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Infinity One

Infinity One

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Great Laptop for Primary School kids

I bought two of these over 12 months ago and we use them for homeschooling primary school kids. They have been excellent for my kids. They function well and run all the programs they need. We are usually only doing one thing at a time. They have stood up exceptionally well to the kids carting them around the house and any little mishaps that might happen. We are homeschooling so not having to transport to and from school. The only negative was one of the chargers wasn't working and then the replacement one that I had to purchase for $10 didn't last long. In the end I got a USB charger and it works well. I'm not sure how long the battery would last as we leave them plugged in all the time. Overall I have been very happy with my purchase.

Purchased in December 2017 at One Education for $400.00.

Worst laptop ever.

Charger port is so flimsy that any movement of laptop causes it to come undone and not charge, let alone taking too long to charge. The battery doesn't last that long either. The processing power is so weak that you cant do two things at once. Too slow to run which causes frustration when it takes 3-5 seconds to react with what you have pressed or moved. Read the two other reviews giving one star and this one and you get the general feel towards this device. The schools probably love it as the kids cant do anything other than basic word so cant cause any mischief.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Worst decision ever

After extensive research on tablets i decided to get both kids an infinity one, worst decision I've ever made. We have had both units replaced a minimum of 3 times, one 3 one 7... they also have a very poorly designed charging point which will cause issues down the line... Steer clear of these! wish someone had told me to stay away from them a few years ago.

Date PurchasedApr 2018
Hi Scott, We are really sorry to read about your experience with the Infinity:One. Do you mind if we contact you to get to a resolution? Best, The One Education TeamYes you can, but I'm sort of over the whole process now, my son's which was the good one stopped working and my daughter's has been replaced a lot... I really think you need to address the charger port/cord as it's not a good fit and becomes looser over time. As I said I did a lot of research and thought your product would be amazing... unfortunately I was wrong

Too slow to be usable

My child's school is trialing these, and so far the feedback has been terrible. My son's response after using them for the first time was "worst laptop ever". They use an Intel Atom processor (the lowest end Intel CPU) and with only 2 GB of RAM are barely usable with even one application open. If you have a web page open and are trying to compose something in Microsoft Word - forget it. Students complained of losing 20 minutes of work as the entire laptop froze, while other students said it took 5 seconds between pressing a key and having the letter appear on the screen. A massive waste of class time.

In short - they look fantastic and the price is reasonable, but the hardware is simply inadequate to run Windows 10 properly. Had these devices been equipped with a light version of Linux, I've no doubt they would have been a lot more usable.

Date PurchasedNov 2017
Hi @swiftau, Thank you for taking the time to review our product. We are saddened to read about your son's experience with the Infinity:One. With thousands of units in the field - this is not an experience that is consistent with what other users have found. Do you mind asking the school to contact us so we can troubleshoot what is happening? Or alternatively (if you feel comfortable) private messaging us which school we should reach out to resolve the issue. All the best, Rangan CEO & FounderRangan -- Thanks for your reply. I have communicated my feedback to the school, and am awaiting their reply. It may be a case that students are expecting too much from the laptops (too many applications open at once) and with some advice/training perhaps the teachers will be able to help the students make better use of them. All I know for sure is that the students initial experience with the laptops has not been a particularly positive one. When the school gets back to me I will certainly ask them to get in touch with you directly -- it's at least pleasing to know that local support is available. Hopefully I'll be able to offer a more favorable review next year.Hi again @swiftau! I agree with your assessment - often it takes some education of teachers on tips/tricks to get the most of the device. We create USB re-imaging downloads that allow the teachers/students to reset the device in 10-15 minutes, as well as keeping up to date with the latest version of Win 10, without hogging network bandwidth. https://support.one-education.org/infinity-one/maintenance-and-troubleshooting/create-a-windows-10-usb-drive We have a new version slated for release in Jan that'll have some features designed to promote a more consistent experience for shared device scenarios. Best, Rangan

Great solid device!

This device can withstand the rough and tumble lifestyle of children, whilst allowing them to complete school work as well as play. A great little all rounder.

I no longer have to share my smart device with my children with fear of them damaging it. They can use the Infinity One and I have peace of mind knowing it is built tough.

My children's school also have Infinity One's in their classrooms, so they are familiar with how to use the device and it can support their learning at home.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Excellent concept, best computer for kids.

Bought a computer for my daughter who lives in Italy, ordered on time before my trip to Europe and unfortunately, the computer was lost by the Post Office, Rangan was exceptionally supportive and he understands my concerns, he then sends me another computer to ensure I will be able to bring it to my daughter on time. Thank you, Rangan for your great attitude and support.
My daughter loves it, it's a very smart concept, very practical computer design for kids, all that you need for young students.
All the best

Date PurchasedApr 2017

A game changer for the classroom.

Simple to use and reliable that's what made the transition to the Infinity One easy. We have been able to use One Note with ease making it easy to learn anywhere and anytime. Students are excited about using them as they have access to more content and are able to use the Infinity not only to consume information but also to create.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

An awesome device for kids, the best of both worlds!

As a teacher I absolutely love this device for students. It's a tablet as well as a laptop and comes with a pen! Running Windows 10 gives students a flawless experience using all Office apps as well the ability to use digital inking across all applications. This is the best device that I have come across in it's price bracket. All of the research shows how important it is for students to be able to annotate and write when completing work, the Infinity One gives students access to do it all at an affordable price.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Outstanding value. Great service. Kids and teachers love them!

After using using the Infinity One in a Stage 2 and Stage 3 environment for the past 1.5 years I can't speak highly enough of them. Simple to set up, use and manage, the Infinity One has allowed teachers to seamlessly integrate technology into the classroom. Great as a shared device or on a one to one basis. Packed with enough grunt to achieve simple and more complex tasks the Infinity One assists students in becoming more engaged in their learning. Being tough and durable and feature packed makes the Infinity One an excellent alternative to it's competitors. The One Education team also provide excellent after sales service.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Student engagement at its best!

The Infinity One is very reliable. Students connect easily to the Internet so we do not waste time dealing with connection issues. Students love using their Infinity Ones. Since using them, students are more engaged in their learning. As teachers, we are now able to plan more integrated and engaging programs that integrate technology. I would definitely recommend the Infinity Ones to other schools :)

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Questions & Answers

Good day! Our primary school has been using these laptops since last year. Unfortunately I found that we had numerous issues, particularly with the charging of the laptops. I found that the cables would slip out of the ports on the charging decks and computers would not charge as a result. Also, I would like to know if letting the laptops’ charge go too low or the laptops being on charge all the time, would damage the battery. We have many laptops not charging so I wonder if this could be affecting them? We did not receive any information from our IT dept that could help us and I would like to be of assistance if I can, for the benefit of our students. Many thanks, Mrs. H
1 answer
Hi Mrs. H, thank you for sharing your feedback about the Infinity:One. It is possible that the charging cables have been damaged over time however these can be easily replaced, potentially with our magnetic cable solution introduced this year (in-store on our website). If you get in touch with our staff directly we can organise free samples for your school to evaluate. Concerning best practice guidelines for charging, generally speaking having the laptops on charge all the time is not a problem however leaving the battery depleted for a prolonged period is not recommended and might shorten the battery life. We are here to help so if your IT staff can contact us, we can assist the school with troubleshooting, repairs and general tech support! Kind regards, One Education

Is Infinity One a very modern device? Would most adults be satisfied with this for a fast, high definition work computer? Please answer truthfully.
1 answer
It's a kids educational laptop, so I'm not sure why you'd consider one for work purposes. Having said that, I would encourage you to search for reviews of other Laptops with similar specifications (Intel Atom CPU and 2GB of RAM), to get an idea of what the experience would be like.

Why won't game apps download....like Roblox. Yes I use wifi and app store and it will not download load at all. Is there a trick. I am familiar with Windows 10, so am unsure what i am doing wrong?
2 answers
Are you using an edu account in the Microsoft Store? If so switch toa personal account and see if it works.Hi Dee, You might also try to go to Windows Update and make sure all your updates have been applied. This often works for us. Best, One Education


Infinity One
Price (RRP)$365
Product Type2-in-1 Laptop
Screen Size10.1Inches

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