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Great Experience

I’m very happy with the process, due to the tome it took I found the email updates great.
This enabled me to keep abreast of where the process was up to,
Much appreciated.


Initially very good contact regarding progress then nothing for nearly 2 weeks.It took a little longer than expected but I was prepared for a wait as I have been through this process before.A good outcome in the end.

Helpful & quick service

It' s focusing on details what' s our requirements. Easy to veryfy. Results are given quickly. Reminder notice would be very helpful in the future. I can recommend everybody who needs police check service

Seamless quick process

I found the system very easy to use and received the report in a timely manner. Uploading of required data was easy to follow and the whole process took approx. 5 minutes

1, 2 3 done!!!!

User friendly, saves a trip to the post bank for a form, great !!!!!! Has a renewal reminder attached, better still. Would use the service again and recommend to family and friends

Police check

I was well informed of the police check process, procedure was update via email and text on a regular basis. Certificate was well presented identifying what was required focusing on details needed for requested information.

Easy and Prompt

I required an update on my Police Check
I simply went online and searched, located what I required and proceeded.
It was simple and efficient.

I would say to everyone don't stress about it just get online and its completed quickly

Did what was promised

Process was quick and easy to step through uploading scanned or photo documents and certificate was available in less than one business day with the postal option following on behind.

Essential Document

To work as a Care worker the Police check is a fundamental document that giving the clients a peace of mind. To apply is easy just follow the instructions and upload the evidence.

Efficient- Got the job done.

Whilst the application process is a little time consuming, there are obvious reasons as to why that is, when fully completed it took about 1-2 days to receive confirmation and the police check. Very happy with the service.

This is perfect

Eazy to use and fast outcome. Payment options is also very convenient. Check is done in 24 hours and sent out via email or post. Highly recommend for all users.

Very easy

Check was done in less than 24 hours. Very easy and straight forward. They kept me updated with how the process was going and I would highly recommend people to use it.

Very timely and efficient people assisting

Service re issues was very timely and helpful and no problem assistance, regular clear system updates
I did find issue with being able to go back into myy application and repair erro I was notified about but help desk people were great .

Easy to navigate

The website was easy to locate and the process easy to navigate. Uploading the necessary document went without a hitch and I received my certificate promptly. I would recommend Intercheck to my colleagues.

Great quick turn around

It was an easy process. Online upload was great. Turn around was quick as we had it within a week. Would recommend this service to others. Thank you very much.

I like the service it was faster than I thought

Very happy with the friendly services and replay very quick, I am very happy with it I am using this service for a number of years even I live in the state of NSW and the processing is very fast. Thanks again for your hard work.

I am very happy with the fast services and I will use the service next year as wellI'll recommend to all my friends and family to use this servicethanks for your all hard work to process my paper work.

Good and reliable service for police check.

Good but took bit longer to get my police check which is understandable as it went through manual process. Very good cutomer care and responsive to any queries i made during process.

Good service

Only issue is no confirmation that upload of picture has occurred. Why do I have to typing 30 words, are you paying me? xxx ccccc bbbb nnn mmmm hhh rr

Criminal History Checj

Extremely happy with prompt service. When I had an issue applying online i rang their melbourne office and the guy was very helpful and it was then completed in no time.

Quick process

The process is very quick. Very convenience if compared to the traditional process. Also it is straightforward. However it is recommended to change consent process without printing the documents. It is very recommended for others who need police check.

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Questions & Answers

Why will it not accept email address and its not wrong
No answers

hi i would like to delete my review as my opinion has changed. as a company wouldn't except my clearance because it wasn't done through SAPOL wasted my money had to get new one hmm how do i delete my review??
2 answers
I will request for Product review to take it down, no problems. Sorry to hear that Terry. The company should except this check, as we are an accredited Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission agency. We have been accredited for the last 7 years and because of this our checks are widely accepted. It seems that the business you provided this check to have outdated policies around accepting clearances. In addition if they are saying that they only accept SAPOL type of clearances, they should have made it more clear to you in the beginning.I requested an online and a paper copy that was sent to my address. With the latter it is different but contains all the same information as previous police checks. I wouldn't know how to take down a review.

Hi why is a fraud charge showing up on someone’s policecheck when it’s over 9 years old?
1 answer
Hi Kell, The Police History Information which is disclosed in the Police Check results is determined by each Police Agency. This is based on Spent Conviction Legislation and Information Release Policies. The purpose of the National Police Check and any other relevant legislation also determines what information can be released on a Police Check. Each Australian police agency will apply the relevant Spent Convictions legislation/information release policy prior to disclosure. Please contact your state police agency directly for clarification on why a particular offence is showing on the result and they can provide information about their release policies and any legislation that affects them. You can also obtain further information on release policies and spent convictions legislation from your State Police Website. Kind Regards, Will - InterCheck Australia