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Infiniti AR300

Infiniti AR300

2.3 from 3 reviews

good value rower

ok unit, had mine for many years with minimal maintenance. Simple and reliable. The fan side bush has finally worn down and this makes retraction uneven. Time for a new one.


If you're unfit and new to rowing it is great (I don't regret buying it). I would only recommend it for women as it would be too easy to pull for men (and stronger women). Keep in mind when buying that while it may be easy to pull - after 5 mins it gets quite a lot harder. The display provides what you want to know (distance, calories, time, etc). If you want different pulling intensities and more gadgets be prepared to pay more. When comparing products at this same price - it comes up well.
Affordable price. Comfortable and easy to use. Fan wheel good (much better than pure magnetic resistance systems)
Chain recoil means there is a bit of vibration through the handle. Placement of fan wheel could be better (fan wheel is also bigger than normal machines)

I don't know why anyone would buy this

I don't know why anyone would buy this very bad peace of junk. It is ugly and the seat is as hard as bricks. After testing it at my friends house I am defently not going to buy this model.

Doesn't stop still hard to move and too easy to pull.

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I just got myself this rower... can I just ask how to change resistance, as its far too easy to pull right now?
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Tape over part or all of the fan wheel housing = increases resistence

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