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InStyler Ceramic Styling Shells

InStyler Ceramic Styling Shells

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All is not what it seems.....

You need to practise before that big night out - DO NOT try the curlers half an hour before your date arrives - it will not end well. It takes a bit of practise and time to be able to get your desired results and you need to be prepared to wait for the shells cool on your head before taking them out - best not to answer the door with them in, you'll scare the visitor to death . On saying all this, the curls come out beautiful and will stay that way for the night, if you use a fair amount of spray to hold them in place - they do not look so good the next morning though.
Do l use them, you ask? Yes l do but only when time allows me to fiddle with them and fiddle and fiddle before l get them how l like.
Would recommend them? Well why not, us girls are always up for a challenge

Fast but doesn't look as good as a curler.

- curls are long lasting. They usually last me the day with a bit of hairspray.
- minimal frizz
- plenty of shells. Unless I'm doing very tight curls there is usually enough to completely cover my head.
- provides volume if you do the pin-curl bit the right way.
- less damage to hair. No burning hair smells like with a straightener.
- can multi-task while the curls set, letting them last longer.

- "clean" curls are hard to achieve. The techniques for different styles of curls certainly takes practice. Because of this the curls are a little messier looking.
- burned fingers. It's not uncommon for me to hurt my fingers trying to hold the curl and then place the shell around it.

Great time saver for those with lots of hair

Bought this in a "50% off already reduced price" sale for a song, not expecting too much but very tired of trying to curl my masses of long dense thick frizzy hair with heated rollers. I don't have enough time or head surface area for the number of rollers I need. This little beauty is very quick and easy to use, the clams heat and hold the curl well and they take up a lot less head space than rollers. Using all the clams, I can do my whole head, and I usually need two sets of heated rollers. It is quite forgiving of very quickly twirled hair, and still produces a good result. But I did find it tricky to keep the ends of my hair secured between my fingers while I clipped the clam over the roll - lots of burnt fingers and/or poking out hair ends. And if you have frizzy hair, don't expect it to smooth your hair as well as rollers will either. Regardless, it is my new favourite because it takes less than half the time of rollers and the clams don't fall out the way that crowded rollers tend to. I'd buy it again and I'd pay full price.

Best curls I've ever had

I see there are some bad reviews because they tried to get it save money and got a knock off version or don't know how to use it. Let me tell you this is the easiest curling tool you will ever use.
I found it easy but for some it could take some practice. Once you get the hand of what size curls should go where you will love this product. It used to take about half an hour to curl my hair now it takes about 8 minutes.
Do yourself a favour and buy one for perfect curls every time.

Love it!

Best piece of hair equipment I own. 1 or 2 problems though, curls don't Spring and fingers get burned a tad here and there. Easy to use, especially for beginners. But it's worth the money.

Curls like no other! GREAT

Initially I bought a set online and when it arrived it had a USA plug. I tried to using an adapter and I blew it up immediately. This was totally MY BAD.
I ended up getting an Australian set on a Carasol, and I LOVE it! The curls are super cute, and different to results from a curling wand.
It DOES take a little practice but its not difficult.
The instyler shells are easy to use and the curls stay in all day!
I have quite long hair, past the bottom of my shoulder blade, and all my hair fits in the shells easily.

Wish it Had The Case Like The US Version!

I think that it was probably the prototypes that we got here in Aus, on the carousel or perhaps the product heating within a case didn't meet Aus standards (would have been sooo handy for travel dagnabbit!)

I have shortish shoulder length hair in a midi haircut, because I do 40's pincurls and victory rolls every day. I actually wanted this to refresh my curls mid-week. I do a wet set weekly, and my hair is healthier for drying under the hard hood with a slow heat. It's like a steam treatment, as well as a set. My hair has a scraggy wave, and is rough, so it holds a curl really well from the wet set. So about the fourth night, I wake up and it's lost some foof! Technical term that; foof!

So I thought this would be really good, as I can refresh the curl quickly, while my hands are free to do things like washing up, doing make-up, nails, etc.
I also figured it would be good for those days, where you plan not to style your hair because you'll be home and then have to go out, grrr- arrgh! Anyone with a midi hairstyle knows that it is NOT a wash and wear thing! Especially if you have crazy, frizzy, rough hair, like me! So at least I could get some shiny waves and put in some hair slides in a hurry.

Well, it is perfect for all those things! It was probably a lot easier for me than for some because I roll my hair in pincurls nearly every day. I could probably do it in my sleep, so it was really easy for me to clip a shell on as the last step, instead of chucking in a bobby pin or three.
Well, it does exactly what I wanted. It returned shine and bounce to my hair with no damage, no need to re-set, and hands free to do other things.

I have three times as much hair as most people, and was surprised to get all of my hair into just 15 clips, when I use about 30 plus rollers in my hair for a wet set. I think I would need extra shells if I had long hair, but as it is a little bit longer than chin length, and not quite shoulder length, this is ideal.

Totally did what I expected, as I had a slightly different angle on what I wanted to achieve than most people would have had. I can't say enough about how good this is for me, thanks to Guy Tang on you tube for showing me they existed, and extra thanks to my lovely husband and mum, who bought them for me for my birthday!

Love them truly!

And PS. I was a little hesitant as hot rollers NEVER EVER held a curl in my hair because my hair is coarse. But these little babies held really well. A+ Linda Flowers, who thought of these!

Good product, but takes a little practice

A little tricky to begin with but it did get easier once I worked out how to wrap the hair. The curls last all day and are well defined.

love the ceramic shells

I have had so many compliments. My hair is past shoulders and very straight - the curl lasts the whole day. Thanks Instyler.

Great product! Saves time, better than regular curler

It's a little harder than in the ads but when u get use to it its way easier, it doesn't burn ur hair and lasts hours!

Easy to use, Great results :)

I bought this for myself for my birthday last month (from TARGET) and have used it a handful of times already. It's really quite simple to use and I found my curls lasted very well. I did use a little hair spray on them once I took the clips out though. Overall I'm very happy with this product. I found that I can put the curling clips in then do something else whilst it sets like eating breaky or doing my make-up then you just unclip them, run your fingers roughly through your hair and give it a little spray with hairspray off you go. Big glamorous curls :)

Be careful where you buy

I purchased from instylerceramicshells.com it looks like a legitimate site but when it was delivered it came in a plastic bag, and the box was all crushed. When i opened I immediately noticed a European plug with Australian adapter, which was so bent the adapter plug won't stay on and it doesn't even have the InStyler brand name. I straight away contacted the seller and they asked for evidence. Ever since then I have heard nothing. This product is from Malaysia. Please DO NOT buy this! Be extremely careful! I have contacted the InStyler company, counterfeit websites and overseas consumers to report this company. If you have had the same problem, please report it!

Difficult to use and nearly impossible to return

These are hard to use and give messy, irregular curls. The company makes it very difficult to contact them to return them, I was put on hold and then hung up on over and over. I've actually got to cancel my card so they don't keep taking money off it! Don't buy!

Makes hair look frizzy, messy & does not curl hair – PIECE OF JUNK!

It was very difficult to use. My hair looked messy and frizzy. The curls are frizzy rather than nice proper curls. It is very expensive and a cheaply made product. TV advert is so misleading. Would not recommend this.

Very difficult to use.

I think this product would work well on long hair.
I have shoulder length hair which is layered. The biggest problem is once you carefully pull your fingers out it more than likely collapses and if not as soon as you put the shell on the weight of it collapses your curl. It is also incredibly fiddley! Bits fall out of the shells. I had to go over my hair with the hot brush anyway. I must admit what curl you do get does last (hence my one star)!
However if you do buy this product DO NOT BUY DIRECT from the website.
I won't go into all the mishaps before I even received it however it came in a plastic courier bag (no padding) it was crushed and battered. I was totally amazed it still worked it was that bad. It still has what I guess is the US plug with an adapter and one of plugs is bent....every morning I'm waiting to be electrocuted!! It also come with only large shells.
Big W are now selling this product for twenty dollars more and it comes with Aussie plug and half large shells and half medium.
For twenty bucks more I think it's definately worth it!
I would send it back but from all the feedback I've got.....GOOD LUCK with getting a refund. I must admit if the "Care Factor" with which they sent it to me is any indication.............

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An update on my review. I know I've already said don't buy this form the website, however DON'T BUY THIS FROM THE WEBSITE!!! The website appears to be an Australian distributor and I've already mentioned it came with an international adapter attached (which I thought was a bit sus). The third time I used it it crackled and sounded like it was shorting. So thought no not good enough. Got the post bag out that it came in and it was sent from MALAYSIA!! This is grossly misleading as you are led to believe you dealing with an Australian distributer and the product is up to Australian safety standards! I have emailed them but of course no answer! I hope consumer affairs monitors these sites however I'm not sure what they can do. But this really is a safety issue! DON'T BUY FROM FROM THE WEBSITE!!

Love it

I was a bit skeptical when I saw the infomercials originally and didn't want to willingly spend the money on something that I wasn't sure would work or not (thankfully hubby thought it would be a nice Xmas present). Have to say I am thrilled with the results. I have fairly short hair so I wasn't expecting good results anyway. It was a little tricky to start with getting the hang of wrapping then clamping the shell around the curl (particularly with short hair), but once I got the hang of it it was easy. I wish I had started at the top of my head instead of working from the back, although the back curls turned out fantastic too. I found that working from the back first there were a few strand that I missed, but I suppose that I'd user error. Loved that once I had the shells in I had time to keep getting ready (solves the problem of what to do first hair or makeup, because my hair had been pulled out of my face so I could do my make up). Releasing the curls was as easy as u clipping the shells and watching them drop. I had to style the front a bit, but that is only because I have fairly short hair and the curls didn't reach the sides of my face, but once pulled up all I had to do was spritz a little hairspray on to keep them in the position I had arranged them, again a short hair problem. But the whole process from wrapping, cooling (20 minutes), styling to finish only took 35 minutes. And this was my first time using, and I could also keep getting ready while they were cooling. Absolutely love it

I love it!

It takes a bit of practice, but the results are awesome. Just a touch of heat protection spray before setting the hair, and no hairspray needed. Turn it as I get up, have my coffee, then set my hair. I then get dressed and do all my bits n pieces (make up, breakfast) and then it is done. So quick and easy. I love it!!

Not worth the money

I admit I was extremely excited to purchase the ceramic shells, and to my disappointment they were alot harder to use then first thought, I spent hours on youtube watching others from the across the world use this product and my hair never once looked anything like what was being advertised. The best curl my hair got was more like a wave than a curl, and needed to put hair spray (which I hate using) to keep the wave in my hair for longer than 30 mins. If I could return it for a full money back guarantee I would. There are better products on the market, and will definitely be looking into them.

Is much tougher to use than it looks in the advertisements

I bought this product as a novice user, thinking it would be quick and easy to curl my hair. It looks so fast on the commercials. But when trying it, I realised that it isn't that easy to get the right curl of hair around your fingers, plus you get randomly shaped curls an waves unless you really are consistent. It is really hard to do so! And the worst part is that you have to leave the clams hanging in your hair for at least 20 minutes while they cool and set. It means it takes a long time to style your hair, and you have to wait 20 minutes to see whether your hair has turned out ok or whether you have to go ahead and try again! There are much faster and easier products out there! It might be ok for a hair dresser or somebody who really knows what they are doing, but I think still easier and just as good results would be able to be achieved with other products.

Questions & Answers

Caitlin from Raymond Terrace. Where did you buy your styling shells? I don't want to buy from online or infomercial. I've heard that some TARGET shops have it.
2 answers
The Shaver Shop stocks this product. Hope this helps. RobynPicked mine up on Gumtree :-)

Is there anyones not happy with their Instyler shells is willing to sell them to me?( I'm in Australia) if so, please contact me by 0423 714 073 Una thx!
1 answer
Did you buy them yet?

Does anyone know how long does the curl last?
4 answers
Truthfully i found the wave/curl to last a short while possibly an hour at best baring in mind i had no product in my hair and even after I sprayed hair spray it lasted no longer than without any sprayI curled my hair at about midday, curls remained relatively intact until I went to bed at about 9ish. Although a few had started to loose some of the curl around 4ish but I had been playing with them and touching them. Best advice is to spray a little gel or styling product on before you curl, then a light spritz of hairspray after. So basically what you would normally do when curling your hairYes I put a light coat of spray on it or some holding mist and it lasts whole day. I h ave read the reviews and am surprised at negative feedback. Maybe it depends on the type of hair one has.


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