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Still waiting for connection, panels installed Dec 2017


Signed up 4/11/17, Panels put up 14/12/17. Still waiting for them to be connected to the grid. Have rung Integra a number of times to ask about installation but they are very poor at returning calls. Would love them to come and remove the Black Max panels and return our deposit. Not impressed especially as they guarantee a 15 day
reconfiguration to the grid. We’ve waited 6 months!
UPDATE we had a visit from electricians who came to check what needed to be completed end of July. Access Canberra came 8-8-18, to look at the system, panels still not connected. A waste of their time. Again, I’m very disappointed with the whole experience with Integra. Will be checking with consumer affairs to find out what I can do next.

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Hi there I want 1 panel for water heater. What is the biggest panel you have ever made.

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Hello Vijay
I have no idea what else integra offer you should contact them directly .

Anil V
Anil Vasked

Hi Integra,

I have few questions regarding the solar connection.

How the generated power used ? the solar generated power directly connected to GRID ? or directly connected to the Inverter (I assume inverter will have battery in side) ? am I going to use my generated power (from Inverter battery) first ? or Grid ? if it is Grid I am buying units on higher rate and selling the generated units on lesser rate.


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Integra Solar
John K.Integra Solar

Hello Anil
Hope you are well!
How the generated power used ? Power generated from your System substitutes Power that you would normally buy from the Grid.
the solar generated power directly connected to GRID ? Yes it is, Power that you do not use generated by your System will go back to the Grid. You will be paid for each kw, at the current Rate of 11cents.
(I assume inverter will have battery in side) Inverters do not have Batteries inside. Inverters convert the Voltage to your Home from the Solar System. Batteries, depending on how much Power you need to store are easy to Install. Please monitor how you use your System and we can evaluate in the not too distant future if a Battery System is required.
am I going to use my generated power (from Inverter battery) first ? or Grid ? You will use the Power generated by your System first.
if it is Grid I am buying units on higher rate and selling the generated units on lesser rate. If you require to buy extra Power such as night time you will be paying your normal rate that you have negotiated from your chosen retailer.
Always shop around for a better rate and discounts.
Electricity Companies need you more than you need them!
Best Solar System use - Always use all the Power generated by your System. Change your night habits to during the day. Make sure that you do not provide the Grid with any Power from your System. Use all your Power. This will reduce your Bill and safe guard you from Price Increases. Shop around and give Electricity Companies a reason to keep you as a Customer by driving a hard bargain!
Hope all this helps.
If you have any other question do not hesitate to call the Office.

Anil V
Anil V

Hi JK Thanks for your response,
I am not clear on this .. If my solar system is directly connected to GRID, that means all the generated units will be deposited in the GRID, not being used in my house. So I am not using my power (solar generated) but using GRID power, which means I am buying on higher rates (irrespective of retailer) and selling on lower rates. Is my understanding correct ? if not please clarify.

Incase I have a battery : Please correct me if I am wrong. My generated (solar generated) power will be connected to my battery and I will consume from my battery, not from the GRID directly, but my battery will connect to GRID. When I am consuming from my battery, my battery will get charged by the SOLAR FIRST, if solar running out of power then battery will get charged from GRID. In this case I can use my generated power as first option and will buy from GRID if Solar is running out. This benefits me by facilitating to consume my power first instead selling for lesser rates, and buying on higher rates from GRID . Please explain if the above understanding is not correct.

Otherwise what is the point of buying the solar system by spending $$$$ ? Only to generate and sell on cheaper rates to GRID instead of using for our own purpose ?


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