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ING Home and Contents Insurance

ING Home and Contents Insurance

3.8 from 5 reviews

Amazing customer service

The sales lady was so nice when I called to buy my insurance. Her name was Christine or Chrystal I think but they’re here in Brisbane! it was good to talk to someone local. I asked a lot of questions since I had no idea what to do but she explained everything. I had a hard time with my previous company understanding how to spell my name let alone explaining anything. I hope they’re as good if I have to claim.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Coverage TypeHome & Contents
Property TypeHouse
Claim MadeNo

Policy cancelled after making two claims

After making two claims in the past year - one for storm damage and one for theft after a break and enter - and having them settled without any dispute or problem, ING declined to allow us to renew because our 'insurance risk falls outside our acceptable criteria.' After speaking with customer services they confirmed the underwriter was unwilling to cover because of these claims so can only assume from this that ING (Auto & General) only like insuring people who do not make claims. Beware.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Coverage TypeHome & Contents
Property TypeHouse
Claim MadeYes
Type of ClaimStorm and Rainwater and Theft
Claim Resolution Time2-4 weeks
Claim ApprovedYes
Claim DateJanuary 2019

Questions asked & answered....great 'smiley type' attitude, over the phone

Been with ING 3 years.
Called this morning. Got Simone on the phone, who fixed an issue with 2018-19 policy details & answered questions about possible hail damage to solar panels & internal flex hose possible failures, I've been reading about of late..
Couldn't have been a more pleasant person.
I just hope should we ever need to make a claim, we are met with a similar cordial attitude.

Insurance claim madeNo

Knocked back a legitimate claim

We have both our home and contents insurance with ING. We’ve recently had a Flexi-hose burst in our bathroom and had to make an “escape of liquid” claim. After sending out an assessor who agreed the damage was caused by the Flexi-hose, I was dishonestly convinced to allow another assessor to review the claim nearly 2 months after the fact. He was of the opinion the damage was caused by a leaking shower however the shower hadn’t been used in over 12 months so there is no way this could have caused fresh damage. Obviously there is no way we can prove the shower hadn’t been used. ING were deliberately deceptive and acted extremely slowly, stalling at every step. In the end they have knocked back a legitimate claim and there is nothing we can do about it.
In regards to the contents claim (related to the same event) they were also very shady. The process is the contents assessor provides a list of items that are to be written off, then I had to provide replacement costs and receipts to be approved by the insurance company. After I submitted a tediously detailed list, providing screen shots of pricing (as they requested) they came back with a “fair and reasonable replacement cost” of nearly 50% of the actual replacement cost. After going back and forward wasting more time they finally agreed the original pricing I had submitted was accurate and they paid it out.
The way they conduct business is preditory and unethical. Needless to say we’re not renewing with ING

Insurance claim madeYes

Talked to an Australian in Australia!

I got more dollar coverage for cheaper than another leading brand. I had been with the others forever, and the lifetime 'no claim' was rubbish - almost no discount, on an expensive policy.

ING were way cheaper for over $200,000 more coverage. Coverage options were good, plentiful, and explained quickly and clearly.

Updates are made quickly, pay the difference, no 'cancel and wait for the cheque, and we start another' rubbish, like the 'insurance giant' we were with.

I had a kerfuffle with a loan, they wanted corrected insurance docs, I rang ING, had the details corrected within five minutes and new documents emailed within another five. Sorted - INSTANTLY.

These guys are great, I hope their claims process is as good, but hopefully we never claim, like always!

Insurance claim madeNo

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