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Innovation Square iS Groove

Innovation Square iS Groove

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Love my new Massage Chair !

I owned a Human Touch HT 7250 ( twice the price- half the features).
The first time i sat in the IS Groove i was blown away...
This Chair delivers a great massage!
The Gao Sha foot massage is blissful - the back rollers are going right down to your bum cheeks -
The airbags squeeze nice and tight... wow!
Yes - the factory preset massage is a bit firm - I but a pillow in the lower back until i got used to it.
The support team is also very helpful - had a small issue and i got excellent mail support.
I rate that chair 10 out of 10

Excellent value for the money

This chair has double the features of a chair twice the cost from Harvey Norman. I found the factory pre-set modes a bit firm at first, but I just used it in manual mode until I got used to it.
I had to replace a plastic part, but once we identified the part, they sent me a new one from the factory at no cost.
I paid the extra $ for the 5 year extended warranty, and so far I am happy with their warranty service.

Very, Very happy with this chair.

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Thanks for your kind review Steven. Our chairs are all packed full of features and mostly at only around half the price =).

This will soon be my new best friend

I have a slipped disk and nerve issues affecting my right side. After I reluctantly used this chair at our best friends house I was advised to use it for approximately 30 minutes, I woke up the next morning for the first time in years being able to move without much pain, I didn't need to stretch. AMAZING!
Comfort, all the different settings, stretching, feet - list goes on

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I bought the chair end of last year, both my husband and I love it. My husband is a coach driver and after an 18 hr day he does a couple of sessions and he finds that it relaxes him. As for my back, it hasn't healed my back but it definitely gives me much needed relief. One thing though...I can't get the heat setting to work....that could just be my stupidity ;)

Questions & Answers

hi , i have a Innovation Square iS Groove massage chair and i leave in Melbourne,my chair need to do some repair, would you tell me where i can fine someone to fix the chair? this is my phone number [number removed],please contact me or sms please. thank you!
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Phone 1300 780 022 Website http://www.innovationsquare.com.au/page/contact_us.php You can send them a message in the contact us page

What is the price of this chair in $A?
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Hi, Please click on the link to the Innovation Square website - http://www.innovationsquare.com.au/category/Massage-Chairs.php I purchased my Innovation Square brand new from the Innovation EBAY store for a fraction of the cost. Hope this information helps.

Where is this made?
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Hi Angela, The chair is made out of PU leather. When ours is not in use, i cover it over with a sheet or something so that the sun or whatever doesn't damage it. Please click on or copy the link - http://www.innovationsquare.com.au/images/product/Is-Groove-1.pdf Hope this helps :)


iS Groove
Price (RRP)4580
Release dateSep 2013

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