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InfaSecure Ranger

InfaSecure Ranger

4.0 from 9 reviews

Great car seat

This is has been a lifesaver. It is very easy to install and has been a pleasure to use. I have used this for my nephew from age 6 months. He was able to be rear facing until almost 2. The carseat cover comes off easy for washing and comes up great in a soak with a little napisan and eucalyptus oil. The straps are easy to clean with a damp cloth.

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Could be better

Fairly easy to install following the manual, although we did get it installed by a professional the first time. Not sure if it’s right that it feels slightly wobbly. Tightening and loosening the seatbelts is not easy, and the manual is not very clear on this topic ... we even had to call helpdesk coming out of the hospital. Now the baby is 1.5yo, she struggles to find a comfortable place to put her feet and often ends up with one leg on each armrest. Otherwise, no issue.

Great seat for the price

We have had 4 kids and been through at least 6 different seats and multiple boosters.
4 months ago we purchased this one my daughter (2yo) had outgrown her previous one which was a handmedown from her older brothers.

We looked at a number of different seats in the age range, not needing it for a new born meant we didn't need something as restrictive and this one suited us best out of all of them.

There isnt a huge amount of padding which was ok with us because our daughter fit well within it. Any more padding would have made it restrictive and highly annoying for her.
Installation is about as easy as it gets with the usual straps with ample length to fit most vehicles to connect to the mount and easily slipping the belt underneath the seat cover.

I highly recommend if you have leather (or even cloth) then use a blanket or something to go underneath to stop it from ruining the seats.


We have 3 kids so this is the only slim enough car seat to fit in our rav4. The price us also very reasonable. $129 at big w when the retail price should normally is $199. We got it when it was on special. Very easy to clean too.

Fantastic Car seat very easy to install

Very easy to install and use the seat. As it is the basic model we only use as a second seat so is perfect for the short trips we do as it has no recline. Cleaning is easy on this one. Highly recommend for a cost effective light and easy seat.

Good Car set

My Child likes to sit in this car seat, It feels safe and does the job well. It is very easy to install. Also when you want to clean it, covers come off so that you get wash them. One down side is I found it quite bulky with 3 kids across the back of my car. I guess most seats are bulky for safety. overall a good seat.


I purchased one of these and yes it has great padding but I found not enough support for newborns and it didn't sit properly in my car on the seat, other than this I do like the seat and it's much better now Bub is getting a bit bigger, worth its price tag!

Not super happy.

We bought it from Big W early 2017 for $199.

We find that even though the product is sturdy and of a good quality make, I find it hard to believe that it is for 0 to 4 years old.

The seat sits very very upright, that I had to hold my baby's head back to ensure open airway position.

Now, my bubba is 5 months I am just getting comfortable using this carseat. Even so, when bub falls asleep, his chin would fall forward, touching his chest.

I would love to return my purchase and get a better carseat.

Soft and secure

We bought this a couple of weeks ago and so far we're super impressed! The best thing? It's on a skinner base!!!! When you have three kids in the backseat, that's a big deal!
It's also soft, well padded and so secure! Our youngest is so happy in this seat!

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Price (RRP) $219.00
Manufacturer Warranty10 year(s)

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