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Infiniti R203

Infiniti R203

2.5 from 4 reviews

Great rower for exercise and toning especially for women

This rower is great for me in terms of its compact shape and rowing mechanism. great for toning. When I bought it the salesperson explained the difference between the air resistance and this one - I can understand why large or heavy men would rate it poorly. I've had this rower about 8 years and its still in perfect working condition.
Reliable, great value


If you have never rowed before then this rower will do just fine. Rowers are one of my favourite cardio-vascular equipment because it exercises the upper part of the body as well, something bicycles and ellipticals do not do. I had been using one in a gym that ran on air and was quite satisfied with it. Then I used one in a hotel one day that used water and that was the very best. This machine uses a hydraulic ram that seems like it forces hydraulic fluid through a small aperture, which creates the resistance. In my view it does not feel right and I would not recommend it. Go for air resistance and if you can afford more go for the ultimate water rower
Compact and easy to use, sturdy, reasonably good and solid build, affordable
Does not feel right

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Perfect for me, wanted something for the 'casual' rower, which would give a good workout... gets the heart pumping! Recommend it highly!


We ended up putting this rower out on the verge for rubbish collection so what we saved by buying a 'cheap' model ended up being a total waste of money. It's not particularily sturdy so would not suit heavier people. We found it difficult to use, unlike ergo machines and it hurt our backs. It just doesn't compare to the type or quality of workout you get on one of the style of rowing machines that they have in gyms.
Compact, easy to store, price
Not well built, doesn't give a good workout, not good for my muscles


if you've got the money and the space i would fork out the money for a normal rowing machine as this machine never felt quite right to me then one side broke after a couple of uses, so now i'm left with resistance on one side and none on the other, you get what you pay for. i wouldn't buy it again.
the price i thought was good specially when compared to other rowing machines, it's also quite small so if you've only got a small gym area to use at home it's fantastic.
it feels akward when pulling back, definalty not the same as the ones you use in a gym.

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