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Infiniti R100APM

Infiniti R100APM

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5 reviews

    Great machine


    Love this. Rowed racing shells from 14 to 50 yrs old and this has just the right feel - better than the brands they have in the fancy hotels. Wore out a bearing I used it so much. Great after sales service from my retailer and supplier.

    Very well designed for comfort AND looks


    The R100apm is designed with pivoting footrests, which put far les strain on your ankles and makes movement far more comfortable . The seat is far more comfortable than other more expensive ( commercial?) models that I have tried. The nylon band is brilliant, and there's a nice design touch which directs a welcome breeze towards you that is generated by the fan enclosure.
    It looks good too, and can be folded up to storage in limited space. We love it.
    Only down side is that although the computer can run on batteries, you never will, as the batteries don't last long.
    Pivoting ankle fitting
    Battery option is a pointless feature

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    Is there any special thing to do to get the pulse rate strap to communicate with e rowing machine. I have purchased my rower second hand and am very pleased with it but haven't any instructions on how to use the pulse strap

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    Been a great unit, had for about 18 months and use it often. Very quiet without a chain, good hear rate monitor and nice screen.
    Great for taller people, very quiet, good motion

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    I have bought my rower second hand and haven't got any instructions on how to use the heart rate monitor strap would appreciate any help

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    Questions & Answers

    Steve  S.
    Steve S.asked

    After 7 or 8 minutes of use my infinity R100APM starts making a ticking noise on every revolution of the fan as if something is catching. Cannot trace what is causing this. Everything seems to have plenty of clearance. Any ideas?

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    Hi, so on my rower as the level increases beyond level 2 the flywheel magnets start to rub on the pancake. Both level 1 and 2 also feel much stiffer than they should, so perhaps the pancake wheel is to close to start with?
    The small motor works and moves the flywheel in and out. The cable from the motor to the flywheel looks ok. The small adjustment screw for the cable doesn't seem to do anything. Anyone know what the gap between the magnets and the flywheel should be for e.g. level 1 and level 6? Also how to adjust the cable.

    Note I haven't made any adjustments yet. Checked the magnets and all seem fixed as they should be and no foreign objects sticking to them. Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

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    G Whizz
    G Whizz

    Courtesy reply only I’m afraid. We’ve still got ours, but no such problems. Had to re-weld one of the footplate brackets, but that was just fatigued steel. Sorry can’t really answer your Q Mr Q


    Thanks for the A Mr Whizz. I have adjusted the cable and everything is spinning along ok, feels about right. Not sure if the computer is properly showing watts/calories but that's all pretty minor. So back to rowing.

    K. Slater
    K. Slater

    I seem to have a clicking noise happening when I put in the 4 "C" batteries. I bought mine used and it didn't come with an adaptor. I've read that maybe the batteries aren't strong enough to run it? Any suggestions ?

    Pauline T.
    Pauline T.asked

    the resistance on my rower keeps stopping and the machine makes a crunching noise when being pulled, any ideas?

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    Is the flywheel spinning?

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