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Good service

Good service was fair with price and seem like a good company would buy from them again if we move

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Hi Nicki, Thank you & Appreciate your feedback.

Finally got my first bill

Hi Guys, As promised that I will leave my feedback once I get my first bill.
I'm glad to see that I've reduced my power consumption by 80%, and Got my first bill of $80.
The Sale Rep was very professional, and trained on the product. I've paid bit extra, but when I see my 4KW system producing 4.3KW per hour then I think its worth paying extra for a quality products.

The panels looks sleek on my roof, and many people have asked me where did I buy from. I've referred few potential customers to you guys.

I can't wait to see another summer for big savings :)

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Hi Jolin, Thank you for for your feedback. We really appreciate it especially Same. We wish you have more and more savings in the future. Thanks

Very pleased with the Product

It’s been almost a year since we had our solar system installed. I never planned to write a review, however after reading few reviews from other customers, I thought it would be unfair not to let other knows about my experience with Integra.

We had our system installed in July last year, and at that time I wasn’t sure about my savings, and quality of the products, but after a year I can definitely see reduction in my bill. Not the panels looks completely different than the rest I’ve seen around, but it does perform better than other I’ve seen in my friends and family.

They have installed the system in reasonable time frame, and got my paperwork submitted to my Retailer on my behalf, regardless of complex rules in ACT, especially with Retailers I got connected in a timely manner.

They did promise me to pay the balance of my invoice after the connection done, which was very surprising for me.

I would be happy to recommend these guys.

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Hi Kevin, We greatly appreciate your feedback. Thank you!

Everything was great except one thing

So I told these guys I'd do a review before we signed up but I said I'm going to be honest about it. In the end it was the usual stuff, glossy sheets, testimonials all that crap. I was just looking for decent products at reasonable prices and that's what we got. The panels are much better than other stuff we were quoted on, miles better warranties and tech etc. and the price was in the ballpark for that end of the market so couldn't complain there. Communication was okay, this is something they are clearly pushing, I mean we had a call a couple of days after signing up to check if we had questions then about three calls between then and when the panels were installed. Then they kept checking in that we had been put back on the grid. We called once to ask about a referral scheme for my dad and spoke to a nice enough man at their office.

BUT (and this is a big 'but' for me) these guys cold called us to begin with. I would be giving a 5 star review if it weren't for the fact they rang us out of the blue and couldn't really explain how they got our details. Normally I wouldn't give a cold caller the time of day but the fact they had a pretty good reputation and seem to have decent customer service probably swung it for me.

They wanted an honest review so I have to say 3 stars is probably about right.

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Dear Customer, We appreciate your honest feedback, and we will try our best to improve our process to achieve our customer's satisfactions. Thank You! Regards, Team Integra

Never heard of them before

pretty good. never heard of them before we got them around to do up a quote. it took longer than we thought but its all systems go now. they were all friendly enough and was really surprised we didn't have any idea who they were before

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Dear Customer, We are pleased to get your feedback. If you have any query in the future, please don't hesitate to contact us. Cheers Regards, Integra Team

Solar at its worst

I was sold the slightly overpriced system thinking you get what you pay for, but I am still waiting to see the fruits. Installed in Oct, then not connected til late Jan. Finally got my first bill, now in May and there are no credits on the bill. Local electricity now has to find me on a system somewhere. Promised the world by the salesman and let down at every step. Only communication coming from them was invoices. When I chased them all I got was poorly worded excuses.

Hi Paul, It’s sad to hear about your experience. Could you please text me your name or contact number, so I can find you in my system? If your system is on then it must be producing power, and you should be saving on your electricity bill. Please let me know your name, and I’ll find out what exactly the problem is!!Hi Paul, Could you please let us know your name, so we could contact you? Thanks

One of the worst companies I have ever dealt with - A special caution for anyone living in the Canbe

Despite panel installation in early November 2017 (after waiting about 6 weeks, and late already), I still have nothing connected properly- it's near the end of March 2018, no electricity still. Badly installed according to regulations; many details not explained in the original sign up, despite being told everything was fine for installation. Many phone conversations, no action, "sorry can't take your call now", a plethora of excuses, expected by the company to take on the companies failures and incompetence. I would not recommend this company to anyone, even if you were an enemy. I gave one star because I can't give Zero. From what I understand there are many in this position in my region.

Avoid at all cost.

Hi George, It's pretty disappointing to hear your experience. Could you please let me know your name or contact number, so We could search in our system?Hi George, We are still waiting for the contact details so, we could find you in our system? It is important to get your details, so we can see what the issue is. We would appreciate if you could please let us know your name and contact number? Thanks

Unprofessional sales man

I had a very similar situation with a salesman who was only talking about advertising about the product and not giving any cost or information about the product. I asked him to tell me about his premium product he was claiming to be first before talking about the advertisement. He told me that I was not the right candidate and he left. By the way very unreliable on appointment time

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Hi Bob, Could you please provide us your contact details so, We could find in our system? Thanks

Solar panels 4 life

we waited for years before going solar. its going pretty good for us now. yesterday we got up to 36 KwH and my partner is really impressed. tradies cleaned up after themselves which is always nice. only drama was they suggested a new power company and it took yonks for the new power bill to come with the new mob.

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Hi Sandy, Really appreciate your feedback. Thank you!

So far so good

Been installed for a month now and yet to use any power from the grid. Batteries are being filled during the day and used overnight. Quick install and they even removed my old system and put it in the garage for me. Rhys was a lovely young guy and explained and set up my app and wifi. I've tried to put a screenshot of my output today but you cant paste photos in the review. 24kws today in autumn

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Hi Bryan, We are glad to hear that you are satisfied with our services. Thank You!

Excellent service

Integra Solar installed our solar for us in November 2017 and as of writing this, our first power bill has already come in. Last summer we spent $688 for the quarter this year our rates are higher but we have only spent $181 which is above and beyond what the man who came out said we would save.

We had one tiny issue (more of a hiccup than an issue) as part of our agreement with Integra Solar a tree that casted a shadow over our roof was to be lopped and this was supposedly included in the price however it didn't appear anywhere on our contract. So I called the head office and the first person I spoke to said that we may be asked to pay extra but then I got in touch with the original man who came out and he promised then and there to make sure we cover the cost. Ten minutes later I got a phone call from a very generous young man who apologised and sent out an email confirming the cost would be covered and also sent through a gift voucher for the trouble! Other than this we had no issues whatsoever and the solar seems to be working great!

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Dear Customer, It's great to hear about your savings, and we wish you have many more :) Thank You!

Deceived and misled

Very disappointed as I was sold a 10kw solar system with a 24kw pinnacle battery. Half way through the install I noticed a LG battery which is only 6.5kw. Contacted Integra to be told that I was never offered a 24kw pinnacle battery and that the pinnacle battery is only 12kw storage which cycles 2 times to make the 24kw. This its self is false and deceptive advertising as I was told by 2 sales members A.J and A.M from Integra Solar that I would be getting the 24kw pinnacle battery. I Found the original contract which clearly says including pinnacle battery. I sent the email with the contract for pinnacle battery and was told that I would have to pay an extra $1000 for the battery. I am a single father to 7 children under the age of 14 as my wife passed, I am on a disability pension and work part time to make ends meet. How is this fair or professional. I asked them if I could pay $500 as that is all I have and they replied saying $500 is not enough and that they could get me more finance. Not good enough as I just want what i was sold. 10kw solar pannels and the 24kw pinnacle battery. The system is half installed. it has missing panels and a battery storage box which is a demo unit. I do not like leaving this kind of feedback but other people need to be warned to make sure you double check your system matches what you payed for. Integra since decided to accept the $500 for the extra battery so I can get the system finished. Now I have the problem that the installers have no idea as to what they are doing when it comes to solar inverters. System still does not work after nearly 4 months wait. What a joke do not use integra. My parents got a quote from another company which I cannot name and have it finished. It took under 3 weeks from time of signing contract to having working panels.

Hi Brian, Hope you are well! As we have been speaking, and your issue was resolved few weeks back, and your system is fully operational. Could you please leave your feedback of your experience? We do understand sometime there might be a problem with connecting batteries with the inverter as all the inverters are different, and have complex technology, however We do care about our customers, and we do take care of customer service, and after sale service seriously. I hope you are happy with the outcome, and would like to recommend us to your friends and family :) If you have any problem in the future, please don't hesitate to contact myself or the office. I wish you to have alot of savings, and help the environment. Thanks Regards, MoIntegra Solar still have not replaced the damaged inverter but are trying to. I just had a call saying it will be the end of May before they can replace the inverter and data cable. So the system is still not fully functional. Because I cannot monitor the system I do not even know if it is working as it should. Not happy :-(Hi Brian, This is pretty disappointing that you are still unhappy since you texted me and appreciate the effort of Integra sorting out everything. The inverter is working fine, but just for your satisfaction we are going to replace it with the new one. You asked me to reply to your comments, so other customers can see Integra do care about their customers. I’ve replied as per your instructions, but this is absolutely unfair that you are denying the effort of Integra towards all this.

Customer Service from Hell.

They simply have no idea how to call back or keep you advised if progress. You get a promise that someone would call back but they need do. I must have called 20 times over three months asking for news/update.

Basically I got panels installed on 29 November. It is now 8 March and they still have not been connected. Nor have I received any advice on a date when this might happen. When they installed the Panel I was told they simply needed to do quick switch upgrade and all would be done on the day. Things was the installer had not allowed for ACT regulations. I found this out later. They needed to order a Switch upgrade and then coordinate with ACTEWAGL. This has not been done, I still don't have a date when this may happen. They promised to get back to me yet here I sit. Waiting.

I was sold the story that they wanted good references for the blackmaxx.panel. I was extremely excited about the future. They were even going to have them installed before Summer. Summer has now passed. I have a $950 power bill and no sign of an Integra rep. I have a cable hanging out of my wall waiting to be connected, but the joke is it should not even be there. In ACT they have to connect to the external box. Oh well, something else they did not know

Do NOT go with them. if anything goes wrong you will never get any help, advice or service. I have never been abusive with them. Always asked for news. A date for the next piece of work. Something to plan by but they would promise to call and NEVER deliver. First [name removed] and now I think it is [name removed].. Seems they only ever have 1 admin person.

I am going to talk to consumer affairs about reparations. I cant really get them to take them off my roof. I would if I could and go with someone reliable. But I think they can start paying my electricity bills until they rectify the situation. Thank god they only got a deposit. They better hurry

pushy sales team

We had to sit and listen for a couple of hours to someone trying to sell this product. We were offered potential discounts for a display home status and for a product which they haven't yet released. Apparently there were more people lining up for the offer and we were asked to sign up there and then. When we asked for a 24 hour period to think about things, the salesman became very pushy . The upshot was he was clearly angry we hadn't signed up, even though we said we were still interested in their product. He left abruptly saying the offer was off the table. There is no way I'd sign up with this company after this.....

Great service

I found Integra Solar a great company to deal with very informative and the service from begining to end was exceptional. A big thankyou to your representative Corry, who spent time explaining your product to me, he was able to answer all my questions and deal professionally with my concerns. I will now sit back and enjoy my savings. A big thankyou Integra and especially Corry.

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Hey Sandra, This is really good news. I am glad Corry was able to tailor a viable solar solution for your home. Cheers, John

Excellent Solar and Service

I got my solar years ago from Integra. James is so caring with cutomers. Im still offering their solar to my friends. The solar panels are doing its great job. The whole staffs looked after the installations well.
now , im looking for the battery from them too. They gave me a good offer to help me paid off my solar nice and easy.

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Thank you very, Caren. We really appreciate the positive feedback.

Dozzy and very rude sales people

Guyz please do not sign any deeds or contract from this company. The sales people are not professional, they also arrogant over the phone when you start comparing with other solar suppliers.... very dozzy & giggle over the phone. Their Marketing Manager is absolute hero for them as he goes to places actually in your house spend couple of hours there, also when you asked about finance he keep silence and very cunning to make you end up signing deals. 10% of total amount we paying on signing contract at which you don’t know what finance options, rate of finance you on paying. Also 10 day off period in which they start throwing many messages phone calls which is absolutely unprofessional. Please do your research in depth as there are many other good companies who giving on attractive finance rates+ quality material + quality panel also... I must tell you when I say this over the phone to one of the Rep.. he goes little rusty & angry over me sounds like & giggle around.... very cunning people.
The marketing manager who goes to house to house upon signing after pick up any phone on 7 to 10 try...
A true legend indeed! (saying from personal experience) I have contacted him many times via phone call, replied on 3 rd day saying was off from work, then busy with other clients...at last I called in their landline and informed not to go ahead again still I am calling M.Manager again and again, can you believe it he do not answer the phone at all’”
you know it hurts when you loose 10% because they giggling and said you sign the contract mate...
but it actually devastating because we work hard physically /mentally to get those money and these dozzy people ribbed you off in just matter of innocence & take advantage.

Choice is yours’, I completely respect your thinking!
We all different human... but experience is the best mentor.
But be cautious & keep eye open!!!

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Hi Tony, thanks for taking time out to review our company and although you didn't end up proceeding with the install, I appreciate the feedback as we are always aiming to improve upon our customer service. For the sake of full disclosure, I want to make you aware that aggressive behaviour, threats and profanities aimed at my staff will not be tolerated and this is why my staff will not engage with you. Furthermore, I simply refute the assertion that any of my staff "giggled" as I was approached by a member of my customer service team who was very upset after speaking with you - which is a shame as our main focus is to keep people happy. My staff will terminate any correspondence if they feel threatened or if profane language is continually directed at them, particularly when it is caused by a simple misunderstanding/communication issue. It appears as though your main grievance is with a third party finance company. Our marketing and sales team unfortunately ARE NOT qualified to dispense any financial advice so they can only point you in the direction of financial institutions if you choose to use them. In certain cases interest free arrangements may be offered but not always and certainly not in this case. Again let me make that clear as this has been communicated a number of times: YOUR APPLICATION FOR FINANCE WAS WITH A THIRD PARTY WHO ADVISE YOU ON THEIR TERMS AND CONDITIONS -- we legally cannot complete this application process on your behalf and only this third party can advice you of interest rates etc. This is common practice in the solar industry, likewise the property industry etc. If you purchased solar with your credit card, it would not be our responsibility to advise you of the interest rates you would pay -- please understand this distinction. I apologise if you felt that us trying to keep you in the loop about your install felt "unprofessional." Our customer survey results suggest most of our customers rate our contact and communication highly and like to stay in the loop. We always make an effort to keep customers up to date with install times and etc. I personally wouldn't feel comfortable if I made a home improvement and didn't hear from the company for weeks after, but that's just a personal preference. But as this isn't important to you there are a number of solar companies that won't contact you for months after you sign up. Finally, when you purchase solar from any company before the solar is installed on your roof money is spent (stock is ordered, the system is designed, cables, clips, mounting equipment are tailored to your install and supplied etc.) If you choose to cancel an order so close to the date of install, we unfortunately must recover as much of these costs as possible and that is why you pay a deposit, regardless of whether or not you choose to make the final payment. We lost more money than what you had contributed as a deposit so when cancellations come through so late we both lose out unfortunately. Again this is common practice in the solar industry as well as all other home improvement industries. We will always return deposits if no money has been spent at our end and you cancel within a reasonable period of time. I consider this matter now closed and I respectfully request that you do not attempt to make contact with my staff, or request completion of this order. Regards, John

Solar installation

Excellent work done by installers. Installed on a perfect position and achieved excellent efficiency, produced daily 24kW in spring sunny days.....


Results have actually been quite surprising. Install took a little while, but otherwise relaly happy with the team at Integra, Thanks guys.

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Cheers Chris, glad to hear.

Good experience

Salesman pushy but that is his job. From there everything went smoothly and am reaping the benefits. Installation went well, efficient and tidy. Good job!

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Hey Ronnie, glad to hear you the system is working well for you! cheers, John

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Questions & Answers

Hi there I want 1 panel for water heater. What is the biggest panel you have ever made.
1 answer
Hello Vijay I have no idea what else integra offer you should contact them directly . Regards Suzie

Hi Integra, I have few questions regarding the solar connection. How the generated power used ? the solar generated power directly connected to GRID ? or directly connected to the Inverter (I assume inverter will have battery in side) ? am I going to use my generated power (from Inverter battery) first ? or Grid ? if it is Grid I am buying units on higher rate and selling the generated units on lesser rate. Thanks, Anil.
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Hello Anil Hope you are well! How the generated power used ? Power generated from your System substitutes Power that you would normally buy from the Grid. the solar generated power directly connected to GRID ? Yes it is, Power that you do not use generated by your System will go back to the Grid. You will be paid for each kw, at the current Rate of 11cents. (I assume inverter will have battery in side) Inverters do not have Batteries inside. Inverters convert the Voltage to your Home from the Solar System. Batteries, depending on how much Power you need to store are easy to Install. Please monitor how you use your System and we can evaluate in the not too distant future if a Battery System is required. am I going to use my generated power (from Inverter battery) first ? or Grid ? You will use the Power generated by your System first. if it is Grid I am buying units on higher rate and selling the generated units on lesser rate. If you require to buy extra Power such as night time you will be paying your normal rate that you have negotiated from your chosen retailer. Always shop around for a better rate and discounts. Electricity Companies need you more than you need them! Best Solar System use - Always use all the Power generated by your System. Change your night habits to during the day. Make sure that you do not provide the Grid with any Power from your System. Use all your Power. This will reduce your Bill and safe guard you from Price Increases. Shop around and give Electricity Companies a reason to keep you as a Customer by driving a hard bargain! Hope all this helps. If you have any other question do not hesitate to call the Office. Regards JKHi JK Thanks for your response, I am not clear on this .. If my solar system is directly connected to GRID, that means all the generated units will be deposited in the GRID, not being used in my house. So I am not using my power (solar generated) but using GRID power, which means I am buying on higher rates (irrespective of retailer) and selling on lower rates. Is my understanding correct ? if not please clarify. Incase I have a battery : Please correct me if I am wrong. My generated (solar generated) power will be connected to my battery and I will consume from my battery, not from the GRID directly, but my battery will connect to GRID. When I am consuming from my battery, my battery will get charged by the SOLAR FIRST, if solar running out of power then battery will get charged from GRID. In this case I can use my generated power as first option and will buy from GRID if Solar is running out. This benefits me by facilitating to consume my power first instead selling for lesser rates, and buying on higher rates from GRID . Please explain if the above understanding is not correct. Otherwise what is the point of buying the solar system by spending $$$$ ? Only to generate and sell on cheaper rates to GRID instead of using for our own purpose ? Thanks, Anil.