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well informed thanks

Excellent and Clearly informed
good follow up. I wanted police check for work. all details requirements are clearly stated and easy to follow. Got reports back within 5 working days. thanks

Very easy process

Very simple process. Easy to use and quick turnaround. Was kept fully informed/updated via text and email while the check was being conducted. I would highly recommend this police check to anyone who requires one.

Very quick and easy

I found it easy to do and had the results back in a few hours, so now job interview ready . I can now add it to my resume check list and know it will help with getting employment.

Quick and simple

excellent service quick and easy to do online, recommend to friends. Save a lot of time, more option to choose, good price. There are many services online but pick the One you trust not easy, so Intercheck Australia is the one.

Police check

It's easy to follow. It's user friendly. It allows us to provide many alternative supporting records hence we can choose what we have available to provide. It's quite straight forward.

Very quick will be ready for interview

Saved a lot of time and photo copying first time user will use again and I'm not at all good with techlolgy. Took a little bit to work out taking photos useing my phone only

Excellent. Came in 5 hours

Cant complain if it comes in 5 hours. Was very quick and easy to do online. Would recommend to a mate. A fair price as well. Thanks a heap. Thanks

Ver happy with the process.

I was required to have a Police Check for my employment . The process for obtaining the check was very easy. I was very happy and quite surprised with the excellent response time

I thought the method very good - but worried about postal issues

I thought the check quick, but I worried about having to send all the personal information I had to photocopy by mail to you - not your fault as I don't have the facility to send my details via internet. I will use the form next time and go to the post office. It takes a bit longer but I know i have security with my personal details.

Really easy and fast

I needed a police check for my job and this service was extremely fast and effortless. I had my completed check within a couple of hours and it was emailed directly to me.

Police Check

Everything was so quick and I was kept informed at every step as to how my application was proceeding. The turn around time was only a couple of days once I sent in the application. They accepted photos of my documents to attach also which was a great bonus so I didn’t have to have them scanned

Really good service

Happy with service. Regularly updated. Arrived in timely fashion. Would recommend to others if they require searches for themselves

A a a a a a a a a a a a a

An excellent way to get a clearance

It was very easy to use and did not take long to complete I would recommend it to anyone who needs it. The report came back within a day which also made it easy


Intercheck, kept me notified the whole way through the process even though it was only over a 2 year period, I tried to get my Police check through Australia Post and didn’t even receive a receipt after payment, I had to ring my bank to make a complaint which is being investigated and received no Police Check after 3 weeks.
I received my Police check off Intercheck in less than 2 days, very good service.

Fast and reliable

I wanted to congratulate this company on its service.
Firstly the customer service was wonderful: Fast, courteous and knowledgable.
More over the Email with the result was sent promptly.
Many thanks!

Super quick and efficient service

I couldn't believe how quickly this was processed. Very professional service who kept me informed every step of the way in terms of what stage the application was up to and when I could expect to receive my police check.


very helpful. Will use again and recommend to others.Before 24 hours i got the email.Easy to use and very professional. Great response. Saving our time.Very smooth process and very fast.


Great response and service definitely recommend them - they were prompt and sent the email back ASAP . It was so easy to get the check done . All communication was reasonable

Prompt reply

Very prompt reply as i got it back within 24 hours which was awesome when i needed it ASAP, but using the ID section was hard to work out for the first time using it

Easy to deal with

Was a very smooth process will use again and will recommend to friends and family was by far the the quickest turnaround and that was a big bonus so thanks

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Questions & Answers

hi i would like to delete my review as my opinion has changed. as a company wouldn't except my clearance because it wasn't done through SAPOL wasted my money had to get new one hmm how do i delete my review??
2 answers
I will request for Product review to take it down, no problems. Sorry to hear that Terry. The company should except this check, as we are an accredited Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission agency. We have been accredited for the last 7 years and because of this our checks are widely accepted. It seems that the business you provided this check to have outdated policies around accepting clearances. In addition if they are saying that they only accept SAPOL type of clearances, they should have made it more clear to you in the beginning.I requested an online and a paper copy that was sent to my address. With the latter it is different but contains all the same information as previous police checks. I wouldn't know how to take down a review.

Hi why is a fraud charge showing up on someone’s policecheck when it’s over 9 years old?
1 answer
Hi Kell, The Police History Information which is disclosed in the Police Check results is determined by each Police Agency. This is based on Spent Conviction Legislation and Information Release Policies. The purpose of the National Police Check and any other relevant legislation also determines what information can be released on a Police Check. Each Australian police agency will apply the relevant Spent Convictions legislation/information release policy prior to disclosure. Please contact your state police agency directly for clarification on why a particular offence is showing on the result and they can provide information about their release policies and any legislation that affects them. You can also obtain further information on release policies and spent convictions legislation from your State Police Website. Kind Regards, Will - InterCheck Australia

What happens to my personal information ,now that I have received my certificate. Will it be destroyed? Can anyone ever access this information and use my information for fraudulent purposes?
No answers