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Would ING be a good bank to open a savings account with? I do not want to withdraw money, just save it. I'm trying to choose a different bank than my normal one so I cannot have instant access to it, to avoid temptation.
3 answers
No, I would definitely go to Westpac and open a Westpac eSaver and go down to the branch then ask them to put a block on it so you can only withdraw at the branch so avoid temptation like I do.No ,most of the time during transactions they have no idea where your money isYes ING is good i have been with them 15 yrs Forget westpac

Does anyone have real life issues with ING on Term Deposits?
4 answers
Have not used them for term depositsYes - we have a number of term deposits split by bank, amount and timing. Although ING have a secret limit of 9 term deposits per customer. Too bad they don't make this known to you until you try to open the 10th. Their excuse is flimsy - "it's because that's the limit" they say. Wow, now I'm convinced by that logical adult response. Rates are ok-ish and systems are good. Customer service is patchy, as per the above example.Thanks SteveB. That's assuring.

What I would like to know is ing as safe as Austrslians big four banks
2 answers
Short answer is no, it isn’t. When I have a problem with anyone of the big 4 (I’m with 2 of the 4) there is a branch I can go to and I can speak to a “real” live person. My experience so far with the big 4 has been one of trust, they ring back when they say they will. They respond to queries and complaints. This might not seem like a big deal, but trust me when things go wrong you want an actual person.All banks in Australia are covered by the Federal government savings guarantee up to $250,000. If you have more than that you need to split it up between different banks. I'd be more worried about ING (and others) changing their rules for bonus interest rate and the maximum amount you can have in the account to keep the bonus rate. You need to monitor them all the time to see when they change the rules otherwise you could lose out on hundreds of dollars in interest in the month.

any idea if they are getting a credit card service anytime soon?
3 answers
Yes but don't bother I have just closed my account after two months. You can't even pay bills with it.Yes they are getting it shortly after I spoke to them in September. Dont take any notice of the knockers Some of them shouldnt be allowed out the gate on their ownYes they have. Full service credit card available.

How the f am i meant to withdraw cash with no pin is my pin what i put in when creating my debit account?
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Why dont you ring and ask them We dont know any more than you. Hardly their fault you dont know what you are doing when setting up the account

I'm trying to find out what bank is better to open my first account on I'm 15?
4 answers
Without knowing where you live my broad recommendation would be the Commonwealth Bank based on current service levels and product range.I have a son in your situation and Ing will not let you open a account until you are 18. When you turn 18 please take my advice and stay away from ING as they have been the worst bank I have dealt with.Certainly not ING

What are Interest rates on Term deposits?
5 answers
No idea. Ask them yourself.They constantly change. Beware of a home loan with them, their latest interest rate increase was higher than the big banks. They are an internet bank so it is difficult to talk to a decision maker.Please do not trust Ing! They have the worst service ever

Is ING government guaranteed?
5 answers
I had to look it up on their website but yes they are. i would have been surprised if they weren't! Latest bonus of ING is that if you use pay wave facilities they give you 5% cash back instantly. SO for every $100 you shop you get $5 back, that is higher that the interest rate of most banks!!2% rebate now ?Yeah, it is 2% now as I am with them.

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