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Isuzu D-MAX RA (2008-2012)

Isuzu D-MAX RA (2008-2012)

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d max

hi, the isuzu d max 2016 model it is tuff and rough not a family 4x2 or 4x4. i tow for living 5000 km a week ,i did 250000 km before i got some very bad fuel and the motor went bang. one thing that i learnt about dmax push them hard ,change oil/ filter at 15000 k ,auto 30000k diff 30000k

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Bodyspace cab
CabSpace Cab
Date PurchasedMar 2017

Verry happy

I was advised by a few mecanics that the dmax was the best for the price a verry robust and economic diesel iv kept mine well servised and iv had no problems with it at all i get verry good econamy and the extra large tray gives as mutch space as a larger 4x4 the rear springs seam low but that is for ease of loading lifting fence post ect saves liftling so high and the springs take a lot of load and still ride well and handlewell but a rear lift looks better and gives better of road clearance verry practical ute

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Date PurchasedMay 2014

Who invented this self locking idiocy?

Nearly as good as a HiLux. The key is an absolute pain. The car self locks if I stop to, say, answer a phone call or look at a view. Don't put the key in your pocket or put it on the key rack, it will lock!! A pain. Is there any way to disable this auto lock activity?
Hardest ride of any 4WD that I've ever ridden in. Consumption goes through the roof if you tow anything.
But in 8 years I've not had any major mechanical costs, other than grill trim falling off.

CabDual Cab
Date PurchasedJan 2010

Blown engine

I have just ticked over 102,000 k's. Turbo let go shrapnel right through engine, even took out tops of the glow plugs. Costs to date $14,000 and I haven't paid for labour yet. Not happy Alice.
Had to replace engine driven fuel pump, injectors, turbo, water pump, glow plugs and the engine with a long engine not to mention glow plugs. This is my first Isuzu experience and well, what would you think?. The vehicle has been serviced every 10,000 km's.
I am 70 yrs old and use the vehicle for towing 5 mt boat plus general use. Seven years of use only.

BodyCab Chassis
CabDual Cab
Date PurchasedJan 2010

great ute, great service from dealer

best towing vehicle I have ever owned ultra reliable;good on and off road fuel costs low , good auto, 12.5 LP100 loaded, 8.1LP100 mt the Dandenong dealer pattersons cant help enough servicing costs are reasonable appointments in cab good handling great finish fuel range extended with long ranger tank once you own one you wont part with it a very happy customer!

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Date PurchasedMay 2010


Bought from new, fitted Work and Leisure canopy..
Fantastic diesel, tough gearbox.
No nonsense very reliable multi purpose vehicle...search Google for reviews and reports of problems in THIS model...there are very very few. Most owners dont sell them for new ones.

No problems at all with any of the problems reported here but imho seats let it down, with no height control or extendable steering column.
Many thousands sold without any problems...a 'salt of the Earth' type of 4wd 'MPV'
Better fuel consumption than current 2.3 L / 2.4 L engines
One of the best looking dc utes ever made and 4wd magazine 4WD of the Year in 2009

CabDual Cab

Ideal universal transport for the average male.(or active female)

2010 Dual cab. with Canopy, chip and 3in exhaust. as a runabout at road speeds with average load in tray (300ish kg's) gives 10.5KMPL.
Towing a Caravan weighing 1.6ton from Melbourne to Central Queensland over 4 days. averaged 7 to 7.5 KMPL at around 85 to 95kmh.
Those speeds were through conditions of Leighard Highway combined with Leaf spring rear and Torsion Bar front.
Not the best for rough or rolly roads.
The ute is an ideal. Comfortable. Economical and VERY reliable (by reputation) vehicle for a runabout.
More useful than a car. Not as comfortable as a 4by, but I find, most versatile vehicle on market by a loooong way. two rows of seats in a secure cab,
950kg's IN tray with security from it flying forward in a crash stop and NO smells from oils and diesels etc.
Can tow safely. 2 ton (rated at 3 but not safe with that much on back.)
2012 onwards. Better suspension Coil over fronts. uprated engine with 5 spd Auto
BUT I think too big a vehicle Too close to Patrol (which I downgraded from) etc
Can tow as much. On paper but not in real world and the full 4wd's have better grip on road unless ute fully loaded in tray.
Towing anything over 2 ton I'd have stayed with the Patrol. Much safer controllable vehicle with 3 ish ton on rear and waaaay more comfortable in susp and interior.
4 stars over 5 only for the torsion bar front and leaf rear. My previous 2 vehicles have been all coil. and this my second Dual Cab. Prev, one a '99 Navara in '99.

One problem I do have is fuel gauge. I refill on mileage done NOT gauge reading.
IE Light comes on and I get 58 to 64 ltrs to top up. ???? Annoying

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CabDual Cab

Love it but some aspects a worry

Have a December 2011 Isuzu D-Max crew cab and have found it extremely comfortable and great to drive. It is a manual and has just clicked over 40000 kms. Had twice complained about fuel consumption (10 to 12 ltrs per 100 kms) but now 7.9 to 8 kms, happy with that!! Not happy when told at 40000 km service when told that tappets had to be adjusted! $800 to $1000 dollars! Go away I said. One of the best vehicles I have ever driven as far as braking concerned and very comfortable. Have done Sydney to Hervey Bat 1200 plus kms and no sore back!
Great brakes,comfort and easy to drive
40000 km service very expensive

CabCrew Cab

Great Reliable Vehicle, Excellent Fuel Economy, Excellent Aftermarket Mods Available

Ok, I have a 2011 D-Max Limited Edition III. It has the factory extras such as DVD Sat Nav, Bluetooth and roll bar. Overall the vehicle itself has been rather good besides the following issues i have had:

1) High pitched noise which occurs above speeds of 60km/h and does not change note etc with speed. This was found to be that the grease used from the factory on the oil seal on the front hubs isn't up to standard and dries out easily. This has been fixed.

2) The power windows need regular lubrication. Only minor really.

3) A little shudder when taking off occurs, especially under load and when you have a 2 inch lift kit installed (its basically more noticeable.)

4) Factory Kenwood DNX7360BT DVD unit is a little slow.

5) Had a faulty factory reverse camera which eventually got replaced after the fifth visit to the dealer.

Over all not a bad ute and I wouldn't hesitate in buying another, mainly due to such a reliable fuel efficient engine.
Looks ok, not very expensive, reliable engine, great fuel economy (around 8-10l diesel per 100kms), good for towing, decent power
Shudder on take off occasionally around 1200rpm, grease in front hubs isn't waterproof and will make high pitched noise of not sorted, windows need lubricating regularly,

BadgeLimited Edition III
CabDual Cab

Reliable for the first 100,000

This has been a work ute, family vehicle. Completed the telegraph track and the cape with ease towing our camper 7000 kms. The door seals are disappointing as they do let in a fair bit of water and the clutch has just started to give us a little grief. A fan of the Isuzu engine and would consider buying another when due to update.

CabDual Cab

D-MAX 2010 39000 klms

1. After first two weeks, drivers side window dropped off its supports and down into door cavity. Two trips to Pacific Motors Maroochydore to fix, now passenger side is "Clicking".
2. Aircon fan control has only got 1 speed and thats full blast.
3. Plastic Chrome radiator Grill is so thin they snap at the ends in Auto car wash from jet spray.
4. Hydraulic Clutch has no more free play and cannot be adjusted,and is starting to slip ,oh yes and 27000 klms on new tyres.
5. Water leaks in through Firewall after washing.

It's fair to say I like the Isuzu to drive, but it's also fair to say that a vehicle with this price tag and such low klms with no offroad use is a poor example of quality.

Best ute ever owned

2010 2wd now done 145,000km. This ute has not been touched since new. Service it myself 5W30 full synthetic oil, roil platinum metal conditioner, new air and fuel filters every 20,000km. This ute is still brand new. Carry camper on back. Still giving 8L/100 on highway, 6.5L around town.

Worst car I have ever owned 2010 ls-m

I bought mine brand new from Isuzu ute dealer, was happy with it for 12months then it started to fall apart.
Air cond fan motor broke down first I was not too concerned minor problem fixed under warranty.
At 35,000kms and 18 months of ownership slave cylinder started to leak which was a major problem as we were at marble bar races 350k's from home dirt road all the way no clutch which no doubt has caused damage to clutch, this is as I have found out a common problem on manual Isuzu utes.
The next was a complete rebuild of transfer case which I believe is actually a reconditioned unit from an earlier model as it was obviously not new and painted black this took my dealer over 6 weeks to repair They gave me a free service for having to wait that long.
Warranty expired on 25th Feb 2014 and I have another problem firstly I noticed clutch fluid leaking from inside the bell housing slave cylinder again and was bringing it down to Perth for service and to check this out when the starter motor packed it in as well.
Bought this car for it's reputation and reliability as we live in a remote area at the time of purchase I could not find any negative reviews or press it just won ute of the year but now at 76,000kms it is more like 200,000kms.
This car has been serviced on time every 10,000kms and I always asked for a new fuel filter and to grease the front hubs/bearings which started to squeal after the 20,000 and were replaced then.
Mine has some modifications ARB bullbar, underbody skid plates, OME suspension which were fitted to protect it.
I thought I could buy a cheap ute and turn it into the ultimate tourer ie; landcruiser, but I should of spent a bit more and bought a Toyota.
Fuel ecomony, cheap from new
So many issues with reliability


Hilux is much better

We have a 2008 D-Max and a 2004 Toyota Hilux and even an older Hilux is better than the D-Max. The D-Max has had about 15 breakdowns on the road from engine failures. Yet the Hilux has towed a camper around Australia and off road and not 1 problem has occurred and it's done more than 250km.The seats are very uncomfortable and the steering has a lot of play in it. it's features are not good and I hate the styling. It needs much harder springs in the back if you want to carry anything and it needs more ground clearance in new vehicle. The Hilux is much more capable off road than the D-Max by fare. So i would highly recommend everyone to stay away from the D-Max.

Can you be a bit more specific about the engine failures you have had, I am considering buying a dmax and have read a lot of other reviews and all seem very positive except for yours.My father and brother have the previous model dual cab dmax, and I just clocked 10,000 km on my current model dual cab dmax. Neither have had any engine problems. I had a 2005 hilux for a model, spartan at best, with typical Toyota dealer arrogance. It never failed, but I avoid hilux even though both hiluxes i have had were excellent. The new model may change my mindif you hate the styling, why did you buy it? seems sus..

Fuel Consumption Poor

2010 D-Max LSU thought I purchased a family car with nothing to spend. Very wrong besides the 13L per 100K and that's just with me in it, they say 9.5L what [censored word removed]. Then I tried putting a medium load in the back thanks to the [censored word removed] up suspension it came home on its bump stops. Ute has only done 51000km and now needs $2000.
Suspension up grade and possibly air bags for towing boat's or van's. One more thing the speedo is out by at least 5%. Thanks to other people giving [censored word removed] reviews I have a nice white ute that loves diesel and super great suspension???

Ahhh 13 litres per hundred? That it is a little high but if you are towing things maybe this would be reasonable. Do you drive it flat out everywhere? As for the suspension, I agree its not the best and is very bumpy. But have you driven a hilux? or Navara? They are the same, especially with no weight in the rear. As for sitting on the bumpstops, well i think that may be an exageration. You must had a lot of weight in there for that to happen, I'm talking 500kgs +. I know this as I have had that amount of weight in mine myself, and onto the speedo being out by %5. Have you ever driven any other car where the speedo has been dead accurate? They are usually out by around 3% but i really dont think 5% is anything to complain about. When I'm doing 105km/h on the speedo mine is 100km/h. Have a read about this issue with any make and model and i garantee you will find a few with speedos out by a few kms. My friends have a D22 Navara and that is out by 10%.Sorry to read your review Stephen, I have a 2010 LSU and use it mostly in town but when the chance arises we go bush. that's not just the odd dirt track, our play ground is Cape York (the places you see in the 4WD Action DVD's without the glitz). Fuel average 8.7 combined bush highway and town I do the legal posted speeds and use H4 when on the dirt (experience tells me safety is better than bravado) with 2 adults and 100 liters of spare fuel and our camping gear all up 350 KG in the tub and 200 kg of humans in the cab plus the Waco and other gear where the rear seat used to be. She sits and rides ok but lowering the tire pressure makes it ride better even with no load but the buck jumping in the back end is normal for a truck built to carry a load when its empty. I wouldn't trade my D-Max for quids before I purchased it I did a lot of research and bought the best a tough truck that's going to last the distance. The only draw back is our local service department one stuff up after another that aint the truck its the service department slackness.Thanks for your reviews. FNQ Peter G, we are also from far nth and looking at taking this up the cape. Would love to know more about how your Dmax is set up. Currently we are looking at buying a 2011 Dmax that is pretty standard.

Rust in the engine

2010 D-Max. Found surface rust on cam shaft and other engine components when servicing, Isuzu has not been very helpful I have photos for anybody to see. Will be putting on Youtube for everybody to see soon. Feel free to email me at any time. Hope to here from Isuzu.
Will not comment till something is done about this problem
No support from Isuzu bad warranty service

I got my Dmax back today after 4 days in the work shop .they replaced the 2 rusty cams , Still not happy with the service i recevied from them and i think it is dew that i don't have my dmax serviced by them .Question for you mate, what made you take it to them re the rust on the camshaft? Oil should/would lubricate the camshaft and should never rust. Thanks, Jarrod.Hi my brother was doing a valve ajustment when he took the cover off you could clearly see the rust and we took photos which i took to the dealer i brought the isuzu from .No one can give me a clear reason as to why it happen but never the less it may have been a big problem down the track.

Great 4wd but watch the clutch

A really good car. I have had Isuzu trucks for many years and have found them very reliable, although the D-Max is not affiliated with Isuzu trucks the engine is out of the 3 ton truck. The clutch is the weak point you will have to get it replaced between 20000km and 60000km however all mid sized 4wd have this problem. I have replaced ours at 50000km with a hd excedy and no prob so far.
Fuel economy ,engine, price
Weak clutch, first gear us to high.

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Hmmm, mate I hope mine doesn't need replacing anytime soon. I've got 40,000kms on it and I go off road regularly and use it a lot. Do you tow things?

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Can not rev over 2000rpm idle very good,replaced new intank lift pump,filter,new air flow sensor,crank and suction control valve no different any suggestion much appreciated.
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altenator for 2011 dmax isuzu
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I have isuzu d max 2011. The switch or sensor at the fuel filter under the car for what?
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