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43 reviews

Not working


It's not working at all after 2-3 weeks. Have better result wity yoghurt.
Maybe I've bought a bad batch from chemist warehouse.... Maybe it's not been stored properly in fridge.... maybe it's not been transported in a refrigerated van...



Exhumed from the (near) Dead


This product has changed my life


I'm 34 and have ulceritic collitis and proctitis and have had general trouble with a sluggish bowel, irregular bowel movements and an inflamed, enlarged stomach for about the last decade. In one week of taking these capsules every day - I have regular, large bowel movements and my stomach has settled and flattened. It literally feels like a miracle. I am NOT in any way saying this is a cure for collitis, or will solve any problem in particular - I am just sharing my experience as I am so motivated to review this product (I've never reviewed anything online) that its aided my bowel function, I feel kilos lighter and emotionally stronger. I really hope this has a lasting effect. I am so grateful for this product.

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Netty b

Netty bSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 19 reviews

Awesome product that works well


I recently purchased the Inner Health plus capsules and have been on them for several days after being very ill with severe indigestion and an awful taste in my mouth from my stomach acid and these have been a god send. I can't believe how much they have helped. I've recommended them to so many others now because of the amazing results.



Severe reaction and I gave 1/8th of the prescribed dose


I gave the Kids Inner Health plus version to my 19th Month old as recommended by the pharmacist. Because he is on antibiotics it says 2 teaspoons a day. I only gave 1/4 teaspoon and he Vomited. My daughter had a diarrhoea reaction some years ago too to the same product.
i believe there needs to be better labelling and warnings on this product. Ie. The stated dose is from 3 months to 12 years of age, which is far too broad from what I have researched and there is no warning regarding possible reactions.



  • 16 reviews

The product works


The inner health plus works as it helped in curing stomach disorders due to imbalance of bad bacteria and honestly how many of us eat yoghurt on daily basis!. The kind of busy lifestyle we live in, maintaining health gut helps a long way.

Marianne Y

Marianne YSydney

  • 21 reviews

The best brand & product


I love this product and even more has it can be sold in powder form or capsules. And both options give you a choice of dairy free as well. Of course there are other brands on the market but they, do not give you those options. These probiotics are fantastic, I feel so much happier in my gut, overall health, my immune system and it also helps you prevent cavities. Such a great product, very happy with it.



  • 11 reviews

Hit and miss


Product used to be good. Lately there's good and dead batches. I no longer take the gamble. Same applies for the metagenics brand probiotics which are made by the same company, Health World Ltd.

Tony Hunt

Tony HuntPerth, WA

  • 30 reviews

Helps skin and well being


I started the probiotics after having a lot of antibiotics (intravenous) and really played with my gut. I haven't stopped taking them 4 months later and really think they are helping clear my system once or twice a day.. And really helping my skin and possibly energy levels.

I drink a lot of dairy and think i ended up with a pretty bad gut flora at 40 with terrible skin problems (the worst). I put a lot of my remission the down to this product. Not sure if it helps everyone or not... But it definitely helps me and cant recommend it enough.

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Great product to keep you well.


I used to get colds and flus all the time. But about a year ago mum advised me to start taking Inner Health Plus and ever since then i havent had a flu or even a common cold. I would rather pay for a tablet a day than get sick any day.

This product is awesome


Hi all, just sharing my experience. I buy inner health for me and my kids and love how it makes my kids feel good and myself even when I couldn't buy it kids had the sniffels and a cough but now its hardly there from them having the powder for 3 days :) Very good product.


B BSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 6 reviews

False labelling - product is not dairy free


Don't take if you're avoiding dairy due to allergies, intolerances or if you're vegan. My child is allergic to milk and took this product and has serious reactions. Company agrees it is a milk product but don't have to declare that on the label.
If a company isn't upfront about ingredients - don't trust them with your health.



  • 3 reviews

Very helpful


At first I bought a small bottle to accompany an antibiotic treatment for my cough and stopped using it as my antibiotics finished. A month later I had really bad diarrhea and I instantly reached for one capsule. The diarrhea and the pain stopped in less than 30 minutes without having to take any medicine. So half an hour later I had one more capsule, just in case.
I have been taking it regularly ever since. Only one capsule daily. I usually buy the 90 capsule bottle for $59.95. Ask for foil-lined paperbag and head home as soon as possible and place it in the fridge to keep them alive.
Now I use it as a substitute for yoghurt to keep my digestive system balanced since I need to cut calories for healthier diet.

Stassi L

Stassi LSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 27 reviews

Yes, these products work!


Inner Health Plus is awesome and keeps everything in check for me. I was unlucky enough to to contract giardia and salmonella in my travels both within 3 years of each other and was very ill both times with severe and lasting abdominal symptoms that persisted as IBS. I never felt completely well, until I started taking inner health plus for a couple of weeks. I have also used the IBS support since & find it even more helpful and fast for the symptoms of IBS. I take both Inner Health Plus and IBS Support now and feel great - only very occasional symptoms!!!



  • 2 reviews

Try it, you won't be sorry!


Since radiation and chemo treatments 12 months ago I have suffered from IBS. A recent flare up caused a major bacterial infection which hospitalized me. When released I was told about the dairy free version. From day 1 I started to feel better and had to take less pain killers. $21/month compared to $400 last time I got sick I can't afford to not take this product.

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I found Inner health plus cheap!!


I have been taking inner health plus for years for many illnesses....I will never stop....however it annoyed me how much it cost, I tried different pharmacies but still always paid around $30 -$35 a bottle, until i stumbled across them at 'Chemist Warehouse' and they cost $21 a bottle woo hoooo!!!!!! (And thats there normal price :) Just thought I'd share, even though this is a pretty old post!

Recommended for thos who suffer from bloating and ibs


Started taking this 2 days ago and immediately seeing the benefits. My bloating is crazy but this helped so much! Spreading the benefits!



  • 31 reviews

Lives up to its claims.


LilyNSW, 2150

  • 71 reviews

A daily essential


I suffered from excessive wind, serious bloating, tummy pains and general IBS symptoms until my doctor recommended this product. She said that it should be used for three months before deciding whether or not it has been effective and not to expect instant results. I found that after 4 weeks I started to improve and after 6 weeks, all my symptoms had gone. I take one daily as I find that if I stop taking them for more than 2-3 days, I have mild symptoms that start to return. Taking one every morning is now part of my daily routine.
It works - enough said.
Costly, but worth every cent if you get relief.



Has many benefits.


A chemist suggested Inner Health Plus while I was taking medications to this ease and cure my bronchitis. However I was suffering from a mild strain of Bacterial Vaginosis prior to taking Inner Health Plus as well. Two days after taking the tablets my bacterial vaginosis was cured. I can not be more happy with this product, it has also eased my bronchitis.
Cured my bacterial vaginosis.
It is costly for a little bottle but well worth it.

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Ame L

Ame Lasked

How long do inner health plus double strength fridge free live probiotics last once opened?
I have had them for a couple months and forgot about them can I start taking them again?

1 answer

Yeah. Unless they’ve expired she’ll be right

Michelle L.

Michelle L.asked

Can I give Inner health to my dog she weighs 5kg, and has been on antibiotics due to surgery.

No answers
Michelle L.

Michelle L.asked

can l give this to my dog who weighs 5kg.

No answers

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