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Only complaint is that the online platform seems to often be glitchy or just not working. Mobile app seems to be better. But this is quite annoying that often when i log on i have to re try in 5 minutes. Strange and scary that a bank dosnt have a reliable online platform..

Great rates great app

I love using ing
Good transparency in all products
Use any atm and get that pesky fee refunded instantly!
App is great

Removed my access from my account

After several years of being their customer, they removed my access from my account although I have got money in it. I called them and they told me that they had sent me a msg to check my inbox to provide some verification ID and since I haven’t provided that, they cannot unblock it. I sent my ID to them and never heard back, call them back again and they said that they team wanted MORE EXPLANATION and will contact me! When I asked when I’m going to be contacted they said it might take several business days!!!!
If you want to trust a bank with your money, think twice with this one as they don’t have any branch, their only Customer service is via phone with terrible customer service.
How can they remove my access from my account without formally warning me????
There are several other banks out there which have removed international transaction fees or ATM withdrawals. I wouldn’t bother with this one again!

Best bank

After travelling with other bank cards it was amazing to go overseas and not be charged for a single transaction, and anything that was changed was refunded.
It's also great with those atms that charge $2.50 and not having to worry about using them.
I also recently took out a personal loan and the process was so simple and I thought the interest terms were very reasonable.
I definitely recommend them to anyone

What a joke this bank is

This bank has no branches so it’s online and they don’t presses transactions to other banks over the weekend what a joke come Monday I’m closing my account. They only Process transactions on business days Monday to Friday and I have no branches LOL


I very rarely call this bank to deal with issues however when I do you get a stone wall - 'thank's our bank rules'. There is no empathy expressed at all as they hide behind their fine print, which is not obvious to you the consumer.
Savings Maximiser should be rebranded Savings Grief since I have had no end of trouble with this account. It is virtually unusable. Why wouldn't you want to deposit large amounts of cash into this fund? Well the bank don't permit - how crazy is that?
I used to love this bank, but now they are becoming more like the mainstream banks with their don't care attitude. After being with this bank for 5 years I am seriously thinking about moving.

ING Customer since 2003!

I love ING. I first had an account when I was in high school over 15 years ago. I have never changed banks. We recently went overseas and paid absolutely no international conversion rates or ATM fees. We have no bank fees, we can set up so many different accounts and I can honestly say I would never change bank institutions! Love ING.

Removed my access from my accounts !!!!

I have been with this bank for 2 years .
Costumer service is patchy , you will get different info every time you call.

Tried to set up an account t for my daughter , and they believed it was me on the phone impersonating her , and managed to freeze my access to all my money .
The manager , Simone employee number 3553669
Went on a spiral of aggressiveness and she wanted me to admit to that, because I didn’t she hang up the phone on me and did not unlock my accounts ! I am sure this has to be ilegal ! Asked several times to speak to another person and she wouldn’t .
It is pretty scary, when you can only access them by phone and the phone call goes starter to her again !

ING Direct bank account

I have done a review ages ago but am doing another. I joined this bank when it first started in Australia which would have to be nearly twenty years ago now. I have had nothing but a pleasurable experience for all my banking. No ATM fees, no international transaction fees (great if you are a traveller) and no account fees. I also like that I get a bonus if you deposit regularly from your wages. I wish the Australian banks had the same practices! I have rarely had to deal with the Australian office by phone but when I have it has never been a hassle to talk with anyone. Love my ING accounts!

Strong discrimination against people who cannot speak English well

Why cannot I give them a zero star?

They discriminate against people who cannot speak English well.

My father can read English but he is not good at speaking/listening English.
He registered ING bank online and transferred money in.
After lost his SIM card, he called ING and wanted to change the registered mobile number.
Initially I translated for him, but ING staff told me not to translate for him.
So he talked to ING staff himself, but ING staff didn't explain to him what to do and only ask him to call translation service.
ING staff's argument was if people can register online on their website, they must be able to speak English well.

I am not sure if that's part of the term and condition, or just their culture.

Great Service

My partner and I have just gone through the experience of purchasing our first home together. I was previously stuffed around by another competitor and they said we were not able to meet their absurd lending policy.

Anyway after shopping around and talking to people I gave ING a go. From the moment I had browsed to do the application, up until we settled I was very happy with the service I received from Erin our loan specialist. The website is very easy to use and everything is easy to navigate around.

Anytime I had an issue with something I was on the phone and Erin was able to sort it out shortly after. We are very happy with the help and support we received from the ING Team!

Impersonal and cumbersome

Tried to open an orange one account all went well online.
Then tried for a credit card which was met with numerous requests for the same information which couldn’t be fiwisded because of some problem with the app and had to be emailed.
Dealt with multiple people responding to my emails and received different advice.
Not a bank I would want slot of my money in!

can't get enough of ING!! best bank ever

Firstly I haven't ever neededdto talk to anyone as ING allows me to do everything via the app. they refund all ATM fees, and international fees - an example is in my last two weeks overseas I saved $71 and you know how I knew that, they sent me an emai to say Welcome home! and to let me know of my savings. They have a top up for a savings account which enables me to slowly save more mone yon the smallest amount of cash (but makes a he difference) then most recently I lost my card. I jumped onto the App advised of the lost card, which automatically stopped it - they sent me a text and email to advise they had received a request for a new card to make sure it was for me - but that's not that best part, within 3 business days my card was in the leter box!!! thank you!

Love my ING savings account and orange card

Was simple to set up account online. Had to call for PIN for card (think misplaced mine).

Great interest rate if deposit $1000 per month.

No hassle like big 4 banks

Apple Pay and great savings interest under the one roof

After using Apple Pay overseas I made the decision to switch to a bank in Australia which has it. Not only does ING have Apple Pay, but their savings interest is market leading. How can you dislike a bank that pays you!?

Not only that, but every time I've needed to speak to someone, I was able to reach a human within minutes and they were able to resolve any of my queries promptly and professionally.

Great bank, great service!

Switched to these guys well over 10 years ago after getting tired of being hit with charges from a credit union that started getting greedy.
Unlike some reviewers here, I've never had an issue with the service and products and the staff are always helpful & polite.
It's nice to deal with people in Oz rather than talk to a Manila call centre.
Good work ING, keep it up!

Total lack of communication and lack of understanding

I have been with ING for about 10 years and had no problems but during this time i was only depositing money into my accounts, then recently I purchased a property at auction I had the funds in my ING account to pay for this property but had been advised to burrow and negative gear so I asked ING for a P and I loan after weeks of being made to jump through hurdles I was refused with the only explanation being I might not be able to service the loan they paid no attention to the fact that I had several investment properties, sufficient funds in an ING account to buy it outright and I had earned $200000 in each of the last 3 years.
The part that really annoyed I could use a high interest redraw no problem ! As soon as I find a new lender I'm gone!

Robots not human

They rely on automation. Personal interactions very poor. Every time I spoke to them about my problem they gave me different instructions. Customer service is polite though.

Prehistoric systems in place

Can only have one account linked to transfer funds to.
Will take a minimum of 3 business days to change linked account. Get a call on the third day to say transfer failed.
Luckily we have an account with anz with funds because there is no possible way to get our money before another 3 business days (if the next linked account change).
Customer service were of no help either.
Damn pathetic!!!

Fail to understand and support customers

We have been with the bank for 3 years. We found the bank customer service team unreliable to stick to a home loan time line and careless, perhaps inefficient/ inexperienced staff to follow up internal process and to assist with customers enquiries, providing updates or simply deliver what’s been promised.

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Questions & Answers

Would ING be a good bank to open a savings account with? I do not want to withdraw money, just save it. I'm trying to choose a different bank than my normal one so I cannot have instant access to it, to avoid temptation.
3 answers
No, I would definitely go to Westpac and open a Westpac eSaver and go down to the branch then ask them to put a block on it so you can only withdraw at the branch so avoid temptation like I do.No ,most of the time during transactions they have no idea where your money isYes ING is good i have been with them 15 yrs Forget westpac

Does anyone have real life issues with ING on Term Deposits?
4 answers
Have not used them for term depositsYes - we have a number of term deposits split by bank, amount and timing. Although ING have a secret limit of 9 term deposits per customer. Too bad they don't make this known to you until you try to open the 10th. Their excuse is flimsy - "it's because that's the limit" they say. Wow, now I'm convinced by that logical adult response. Rates are ok-ish and systems are good. Customer service is patchy, as per the above example.Thanks SteveB. That's assuring.

What I would like to know is ing as safe as Austrslians big four banks
2 answers
Short answer is no, it isn’t. When I have a problem with anyone of the big 4 (I’m with 2 of the 4) there is a branch I can go to and I can speak to a “real” live person. My experience so far with the big 4 has been one of trust, they ring back when they say they will. They respond to queries and complaints. This might not seem like a big deal, but trust me when things go wrong you want an actual person.All banks in Australia are covered by the Federal government savings guarantee up to $250,000. If you have more than that you need to split it up between different banks. I'd be more worried about ING (and others) changing their rules for bonus interest rate and the maximum amount you can have in the account to keep the bonus rate. You need to monitor them all the time to see when they change the rules otherwise you could lose out on hundreds of dollars in interest in the month.