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3.3 out of 5 stars


On a street near you, you’re most likely to spot an MU-X - for good reason too, as it’s one of the most popular 4x4 capable 7-seaters on the market.

Isuzu has a long standing history in the truck and ute market, but it more recently cracked the SUV market with a D-MAX derived 7-seater.

This 4x4 SUV is built on the same chassis, but is engineered to make it more family-oriented. Of course, the MU-X is built with off-roading in mind, as it retains and slightly improves the four wheel drive capability of the ute it's based off.

Because there’s a brand new MU-X for 2021/22 that’s arriving in the coming months, I took out the last of the existing generation to ask: should you buy this generation of MU-X, or should you wait for the new one?

Build Quality

4.2 out of 5.

Isuzu rear decklid

If you’re looking for luxury materials, you’ll have to shop elsewhere.

The MU-X is utilitarian with a capital U. First and foremost, it's an off-roader, and then it's a family SUV. This means it has a tough exterior to last against the elements and a robust interior to weather against dirt, dust and kids.

Externally, the MU-X has a similar build quality to the D-MAX, so it's definitely going to stand the test of time running across both tarmac and mud ruts.

For added longevity, there are factory bash plates fitted underneath the MU-X that protect some of its vitals when you manage to drive over larger obstacles.

Internally, the materials used are fairly basic. Cloth seats, hard plastic trim and even the touch screen all avoid feeling delicate, and instead give drivers confidence that these features will also last despite being kicked and scuffed.

Value for Money

3 out of 5.

Isuzu MUX grill

This isn’t the strong suit for the last of this generation’s MU-X. The model I had was the MU-X in LS-U 4x4 trim, which is priced from $58,302 drive-away.

There are many competitors on the market that offer a similar value proposition, but do a better job at justifying their comparable price tag - take for example the new Toyota Fortuner.

I’m expecting the MU-X to make waves when it lands, and hopefully make it extremely competitive again. However, in 2021, this MU-X model is hard to justify for many considering this a family-oriented SUV.

This MU-X is missing out on key bits of safety equipment and technology which are now standard on cars that are $20,000 cheaper than this. Blind spot monitoring and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto are key omissions that make daily driving a little less enjoyable.

Similar to track-focused cars like the Lotus, the MU-X has fantastic off-road capabilities and enough equipment to get that job done. It’s just up to you if you value buying an Isuzu over the current crop of competition before the new one rolls onto showroom floors.

Cleaning and Maintenance

4.5 out of 5.

Isuzu on dirt track

Thanks to the ground clearance of the MU-X, it’s easy to clean out any stubborn dirt or mud stuck to its underside. Additionally, the side steps let you get a better view of the roof, just in case some mud or dirt has accumulated there as well.

As for maintaining this SUV, the MUX comes with a 6 year/150,000km warranty which will cover you for most of your ownership.

Isuzu also covers capped price servicing for up to 7 years, helping bring additional peace of mind if you plan on buying an MU-X that’s a few years old

Noise Level

3.5 out of 5.

Isuzu cabin looking outwards

There’s no hiding that the MU-X is based on the D-MAX, as you’re going to hear that diesel motor bleed into the cabin like you would on a working ute.

Unfortunately for those who prefer a quieter ride around town, under acceleration, the 3.0L diesel four-cylinder makes itself known to all the occupants. More so than other diesel motors, the engine sound bleeds into the cabin is quite noticeable. It’s not a deafening sound, but it’s going to come at a slight shock for those used to riding in quieter diesels.

Once you’re up to a consistent speed, the four-cylinder audibly settles and you’re greeted with the benefits of a diesel engine whilst out on the open road. Revs drop, and the cabin of the MU-X becomes a whole lot more relaxed.

The audio system in the MU-X isn’t disappointing despite its age. There’s a ‘surround sound’ feature in the form of downward-facing speakers placed on the roof, providing a richer sound, especially for the front passengers.

Despite lacking Apple CarPlay, I found listening to podcasts and music in the MU-X to be more upmarket for what I was expecting. However, there are some shortcomings in the overall audio quality in the form of a slight amount of distortion.


3.7 out of 5.

Isuzu wheels and tires

There are four-disc brakes on all four wheels.

I’m a firm believer that road-focused 4x4s should have disc brakes all-around rather than drums on the rear wheels. This is because you’re more likely to be towing and carrying less than the lower-trims would be. Despite not having disc brakes, you can still tow up to 3 tonnes braked!

Braking in the MU-X was excellent for a two-tonne SUV, with a relatively progressive pedal feel enabling you to drive smoothly and come to a stop with relative precision.

The only issues are the weight and height of the MU-X, which becomes apparent when you dig deeper into that brake pedal. Be careful of any loose containers as the MU-X will pitch whatever they’re carrying forwards if you brake hard enough.


3.8 out of 5.

Isuzu MUX engine

Unlike the current D-MAX, the MU-X is carrying the older version of Isuzu’s 3.0L diesel motor.

In this generation, the MU-X is dealing with 130kW @ 3600rpm and 430Nm @ 2000-2200rpm.

Notice just how low in the rev range peak torque is generated, aiding in the off-road capability of this 7-seater.

Off the mark, the MU-X certainly picks up the pace. Although a 0-100km/h figure would land in the realm of nearing 10 seconds, the real-world performance of this motor never leaves you feeling like this SUV is underpowered.

Instead, the MU-X is able to comfortably move around town without the need to be buried in the accelerator pedal. On the highway, you won’t be left behind as overtaking is effortless thanks to all that torque.

When you’re out in the stickier stuff, the MU-X in low-range 4x4 mode provides confidence that you’ll make it out alive.

With what feels like a precise delivery of power, the MU-X never slips or faults when putting its power to the dirt. I was met with impressive power-delivery which only encouraged me to find more difficult terrain to put this SUV through.

Gear Shifting

3.7 out of 5.

Isuzu interior

Isuzu proves that you don’t need 9 speeds in your family SUV.

The 6-speed transmission used in the MU-X is able to seamlessly shift, even at low speeds, without ever feeling strained. My only complaint is the speed at which it shifts, which can feel a little slow. Oh, and don’t get me started on manual shifting out on the road...it’s best to leave this for holding gears when off-roading.

Suspension & Handling

3 out of 5.

Isuzu offroad suspension

Built on the D-MAX’s ladder frame chassis, but without the leaf-spring suspension, the MU-X struggles to soak up bumps as you’d expect from a 7-seater family car.

It’s apparent the MU-X can’t shake the fact that it’s a dedicated off-roader, as this suspension setup seems to give you too much feedback across tarmac. If you cross enough bumps and potholes, it seems to really upset the ride of the MU-X and can cause passengers to complain about the ride of the car.

On smoother sections of road, the MU-X settles and can glide across most highways with ease. When you start to hit corners, you’re met with the surprise that the MU-X can handle turns relatively well; a pleasant trade-off for those around-town jitters. As quickly as you’re impressed with how this SUV can prevent itself from sinking too much in the corners, it's dampened by the slow steering ratio.

This slow ratio keeps you busy and shuffling your hands as soon as a corner progresses into anything sharper than 100 degrees.

The suspension and handling make the most sense off-road. The MU-X is still busy over uneven surfaces, but it’s solid grip and added protection underneath the car provided confidence that the 4x4 wouldn’t bottom out across deeper ruts.

Fuel Efficiency

3.9 out of 5.

Isuzu Guages

There’s a 65L tank on board, and it’ll cost you just around $90 to fill from empty.

Claimed total fuel consumption is 8.3L/100km.

The MU-X didn’t have an onboard L/100km computer, instead it spat out km per litre of fuel, converting my average meant I was closer to 10L/100km.

Interior Design

2.8 out of 5.

Isuzu steering wheel

This is a utilitarian SUV.

The inside of the MU-X offers no luxury extras.. It’s about simply offering you everything you need, not everything you might want.

The touch-screen looks like it was taken from 2011, as it has basic navigation and media utility, and of-course a glaring omission of any options for phone mirroring. There’s bluetooth available at least, but it makes changing playlists or podcasts a little more difficult.

There are basic analogue gauges, easy to use climate controls, and a shifter anyone could operate.

The car has a vast amount of storage options in the cabin too, from the middle of the dashboard, through to the dual-glove box configuration.

There’s also no shortage of places to source electricity from, with USB and 12V sockets littered throughout the cabin, and covered in rubber flaps that prevent dust entering these ports.

The mid-row seats have plenty of room for adults, and are able to recline and slide forwards for additional cargo space, or leg room for the third-row.

For the family holiday, it makes for a roomy and easy to use interior without the stress of having to preserve delicate leather or avoid getting crumbs caught in some expensive carpet.

Boot Size & Comfort

4.1 out of 5.

Isuzu boot

The MU-X makes do with a minimum boot space of 235L (with the middle row up) and a maximum of 1830L with all seats stowed away.

The manual operation of the boot in the MU-X is normally passable on a car like this, however due to the height that this tailgate opens to, children who can’t reach the boot will need you to exit the vehicle to close it.

There’s a thoughtful ‘tuck and fold’ design with the middle row, which helps expand the total usable interior space of the MU-X - enough to place several push bikes in without needing to remove front wheels.

Although it’s not a gargantuan amount of space like you’d find in say a Kia Sorento, the boxy design makes the most of the space it provides you.

Isuzu boot seats all folded up

There’s a compartmentalised storage box located at the entrance of the boot that can be removed. This is an ideal space to stow dirty or loose items that you don’t want flying around the boot.

As mentioned, the Isuzu is able to settle out on the open road with relative ease, however I found myself missing the ability to engage radar cruise control like I could on the new D-MAX. You can simply make do with the standard cruise control on this car, or easily coast along as you feather the throttle and brakes yourself.

There’s limited safety features here, with the only stand outs being the reversing camera. Compared to more modern vehicles, it’s certainly not as relaxing to cruise around town knowing you’re missing features like active lane-keep assist or rear-cross traffic alert. Blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alerts, you’ll have to find a car already with this ‘option’ fitted.

Isuzu storage box

I had the pleasure of transporting my car-sick prone partner on an extended drive in the MU-X who found that even when sitting in the front passenger seat, the MU-X made her feel ill on winding sections of road compared to other vehicles. Something to note for those with friends or family cursed with motion sickness.

Middle-row comfort is exceptional compared to the dual-cab alternative. You have wider doors to enter in and out of, and greater ability to recline these seats. There’s also a separate control for the rear aircon, helping keep the rear occupants comfortable.

Isuzu middle row

Third row seating is a little tight for adults. At 5 foot 11 inches in height, I’m able to fold myself in the third row. However, I’m not raising my hand to sit back there for more than 15 minutes at a time.


3 out of 5.

Isuzu bash-plate

Although limited in creature comforts and safety equipment, the MU-X has plenty of off-road kit and hardware.

Here’s what you get when you buy a Isuzu MU-X LS-U:

  • 3.0L Turbo-Diesel 4-cylinder motor
  • 130kW @ 3600rpm and 430Nm @ 2000-2200rpm.
  • 10" screen
  • Sat-Nav
  • Bluetooth
  • Touch-screen
  • USB Connectivity
  • CD Player
  • Reversing Camera and Sensors
  • Trailor Sway Control
  • Hill Start Assist
  • Hill Decent Control
  • Total towing capacity of 3T
  • Under-body bash plates
  • 4x2,4x4 and 4x4 low drive train settings
  • 7 seats
  • Storage container in boot
  • Cruise control
  • Second row A/C controls

Should you buy one?

Isuzu uphill

If you’re looking for a car that will be an off-road performer at its core, it’ll be hard to move past some of the deals that will be presented on the current generation as soon as the new MU-X arrives. There is enough here to make most people happy if they’re keen on offroading frequently and plan on making modifications to enhance the capability of the MU-X.

However, if you’re primarily looking at purchasing an MU-X for daily use in the suburbs with the occasional trip off-road, I’d certainly wait for the new MU-X.

After testing the new D-MAX, I have to say, everything I’ve complained about here should be addressed and improved. From safety equipment and technology through to engineered improvements both off and on road - the new MU-X hopefully should be a contender for best in class.

I’m quite looking forward to reviewing the MU-X and providing a verdict on a car that feels like it should have been here 1 year sooner (barring current global circumstances).


About the author
Cameron is your typical car nut, but also drives and writes about cars for ProductReview.


  • Build Quality
    4.8 (15)
  • Value for Money
    4.8 (15)
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
    4.6 (14)
  • Noise Level
    3.9 (15)
  • Braking
    4.8 (14)
  • Acceleration / Power
    4.3 (14)
  • Gear Shifting
    4.4 (14)
  • Suspension
    4.3 (15)
  • Fuel Efficiency
    4.7 (15)
  • Handling
    4.5 (15)
  • Interior Design
    4.2 (15)
  • Boot Size
    4.7 (15)
  • Comfort
    4.7 (15)
  • Features
    4.3 (15)
Michael M
Michael MHunter Region, NSW
  • 7 reviews

New to 4WD Vehicle


Purchased Isuzu MUX February 2020 then covid struck. Now retired and was going to travel 2020.
Have only been able to do one longish run in it so far and fuel economy excellent. Could have travelled 1000k + on a standard tank.
Good to drive, comfortable and plenty of room.
No gizmos installed like other makes, so less to go wrong.
Servicing is every 15k and I have a fixed price listing supplied to me so I know exactly what I will be paying for the next 5 years
My only complaint would be the side mirrors do not fold in unless ignition is turned on. This could allow a bike rider to approach unnoticed prior to exiting.
Would recommend this vehicle.
Regards, M

Purchased in February 2020 for $53,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
GregPilbara, WA

Isuzu makes trucks not cars


Its a SUV truck, sounds like a truck, tows like a truck, trucks along all day. We have had since brand new and only trouble we had when first had it was the gearbox, it wouldnt change into top sometimes while doing 100kmph or could be in top while town cruising at 40-60kmph, fixed it by towing a 3t excavator 250km in 4th.

Purchased in July 2014 for $48,990.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
  • 2 reviews
  • 1 like

Reliable and affordable


Very impressed with the fuel economy and comfort of my new MUX. With all 7 seats up I can still fit my bugaboo bee stroller in the boot, the features and technology is great and the leather seats and red LED door lights are very stylish. We have had no troubles with this car and will not hesitate to buy another new one in 3 years time. great family car for a great price.

Purchased in May 2020 at Coffs coast Isuzu.

Build Quality
Value for Money
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Great allrounder


This car is used for for commuting and towing our van. We use it most days in a mix of city and country driving. We service this car as per Isuzu spec, but may do more oil changes as I would like to see the oil kept cleaner. We have had this car for nearly 40,000 and had no issues whatsoever. These are a very basic car, with few bells and whistles, but they have a very good engine. Towing the van (17 foot) returns 13l and, country driving, can get down a low as 7.5l. My wife drives this car mostly in a mix of city driving, with some country, and, has no regard for fuel economy, she gets 9.5 to 10l mostly.

Purchased in October 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
mikeMetropolitan Adelaide, SA
  • 7 reviews

Great vehicle


Changed from a prado to the new mux.
Maybe not quite as refined but still a nice car

Good engine and gearbox Tows well 1500 kg camper. Good air conditioning and touch screen Bluetooth works good

Purchased in October 2019 at Wayne Phillis Automotive for $41,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money

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Cameron S.
Cameron S.12 Jan 2021
GaryMGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Brings a smile to my face


Purchased in November 2019.

Build Quality
Value for Money
LeisaCentral Queensland, QLD
  • 2 reviews

The perfect car for me....


Purchased in September 2019 at Isuzu Dealers.

Build Quality
Value for Money
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  • 9 reviews

Excellent Vehicle


Two years after purchasing new, the MUX is performing as expected with no problems experienced and just scheduled services. Used for long distant drives as well as around the paddocks towing a trailer. Sometimes pulls a caravan when needed for holidays.
Very comfortable on the open road and economical averaging 9 litres per 100km and 12 when towing.
Replaced my isuzu ute based on its own reliabilty over 320,000 kms with this MUX and very happy i did.

Purchased in September 2017 at Cardiff Isuzu Ute.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Lauren Tan
Lauren TanSouth East Queensland, QLD
  • 2 reviews

Worth the wait


Brought this car a month ago, this is my first automatic car and have found it great. Its a bit to get throw the gears but Im probably too use to a manual. The whole car is luxury from the leather seats to the electric add ons. Eg tv and air con in the back for the kids. I use this car for longer drives but have taken it to work, the reverse camera makes parking easy. Love this car.

Purchased in October 2019 at Norris Motors .

Build Quality
Value for Money
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  • 9 reviews

Love the purr of this tough diesl family 4WD


Purchased in January 2018 for $39,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
TerraTerranoSouth East Queensland, QLD
  • 4 reviews

I've grown to love this noisy beastie that can tow houses up mountains!


Besides for being a little noisy, the engine in this vehicle is phenomenal. I tow a Majestic Knight SLE (20'6") packed up to almost 3.0 ton with very little effort. Fuel consumption towing (about 13 l/100) is equivalent to many vehicles unladen effort! With the updated interiors, the feeling of being in a much more expensive vehicle cannot be passed by. Our MU-X has just turned one years old, and every indication is that it'll still be with our family for many, many years to come. Zero problems or issues to date.

Purchased in September 2018 for $44,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
PeterSouth East Queensland, QLD
  • 2 reviews

Love my MUX


Purchased in August 2016.

Build Quality
Value for Money
ShortarmLongpocketsNorth Queensland, QLD

Supremely reliable and trouble free currently at 190000km


Purchased in December 2013 for $49,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
JackeeNorth-West & West coast, TAS
  • 12 reviews

Great car at a reasonable price.


After much research on medium sized SUVs capable of towing a medium sized Caravan we settled on the Isuzu Mu-x. We were set on the Toyota Prado but found that we couldn't justify the extra $20k when the Mu-x had everything we wanted. We've only had it for 2 weeks and are yet to tow anything but we are happy with the car. Yes it sounds like a ute to drive but we don't mind this as it's only noticable driving around town and we do most our driving on a highway.
Our must haves were 3lt turbo diesel engine, 3t towing capacity and seats that folded down flat so you can sleep comfortably in the rear of the car. We got them all and more.

Date PurchasedJan 2019
BakpakkaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC
  • 13 reviews

2018 MU-X LST - Extensive research led me to this purchase. Very happy!!

Date PurchasedJune 2018
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Questions & Answers


What does it mean when the caution throttle sign comes on

1 answer
Michael M
Michael M

Hi Fran,
Cannot answer your question as I purchased one of these cars so I would suggest you contact an Isuzu dealer.
Regards, M.

Andrew B.
Andrew B.asked

I have 2021 mux. I have tried to use the rear screen through hdmi cable but it wont work. Works on front screen not in rear. Any suggestions to try?

1 answer
Michael M
Michael M

Hi Andrew B.
Mate I only put a comment in Product Review as I purchased an Isuzu.
I cannot help with your question.
Regards, M

Rikki Buckworth
Rikki Buckworthasked

how do you brighten the dsiplay screen when you have the headlights on -necessary when it is raining etc

1 answer
Michael M
Michael M

Hi Rikki
Rikki, I only placed a comment in Product Review to comment on the Isuzu I purchased.
I cannot answer your question but I know where you are coming from.
That is one draw back now that you mention it.
I would check with Isuzu as I will next service.
Regards, M

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Isuzu MU-X


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Starting Price $50,200$56,200$52,500$42,900
TransmissionAutomaticAutomaticAutomatic and ManualAutomatic
Drive TypeFour Wheel Drive (4WD)Four Wheel Drive (4WD)Four Wheel Drive (4WD)Rear Wheel Drive (RWD)
Fuel TypeDieselDieselDieselDiesel
ANCAP Safety Rating5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
Fuel Consumption8.1 L/100km7.9 L/100km7.9 L/100km8 L/100km
Fuel Tank Capacity 65 L65 L65 L65 L
Engine4 Cylinder 3.0L4 Cylinder 3.0L4 Cylinder 3.0L4 Cylinder 3.0L
Max Power130kW @ 3600rpm130kW @ 3600rpm130kW @ 3600rpm130kW @ 3600rpm
Max Torque380Nm @ 1800-2800rpm380Nm @ 1800-2800rpm380Nm @ 1800-2800rpm380Nm @ 1800-2800rpm
Country of ManufactureThailandThailandThailandThailand
Maximum Towing Capacity (braked)3,000 kg3,000 kg3,000 kg3,000 kg
Maximum Towing Capacity (unbraked)750 kg750 kg750 kg750 kg
Manufacturer Warranty5 year(s)5 year(s)5 year(s)5 year(s)
Release dateFeb 2017Feb 2017Feb 2017Feb 2017
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