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Shadi Ibrahim
Shadi Ibrahim · International Travel Insurance - Gold (Single Trip)

If baggage is Lost, do we have to provide a receipt for each item lost? or do we Receive a lump sum for the Lost goods?

Peter P
Peter P · International Travel Insurance - Gold (Single Trip)

Is there a special rate for Seniors card holders, and if so how do I access this?

robert · International Travel Insurance - Gold (Single Trip)

Hi, if im a passenger on a motor bike with my helmet on, am i fully covered with gold polcy?

InsureandGo Australia
InsureandGo Australia   DM   

Hi Robert, Yes. Under our InsureandGo One Trip policies, we cover you for any unforeseen and accidentally accident/injury you may sustain whilst motorcycling.

Please note that conditions do apply to this cover. Please refer to this page for more information about the conditions - external link 

Please also refer to our Product Disclosure Statement to know more about what is covered - external link 

Please let me know if I can help with anything else.


Rach · International Travel Insurance - Gold (Single Trip)

How long after a trip is booked and deposit is paid do you have to organise travel insurance to be covered for cancellation? And are you only covered for costs you paid after this time. Thanks


If you have booked and paid a decent deposit ( not just $100) I usually get insurance straight away in case something happens ( eg illness/ accident). Most holidays are booked 6/12 to a year in advance and a lot of money up front. If you intend to get insurance anyway- get it earlier rather than later because it covers you ( less excess) for all your costs if you meet the criteria. Read the PDS -(50 pages!!) boring but worth the effort.
NB - doing 4 trips ( each up to 3 wks )this year but works out cheaper to do one trip policies rather than an annual policy - depends on length / medical issues and age. Do multiple quotes to compare. I also get natural disaster but everyone to their own.
Doing x2 long w/e family trips to NZ also but using credit card insurance- mainly to cover hire car - damage excess.

InsureandGo Australia
InsureandGo Australia   DM   

Hi Rach, great question, and thanks for your contribution Husky. Regarding cancellation cover: provided you purchase your travel insurance policy before your travels begin, you can purchase travel insurance at any time before, or after booking your travel (e.g. flights and accomodation). As long as you incur loss, and have a valid claim, you are able to claim the costs of elements of your travel booked before you purchased your policy, and what you booked after you purchased your policy, as long as it is booked before your travel commences.

As Husky rightly says, I would strongly encourage you to familiarise yourself with the details of the PDS.

I hope this helped.

Thanks, Anna

Triky · International Travel Insurance - Gold (Single Trip)

I took out the gold level policy for USA single trip and selected $0 excess. Seemed like a wise idea since it was a 54 day holiday with a hire car and a lot an happen.

It was not until I read the PDS in great detail that I noticed wording of page 36, point 7. “ In no event shall coverage be provided when you rent a vehicle beyond 35 consecutive days. “

I was concerned so emailed to ask if I was at least covered for the first 35 days of my 54 day hire.
I also phoned and was told (after the girl checked with a manager) that I would be covered for the first 35 days. I was still concerned on the wording so asked if they could email me that and just double check.. she asked another manager who informed her of a different answer.. anyone who hires a car for 36 days or more has NO rental insurance excess cover at all.

I am waiting for the email response but was quite shocked at the 2 version I was given, and could have easily either not noticed the clause, or believed the first response on the phone saying I was covered for the first 35 days.

InsureandGo Australia
InsureandGo Australia   DM   

Hi Triky, thanks for the question. To ensure you get the right answer, I have escalated your question and will respond as soon as I have a defnite answer for you.

Thanks, Anna


Thanks Anna,

Unfortunately I have received an email response to the same question I posed here.
The response was anything but helpful as all it did was repeat the part of the PDS that I cited and did not even attempt to answer my question as to if I have any rental car excess coverage for the first 35 days if my car hire is greater than that.
It’s shown below.
Mapfre Assistance Australia Team 2 (InsureandGo Australia)
1 Mar., 11:10 pm AEDT
Dear Michael,
I hope this email finds you well.
Please be advise that upon checking with your policy MS/IG/301430/xxxxxxx on your Product Disclosure Statement under Section L:


{It then went on to show the exact same quote I used for my question}

So far I have had 3 responses to a basic yes/no question on rental coverage for car hire longer than 35 days..

Yes, I am covered for the first 35 days
No, I am not covered for any of the period (not even the first 35 days)
No response to the question at all.

I an only assume that this avoiding technique means the answer is No, there is no cover for the first 35 days of car rental if I rent it for any period longer than 35 days.I would not recommend this policy to anyone who intends to hire a car for 36 days or more as it’s basically useless for the rental excess cover.

Feel free to have your senior representative to respond.

InsureandGo Australia
InsureandGo Australia   DM   

Hi Triky, I can confirm unequivocally, that you are covered for the first 35 days of your car hire, and after that, you just stop being covered. The statement that you would not be covered at all because you intend to drive your hire car for longer than 35 days is not true. I have passed your feedback on to the relevant people so that appropriate action (e.g. training) can be taken to ensure this mistake is not made in future.

I hope this clarifies the situation, and I apologise for the confusion.

Thanks, Anna


Hi Anna, thank you for responding. I appreciate it as well as the review of training comment.


InsureandGo Australia
InsureandGo Australia   DM   

My pleasure, and if you have any other questions, feel free to reach out. Thanks, Anna


Hi again Anna, I do have an additional question.
With Virgin’s collapse our flights (in late November) are unlikely to be provided, even if the company is restructured, International flights to USA are just not going to happen around that date.
So having basically lost the ability to go on that holiday, how much of our $3,600 (for 3 passengers) flight cost do we get back through InsureandGo insurance we purchased ? We actually bought 2 policies as I was travelling at a different return date to my daughters. The policies do have a $1,000 section k financial default clause but it’s difficult to know if virgin’s situation is covered which might offer us some kind of credit for domestic flights (not our USA ones), and if we get $1,000 per person with our 2 policies or just $1,000 per policy. Any assistance would be appreciated.

InsureandGo Australia
InsureandGo Australia   DM   

Hi Triky, good question. We are operating in line with Section 475 of the Biosecurity Act 2015 (Cth) which declares that a human biosecurity emergency exists. Section 7 of the Declaration provides the instrument will be in force until 17th of September 2020. Therefore, all travel starting after this has not yet been restricted by the Government. So at this moment in time, unfortunately, you wouldn't be able to claim yet for travel in November. Having said this, that date has already been extended once, and as you say, if the situation doesn't return to normal before then, this date could be extended again. If it is extended out to your travel start date, you would be eligible to claim at that point. I hope this helps. Thanks, Anna


Thanks Anna, I appreciate your response, and that does sound promising as I was concerned my insurance claims for our 3 air flight tickets would simply be rejected even if overseas travel was not allowed. So can I confirm that InsureandGo not rejecting insurance claims on Virgin flights where they offer credits on flights they can no longer deliver (credits for domestic flights to replace overseas long haul flights).

InsureandGo Australia
InsureandGo Australia   DM   

Hi there, our general position is that if you are offered a credit or refund, you should accept that, and only claim the shortfall after accepting the refunds or credits offered. However, if the credit is unreasonable, you are able to outline this in your claim and it will be considered. Currently, I don't believe we consider credits to be unreasonable, simply because they are credits for Virgin flights. This is because Virgin are still allowing the booking of flights with them from September onwards, and there are still parties bidding on the company. The below link gives some further information about this: external link .

Despite this, I would advise you to mention the Virgin credits in your claim when you do make a claim (once travel has been restricted to your travel start date), as this position may change, if it becomes clear that Virgin will be non-operational in future. Thanks, Anna

Vik S
Vik S · International Travel Insurance - Gold (Single Trip)

I have taken out Gold (single trip) travel insurance with InsureandGo for travel to Japan on a skiing holiday, including the optional snow/ski package. Where can I find the details regarding my snow coverage?


Sorry - cannot help

InsureandGo Australia
InsureandGo Australia   DM   

Hi Vik, good question, thanks for getting in touch. The cover provided by your Winter Sports add-on can be found in the below PDS:
external link 

Specifically, you will find winter sports information on Section O (Page 37-40) and Page 46.

Generally speaking, the above pages detail the following sections of the add-on cover: winter sports equipment, winter sports equipment hire, lift pass, ski pack, piste closure, avalanche cover.

Medically, the add-on provides unlimited overseas medical expenses for a range of skiing and snowboarding activities, including normal recreational skiing and snowboarding, cross-country skiing, glacier skiing, recreational ice hockey, ice skating, snowmobiling, and tobogganing. So if you are injured doing any of the above, you are covered.

I hope this helps.

Thanks, Anna

Wendy W.
Wendy W. · International Travel Insurance - Gold (Single Trip)

Hello, I will be traveling with my sister, who has just had double mastectomy. Has anyone made any claims for this company?


Hi Wendy yes we had to make a claim whilst in Japan. My wife a double lung transplantee was diagnosed with bronchitis and pneumonia .We had 10 days in a Japanese hospital Insure and Go were great . Make sure you tell them everything about your sisters condition when you enquire. They seem to be very cooperative dealing with pre existing conditions .They settled the hospital accounts directly with the hospitals ,there were two,and reimbursed our out of pocket expenses including additional air fares ,taxi ,additional accommodation and food .They even appointed a local agent to assist in translation and negotiation .I hope you don’t need it but don’t travel with out it and Insure and Go are one I would recommend Alan

Theo · International Travel Insurance - Gold (Single Trip)

Rental car excess cover is $4000. Why is it limited to a 15 day cover? Why are there inconsistencies in Insureandgo promotional and policy documentation. Why can't one contact Insureandgo via email on either and

InsureandGo Australia
InsureandGo Australia   DM   

Hi Theo, thanks for the questions. I can confirm that the rental car excess is limited to 15 days. There are many factors that determine aspects of our Product but this is mainly due to underwriting rules. I'm not aware of any inconsistencies in the PDS or promotional material - if you can find any inconsistencies, please let me know where and I will raise them with the right people. You are more than welcome to contact either email address - they just have different purposes: is to be used if you need assistance on your travels, whereas is more service based. For example, it should be used for pre and post sales enquiries. You can also contact us on 1300 401 177 from 9am to 7pm (Monday to Thursday), 9am to 6pm (Friday) and 9am to 5pm on Saturdays (AEST). I hope this helps. Thanks, Anna

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