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Ionmax ION390 UV

Ionmax ION390 UV

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Honestly the best purchase I've ever made!

I purchased this air purifier over one year ago. It is hands down the best money I've spent on anything.... And that's a big call. I suffer from asthma and allergies to dust, pollen, pet dander, the list goes on. About 2 weeks after owning this machine I noticed that my usual hayfever symptoms were almost gone and my asthma had improved considerably. A year on, and I have not had any symptoms of hayfever or asthma since. I haven't needed to take anti histamines since either. I also have not been sick with any colds, flu's or respiratory illnesses. On average I used to suffer from around 3 - 5 colds or respiratory infections every year. In December last year I welcomed my fragile preterm baby home after being in the hospital for 2 months. I can also say that she has never been ill. This unit covers the entire house and also purifies the air of our mini foxies pet dander. I run the unit 24/7 and only turned it off once to clean the filter, which was very simple. The unit notifies you when cleaning is required. My life and my health had improved considerably due to this filter and I will definitely be purchasing another when this ones time is up. It is very energy efficient. I have not noticed an increase in my electricity bill. I did a lot of research prior to purchasing this item and it is the best value for money with the most features and largest area coverage. I can't live without my Ionmax now.
I would also like to mention I've had absolutely no issues with the machine like the first reviewer. I think it's unfair that they left that review without complaining or allowing Ionmax to inspect the machine. I would discredit that review.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Excellent air filter and ioniser. Reasonably priced

We purchased this on the recommendation of Andatech as a replacement for our Coway that stopped working after a few years and had been discontinued. We have moved into a new unit and the smell from the venting carpets and new kitchen was noticeable whenever we returned to the unit. This ioniser works fantastically! It has a filter to remove dust and pet dander, a HEPA filter, a Carbon filter and UV+ TiO2 filter to remove harmful gases PLUS an ioniser. The light acts as a sensor. We have noticed the difference - the air quality is much improved and the smell has lessened in the month we have been using the ioniser. The price is reasonable and the customer service from Andatch, first rate.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Happy with unit. Good product support from manufacturer!

This is a air purifier that works fairly well. We had a few minor issues but support from manufacturer was good and units are running smoothly now. It has a sensor on the top which shows you how dirty the air is. The device has inbuilt UV? light to kill germs/bacteria with carbon filter and using my air monitoring tool I found that it removed sufficient dust particles.

Date PurchasedSep 2015

Just bought one to see if it really makes a difference.

I am glad I took the plunge. I was suffering really bad hayfever allergy symptoms. Itchy eyes, nose and ears, tears, sneezing, blocked and runny nose, sore throat and asthma like breathing trouble. I bought one placed it in the area of the room where I usually sit and get the problems and within the hour I have noticed that I am not suffering. I set it on auto and it switched to high mode and turned its lights to red. After reading the manual and getting informed of its features, I must say I am impressed. The unit must have sensed the bad allergens and just cleaned it out and I am now sitting at the spot where I am usually suffering writing this review at this very moment but without the suffering. YAY!!

I was initially wary because I thought it would be some gimicky expensive fan but now I am a believer. The unit is quiet enough on low fan mode and definitely louder on hi. Makes as much noise as a standard electric fan worth $30.

By the way, just another tip for other hayfever sufferers, I noticed that zinc supplements can alleviate some symptoms. It helps clear my nose but with bad allergen air I can still get the asthma like chest breathing problems. I am feeling confident that this air filter will fix that part. Now for the next part I have to get into the habit of using a vacuum cleaner regularly. Next purchase will be a robovac.

I bought this unit and it comes with a double warranty so I will get 2 years warranty and I will see if its build quality is up to scratch over the time. The unit is lightweight plastic but looks well made and looks good. Matt black with nice led displays and its kinda flashy when it detects bad air. I might see what happens when I pass wind next to it :-).

Cost to value analysis for which I paid A$299 including free shipping, it is slightly more expensive against other cheaper units but I considered the ionised air and 60m2 room capacity justifies its price. I bought a little ioniser years ago and that cost me $100 back then and it only emits negative ions and it makes my room more dusty due to the way ionised paticles fall to the ground. In the end a business will have to make a profit somehow and this unit relieving my hayfever is a lot better than using tablets and nasal sprays that are somewhat mediocre in results. So now its just zinc supplements and motivation for vacuuming chores.

Hope this helps.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Nice to have

I'm a smell sensitive person. I can't stand good or bad smells (i.e. scent/perfumes etc or soap detergents etc.) I bought this product to act as odor neutralizer and I can say that in my experience of using it for a few times it did its job. It didn't do it as fast as I thought but does the job.

Works just fine

Having suffered sinus problems through winter and coming into hayfever season I was keen to get an air purifier to provide some relief in the house. After many hours research I decided to get the ionamx 390 and couldn't be happier. It keeps larger areas like the lounge room fresh and is light enough to easily pick up and move to the bedroom before bed time. I haven't experienced any of the issues an earlier reviewer has and I would recommend this unit to those seeking hayfever or sinus relief.

Fantastic Air Purifier!

I bough this a few months back and i am really satisfied with this purifier. I have used couple in the past but i was never this much happy. I have noticed a difference in my home. Highly recommended product - this is my first review and i specially signed up here just to review this product.
Quality of the product as it really helps to freshen the air

Very very good unit and really efficient, highly recommend it!

I bought this unit after I accidentally damaged my old unit, and I'm so happy I switched to this one! It has HEPA and carbon filters, it has the UV light and it has negative ions as well (same as my old unit). With this one I love the handy remote control, and especially love the indicator that switches colours from blue (clean air) to green to red (high pollution) to show the level of pollution detected. The sensor changes colours quickly for example when I start deep frying, it turns red and goes to the highest speed in Auto mode. Very impressive!

I have it switched on in my bedroom at night when I sleep. The pollution indicator stays on at night, and the UV light is slightly visible in the dark, but I can sleep without a problem. Excellent as well as it is really quiet, I haven't had any difficulty falling asleep (I have it on the lowest setting anyway), and also it has a timer function so I can time it to switch off in the middle of the night after I have fallen asleep.

After 2 weeks I have really felt the difference. I even checked the filters and have found dust and (surprise) cat hair! The pre-filter is easy to clean, just vacuum it. I also vacuumed the HEPA filter for good measure. On the medium and high mode, I can even feel the breeze of the fan from the other side of the living room! Was very surprised by this the other night.

The unit works surprisingly well, and my partner's morning sinuses have ceased since we began to leave this unit switched on in the night while we sleep. I would highly recommend it to others - I've had no problems with it so far.
Very efficient, I can really feel the difference, many functions including timer, remote control, pollution indicator

Not Recommended (UPDATED 19.01.14)

My first review. This product really needs one, too! Ok. Fist off, is it worth buying? No. I did like it a little, before it started falling appart, but just wanted it to be more efficient and a better design/quality (and last longer than 6 months!).

Air purifiers are sorely underrated and so too negative ions.

Negative ions can prevent most illnesses (including cancer) from stopping our bodies oxidizing and could prolong our lives by 20% when exposed to large counts daily, amongst many other amazing things. We all should have ionisers in our homes for our health. This is why I wanted an air purifier that generates negative ions as well (kill two birds with one stone). Unfortunately, the ioniser in this product produces large negative ions, which are only benificial to help clean the air. Now I will need to buy a health ioniser (like the Elanra MkII) that will produce small negative ions which can be breathed into the lungs and then into the blood stream making our lives far heathier and happier. I wished I knew this before I bought the Ionmax ION390 UV.

Now, I really liked this product on paper, but there were no reviews at all. I checked the UK and USA, also to no avail (must be and Australian branding/name). So I took a risk. After I bought it I realised that the image on the box it came in was different. It was a very similar product, but in black and was not an Ionmax, but an American Hoover (Hoover Air Purifier with TiO2 Technology - WH10600). I wished I knew this and read all the reviews on Amazon USA before I bought it, as it would have changed my mind.

I really wanted to know if it produced ozone and how much. I am not afraid of ozone in small doses (it kills germs and is naturally in the air outside anyway), but many people are. I emailed Andatech Corporation Pty Ltd with some questions before I purchased and they responded straight away. But, when I emailed again asking if it produced ozone and what wattage does it use on low they just ignored me. I then mailed them back 3 more times with the same rude nothing! Don't like those questions, eh? They really should have these answers on the product and their official site, but no. So, I still do not know if it produces ozone. Though, the USA brother to it seems not to.

The unit does work fairly. It clears dust in the air when seen in sunny rooms, but it could have worked much better if it had a better quality Hepa Filter (vaccing it really recks it) and if the filters were more sealed (some dust gets through the sides and is caught on the exit grills). Why can't these companies produce an air purifier with a true Hepa Filter that is washable? Greed maybe? Someday Dyson should show them how it is done. I do understand that you can never clean all the air in a home, but with this low CADR rating (Clean Air Delivery Rate) Smoke 51, Dust 84 & Pollen 79 you could do a lot better with something like the Blueair 650E which has a CADR of 450, 400, 450!!! Much much better. More exy, though and no negative ions, but that can be rectified with an additional negative ion generator.

I paid $277 with free delivery from Eccolife Australia, who are a great company. Was it worth it? I think not. It does work though, even in our large 80sqm open plan room (it is only stated to do 60sqm), but not well enough. My advice; pay more for a top end system. I am now looking for a higher end unit with a much higher CADR rating.

*Update 19.01.2014*
The unit is now making very loud noises and vibrating way too much. The buttons sometimes get stuck. The LED display sometimes gets fuzzy and the cable has come loose from behind. JUNK! Definitely not worth $277.

Hope this was helpful,
High Negative ion count. Fresher room (so, does work). Fairly quiet on low. Moves a lot of air for big rooms. Handle is awesome. Looks good.
Terrible customer service! UV light broke within 3 months! Not a true Hepa Filter. Filter needs replacing at 6 months. Filter not completely sealed.

Hi Hanzo, so sorry to hear that you're unhappy with this unit. Please contact us on 1300 800 200 and we can check out these issues for you and have them fixed under warranty. We have not had any complaints previously and if we can get this unit back from you to inspect it would help us to find the issue and improve the quality of this product. I bined it. Really wouldn't be worth the hassle to return it so you could repair it or even replace it.

Questions & Answers

Does it remove smells of herbs and spces/ cooking smells? BF is super sensitive to smell
No answers

Does it remove smoke smell from the air ?
2 answers
G'day Fred Whilst we aren't cigarette smokers - it absolutely removes cooking smoke and the smell from the air. It's also helped over the past few weeks keep the air in the house clear from the smog and smells from the burn off's that are occurring nearby. CheersYes it does. I've tested it. I can imagine it would shorten the life span of the machine if it was constantly filtering smoke but it would be an investment into your health so I think the price would be justified. I would clean the filters every couple of weeks depending on how much smoke it needs to filter to ensure the smell doesn't hang around.


Ionmax ION390 UV
CategoryAir Purifiers
Price (RRP) $369.00
HEPA FilterYes
FeaturesAdjustable Speed Settings, Automatic Air Quality Monitor, Carbon Filter, Ionic Filter, Remote Control, Timer and Ultraviolet Filter
Max Room Size 60
Weight5 kg
Dimensions 664 x 208 x 291.5 mm
Construction Material Plastic
Power55 W
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)
Release dateMay 2013

Visit official website - Download manual
  • MPN: ION390B

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