors (built into the car) is very very secure. When wobbling the seat to check this, there is significantly minimal movement. To the point where I question the Australian Government taking so long to approve ISOFIX installation as a factory standard in cars in Australia until recently. At the moment, ISOFIX car seats are slightly more expensive, however this car seat, by a trusted brand Infasecure, is what I considered reasonable. For the added security of the ISOFIX I would definitely recommend it, if you budget can stretch that little bit further. It is a reward facing seat until approx. 30 months, however I went straight into upright mode as my 9 month old was hitting the appropriate should level that indicates readiness to move. She could have remained in the reward facing position, longer if I wanted this. With this though, she is on the most inclined position as she is still young. The ability to slowly decrease this incline (in the upright position) as she gets bigger is also a big plus.

Overall, a great car seat, worth the money, from a reliable car seat provider. Very happy.

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Infasecure Quinta Quantum
Price (RRP) $499.99
Manufacturer Warranty10 year(s)

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