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My 85 year old mother in law is extremely ill and we are concerned that she will pass while we are away. We consequently think we should probably cancel our trip which has cost us nearly A$58,000. What documentation etc do we need to have a successful claim on our "gold" policy?
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For our claims we contacted the claims department (the number is on your policy) and they provided us with a list of what we had to provide to them in order to process the claim. Referring to the Insure and Go pds could be useful also re what the policy covers.Hi Sued, thanks for getting in touch, and thank you for the fast, helpful response Woody. I would second Woody's suggestion to read the PDS. Presuming you purchased a One Trip policy, and your travel has not yet commenced, you would benefit from reading through the Table Of Benefits, General Conditions, General Exclusions, and Section A of the One Trip PDS found here: https://www.insureandgo.com.au/images/ig-ms-pw-ot_tcm1005-157834.pdf. If you did not purchase a One Trip policy, then let me know which policy you did buy and I can guide you to the correct sections of the relevant PDS. The PDS for every policy we provide can be found on our website here: https://www.insureandgo.com.au/policy-wordings.jsp. Once you are familiar with the PDS, you can lodge a claim over the phone, by calling 1300 401 177, or online, here: https://www.insureandgo.com.au/travel-insurance/important-claims-information.jsp. I hope this helps, let me know if you need anything else. Thanks, Anna

In your 'natural disaster' section, Mt Agung in Indonesia is listed as an event you will not provide cover for. This is dated from 2017. Is this permanently excluded from cover? And does that mean that if the volcano goes off and disrupts flights, we can't claim anything related to cancelled flights/accommodation etc?
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Hi Anna, thanks for the question. You are right, we do not currently provide cover for claims that arise due to Mount Agung, although this could change in the future. We have, over the past couple of years, covered it for some periods of time, which can be seen on our travel alert for Mount Agung here: https://www.insureandgo.com.au/travel-alerts/mount-agung-travel-advice.jsp. And yes, that would mean that if a mount Mount Agung eruption causes disruption to your flights and accommodation, this would not be covered. Only medical would be covered. Hope this helps. Thanks, Anna

I have recently purchased a policy and paid the additional $$ for 'Natural Disasters' ... my policy document is endorsed 'Travel Disruptions' in the Additional Options Included section ... Can you please give me written confirmation that these to terms are synonymous Regards D
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I don’t know!Hi Dot, If you purchased a policy from InsureandGo Australia with Natural Disasters included, your policy certificate should mention "Natural Disasters". If you want me to double check your policy, please send me your policy number or give us a call on 1300 401 177. Regards, AnnaAnna Thank you for replying ... My policy is noted "Travel Disruption" ... I was advised it is same ... would like written confirmation please ... I will try to PM you with the detail Regards Dor

In the PDS ... section F "accidental death" it says Event 1 (c) All benefits for insured person aged 66 years or over Nil $12,500 $15,000 Nil Can you please tell me where I can find full, easy to understand details of what this limitation would mean Are there any other over 65 age related limitations Thank you Dot
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Hi Dot, thank you for your enquiry. Section F is the only section of our PDS with certain limits for travellers over 65 years of age. If you need to discuss our product in more detail, please give us a call on 1300 401 177 or email info@insureandgo.com.au Thanks, Anna

Hi Does your cruise insurance cover ship to shore evacuation expenses if needed medically? Thanks Veronica
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Hi Veronica, yes our policies cover unlimited repatriation expenses in all overseas policies (including cruise policies). If you have any questions, contact us on 1300 401 177. Regards, Anna

Where can I download/print the FULL cover policy for QUOTE No. 33893204 or can you email it please -URGENT I need to purchase it soon..leaving in 4 days. R.von Winterberg
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No need for anything, policy purchasedHi Radovan, Let me know if I can help with anything else. Thanks, Anna

Its often mentioned that it takes up to 10 business days for a claim to be accepted. We are travelling from NZ to South Africa and looking at taking out insurance but hospitals there, even ambulances in cases of emergency want guarantee of payment before they take you. How does InsureandGo handle this? I dont want to be taken to a government hospital in an emergency in South Africa where I would likely die! I know because I used to live there.
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Hi Katie, thanks for getting in touch. Please note we can only provider cover to Australian residents and your trip would need to start from Australia. Regarding your question: if you found yourself in need of medical treatment, you would need to contact our 24/7 emergency assistance line on +612 9333 3999, and we would be able to arrange the appropriate hospital arrangement etc. The claims process, which takes up to 10 days, is related to upfront payment which customers makes for non-emergency related items. If you are in an emergency, our 24/7 assistance team will arrange the hospital care and liaise directly with the ambulance, hospitals and sort out any payments. If you have any other questions, please call us on 1300 401 177. We will send you to a private hospital if it’s necessary and as per advice of our medical doctors. Thanks, Anna

Hi there. We live on Norfolk Island and are travelling to Australia. Can you please confirm we can use Insure & Go as some insurance companies seem confused about the status of Norfolk Island. Many thanks.
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Hi Kerry, good question. As long as you are an Australian Citizen, Australian Permanent Resident, or a Non-Permanent Resident with valid Medicare, Private Health Fund or Overseas Student Travel Insurance in Australia, you can use us. Hope this helps. Thanks, Anna

Hi Im travelling to Norfolk Island - is this considered domestic travel or international ? Also the car hire is included in my accomodation costs but have to pay extra to the hotel for the car insurance - I understand that insurance for the car rental is included in your policy so why would I have to pay for additional car insurance to the hotel? Thanks Liss
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Hi Liss28, thanks for reaching out. Travelling to Norfolk Island you would need a domestic policy. In terms of the car rental excess waiver, we cover the rental car excess, but the rental car would still need to be insured - we don't provide the car insurance itself. This means that we will reimburse you the insurance excess that the rental car insurance charges to you through the rental car company. Let me know if I can help with anything else. Thanks, AnnaHi Anna - so just to claify - on my return from Norfolk Island I would provide Insure & Go the receipt for the insurance excess Ihave paid and that would be reimbursed by your company? LissHi Liss, You would only end up paying an excess to the rental car company if you have an accident or for any other reason you have to claim on the car insurance for the rental car. So in the event you need to claim on your rental car insurance, and they charge you an excess, you can make a claim to us to reimburse you for the excess you paid. You could make this claim once you return home from you holiday, as long as it's within 30 days of your return home. Thanks, Anna

Quick question - do you cover for items accidentally left on trains.
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Hi Michael, good question. Our coverage only applies if you didn't leave the item unattended in a public place. This means that, generally speaking, an item left behind on a train would not be covered as lost and stolen on our policies. Thanks, Anna

If I select the "cruise" option, is the flight to and from our place of boarding covered?
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yesHi Del, thanks for getting in touch. Delays or cancellations of the flights would be covered, as long as the first flight occurs within 24 hours of you embarking your cruise, and the return flight occurs within 24 hours of you disembarking the cruise. Just make sure you include the dates of the flights in your overall travel dates. Hope this helps. Thanks, Anna

We want coverage for an organised tour in Mexico. Are we fully covered if some parts of Mexico (not where we are going) have an Australian DFAT travel warning saying “reconsider your need to travel”?
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Hi Cam, good question. I'm pleased to let you know that yes, you will be covered for travelling throughout Mexico. Just make sure you buy a 'worldwide including' policy, as this is the policy that provides cover for Mexico. Thanks, Anna

I will be 26-27 weeks pregnant at time of travel to NZ. I just wanted to confirm that this is not a pre existing medical condition that needs to be declared on my policy. Also, does emergency flights home cover myself and my husband, or just me?
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There is a medical form you have to fill out in the application process which I would assume includes pregnancy. Also you have to buy cover for each person so your husband must be nominated on your policy to receive benefits. If you have specific questions I suggest you call and speak to a consultant.Hi Sarah, thanks for reaching out. We do cover complications of pregnancy and childbirth, but as CG mentioned, I would recommend that you go through the medical screening as it is fast and will give you an answer for your specific situation, since there may be pregnancy related conditions that may need to be declared. I hope this helps. Thanks, Anna

I will be traveling from Spain to Morocco on a ferry. Will the policy cover include this or will an extra payment be required?
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A short ferry ride is not a cruise as such, so I assume it would be included. I'd double check with a phone call to a consultant. Enjoy your trip.Hi Diana, thanks for getting in touch, and thank you for helping out Anna P. We have 2 separate policies, and which one is best for you will depend on the scheduled duration of your ferry journey. Our 'One Trip' policy includes coverage for any ferry or ship journey that has a scheduled journey time of less than 2 hours. If your ferry happens to have a scheduled journey time of more than 2 hours, like the Algeciras to Tangier route, your ferry ride would still be covered as part of our 'Cruise' policy. Both are available on our website, or by calling 1300 401 177. Thanks, Anna

Hi, What is the average time for a claims process? And why does no one ever respond? I am sick of being told my claims officer is at lunch at 11am in the morning. Thanks,
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Hi Jessica, The average response time is 10 business days once we have all necessary information to evaluate the claim. As I mentioned in my response to your review yesterday, I want to help you by chasing your case up, but again I need your claim number in order to do so. Can you send me a private message with you claim number so I can chase this up for you? Thanks, Anna

Hi. Would I be covered for accident/injury or personal liability while windsurfing?
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Hi Rosalie, Thanks for the question, and I'm pleased to let you know that yes, you would be, provided you weren't competing in a tournament or competition. We would offer coverage for your overseas medical costs, and personal liability whilst windsurfing, up to the amount highlighted in the level of cover you selected. The level of personal liability cover changes depends on the policy you buy: Bare Essentials policies cover up to $1.5million, Silver policies cover up to $2.5million, and Gold policies cover up to $5million. The overseas medical cover is unlimited no matter what policy you buy. Thanks, Anna

Does the multrip insurance covers international cruises? do you have a reverse charge number to call from overseas ? thank you
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afaik, my policy does cover international cruises. i don't understand about the reverse charge phone question. i am only one of their customers.Hi Tony, thank you for your enquiry. Annual policies include cover for cruises. If you need to call us from overseas, you can do a reverse charge to our 24 hours emergency assistance number +6129333999. If you have any questions, please give us a call on 1300 401 177 Regards, Anna

I have read reviews above and all seem to be good except if someone makes a claim can you tell me what the time frame is on paying claims particularly if it was for long delays or medical/hospital
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Hi Carolee, good question. Once we have approved your claim, you will be paid within 10 business days. The time taken to process your payment isn't related to the type of claim. Let me know if there's anything else I can help with. Thanks, Anna

What conditions are automatically covered by your gold insurance policy
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cancellationsHi Ditta, thanks for getting in touch. If you mean preexisting health conditions, there aren't any that we automatically cover with our policies. You are able to declare your preexisting health conditions quickly and easily when buying a policy, whether you choose to buy online or over the phone. I hope this helps. Let me know if I can help with anything else. Thanks, Anna

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