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Ionmax ION330

Ionmax ION330

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Does the job, if any can?

Small quite unit in a small office… Left on permanently. Extra filter pack bought for a years time. Easy to operate. One of those stuffy office items that does help. The unit is four stars out of five.

No issues...

Doesn't work!

Bought it brand new from their website and decided to try it out if it works.

Smoked a cigarette in a car with windows all shut turn on ionmax ion330.

Came back in 30mins, car was literally still in the same state, smelly and foggy. 1hr later, still the same. 2 hrs later, same smell.

6 HOURS later, not foggy anymore but still THE EXACT SAME SMELL. It wasn't visibly foggy anymore most likely because smokes particles has fallen and settled. As far as odors, it has DEFINITELY NOT IMPROVED!
Comes with car plug
Doesn't work!

Hi Paramour, Thank you for your review and sorry to hear it's not working as you expected :( When you had the unit in your car for 30 mins, 1 hour, 2 hours, 6 hours later - was the unit turned on and running the whole time? The filters should definitely help in clearing out some of the smell when it's switched on and running as it has a carbon filter in it that deodorises smells in the air. However do keep in mind that when you smoke in the car, if any ash gets onto the dashboard, carpet or seats, some cigarette smell will still remain. Cigarette smoke smell will also get absorbed into fabric in the car so there will still be some lingering smell if you've been smoking in the car for a long time. The ION330's filters will help to clear out some smell, but won't eliminate the smell entirely. Also, it's good to have the unit in a place where there is ventilation so air can flow in and out e.g. on the car dashboard or beside you when you smoke. If you believe that the unit is faulty do give us a call on 1300 800 200 or email support@andatech.com.au to discuss this with us. The unit was still on and running after 6 hours. I've never smoked in that car before, i did that purely just to test if the ION330 is effective. Unfortunately it wasn't on my scenario. I will contact your support team and see what the solution is. Ive used one of those units in my car to get rid of dog odour. It works! Anybody expecting the smell of smoke to disappear with the use of any type of Air Purifier is a little silly. From what you have explain the unit is brilliant, you claim it cleaned the air, that's the job of an "air purifier". The remaining smell is in the fabric or leather of your seats, roof and doors. Reading between the lines, you're simply trying to discredit this machine, I have used one and its great, I also brought one for a friend for Christmas. http://www.productreview.com.au/r/ionmax-ion330/516201.html

Very good

I bought the “Ionmax Ion330 Mini Hepa Air Purifier and Ioniser” a few months ago from “ecolife Australia” for $127 free shipping.
I bought the unit to use in my car while on the way to my specialist as we have to travel through a long underground tunnel (Burnley tunnel in VIC), even with the windows and air vents closed the traffic fumes still come into the cabin and you can smell and taste them, which forces me to wear a respirator in the car. I was a little sceptical that it was up to the job but my health forced me to try it.
I bought this model over others as it has a multiple step filter system but most importantly it has a carbon filter that is replaceable. I found replacement filters on ebay for $25 free delivery.
We have used it twice through the tunnel so far and didn’t realise until we were well out of the tunnel that we didn’t smell or taste any fumes. The traffic was not a standstill, it was flowing pretty well, it would be interesting to see if the machine works as well in a standstill situation with fumes piling up in the tunnel, but normal conditions it works extremely well and I am marking “Ionmax Ion330 Mini Hepa Air Purifier and Ioniser” for my use as a success.
I think it would be advantageous for people with asthma or who are sensitive to chemicals to try an air purifier with a carbon filter such as one like this.
It comes with an Australian car plug (for the cigarette lighter) and a plug for the house if you want to use it in a room. It comes with Velcro strips to secure it to the dash board so it does not slip off. It is a nice design so does not look horrible in the car. It works very well. You can buy replacement filters for it.

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Thanks Frog after reading your review I have ordered one for myself for my chemical sensitivity. Will post a review after trying it out.

Questions & Answers

how to change the filter? where can I get it? what is the button “press” for?
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Hi Rommel, to change the filter, you need to unscrew a screw on the bottom of the unit, then lift up the upper cover. The button that says "press" is for the aromatherapy function. There are fragrance pads inside.. you can add 2-3 drops of essential oil to have the air purifier emit that fragrance while running. You can check the manual online at https://andatechdistribution.com.au/products/ionmax-ion330 for detailed instructions on replacing the filters. Hope that helps!!


Ionmax ION330
CategoryAir Purifiers
Price (RRP) $149.00
HEPA FilterYes
FeaturesAdjustable Speed Settings, Carbon Filter, Ionic Filter and Ultraviolet Filter
Max Room Size 15
Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions 180 x 950 x 330 mm
Construction Material Plastic
Power8 W
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)
Release dateAug 2012

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