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iSelect Car Insurance

iSelect Car Insurance

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Very rude and pushy sales department

I asked for a quote online. They rang maybe 6hours after. The telesales man was initially very engaging in trying to sell me a cheaper insurer that I'm not familiar with. I requested him to email me the quote and I'll have a think and read. He did not like that one bit. It felt like a hard sell. It was such a turn off. I was firm when i said I wanted to rethink switching insurers and to give me a day. That's when he became really rude and dropped the call. Never doing iselect again---bunch of hustlers!

Don't trust them, rude service from Kris Macarthu VERY PUSHY and very rude when you politely decline.

Kris Macarthu is a terrible sales agent, doesn't know how to handle objections properly, would have considered it next renew, not now. Will be telling everyone not to use it.

Terrible customer service, and I'm not even a customer yet!

Filled in all my details online to get a quote for a comprehensive car insurance. Rates were so-so, but not too bad. Some guy called me 2-3 hours later (unlike another insurer, that called me within 10 minutes) and asked me to provide some answers to some questions. He was totally and utterly unprofessional, calling me "dude" and "ma man" and kept attacking me when I asked questions. He was extremely confrontational and when I asked him to finish the call he just said "well you can pay full price then" and just hung up. iSelect, I don't know what clowns you're employing, but that just cost you a potential customer.

Absolute waste of time.

Why misguide by displaying that your quote will be displayed on the result page when all you want is a contact number and email so that an agent can call you. If I have time to make calls I will do so and won't focus my energy on entering details.

iSelect definitely will not get you the best deal

iSelect is a customer catch point for few high premium insurance companies. If you want best deal, google it out yourself!


Just a way for them to get your personal details, then they start calling you and pushing. Avoid at any price.

Only want your money

Agent initially appeared helpful but when I wanted to think it over got hugely pushy. When I said "No" he got more pushy that I sign then and offered you have a cooling off period. Technically correct but always a pain as often they won't always stop auto debits - which is always blamed on the computer.
When asked to get a full quote (if you read the fine print they state read everything before signing anything) promised a quoted was being emailed - email arrived no quote. Epic fail. Don't use, at least they now admit only offer some insurers - result of earlier ACCC finding about misleading conduct.

Awful "comparison" of the most expensive companies

I decided to try this comparison website to see if I could do any better than my current insurance which is $380 for going direct (Yeah, I know its already pretty cheap but I was interested in what else is out there). Well this sites "cheapest" was $534. Complete waste of time, and I really hope people understand this is not a comparison of every insurance, just the ones who give the highest commission to this company.


When i inquire about insurance they tried to call me 4 or 5 times in a day and when i took the insurance and called them back many times, no response they said every one is busy at the time and ask to call back me and never call me.. Not good..

Go direct, Not 'I Select'

A disasterous experience, & I'm not normally one given to exageration
Used them twice in the past 15 months. More on why shortly*.
They take a very significant % of the money you pay as the digital middleman. They take no responsibility after that

This % take alienated the company I chose last year, as they refused to deal anymore with ISelect . What a nightmare that proved to be - last minute changes, phone calls back and forth.
A full work day, of the stressed type. How much is that worth?
4 people and 5 phones calls later , they simply went through the motions to resolve the broader issue issue.
No Responsibility.
Their process is flawed.
Suffice to say the matter is before the financial ombudsman

iSelect becomes iHarass

Harassment is defined as behaviour that is upsetting, and is characteristically repetitive.

Having recently decided, against my better judgement, to use iSelect to get a baseline on car insurance, I now know the harsh reality of providing your mobile number as part of a process. My strong advice would be not to provide your personal details to this company.

Over the last three days I have received numerous calls from this company. Each time I have advised them that I have decided to remain with my current insurer, each time I ask them nicely to log my notes and not to call me again.
After asking to speak to a supervisor, I was asked to leave my number (again?), only to suddenly discover that they don't return calls when they should (quite ironic that they know when to phone when they shouldn't!). After phoning them, I discovered they have closed for the weekend.

Hopefully this means I won't get any more harassing phone calls and hard sell.

What was evident from my phone conversations is that they are not including all insurers, which means that at best, one only getting a skewed comparison, and at worst, exposing yourself to days of harassment and repeated phone calls.
Hard to find any positives
Poor customer service, empty promises (not calling back), limited information, harassing phone calls

As a follow-up, after more than a week I was finally contacted by iSelect.Response from iSelect (unedited) Firstly, and most importantly, our apologies for any inconvenience or annoyance caused by our attempting to contact you. We have investigated your complaint and I would like to confirm the following: · Your details have been purged from our database – with the exception of your phone number which has been placed on our internal Do Not Call Register. This means that you will never receive an automated dialler call from us again. · We will not disclose your personal details to any third parties. · We will usually only attempt a customer 5 times (which may seem like a lot but is extremely conservative compared to the industry standard) but, as you had used our website twice, you received nine calls instead. We are currently working on a technological solution to prevent this happening to any other customer in the future, so greatly appreciate your time in letting us know of the excessive number of calls that you received. · We searched our call history for Saturday and the dialler did not place a call but there is a chance that one of the consultants, or even one of the Team Leaders attempted to call you. We have now advised all staff to ensure that you are not contacted again. Finally, please accept my apologies for no-one responding to you after you asked to speak to a supervisor. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and indeed have a team dedicated to making sure that we respond to every customer enquiry, complaint or issue in a timely manner. I oversee all of our operations here and have ensured that our team have been reminded of the importance of responding quickly, and appropriately. Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to address your concerns, and please do not hesitate to contact me directly should you have any more. Warm regards Jo Thomas Jo Thomas | General Manager

Harassing Telemarketers

Do not put your personal information into this website - after a week from telling i-select I did not need their services I have been bombarded with 8 phone calls within the past 24 hours! I answer the phone and they hang up on me - I know it is i-select as it is the same number they rang me on last week.

Do not submit any personal information.

Helpful and Made it Easy

iSelect was great when helping me find a new insurer. The Consultant I spoke to went that extra effort to assist me, even called up the car dealer to find out the VIN number of the vehicle I'm purchasing because I didnt know rego details.

At first after doing a quote I was a bit hesitant to go through all the details again over the phone because I just thought it was another Sales Person calling through. But he went over a few steps and showed me how to cut the cost of my quote dramatically and reduced it by half by fixing things like No Claims Bonus and also advised me of some other insurers on offer.

As it was a long process on the phone he then offered me a $100 Gift Voucher from a store of my choice from some retailers on offer. In total I ended up saving about $450 in comparison to another quote I was looking at on another website.

I advised I had to discuss with my husband and he gave me his direct contact number to get back to on and also sent me a email with his details so I could have it in writing and confirming the call back time we scheduled .... professionalism!

What surprised me is he called back on time aswell. So for anyone looking for a new insurer, I suggest this is a avenue to go down, the most enjoyable experience of organising a new insurer and speaking to Sales Consultant I have ever had in my life.
Above and Beyond Customer Service, Friendly and Saved me lots of $$$$
They Dont Compare against all insurers

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