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What is the difference between Intergrain DWD and Ultradeck
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Hi Susan, while they are both great, highly durable, water based coatings there is quite a big difference. Intergrain UltraDeck is our most popular product as it has a more natural look than DWD, lasts 3x longer than conventional oil based deck coatings and is a one product system. Intergrain DWD is a longer lasting coating when the surface is prepared well and the coating is applied correctly however it is a system product which means you must apply Intergrain Dimension 4 UltraPrimer first, then 3x coats of Intergrain DWD. DWD is a high build product so will give you a less natural look than UltraDeck. It is recommended to test a small area before applying the product to your whole project to ensure you are happy with the colour and finish you will achieve. Hope this has helped you with your project! The Intergrain TeamThank you, very helpful. We had a few planks to be replaced on our verandah which had previously painted with intergrain Ultra. But we have a full tin of DWD unopened. (?) I was going to use it on an exterior previously marine varnished door the coating which had deteriorated over the years. But it seems like too much bother with DWD.

Can Intergrain Ultradeck be applied over Intergrain DWD on an outdoor deck? Allan.
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Hi Allan, it is possible but not recommended as DWD is more of a varnish type finish meaning the Intergrain UltraDeck finish will not be right. If you like the low film build look of Intergrain UltraDeck we would recommend removing DWD with a coatings stripper or by sanding back to bare timber first. The Intergrain TeamThanks for your response. Much appreciated

I have a deck which has not been oiled for years. South side of house so no sun and is quite damp. So far I have cleaner with high pressure water and scrubbed with Napisan solution. What is best product to use?
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we have used ultra deck on new deck that adjoins one that we had used DWD and now we wish to use DWD on the new deck extension so it blends better color wise can we apply directly over the ultra deck or is it advisable to sand back apply the three stage process.
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Hi Les, unfortunately this is not tested so we are unable to guarantee the results if you go over the top of UltraDeck with DWD. At the very least we would suggest to give it a light sand, wash with Reviva and then apply 3 coats of DWD. For best results, sand back/strip to bare timber and do the complete 3 stage process. The Intergrain Team

Is DWD as good as the older UVC to preserve pine outdoors
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Hi, I've accidently used DWD without ultra primer on a newly sanded deck. What should I do? I still have half of the deck raw sanded hardwood should I continue without the primer?
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Hi CWADE, it would be recommended to strip or sand back the area you have applied DWD to without the primer and start fresh. The primer seals the bare timber and helps DWD adhere to the surface, the risk is that you are likely to experience lifting, peeling and other adhesion related issues down the line if you proceed with no primer. The Intergrain Team

Hi, I have a deck I coated with DWD about five or six years ago. The section out of the sun looks fine but as it transitions into direct sunlight there is an incremental increase in the weathering. This is to be expected obviously. Question is, do I need to strip the entire deck when I restore it? My concern is having an obvious new and old section. Or will the newly restored section soon look like the old section. The restoration process is obviously quite significant and if I can avoid doing half of it I obviously would like to. I rate the product though, I’ve used it on other decks, specifically an old Queenslander on the Sunshie Coast, and it lasted for years. The process isn’t simple, but the explanation is thorough and if you follow it there’s not too many dramas.
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Hi Dino, best to contact intergrain they will be able to assist and are very helpful. My personal thoughts are if the badly weathered sections are weathered back to bare timber then for those sections sand back, reviva, dimension 4 then dwd (4 coats dwd). For the sections still coated with dwd would light sand and recoat 2 x coats. There might be slight difference in colour between sections but if you put 4 coats dwd on the bare sections the reddish tint will blend it in. Sun areas need 4 coats dwd, it’s quick to apply the prep is the hardest.Hi Gino, For the most consistent colour result, you would strip it all the way back and start again however you do have the option of just bringing the weathered sections back to bare timber. The process in this case would be to strip back the weathered area of the deck then clean the entire deck with Intergrain Reviva, coat the bare timber section with dimension 4 then apply 3 coats of DWD. On the third coat of DWD, apply it to the entire deck to help blend the old area with the new. If you need further advice or clarification please contact our Help and Advice team on 1800 630 285 and they will be able to help you with any of the specific details. The Intergrain TeamThat’s great advice Erin, I was heading down that path of a partial fix and will do exactly as you say. Appreciate the advice. It’s a solid product that requires a little care during the application phase, but it’s worth it. I think sometimes we forget what these products have to do, the Aussie weather is brutal.

Can you put DWD over the top of freshly coated ultradeck to add durability or is it pointless? It’s a jarrah jetty that sometimes but rarely submerges in winter. I’ve done the full tri process and like the ultradeck colour but thought a coat of DWD on top might make it last longer or would it not help? In fact is it even ok to use dimension 4 before ultradeck?
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Best to call intergrain support they are very good. Im not a fan of ultra deck, doesn’t last as long as dwd and dwd has a better tint / finish.

Hi! We have a 40 squaremeter deck to revamp. It has paint on it that we have managed to get off with metho and a scourer, just on the edges to the house. We have been thinking of using a big sander for the rest. My question is, if I use DWD with Reviva and primer, do I have to still sand it back, or does Reviva strip that pain. Thank you Corina
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Hi Corina, Intergrain Reviva is a cleaner and not a stripper. We would recommend sanding or using Intergrain Timber Stripper before applying the TriShield system of Reviva, UltraPrimer, DWD. It will be worth putting in the extra prep work to make sure that the final coating performs properly. The Intergrain Team

Can I get 2 litres?
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Hi Greg, at this stage this product is available in a 1L, 4L and 10L can. The Intergrain team

Hello, i have used dwd on my cedar windows and doors however; a year ago a painter was hired to repaint one window and He insisted that Sceneys old fashioned weatherproof oil was better. He sanded back and painted one coat and i never heard from him again. One year on the window (north facing) is desperately in need of coating. Can i coat with Dwd ?
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Best to consult with Intergrain their customer service is excellent. My recommendation would be to sand back to bare, prime with Dinension 4 and then 3 to 4 coats of DWD. Cedar is a beautiful and expensive timber and the only way to protect it is doing the job properly and applying lots of coats. Painters are reluctant to do this as is very time consuming but in my experience there is unfortunately no other easy alternative.Hi Tania, we would certainly recommend to sand the surface back to fresh sound timber, remove all sanding dust and ensure timber surface is clean and free from any stains and other contaminants. To check if the timber is ready to accept a new coating, do a water bead test. Just flick some water on to the timber and if the water soaks in quickly it is ready to coat, if the water beads on top you know there is still something providing water resistance and the timber will not accept a new coating... more sanding or weathering will be required until the water beading stops. Once this preparation is done, then you can safely coat with the DWD system. If you would still like some more detailed help and advice please contact our Help and Advice team on: 1800 630 285 The Intergrain team

Hi I have some timber benches that are finished in Tung Oil (now dried), is it possible to use DWD over the tung oil? Thanks Paul
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I asked intergrain a similar question about using dwd over sikkens filter 7 and feedback Is that it’s fine, sand it right back, reviva, dimension 4 primer then dwd.

Hi, I done my new deck last September with dimension 4 primer and 2 coats of DWD, it’s starting to look thin and weathered is this a normal timeframe to recoat? Thanks
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Hi team I purchased a 10lt can of Intergrain DWD from bunnings at the end of last year, I have used this product many times before, no problems. I opened the can this morning to find an inch of product stuck to the lid and to the bottom of the can. I think that this product has gone past it's use by date? Would you be able to shed some light on this please? Kind regards Kev
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Hi Kev. I had the same issue with a small tin Intergrain DWD from Bunnings and I'm assuming you hadn't opened it previously. I took it back to Bunnings for a replacement. 2nd tin was fine. Cheers Jo

I have used DWD on my deck and it now needs redoing , in some parts the dwd has come off but I now want to use Ultra Deck oil how do I prepare my deck first?
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Hi Patsy. Before coating with UltraDeck, you will need to either sand back to bare timber or use Intergrain Timber Stripper to remove DWD. Once you are back to bare timber, you will need to clean with Intergrain Reviva, followed by UltraDeck. Best of luck with your project and please feel free to contact our Technical Team on 1800 630 285 if you need any further assistance. Intergrain Technical Team

Hi Have a merbau deck which i applied 2 coats about four months ago. I have lot of water, foot print and dust marks. What would you recommend to pressure wash with to look new? Thanking you Slyman
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Hi Slyman, Yes a hose down should do the trick of getting rid of surface dust and dirt. Just regular hose pressure rather than high pressure will do it. The Cabot's brand has recently launched two products that are pretty good at helping keep decks clean. The first is Cabot's Everyday Deck Wash which is a mop-on cleaning solution that removes dirt and dries without leaving marks. The other product is a Cabot's scrubbing brush for decks. The bristles seem to be the right strength to remove dirt without damaging the surface, and it has an integrated squeegee to wipe away the pools of water so it dries quickly and without leaving marks. Hope this helps, The Intergrain Team

Hi - we are about to oil our merbau pool deck with Intergrain. I'm concerned about the reviva getting into the pool when we clean the deck. Will this pose a problem for our pool water?
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Hi Tracka. Thanks for your question. We would recommend avoiding getting any Reviva into your pool water. If it is possible, cover the pool or alternatively you can place rags around the pool edges. This will allow any excess of Reviva to be soaked up instead of going into the pool. If you'd like to get in touch with any further queries for us, please call on 1800 630 285. The Intergrain Technical Team

Hi, we've recently renovated our deck, merbay with intergraun DWD finish. We've had a lot of rain lately and where the deck is wet it's gone all milky. What does that mean ...?
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Hi Cathy, Thanks for your question. Water whitening occurs when moisture comes into contact with a coating that has not fully dried. It should disappear after a couple of sunny days. We've written about it here: http://www.intergrain.com.au/advice/water-whitening-what-is-it-what-do-i-do/ If the issue persists, please call us on 1800 630 285. The Intergrain Tech TeamSeven years ago I treated my deck with DWD 3 coats after sanding and primer. 8hrs after the final coat we had a storm and the surface went milky and blistered extensively. The blisters disappeared over the following couple of dry days but the finish never hardened properly and the shaded areas gathered mould whereas the areas exposed to the sun have lifted and stripped. I would never use the product again as the job cost me $7000. I am now reverting to oiling the timber but must strip the areas first.

Hi, I have just finished my first coat of dwd on a spotted gum and blackbutt deck. The dwd was tinted jarrah the spotted gun colour looks great but the blackbutt steps look a horrible orange colour. My question is it possible to use a different tint colour over the bluckbutt stairs as it only has one coat? If so what colour tint would you recommend. Jennifer
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Hi Jenni, Thanks for your question. Before you apply DWD, timber needs to be prepared with UltraPrimer. If you've missed this step, please call us to we can discuss options. If you've done the right thing - and followed the process - not to worry. The light colour of the Blackbutt can cause this orange appearance. We'd suggest for your next coat, you use DWD tinted to Merbau. it contains more brown pigment, and should mask the orange appearance. If you need further assistance, please call us on 1800 630 285. The Intergrain Tech Team.

How long does a tin of DWD Intergrain Stage 3 last? Thanks Annie
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Hi Annie, It's too hard to estimate a time frame as there are so many variables. What conditions was it stored in? Was the lid put on properly? What position was it stored? Was it contaminated during the last time it was used. Please call us on 1800 630 285, we'll walk you through some ways to see if your can is still OK. The Intergrain Tech Team.I can only advise the same as the Intergrain team.

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