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Infiniti VM2 Pulse Trainer

Infiniti VM2 Pulse Trainer

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Only had for 1 week but absolutely love it - can feel a slight improvement already. Was a bit dubious with the low price but every bit as good as the original (friend has one) as seen on TV. Great buy!!!!

Aweome! It works!

This machine is easy to work and it is better than the ones that go up and down. The machine has a better engine.

World only dual mode vibration trainer (with flat mode)

Flat mode is the number one thing that seems to come up as desirable in vibration machines... yet only the really expensive machines have it. This is the cheapest vibration platform that has it. The machine has two motors... which is apparently a world first. Both motors are fairly grunty so hopefully it won't wear out real fast. It's solidly constructed and the LCD control panel is fairly straightforward and easy to operate. If you've got a sore back or sore knees then a vibration platform will probably only make the problem worst.
Flat vibration mode & two motors. Ability to vary the frequency and amplitude with a significant range of adjustment (a highly desirable feature)
The unit warns "Never to start your Pulse Trainer unless someone is standing on the foot plate"... which seems weird... unless it's there for safety reasons. It seems reliable so can't think of anything else that might cause a problem.

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This type of machine is designed to have a person on it before starting it OR it shakes and rattles and walks across the floor. There's no reason not to be on it as the control panel is on the machine.

Questions & Answers

I have just had a Pacemaker implant. Because of this, Is there a problem for me to use my Pulse Trainer? Please advise. thanks. Cheers, Marty
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I would check with your doctor as it could interfere with the electrical impulses of the pacemaker.

I want to buy Infiniti pulse trainer VM2, where I have to go faint ? any phone number or address , please help me
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Our one is currently for sale. Is that of interest? I had a lot of trouble finding one orginally. Obviously the problem hasn't got any better. :-)I bought mine in Sydney Australia. it was a demo model on the floor of a shop selling gym equipment but that was their last one. I don't know where they are made. SOrry!Their website has a dealer map... this machine is awesome..got mine from a mall.. very powerful and never given me any issues.. must say its one of those things u can 4get to use, like a gym membership! But if u make a good effort to use it for whatevee benefit u want to achieve, i am very confident this is the ma hine to go for.. Good luck!

My pulse trainer starts up but it won't vibrate. The programme clock starts but the machine won't vibrate. What could be wrong with it. I've had it for 5 years a love it. I don't use it that often.
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Ours currently doesn't work at all... but we haven't been able to identify the source of the problem. When people use it at our place they often don't turn it off for long periods of time... which is what has caused the problem. It only gets light use... so certainly not overworked. Must take it down to get fixed sooner rather than later. If it wasn't so bulky and heavy I would have done it long ago. :-)Your belt may have given up that runs the platform so maybe find someone who fixes gym equipment I am sure in time it will happen to all belt but they are easy to replace, I was lucky my son knew has a friend who is great with all things mechanical and mine just come off, once back in it has never skipped a beat but mine is only approx. 2 years old, I will know where to go if it happens again, hope that helps you.....anyone with good mechanical knowledge should be able to help, I hope.@Washbourne/ Michael Czajka - Have you found out what it was? I have the same thing here. I can ear the fans but the motors don't vibrate. I suspect it is not the belt, otherwise it would not work sometimes. I will start by replacing the 2 large capacitors on the board.

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