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Ionmax ION612

Ionmax ION612

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Energy Efficient & Quiet

Choice have rated Ionmax as the best dehumidifiers year after year - and the ION612 is my favourite of these because it has a negative ion generator and Silver Nano air filter which kills bacteria on contact. I've been using it regularly for 4 months and am so happy with the improvement we've had in indoor air quality. It's super quiet because it's a dessiccant, rather than a compressor dehumidifier.
Out of the numerous features it has, I really appreciate laundry mode which efficiently dries clothes. It's not only more energy effiicient than our clothes dryer, it's quieter, doesn't put any stress on fabric, and doesn't make clothes smell stale or feel staticky.
There's lots of program options - timer settings, power levels and the ioniser can be turned on or off. The humidity settings also make it simple to 'set and forget' on the required level to prevent mould being able to grow, or to prevent condensation forming on windows. The machine remembers its settings too, so will start up with whatever it was last set to. It seems to be a robust and reliable appliance, especially compared to the 2 Dimplex dehumidifiers I've had.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Beaut little machine - love it!

Bought the ION612 because of condensation in my bedroom during Winter months. I couldn't believe how much moisture this little machine extracted from the air. It doesn't have many moving parts and is easy to use.

The drawers in a wardrobe I have in another room were hard to open, so I put the ION612 in the room, and now they open effortlessly.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

This is a life saver!!

I had a significant mould problem in my bedroom as a result of a leaky shower from the unit above. Even though the shower leak was repaired I continued to have significant dampness and mould problems because of the wet concrete slab which can take months to dry. I purchased this dehumidifier as a last resort to solving my dampness and mould problem and it was worked WONDERS. Everything in my bedroom is now dry and the air is so much cleaner. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Works so well

I bought the Ion612 at the start of winter 2015 and am very happy with it's performance . It solved the humidity problem where I live , no more wet windows in the morning and made the air more pleasant to breathe . On the low setting it is so quiet I have had it running about a metre from my pillow and had no problem sleeping . My main room is approx. 7mtrs x 11mtrs x 2-5mtrs with 2 large windows each 215cm x 145cm and the Ion612 has coped really well leaving the windows dry in the morning and the air nice and fresh . I am very glad I bought this product and highly reccomend it to anyone seeking a less damp existence and healthier air to breathe . . .

Works great

I am very pleased with how the ION612 performed. In quite mode it runs smoothly and, well quite. About the same as your average cooling fan. The windows in the main bedroom would drip with moisture come morning. But I am pleased to say that this is no longer a problem. There support is second to none. When I had some questions they were extremely supportive. Nice to see good old fashioned customer service. And no, I do not work for Andatech or know anyone that does. I am just pleased with their product.

Stop Mould from Coming BAck and Remove Smell and Humidity

Stop Mould from Coming BAck and Remove Smell and Humidity
After coming back from holiday found storage area had water coming in and mould, took me ages to clean it all up.
But i need a dehumidifier to stop it from coming back, after careful research i pick the ION612 from www.dehumidifieronline.com.au
great choice over night it was pulling 2L of water of the air ! it worked great.
But it had a kind of smell coming from it, after research i found this to be side effect of pulling odor from the air bonus !
Air Filter, Ionizer, remove moisture from air and odors

Get it if your after one

Banish Damp rooms with the IONMAX612 Dehumidifier!

My home has two south-facing rooms with timber framed windows. These rooms are very damp throughout autumn and winter - to the point where condensation collects on the inside of the windows, running down the glass and pooling along the upper edge of the wooden frame at the bottom of the windows.

I purchased an ionmax612 dehumidifier from dehumidiferonline.Com.Au on 12th may 2014 and it was delivered on 14th may 2014 and i can't speak highly enough of this company. There is a very helpful video on their website which demonstrates exactly how the various ionmax models work. I also spoke with sam, the presenter, on two occasions prior to purchasing my ionmax612 and he gave me completely unbiased and helpful advice.

Dehumidiferonline.Com.Au offered the lowest price for this product, plus free express shipping through australia post and a seniors discount - what fabulous customer service!

The ionmax612 is quiet, compact, attractively and sensibly designed and easy to move from room to room. It is extremely easy to operate and the water container is easy to remove and replace after emptying. The unit extracted 500ml of water from one room in its first 2 hour session and the same quantity in the next 2 hour session this morning.

I am absolutely delighted with the ionmax612 dehumidifier as i can already see that it will solve our dampness problems - no more water collecting on the windows and no musty, damp samell in our clothes. Our piano lives in one of the damp rooms and it will also benefit from a dryer atmosphere in the music room.

Look no further than the ionmax dehumidifiers to solve your dampness problems
Quiet, Compact, Efficient

Just what I needed.

I have been using the ION612 for the past 3 days and it has solved the persistent mild damp in bedroom. My bedclothes were always slightly damp to the touch and if clothes were left in my clothes rack for several months they would start to grow mould. I left the ION612 running for 8 hours on high while at work and it collected 1.8 litres of water - that comes very close to the 7 litres it is claimed to extract per day and the discrepancy is understandable given my room were colder and less humid than the test conditions). On the low setting, it is quiet enough to run while I'm asleep (I use earplugs anyway to block the noise from airplanes and with them in I can barely hear the dehumidifer). The unit is very discrete, attractively styled, and compact. The build quality seems very good - although it is all plastic, it feels solid. It has a built in air filter that releases negative ions - I have no idea why that is important, but the air does seem nicer to breathe. The interface is intuitive and easy to use. The basic timer (that allows you to set it to turn off after 2, 4, or 8 hours) and the "auto" setting (in which the machine will select high or low intensity depending on the humidity) are both useful. I was initially unsure whether the unit was worth $325, but now I think it is well worth the money.

Amazing machine

We bought the ION612 a few weeks ago to put in our laundry room which suffers badly from damp. It sits on the washing machine, away from the tumble dryer (having it too close can apparently make these things overheat). It's near a window so I keep this shut - the first time I used it, the window was open and it got nothing out of the air.

It can remove up to 7 litres of water from the air in a single day and has a 2 litre tank. A hose is supplied so you can drain it continuously without needing to worry about emptying it - although, at the moment, I really like being able to see how much water it's sucked out of the air. It's quite amazing. It has an auto cut-off too, so you don't need to worry about it overflowing. Once the tank's full, it'll just turn itself off.

There is a laundry mode to help dry clothes quicker and this works really well too. Clothes that are left in the laundry while it's running dry much faster than those left elsewhere in the house. Really handy when you need to dry things inside and don't want to use a tumble dryer.

You can set it to run for 2, 4 or 8 hours, or just run it constantly. It's fairly close to my son's bedroom and he commented that he hadn't even noticed I'd been running it overnight. It's pretty quiet - the noise level of a fan most of the time, although turbo mode can be a bit louder. It also apparently kills bacteria in the air - I have no idea if this actually works, but why wouldn't you switch that feature on?

Overall, the machine is really easy to use, and does exactly what it promises to do. I think we paid about $370 for it so it's not the cheapest on the market, but it's far from the most expensive too. I went with this model because of tank size and the amount of water it promises to remove from the air in a day - in a damp environment like our laundry, it's certainly coming up with a lot of water. We haven't had it long enough yet to know of any problems, but I'm very, very happy with it so far.
Quiet running, good tank size, hose supplied for continuous draining, very effective, nice-looking machine.

Hi, from you experience do you think it will work for room sized about 10sqm or even 20sqm? I'm in brisbane and we got humid level betwee 65-85% normorly, and I'd like to get below 60%I'm from the Sunny Coast and in addition to the humidity I have water seeping through one of the walls into the garage. I bought on of these from the feel good store on sale and it seems to be doing the trick. It is a normal sized double garage which I estimate is about 30m2 and I've not noticed any mould growing again. (I came home from holidays and there was a layer of 'fur' growing on the car seats etc as I'd left the windows down). I did have one of their smaller dehumidifiers, the ion680, which works great in the walk in wardrobe & bathroom, but was not powerful enough for the garage. Might be worth you looking at that one for only 20m2 though - but prob best to ask them if it's going to be powerful enough for what you need. feelgoodstore com au

Questions & Answers

Hi, Our Ion Max 612 is about 3 yrs old and is brilliant at collecting water, however, just recently it is working as usual but has stopped collecting water in areas of the home that are damp. Does it need a new part or broken or....? Thanks! :)
3 answers
Hi Simon! We can't be sure until we get the unit back to our warehouse for inspection. The technician will inspect the unit first to find the fault and then let you know how much it might cost to get it fixed or replaced. Do contact us at support@andatech.com.au or call 1300 800 200 to organise a return.Is the 'check' LED lit up? If it is, turn it off and unplug it and clean the filter and air inlet and outlets, making sure they are not blocked or covered by anything. The manual recommennds that after this it should be run in laundry mode for a day.many thanks guys, we cleaned the filter etc. and that appears to have done the trick. All working again!

There's many other option in the market and i wonder which one of the functions and feature is the most important Can u share some insight on it? Also dehumdifierbuyerguide .com shared many useful knowledge on dehumidifier, do u think it worth reading?
2 answers
Hi Johnny, For me the most important features on the Ionmax 612 are ; 1) Low speed fan so it operates without the noise disturbing me . 2) Timer lets me decide how long I want it to operate for . 3) Ioniser that gives the air a fresh feel and a pleasure to breathe . 4) That it works so well at low temperatures , like winter , performing better than standard compressor type dehumidifiers . Regarding the dehumidifiers buying guide , I had never heard of them but did have a brief look at the website . I went right to the end of the webpage where I found a statement saying the website is an advertising format connected to Amazon - which causes me to doubt the websites impartiality . Hope you have found these comments helpful Johnny . Regards , Jeff1914thanks so much for the reply jeff.. really appreciated i am digging for a good dehumdifieir that truly helps do u think the review on dehumidifierbuyerguide.com is a holistc one?

Hi Does anyone know if the Desiccant need changed and How often?
2 answers
Hi Lily , As I understand , the desiccant rotor will not need changing for many years , possibly a lifetime . The desiccant is heated and dried after it becomes wet so that it is being constantly recycled with no need to replace it. If you need more information I suggest you contact Andatech Customer Service, PH. 1300 800 200 , email : info@andatech.com.au Hope this has helped you . Regards , JeffThanks Jeff!


Ionmax ION612
Price (RRP) $469
Tank Capacity2L
Moisture Removal7L/24 hours
Release dateFeb 2013

Visit official website - Download manual
  • GTIN13: 9346440000000 and 9346442000149
  • MPN: ADT-ION612

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